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Possibly very late.  I’m all right, but traveling down to TVIW. (Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop.)  This is not a wonderful time, but somethings have to be done, even if it’s not a good time, and I always learn a lot at the workshop.

So, yesterday I wrote this:

The Las Vegas Shooting and the Attack of the Carrion Crows.


I find it appalling that people immediately advance an agenda that would solve nothing, and NOT prevent the crime they use as an excuse, out of sheer blind insanity.

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  1. > It’s very early. We don’t know anything.

    LVPD does. Before they even knew the guy’s name, they were on record as saying it absolutely was not a terrorist attack.

    Somehow, I think that’s now going to be the default response of any PD to any similar event…

    1. Which is achieving nothing beyond convincing everyone that the cops will lie to you when convenient…. which kind of destroys any legitimacy they may have for when they need you to trust them…..

    2. Thing is, the suicide before the cops could shoot him could legitimately be seen as strongly suggestive of not being terrorism.

      Like serial killers seem often have a common set of drives and behaviors, so do spree killers. Suiciding as soon as police or someone else interrupts the fantasy is apparently a significant part of the pattern. The major type of terrorist that would suicide early are cautious, disciplined ones who know that can’t control what they would say in custody, or want to deny the cops the opportunity to plausibly fabricate statements. If they also don’t find any sort of political statements when clearing the room, ‘not a terrorist’ is a pretty safe bet.

      The thing about him not having an interest in or affiliation with US politics also seems supportive. (There is no 64 year old with the name Redstate said the sheriff released in the March 17 Clark County voting database.)

      1. The attack was self evidently terrorism, it was obviously an attack against semi-random* people designed to instill terror. So saying it isn’t terrorism is like saying water isn’t wet. Now what motivated the shooter is an entirely different question.

        *He chose the venue of the attack, so he chose the type of people, in this case country music fans, but not the individuals. The victims were random people in a crowd of country music fans.

        1. Which is why The Daily Beast is trying to float the theory that he also targeted a rap festival elsewhere in Las Vegas the week before.

          Ironically, this would almost support the “ISIS connection”, since after the Orlando attack, they sent out “tactical guidance” to avoid attacking “recognizable minority groups” because our media would use it to claim they might not be responsible, or responsible because “ISIS hates the same people the Xtians do.” See next comment for link.

          1. My search string brought up the wrong group:

            “Al Qaeda: Orlando Shooter Should Have Targeted Whites”

            “”We see, and Allah knows, that we avoid targeting places and crowds of the minorities,” it said.

            “So we see that targeting should be against the general places or the places where Anglo-Saxons are concentrated, as this sect of the American fabric is truly who leads American [sic] and it is the majority of the population there.”

    3. Amazing really how many attacks are NOT terrorism. White guy shoots up a mosque in Montreal, not terrorism. Somali goes on a piss poor rampage in Edmonton, not terrorism at this time…. So go figure.

  2. For what it’s worth, if this man wasn’t able to get guns, he could still have killed as many, if not more, by simply stealing a construction vehicle, such as an articulated truck, wheeled loader, or wheeled tractor-scraper, and driving it at high speed through the crowd. Human bodies would barely slow these things down.

    1. Stealing? He owned two private planes.

      (I’ve been having this discussion on the Facebook page of a local politician. Do my fellow New Yorkers really need reminders of what mass murder can be done without guns?)

      1. It wouldn’t have mattered. They still would have called for “gun control”. Remember, “gun control” isn’t really about guns, is about “control” – people control.

  3. Randomly killing people is not hard. You just look at all the safety warnings and words of wisdom from experienced workers, and then do the opposite.

    Oh, wait, that’s the entire leftist program!

      1. The Bath School massacre in Michigan was perpetrated by a truck filled with impromptu shrapnel, as well as dynamite and pyrotol sold for use on farms.

        Human ingenuity can be turned to evil as well as to good.

      2. News reports* last night said he had a truck loaded with ammonium nitrate.

        *Yeah, I know: news reports, when you absolutely, positively have to appear to know something.

      3. If you’re talking about the Oklahoma bombing, I really don’t consider that terrorism; rather, it was insurrection and rebellion. McVeigh was targeting a government facility. The day care center was collateral damage.

    1. Except that procedure sounds too much like summoning a Qlippoth (from Wearing the Cape book 2: Villains Inc.)
      “Want to kill everyone in the target area? Fine. Kill everyone but you in the target area? Not fine.”

  4. Btw, I know our hostess is just about as ambivalent about Portuguese stuff as a lot of first-generation Irish immigrants were about Irish stuff (and for the same good reasons — most folks don’t move thousands of miles to do the same old stuff when they get there!).

    But if you like Renaissance sacred music, St. John Cantius up in Chicago has a great choir, and it has a new album of Portuguese composers’ stuff. (“Renaissance Polyphony of Portugal for Our Lady of Fatima”, because it’s connected with the parish celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions.) Not much info about the pieces or composers on the webpages, but the samples sound good.

  5. Hey, you’re right around my area of the country. 🙂

    If you guys have a rental car down there and the time to drive up, I’d love to take you out.

    I’ll be down in Franklin for a conference on the 5th and 6th if you wanted to go out to dinner around there since that’s only about an hour up.

  6. I find it appalling that people immediately advance an agenda that would solve nothing

    Meh. In times of crisis they revert to “the problems they know, the solutions they advocate” rather than confront the problem. Good thing we haven’t elected such a person president at the moment.

    1. “Fighting the last war” is bad enough, but fighting the imagined war is so much worse – especially when lacking imagination.. of the useful kind, that is.

  7. I feel abused. I read, “Post will be Latte”, and come here waiting for some good coffee, and instead I get squid? Whatever happened to the Latte?

    What? What do you mean, there was only one “T”? (Looks up again) Oh. Dangit. Wishful thinking again. (Stomps off) 🙂

    1. Squid and Latte! Now that’s a great idea for a new chain of cafes. When you want a snack, but not just another donut, come for our squid! It’ll pull you in. Gads, the ads just write themselves. Thanks, Wayne!

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