I’m Cleaning up

Sorry, guys, but there is a need to clean the house today, and I don’t have anything lined up.

It just occurred to me I should tell you I was alive.

Now go vacuum your cats or something.

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  1. I thought cats were to be rotated, rather than vacuumed?

    And if you scritch a horse at the withers, you might be a while. Ever get that, “You’re NOT supposed to stop!” look? I have. Of course, there are not all that many truly better uses of time.

        1. The newsletter is quarterly. Cat rotation happens whenever feline asymmetry is observed.

          But not today. I’m 25K words into the Familiars novel and things are starting to gel.

          1. The Asymmetric Feline sounds like it would be a good name for something. I’m not sure what, exactly, though the possibilities seem extensive: book title, pet supply shop, dish at a Chinese restaurant, etc.

        2. Seems that cats rotate themselves whenever it’s necessary. Or when chasing the dot from a laser pointer.

  2. AHHHH my dad used to vacuum his cat. Like, he would turn his vacuum on and the cat would come down the stairs to get vacuumed. So bizarre. But hilarious because he was a neat freak/obsessive, so it suited their relationship lol

    1. I’m seriously considering introducing the maine coon mix kitten to the idea. He is blowing his coat with all the enthusiasm, vigour, and fur that your average adult malamute brings to the spring.

      If left unswept for a week, we have not dust-bunnies, but herds of dust-buffalo, mostly black and grey fur underneath the dirt and stray bits of hay.

      1. Our border collie and the lab/aussie shepherd cross are both quite skilled at shedding, though they put it in log gear for the winter. We still get dust rodents (no dust nutria are allowed in Oregon, though an elderly bachelor who didn’t vacuum his dogs, cats and the odd skunk could have had them in his place). That place was, interesting, in that trainwreck sort of way.

        I spent some of the day vacuuming a workbench, getting rid of the detritus of last year’s projects, and making a raised bed for another corner of the greenhouse.

        1. Nemo got his first summer cut/Shave of the year. He looks like he came home from puppy boot camp. Buzz cut all over, including his ears and butt. Looks a bit weird but quite prophylactic. His ears were matted and he had stuff stuck in his fur.

      2. As the owner of a malamute, you have my sympathy. Ours is mid shed at the moment, and we’ve gotten lazy… we wait for the fur to drift to the edges of rooms and then just pick up the piles by hand whenever we see one. Sweeping was maddening; three seconds after putting the broom away there would be a new tuft dropped by his fluffyness.

        1. We have two St. Bernards.
          (OK, more than that at the moment. Our female had a litter about five weeks ago. There are also currently eleven pups scampering about. They’re adorable forces of fluff, who utterly refuse to be constrained by the whelping enclosure.)

          Where was I going?
          Oh, yes.
          Find a push broom with rubber bristles. They are the best thing for cleaning up after pets that shed a lot.
          I highly, highly recommend.

        2. We’ve been using pet-oriented vacuums. The Eureka is pretty well worn out, so we got a Bissell from Amazon for $200 or so. (I’ll look up the particulars tomorrow if anyone is interested.) Both use a turbo-powered head for tool cleaning. I prefer the Bissell, in that it uses switches instead of belts and cams for the floor brush. Both are bagless, and the Bissell is a bit easier to clean.

          Come summertime, I’ll use the dethatching brush (ball-end steel bristles) to get underfur for the Border Collie. The Lab-Aussie isn’t fond of such, and tries to snatch, so we just pluck areas where she’s shedding in patches. Got that brush as Fred Meyer/Kroger. I haven’t had much luck with a fur-cleanup mitten, but my hands are very large and the mitten isn’t.

            1. Ah! The Maine coon kitten doesn’t like the fur-removal brush, and after putting up with it for a few strokes, will try to grab it with his paws. Then he’ll bite the handle. He’s pretty laid back, but about the time he’s biting the brush handle, it’s about time to give it up.

          1. Our Bissell sounds like an F-14 on the flightline. But it picks up enough fur to create a colony of cats or a pack of dogs.

      3. Has anyone found the pocket universe Maine Coon’s (and Norwegian Woods cats) import their shed from?
        My aunt would only have Oreck vacuums because they were the only ones that lasted with a main coon, a malamute, and two siberian huskies

  3. We are packing for our big move, so I am determinedly NOT cleaning, no matter how many dust-bunnies I find as I move things. The cleaning comes later, on Thursday after everything is loaded in the U-Haul.

  4. Sorry, we’ve no cats remaining in the household and I’ve already done something. Any other suggestions?

    1. Load ammo. Melt lead and make bullets. Take all old firearms out and oil them inside and out. (need to do that myself)

      1. Haven’t cast bullets in a long time. Are wheel weights still available for cheap from the tire places? Must dust off the recipe for Lyman #2, and redo the formula for mostly-tin solder.

    2. Oh, look! I found something:

      Russians Don’t Understand Us Enough to Hack Us
      By Sarah Hoyt
      Okay. Before you read this, check under your bed for Russians. Once you’re done, check under your desk for Russians. Then check your computer for Russian robots.

      You won’t find any, of course, but you’ll have assured the left and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) that you aren’t being manipulated by Russians.

      The backstory of this is kind of funny since we on the right were accused for years of believing there were Russians (Soviets, actually) under our beds. We didn’t, of course. We believed there was Soviet propaganda in our heads, which was rather more to the point.

      So imagine our surprise when the left, after their defeat in November 2016, decided it was all the Russian’s fault, and went from unfounded accusations of “hacking the elections” which seem to indicate that Russia had hacked the vote gathering or counting apparatus (they didn’t) to claims that Russia had, somehow, hacked our national psyche with their few purchased ads on Facebook, their trollish comments on political blogs, and their organizing of a half dozen demonstrations.

      Even then, it is almost impossible to understand why they think this helped Trump, since ads, demonstrations and probably (not sure since the Russian IP ones on my blog were uniformly either crazy-religious or racist. Neither of which, btw, tracks with supporting Trump, really) the trolling were on both sides of the political spectrum.

      Almost impossible, but not impossible if you realize two things about the left:

  5. What a coincidence – it looks like Jeff Sessions is also finally doing some much needed cleanup.

    Well, at least in one spot,

    You never know though – once I start any cleaning exercise, I inevitably find more places that need to be cleaned up.

    1. Pity the Euros with their wimpy EU-limited-power energy saving green vacuum cleaners…

      While America does have its problems, we can still buy vacuum cleaners that will inhale carpet and loosen flooring…

  6. Former boyfriend of my mom’s would vehemently disagree about vacuuming cats, especially when you naked and have cat in your lap.

    Lovely spring day here, just got home from washing car at self wash place.

  7. I vacuum our dog, does that count? And he’s a snow dog, so if you blow the vacuum on him (shop vac) huge tufts of hair dislodge and fluff about. They actually make a blower especially for doing this, but I’m poor so it’s brushes and a shop vac.

  8. Vacuum the cats? Extra loints if you can even get the cats to stay i. The same room with the vacuum, or ‘that horrible noisy monster-thing’ as the cats call it.

    1. Kili retreats to the furthest window ledge in the house away from the vacuum… Ashbutt just looks at curiously. Then again, Ashbutt likes to pounce on the dustmop and ride it across the floor, so I won’t be surprised if he tries the same thing with the vacuum cleaner.

      1. The new cat, Hector, was entranced by the mop … but he did not relish the fact that it left water on the floor, which he shook off his paws with a disdainful expression.
        Well, a more than usually-disdainful expression.

    2. Cats sing many songs of the Upright Beast That Roars. They sing of how Fluffy faced the Beast, driving it back with his yowls again and again.

  9. Cleaning up? Me too. I went to wash the salt and doodoo off the truck, and discovered that the power washer had sucked a whole tank of gas into its crank case. Hurrah. Poured out the offending gas, poured in fresh oil, yanked the cord a few times and SHAZAM! it worked. Awesome! Now I have a clean truck.

    And, obviously, its going to snow tomorrow.

  10. It’s snowing, and apparently a cleaning sort of day. We’ve (me and teens) been working on the kitchen. I found the stove, which hasn’t stoved in years, but makes a lousy countertop. (It’s a long story.) I may’ve found someone who can rewire it for less than the cost of remodeling the kitchen! (They don’t make double ovens this style anymore, or that can fit in that space. It’s an ’86.)

  11. Build something… or clean it, cleaning is good to. Have to do PM.

    Beware Facebook.

    Posner is a moron.

  12. I made myself a rather nice lunch of pasta with lentil and vegetable sauce, if I do say so myself. (The Spouse was otherwise occupied.) Then this evening The Spouse and I watched some stuff we DVRed — an episode of The Avengers with Honor Blackman and a talk by Harlow Giles Unger on his biography of Richard Henry Lee. Although I drank Irish Whiskey, I avoided green and embraced orange.

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all those who celebrate it in whatever manner they choose, so long as it does not harm their fellow man.

    1. Back in the early 1980s one of the local TV stations would show The Avengers after the 10 o’clock news. So I got to watch the first half of several episodes since, in their infinite wisdom, they quit broacasting at 11PM. Well, they broadcast the test pattern, but any show that was still on at 11, tough. They didn’t extend the programming time until 1990-ish.

      I was intrigued by the shows, at least until I got my hands on some DVDs a few years ago. Having the whole episode to watch – and I remembered the first half of a few – left me about a clueless as having only half an episode. Either nothing much went on in many Avengers episodes, or I’m too out of tune with peculiar 1960s British TV programs to be able to suss the implied-but-not-stated background that its native viewers implicitly understood.

      1. Sense? We don’t need no steenking sense! We got Diana Rigg playing Emma Peel in a leather catsuit. Mmmmm . . .

        I only recently found out that Emma Peel was a (kind of) industry in-joke: Emma Peel = M. Appeal (male appeal). OK, so Ox not the only one who is a bit slow at times.

        Posner is still a moron.

          1. I watched some of the “Emma Peel” Avengers shows but didn’t know the origin of her name and didn’t “think anything” about her name.

            It was worth a chuckle when I heard the origin of her name. 😀

  13. Using? I believe they call it “awakening.” Or “grooming” – I can never tell those apart. In their defense, they are merely complying with their cuckoo nature.

    The Left Is Using Your Children
    By Sarah Hoyt
    With the March For Our Lives theatrics, public schools in the U.S. have made clear quite a few things:

    0 They are in the hands of enemies of the Constitution. And no, we don’t mean only because they want to flagrantly violate the Second Amendment, but also because they consider the First a dead letter unless it suits them.

    0 They are enemies of the people of this country. There is really no logical reason why they’d want people disarmed before assailants (who don’t disarm when weapons become illegal).

    0 They are enemies of those of us who don’t bow to tyranny. Only our enemies would want us disarmed before would-be totalitarians.

    0 They are enemies of your children: they’d rather make it impossible for anyone to be able to resist a potential shooter than to arm themselves to defend your children. And yes, I’ve heard the histrionics about “I’d die to protect your children.” My kids were in school in Colorado at the time of Columbine. My answer was always: “I don’t want you to die. I want my children to live.” The fact that this brought a bewildered expression to the eyes of these would-be self-proclaimed martyrs lets you know their supposed devotion to your children was nothing but cheap histrionics.

    But Sarah, you’ll say, most of the marches were advertised as marches in memory of children and teachers slain, and besides, no one was forced to participate and no one was forced to support gun control.

    Funny you should mention that. …

        1. I found it interesting that I could publicly reply to a comment not publicly posted.

          Perhaps next time I shall use the opportunity to publicly denounce myself for thought crime, bestirring people’s wonder o’er what I moight ha’ done.

  14. Just as a matter of idiomatic curiosity, does anybody know why we clean ip?

    Any experienced cleaner knows it is best to clean down, as that ensures your continued cleaning does not re-dirty the portion of space you’ve already cleaned through such effects as spills, knocking things a tumble or merely setting dust a falling.

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