The Three A.M. Terror

This was my first good night in weeks — maybe in months, if you count the fact that my body seems to have decided it was allergic to France in general — so of course I’m still a little zonked, which makes no sense whatsoever, since I slept in my own bed (instead not sleeping in the bathroom) for the first time in a week or so.

I was talking to my son about that, because yesterday, as he was leaving for the hospital before dawn, I ambushed him on the stairs and said “what is abdominal pain here?”  He said “gas.”  And he was right.  I had of course been scaring myself with ideas of rotting livers, failing kidneys, who knows what?

And I told him, “Yeah, but in the middle  of the night when it feels like you’re alone in the world, it fells like you’re dying, even if all you have is the sniffles.  Every new ache is a fear.”

That was the problem, you know?  Is that you’re alone and, in my case I was trying not to wake my husband up, every little thing magnifies into a major issue.  There is something we call in our family “the three am terror” which boils down to something or other that could go wrong, but in the middle of the night, you know it WILL go wrong and in the worst possible way.

Say you bought a motherboard for your computer and you’ve heard the same type of motherboard has been known to catch fire (shush, I had that happen on one of my laptops.  Leading to my waking up going “Dan, why is my laptop smoking?”  “Shush, you’re dreaming.”  “No, it’s smoking.”  “Oh, sh*t.”) and in the middle of the night, you imagine it will catch fire, set fire to the laptop, catch fire to the papers on your desk, and when you come back from a grocery store trip, the house will have burned to the ground taking everything you own, your cats and your kids with it.

That terror is so vivid in the night, that you feel like I should get up and tear the mother board from your computer right now.  But if you go “Three am terror” and wait, and look it up in the morning, you’ll find out the motherboards used to do that 10 years ago, but there hasn’t been an incidence in ten years.

I’ve noticed something interesting as the right gets more connected, gets more places to discuss things and get together, the less prone we are to conspiracy theories of the truly insane variety.  Say, the FEMA camps or the coffins that whoever it is bought.

It’s easy for a small and isolated group — and none of you has any idea how isolated we were if you didn’t live in the pre-internet days — to suffer from three am syndrome.  If you thought you were alone, the only person who came to the conclusion that socialism/communism didn’t work, even while all organs of information touted their wonders, you’re going to trust the few other people you meet who agree with you.  And it will attract nutters, of course it will attract nutters, because believing what you do requires you to go against all the socially accepted sources of information.

So while a lot of people it will attract are those who always verify and poke and check, a lot of them will be the sort of people who want to build a bridge across the Atlantic, and know it will float because it is made entirely out of soap.  And the problem is when you’re isolated, it’s hard to cut out the nutters, because there are so few of you.  The isolation makes you vulnerable to crazy.

At the same time… what the heck is going on with the left?

I mean I expected them to walk back the crazy scare mongering of prison camps for minorities, women and gays after Trump was elected, because, well… that’s what happened when Reagan was elected, and when Bush was elected.

Instead, they seem to have gone crazier and to think the rounding up is just around the corner and that maybe it’s already happening (yes, I know Hillary is an old woman and listening to old people raving is silly, but she actually imagines that Trump is SOMEHOW having journalists killed and no one knows.)  They virtue signal that they accept everyone, as opposed to the rest of us who… accept everyone.  They take knees and fight really hard in the “resistance” against something that isn’t happening.

It sure as hell sounds like the three am terrors.  Only, they can’t be having them, can they?  I don’t believe for a moment that the left, the real convinced left, not the ones who go along to get along, are 50% of the nation.  I think they were more than that, thirty years ago, or so, because there was still a working (for values of working) communist block that could be idealized, and because the idea is so attractive.

But even though the real horrors after the fall of the USSR were never really reported in the US, enough percolated, and a lot of people looked at that and were horrified.  And since then there has been steady chipping away, and only the very rich who visit Europe on luxury package tours can even imagine that euro-socialism is better.

There have been too many moments of eye-opening shock, no matter how little our media reports them.

And the schools now have to resort to referring to all government as socialism, in order to have the kids graduate with the illusion they’re socialist.  But that illusion doesn’t last long once they hit the real working world.  And then there are more and more kids being homeschooled every year, who never even go through that transitory phase.

I don’t think they’re fifty percent.  I think their presence is amplified by the media, by the schools, by our industrial-cultural establishment which is uniformly to the left of Lenin.  Oh, and by vote fraud, which is why they oppose any initiative to curb it.

I think they run around maybe 25%.

But the thing is they’re behaving more like they’re ten percent and attracting every nutter, every person who wants to build bridges out of soap.

In their screaming, their paroxysms of fear, they behave like a tiny blog in a sea of mainstream blogs, the one blog where everyone is sure they uncovered a conspiracy by the lizard people of Alpha Centauri to take over the Earth.  They ignore all the contrary evidence, they tune out anyone trying to calm them down, they scale their panic up and up and up.

Is it possible for 25% of the population to become seized by a three am panic?  Perhaps because what they’ve always done doesn’t work now?  Is that “small enough to be crazy?”

At any rate, I wish they’d go to bed and sleep it off, because trying to talk to people who are panicking is exhausting.

And it’s probably just gas.


408 thoughts on “The Three A.M. Terror

  1. …Whoof, there’s actually a name for it, thank you!

    Seriously, no one in my circle of FTF contacts seems to have any clue about the phenomenon of “wake up at oh-dark-hundred absolutely certain of Impending Disaster”.

    And yes. Isolation is a killer – both physically and to the sanity.

    I have the tentative thought that maybe the fact that conservatives aren’t isolated anymore is exactly what’s driving the left crazy. Denial only goes so far. As long as they could shout the moon was made of green cheese and nobody could get a word in edgewise, they were fine. But get in just a few voices of, “Now, wait a minute, your Emperor is naked….”

    Then denial doesn’t work so well. And people who build their entire lives around controlling other people go flat-out crazy.

    In a sense, it’s like a manipulative narcissistic/psychopathic relationship. The most dangerous time for the sane person is when you’re getting away.

    1. The most dangerous time for the sane person is when you’re getting away.

      Sounds a lot like Sarah’s argument that revolution doesn’t come with no hope but when you take that first step from the bottom.

      Perhaps they fear now that we know we aren’t alone the revolution is coming and it isn’t the one they have been working on towards.

    2. My family calls it “being like mom.” (I have no idea how far back that “mom” was, because I seem to remember my GRANDMOTHER saying it.)

      Then again, we also have “Hey, I don’t really have anything to say, but I had a dream about you and wanted to call just in case” as an acceptable reason to call. So acceptable that I’ve never been teased about it.

  2. (yes, I know Hillary is an old woman and listening to old people raving is silly, but she actually imagines that Trump is SOMEHOW having journalists killed and no one knows.)

    Elizabeth Moon says that’s why they’re trying to deregulate firearm sound suppressors.

      1. You always have to remember that leftists project. Whatever they’re accusing others of, is what they were doing themselves, or strongly wanted to do.

        1. For the decent folks, it’s what they’ve thought of, but wouldn’t do because it’s Wrong.

          I spent a lot of time around guys in security, and technicians in general. I’d be shocked if any of them ever considered doing what they came up with, but man did they come up with some scary *bleep.*

          1. First day of class my Audit professor announced it was his goal to teach us accountants every possible way to violate an accounting system’s safeguards — because only by learning that would we learn what to look for and how to catch crooks.

            Any security guard who hasn’t spent time figuring out the system weak points is merely a security theatre prop.

            1. Any security guard who hasn’t spent time figuring out the system weak points is merely a security theatre prop.

              Totally concur with this. Speaking as a former security guard for various sites and duties. As well we typically called inept security guards “pylons”, because that was all they were good for.

          2. Oh, yes. A friend of mine who also works in I.T. (which may not be a coincidence), shortly after 9/11, mentioned to me, “Here’s the scenario that has me really worried…” And he proceeded to lay out a method for carrying out a terrorist attack that would be: a) dead simple to plan and execute, and b) horrifyingly effective in terms of civilian casualties. I’ve never spelled it out on the Internet, because there’s NO WAY that I’m going to put that info where it can be Googled. But occasionally, as I meet active-duty military personnel, I’ve dropped a quiet word in their ear, “Hey, is anyone thinking to guard against this particular scenario?”

            1. Was that a conversation with me Robin? If so I’m still amazed that they haven’t tried it yet… The few times I’ve talked with someone face to face about it they have been ‘yep that sounds like it would work. Never mention it online!’

              1. At least the terrorists that we’re largely dealing with now aren’t that bright in term of what’s actually effective vs. what they think is big and visual because they believe American fiction. But definitely keep your idea under wraps so that if we get some brighter types around, they don’t pick it up.

                (And now I’m thinking of several scenarios myself, no thank you.)

            2. I’m tempted to write a story of Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists taking control of a summer camp filled with the children of government and industry leaders and a sprinkling of kids of various rich folks. Most have like zero security, are located in places that have less than adequate police forces, and zero real disaster/emergency training. The only problem with that scenario is there’s not as many witnesses available as there are in the big cities, and it would be difficult for the media to get good pictures of mass carnage for the terrorists.

              But then I’m also the guy who thought how easy it would be to impregnate leather gloves with poison ivy and wipe down all the urinal handles and hand rails in a shopping mall during Christmas.

              Demons from the Id.

              1. So basically Islamic Brevik

                And ya. Disturbingly easy to come up with these scenarios. Black Friday lines my common thought although it’s getting less important.

      2. Little tongue-in-cheek humor this morning.

        Used to worry about Islamic Fundamentalist Ninja Assassins running through the New Hampshire woods knocking off everyone opposed to their ideology. Then I realized that they’d have so many tick bites they’d all be dying from massive overexposure to Lyme Disease. Not to mention acute blood loss and tertiary infections from the West Nile and Eastern Equine Encephalitis carrying mosquitoes. Nature has such a wonderful means of balancing out extremes.

          1. Our mosquitoes tend to be a bit, isolationist, here. They bite first, and ask questions later. Kind of like the Antifa, except Antifa doesn’t ask questions later.

          1. Okay, I took a stab at it. (Pun intended.)

            Almost heaven, 72 Virgins,
            Blue-dyed tent sides, Euphrates river,
            Life is old there, older and no trees,
            Younger than the sand dunes, blowing like a breeze

            Sandy roads, take me home
            To the place I belong,
            Mid-east deserts,
            Suicide Bombers, take me home
            Sandy roads

            All my killers, gather round me
            Scimitar-wielding, redneck kunoichi assassins
            Crazed and drooling, dedicated to die
            Musty taste of hashish, drops of sweat in my eye

            Sandy roads, take me home
            To the place I belong,
            Mid-east deserts,
            Suicide Bombers, take me home
            To the Sandy roads

            I hear imam’s voice in the morning when he calls me
            Loudspeakers remind me of my home far away
            Driving down the road I get a feeling
            That I should have blown up yesterday, yesterday

            Sandy roads, take me home
            To the place I belong,
            Mid-east deserts,
            Suicide Bombers, take me home
            Sandy roads

            Sandy roads, take me home
            To the place I belong,
            Mid-east deserts,
            Suicide Bombers, take me home
            To the Sandy roads

            Take me home, that Sandy road
            Take me home, that Sandy road

            1. That seems a bit too jihadi for “redneck ninja assassins.”
              I’m not sure what I think it should be, but that strikes me as.. off.
              Not bad, mind you, just not… this.

              1. Good brainstorming usually requires more time.

                The problem lies in the contrast. Rednecks aren’t exactly known for being low-profile. While you could dress ninja’s in camo, and have them chewing Redman, most wouldn’t have the requisite old Datsun on cement blocks rusting in the yard, or be married to their 1st cousins for the past 4 generations. Replace shuriken with sharpened hubcaps? Wakazashis with Bowie knives? Smoke bombs with exploding beer cans? (Cheap beer, that is.) As for the redneck ninja anime speed streaking from one point of concealment to another, I just have the image of the stereotypical dumb hick (looking amazingly like Owen Wilson) in red flannel sleepwear with the back flap undone trying to hide behind a rock while his white butt sticks up in the air for all to see.

                1. Part of the ninja mythology in Japan is that they grew up in a ‘hidden village’, disguised as regular peasants but secretly trained to break the law. Also, they go up against government secret police as their opposite number. One of the words for ninja apparently translates as ‘enduring man’.

        1. I now have a mental image of rednecks in ninja suits (complete with black overalls) and wakazashis sneaking through the woods (complete with anime speed sneak ‘flashing by the background) all to ‘dueling banjos.’ I should not have these thoughts while sober.

          1. I should not have these thoughts while sober.

            Why? I never drink and I have thoughts like that all the time.

            1. *I* don’t have thoughts like that. The Voices usually just project them full-blown into my consciousness, then recede with those annoying giggles…

              Yesterday I was in the shower thinking casually about gunsmithing, and they broke into their own demented cover of a Sammy Hagar song with the refrain of “six point five by fifffty-five!”

          2. All you have to do is take Naruto and make the characters southern 🙂
            And yah, add the banjos

            1. And this hit me just as I had Muppet Moment with Crazy Harry and the Explodaphone… Dueling (Thermo)Nukes seems like some best observed as the fans of Disaster Area suggest: At great distance, in a bunker. Though perhaps the best place to be is where Disaster Area plays… in orbit.. around a different planet.

              Q: A nuclear weapon is to be used. Where is the best place to be?
              A: ELSEWHERE.

            2. Undead Uchiha Madara steps on to the battle field. He withdraws his can of Skoal. He opens it. He packs his lip. He puts the can away.

    1. Can’t be suppressors. Trump’s a Yankee, so he’s got some book he dug up from Miskatonic, and is calling up invisible things that make it like the journalist never existed in the first place. It’s totally why all the voices speaking out against Trump are so quiet now. He’s just too impulsive to moderate his depredations on journalists.

        1. Silly ox, that is part of an ancient spell-casting:

          Miska, Mooska, Mouseketeer …

          Which, now I think on it, explains sooooooo much about Mr. Disney’s success.

      1. I’ve observed Ms. Moon in operation before. I can’t say I’m disappointed because that involves a certain degree of surprise–expectations not being fulfilled. She acts here exactly according to expectation.

        (I used to be a SFWA member and saw how she operated there.)

        1. And in every newsgroup I ever shared with her. Honestly, the greatest travesti was giving her the Heinlein prize when she spends every panel she can maligning Heinlein and his legacy.
          My proudest moment was when they put my older son on a Heinlein YA panel with her, when he was 13, and he wiped the floor with her up one side of the street and down the other.
          I wasn’t there for the panel, (had a panel at the same time) but I came in to find him surrounded ten deep in people wanting to shake his hand and thank him.

          1. I wish I could have been there to see that one. Having had some experience with Robert’s debating skills, I’d say that lady probably didn’t know what hit her.

            1. And he was THIRTEEN. She was an adult woman and a professional. Friends informed me it was a thing of beauty. She’d start on the “Heinlein was sexissss” and get end run with examples from the books. 😀

              1. “Someone set up up against a thirteen year old kid! $VICTORY$!”

                note to collective: Do not engage Robert Anson Hoyt on the subject of Robert Anson Heinlein.

            1. I’m frankly surprised Wizards of the Coast didn’t sue her ass off for plagiarism: The ENTIRE village of Brewersbridge in volumes 2 and 3 was lifted almost verbatim from T1: Village of Hommlet, including the layout of the village, the events, and the description of the major NPCs and villains.

              For that matter, Gird was a clone of St Cuthbert of the Cudgel.

              I enjoyed the books, but an awful lot didn’t even have the serial numbers filed off.

              1. Back when they were published it would have been TSR. In fact if I remember correctly she was writing the stories from an RPG perspective in that game world. Can’t remember where I read that though.

    2. I think she has her wings backwards. There’s more to worry about from the likes of inner-city gangs (whom I understand to consider themselves to BE the law by right of superior firepower and willingness to use it, regardless of what any paperwork may say) than from anyone who lobbies Congress.

        1. And expecting what, dare I ask? Oh, I fear I know. “Here, now be nice or we don’t do this…” followed by the gangs going North Korea and acting ‘just enough’ to get paid to cut it out… again… and again.. and again.

          Now, how long before some gang gets the bomb?
          Cue Who’s Next?

          1. This is what comes of false cultural equivalency. A bargaining culture cannot interact with a strength culture as if they shared similar values. Respect for cultural differences requires recognizing that strength cultures (the kind which form gangs) perceive attempts to bargain as admissions of weakness, provoking intimidation efforts on their part.

            Effective negotiation thus requires, first, a display of strength to establish that you are negotiating out of largess, not fear. From there it is merely a matter of finding a face-saving process for the strength culture’s compliance.

            But it all begins with recognizing that the culture with which you are negotiating is different, holds different values and follows different rules. Respecting other cultures does not mandate treating them as if they were no different from your own; it requires quite the opposite approach

            1. This is why I ordered a book– praised by SuburbanBanshee, in response to a book…rather less than praised… over at Crossover Queen’s Creative Chaos (Vathara’s blog, AKA CreativeChaos’) that has a title that SCREAMS, to me, “how to manipulate people.”

              “The Like Switch,” I believe.

              …to manipulate people, you have to speak the same language, and do it well. I don’t wanna lie to them, I want to be able to say what I mean. So I need the power to lie….

              1. *grins* In order to knowingly lie, you must first know what the truth is. So in order to be able to lie to other people, you first must be able to effectively tell them the truth.

                But that rarely sells as well!

                Another one I like is Joe Navarro’s What Every Body is Saying – it’s got photos with only slight exaggeration to illustrate. It’s based on interrogation, so it expects a person to be (mostly) seated, and is focused on American body language. Useful for character beats, as well as body language!

          1. I’ve paid the Danegeld in Civ games, but started building up my army immediately afterward and said “no” the next time something came up.

    3. Because someone in power in the federal government who has probably known some “wise guys” needs to pass a law to get suppressors…

      Just… How?

  3. “allergic to France”?

    Maybe it’s my lack of coffee that confuses me about that. 😉

        1. How about hearing Ars Antiqua de Paris (their tenor has a two octave range) perform in St. Chapelle?

          Street crepes. Montmartre. The Musee D’Orsay. Notre Dame. Ahhh. Notre Dame… The Tuelierie gardens…

          The invading Muslims and the damnfool commies are trying to destroy it, true, but I keep hoping the French will remember that they’re the chauvanist S.O.B.s we all know & love & kick them off. Let the gutters run with the blood of the impure, and all that jazz.

      1. Looks like pollution fumes from cars and trucks are a thing, as is chestnut pollen, oak pollen, olive pollen…. Heck, it could even be particulates from all those French bakeries. Or chemicals that we don’t use in the US.

        It might even be stuff that you were mildly allergic to, in Portugal, but then France gave you a bigger dose or a different range of varieties, and your poor body was just screaming Noooooo! And then, just when it was getting used to that big dose, it suddenly noticed a big dose of something else. Nooooo!

      1. The Dordogne and areas south of Tolouse are actually very nice, and not nearly so Paris-French as northern France. And Normandy and Brittany are just…Odd. Or at least that was my impression when I was there. The folks in the south would not miss Paris if it was sucked into a gravitational singularity and never emerged.

  4. “Do you want an acute case on your hands? This woman has immediate postprandial upper-abdominal distension”.
    “What did you say she has?”

    It’s all in how you say it. 😉

  5. I think you nailed it on the head.

    I have anxiety issues that rear up when my OCD is triggered. (I hate that word since the left has stolen it but I don’t know a better one.)

    And the left’s freakout, the attention seeking, the echo chambers of validation, the skitso behavior like saying a headscarf is a symbol for women’s rights.

    It’s all the type of stuff I’ve noticed I do when I’m “triggered.” It’s the same damn behavior and thinking as an OCD person, only it’s widespread.

    They are losing control and it scares the hell out of them, and instead of dealing with it because they are making themselves non-functional, they are all feeding each other’s crazy.

    I think the fact that there are so many of them is part of the problem. They’re all reinforcing the belief that if they wash their hands three times and repeat a mantra that the demons won’t get them.

    And they aren’t aware of it and won’t be, because they won’t listen to people calling them on their crazy. And they’ve convinced themselves that if they don’t do this (whatever worst case scenario is) will happen.

    1. Our text today is from the Book of Geraghty:

      Michelle Obama: Women Who Voted for Trump Like What They’re ‘Told to Like.’
      By Jim Geraghty — September 28, 2017

      Michelle Obama, denouncing women who voted for any non-Hillary Clinton candidate in 2016: “As far as I’m concerned, any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice. What does it mean for us, as women, that we look at those two candidates… and many of us said, ‘That guy? He’s better for me. His voice is more true to me.’ Well, to me that just says, you don’t like your voice. You like the thing you’re told to like.“

      Boy, what better way to fight sexism, and the perception that women are incapable of making their own decisions, than to assert that all women who disagree with you are obedient drones, huh?

      In Michelle Obama’s argument, women show their independence and “their own voice” by voting for Hillary Clinton, as Michelle Obama urged them to do during the 2016 campaign.

      In other words, the only way for women to demonstrate that they don’t simply like what they’re told to like is to like the candidate that Michelle Obama told them to like.

        1. Mrs. Obama is either rock bottom dumb or thinks we are.

          Embrace the power of “and”. 😉

        2. Michelle Obama’s Versaille Liberalism and meddling in school lunch rules nearly submarined a small woman-owned business that preferentially hired teens – including teen girls – in my community.

          And since women dominate the small-business community, she probably sabotaged loads of other female entrepeneurs.

          But yeah. SHE’S the authority on What Women Want.

          1. SHE’S the authority on What Women Want.

            Of course she is. Massa always know what [DELETED] folk want, even when the [DELETED] folk don’t know theyselves. After all, we all knows that [DELETED] folk sometimes want things what ain’t good for them and [DELETED] folk needs to be protected from they ignorant selves.

      1. Leaving, for the moment, the rests of that self-evident stupidity:

        ‘That guy? He’s better for me. His voice is more true to me.’

        WTF is that about? Listen, National Lunch Lady, I didn’t vote for the Angry Jar of Marmalade (ht: Ian Tuttle) because I thought he was an “authentic representation of my voice” or whatever bizarro characteristics you apparently use when casting your vote. I voted for him because I thought he would be marginally better as president than the other candidate. Yes, I know, but you guys put up Hillary Clinton, which is a heck of a curve to be graded on.

        Has Michelle Obama ever actually spoken to a human woman?

        1. Has Michelle ever actually spoken to a human woman? Good question.
          There’s the carefully staged photo ops, but they most likely found only fans who spoke with fawning praise.

          1. Ain’t it odd how the same people outraged over Melania wearing stilettos to board AD1 were complacent about Michelle’s Guide to Footwear for the Soup Kitchen?

        2. Right. This.
          And no. She’s from Angry Centauri, and that’s all she talks to.
          Also, can someone give me a link to her running her tiny little brain and her huge, uncontrolled mouth saying these things? I feel a PJ article coming on.

        3. As usual, I voted against the worst evil.

          On the whole, I’ll admit to being unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised by the Current Incumbent.

      2. This is the same woman who thought it was significant to make a pouting face over Koney. She might give the View a tingle, but that’s about all. I wouldn’t waste time on what she says.

            1. Truly, this is a well of remarkable shallowness depth.



              “Do not bring people in your life who weigh you down. And trust your instincts … good relationships feel good. They feel right. They don’t hurt. They’re not painful. That’s not just with somebody you want to marry, but it’s with the friends that you choose. It’s with the people you surround yourselves with.”

              “Every girl, no matter where she lives, deserves the opportunity to develop the promise inside of her.”

              “I’ve seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are.”

              “Clearly this is a tough economic time, and a lot of families are hurting. So when we talk to parents, we talk about small changes for kids and things that don’t cost extra money. Like adding water and eliminating sugary drinks and sodas. That’s going to save money right there. Or adding a few more vegetables.”

              “It is my hope that our garden’s story-and the stories of gardens across America-will inspire families, schools, and communities to try their own hand at gardening and enjoy all the gifts of health, discovery, and connection a garden can bring.”

              I could go on, but I am diabetic.

              1. I’ve seen firsthand that being president doesn’t change who you are. It reveals who you are.


                The thing is, she thinks this is a gimme – that everyone will now nod solemnly, in great longing for those bygone days. And not start with a list. “A golfer?” “A raging narcissist?” “A bowing apologizer?” “A Spying-on-your-political-opponents third world dictator wannabe?”

          1. “Kids like the little black boy who looked up at my husband, his eyes wide with hope, and he wondered, “Is my hair like yours?”

            And make no mistake about it, this November, when we go to the polls, that is what we’re deciding — not Democrat or Republican, not left or right. No, this election, and every election, is about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives.”

            Yep. This is Mrs. Obama at her most fully scripted, and what she imagines is her most mainstream-middle-of-the-road persona.

            Full transcript here:

        1. Well, the pouty face worked so well over the #BringBackOurGirls message.

          I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud* of our nation as when we elected that pair to the White House. Not even during the Saigon bugout return of South Vietnam to its rightful government. Or during the Iranian Hostage Crisis Situation, right about the time the news of Operation Eagle Claw: came out.

          1. Eagle Claw is a good example of how really big problems usually occur to multiple levels of incompetence and failure.

    2. AGC… Automatic Gain Control.
      Their signal is decreasing, so the ramp up the gain… but what is amplified is mostly noise. So they ramp up the gain, and get more noise, so they ramp up the gain…

      There are three possible ends to this:

      1. Realization there is no longer any signal to speak and turning the gain down before 2 or 3 happen. (Do NOT put money on this one.)

      2. The noise hits the “rails” and gets clipped, sounds distorted, and the sane(r) folks finally turn the gain down. The crazier do not. (We might be in the midst, or at least the beginnings, of this already.)

      3. Rails, schmails, up the supply voltage! Up the gain! Up… *FFFZZZZTT*BANG!!! (This is NOT the long shot.)

      1. As someone who does signals analysis for a living (in order to properly image rocks) AGC is TERRIBLE for anything but a really quick check if your data are not pristine. Something else they should take note of.

          1. Aha, I was thinking radio.
            Yeah, ox ancient.
            Vacuum tube mind in a doped silicon world.
            If only just the silicon (and germanium, and…) were the only thing(s) dopey.

      2. I’m seriously afraid none of them are self aware enough to climb off the crazy. They’re going to implode and do a hell of a lot of damage while they’re at it.

      3. While I find I must concur with your masterful analysis in the analog domain, there is (especially these oversampled days) also a digital one.
        And there, to hunt signal buried deep in the noise, one sometimes uses algorithms that can ah, fictionalize features that were never there (the Maximum Entropy Method seems to be one of the worst) if you turn their “gain” parameter up too high. Especially if the input signal was noisier to start with.
        So imagine an overtweaked, AGC-ed front end, an over-aggressive MEM digital back end, coupled (most likely) by an *undersampled* digitizer aliasing the wazoo out of its own input signal — with. well, something remarkably like the evening news or other all-too-MSM-like output as its noisy, artifact-ridden end product.
        Ah, the wonders of this modern era.

    3. I’m going to say something REALLY MEAN, so anyone wth snowflake tendencies is,hereby warned to vacate the area.

      The mental health of much of the political left depemds on continuing the pretense that they have not, over the last century or so, repeatedly played cheerleaders to an assortment of mass murdering thugs.

      As the history of the Communist regimes in Russia, China, southeast asia, and elsewhere becomes patent, this is being harder than ever to do. And as the Left’s control of all venues of debate falters, the lengths they have gone to to deny the obvious are becoming increasingly clear. Further, the shifts they made to keep from confronting what the USSR was caused them to take an antisemitic position early in the Cold War, which has pushed them into supprt of the Islamofascists, yet ANOTHER bunch of murderous swine.

      This isn’t just a matter of holding on to social position or political power. Many of the rank and file canprobably shrug it off and take up ancestor worship or tea ceremony, but a hard core will be mentally broken if they face up to what they have excused in the name of being ‘with it’.

        1. Okay?

          Hell, I’ll admit I’ll enjoy it when they fail at their existential crisis and off themselves…I just fear how many of us they plan to take on the trip.

          1. It’s both the latter and how many plan to make the New Amerikan Man by purification of the gene pool. All about who dates sometimes.

        2. The issue isn’t that they’ll break. If they would break quietly, that would be ok, to a degree. The issue is that people who are defending against this kind of mental breakdown get really NASTY. And they do it in moderately predictable ways. It’s a,question of understanding what’s going on, so we don’t get caught in the gears more than we have to.

      1. They cannot handle their claims to superior morality being refuted by Reality and will do all they can to subvert Reality.

        That is not generally a formula for success.

        1. It works fine for a while, if you can kill enough of the right people.

          Which might explain a few things…..

    4. I gave up on ’em after a former friend (former because she told my husband to go fuck himself when he checked on her wellbeing on 11/9) began declaring any statement she disagreed with to be “gaslighting”. Can’t come to a consensus with anyone that determined to maintain their personal reality.

  6. Actually, I do think it’s 50% that lean toward socialism. At least, 50% of those who voted in the last election. Even more will say something you recognize as socialist, such as the idea the government should set company profits. That does not carry over to the idea of the government limiting how much you make, which means it isn’t full blown socialism. It is, however, socialist enough for the bad ol’ bait and switch, such as focusing on socialism for the mythical “them” because of knowing full well that most even on the left won’t support the Soviet way of doing things.

    As a case in point, there’s enough socialism around that we have Republicans supporting it. Even Nixon wanted price controls.

    1. Nixon put in wage and price controls in the early ’70s. I worked one summer at a steel company’s fabrication subsidiary, and I remember getting the NEW! IMPROVED! price lists a month after W&P controls were in effect. They showed a substantial increase in price, but were back-dated to a few days before the order was executed. FWIW, none of the guilty parties are in business in the US any more…

      1. Funny, but loads of folks don’t seem to know that W&P controls were tried in 15th century England. They didn’t work then, either. (It’s partly how they got the Peasant’s Revolt.)

        1. People tend to believe Price Controls would be a good thing, but are less inclined to think through the implications of Wage Controls. Few ask themselves what would be their reaction to being told there will be no raises for the foreseeable future, and fewer still honestly answer “I think I will just reduce my productivity until it meets my perception of a fair day’s work.”

          And therein lies the problem of W&P Controls — it negatively changes incentives for all sellers, whether selling their labor or their goods.

          1. But because of the less inclined to think it is easy to rationalize “I’ll just have a consistent raise” vs “what raise”. Never mind the increasingly common means of a raise being the change in pay jumping companies.

        2. Wage and price controls sometimes work in the short term, NEVER in the medium to long term. Honest economists and historians know this. Politicians are almost always more concerned with the short term….until the next election.

    2. I forget if it was during the Clinton or another administration where the idea was brought up and someone who was there in the Nixon administration was pretty much screaming, “NO! We tried that. It! Does! Not! Work!” and, amazingly, someone seemed to listen.

      1. For all my complaints about him Bill Clinton did listen to wisdom and experience to a degree not seen in his three successors.

        1. Like when he said “the Era of big government is over” and proposed some two dozen new federal programs in the same speech?

          1. My favorite of Billy Jeff’s Kinsley Gaffes was when he told a college crowd* that “We could give you a tax cut, but you might not spend it right” — because every frickin’ Federal dollar is spent right!

            *Fair quoting mandates:
            “We could give it all back to you and hope you spend it right… But … if you don’t spend it right, here’s what’s going to happen. In 2013 — that’s just 14 years away — taxes people pay on their payroll for Social Security will no longer cover the monthly checks… I want every parent here to look at the young people here, and ask yourself, ‘Do you really want to run the risk of squandering this surplus?’ ”

            1. The unspoken conclusion: “So we will squander it for you”

              Even if it was a paper surplus quickly disappearing.

          2. I didn’t say Clinton was honest, I said he was smarter than most politicians and nearly all Democrat politicians. He used those smarts for his own ends, always. He tap-danced through eight years without losing much of anything that he cared about, and without doing anything of substance for which he could get blamed.

            Which is why the terror war went hot as soon as he left; he’d kicked that can down the road at least once too often. He could have done any number of things about the Islamofools, but that would have annoyed his base, and made it hard to live well off of being President Clinton for the rest of his life.

        2. Clinton loved political power enough to adopt conservative (or at least conservative-sounding) polices if that was what the voters wanted, and he was savy enough to figure out what people wanted.

          As a human being, I still think he was a despicable scum bag, but as a Democratic president, we could have (and in fact have) done worse.

        3. Bill was never the ideologue Hillary is. Think of them as the perfect examples for C.S. Lewis’ statement on tyranny: Bill could be bought off with enough graft, booze, and cooze; Hildebeeste BELIEVES.

          1. Eh, maybe. I think she’s MORE committed to her beliefs than Bill, but that’s not saying much. My impression of Hillary during the election was that she would happily sell of her principles in order to gain power, she just wasn’t good enough to make it work.

            1. Hillary has long been prone to paranoid conspiracy theories and “Avenging Angel” fantasies. In support of the latter there is her behaviour while on the Watergate investigating committee; in support of the latter there is her long-standing association with Sidny “Grassy Knoll” Blumenthal and her “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” talk.

              Really, she’s more in common with Richard Nixon than any other political character of recent vintage.

            2. I have an unfair advantage, because my family is from AR, and had a ringside seat for Bill from the beginning.

    3. A lot of that is the degree to which the Establishment Left has managed to disguise the degree of Socialism’s failure. That should (but beware of should) break up as their power wanes.

        1. I was always more partial to the F4U Corsair myself. To much Pappy Boyington and his flying misfits when I was growing up. 🙂

        1. Fine by me. I would hate to see an abundance of socialists persist. It would eventually present a real threat to the nation’s supply of good hemp rope.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the real left is more like 10%, or maybe even 5%, and that’s why they’re shrieking like crazy. Maybe that’s just a function of my personal experience – but here in one of the blue capitals of the country, nearly every adult I know espouses knee-jerk liberalism but none of them push the panic-type stories. They demonstrate extreme social anxiety if I question any of their assumptions but it doesn’t feel, to me, as if they’re afraid I’ll turn them in to the evil, murdering Trump regime. It seems more like a fear that if they don’t shut me up immediately they’ll experience a moment of cognitive dissonance that will turn them into social lepers.

    No matter what they say, it’s not the government they fear – it’s their own allies.

      1. Yeah, this is like the LGBT “community” trying to convince the world that they’re normal and mainstream, and reaching for every possible letter they can add to build their numbers until you get the LGBTWTFOMGBBQ…

        Where really, best guesstimate is around 1-3%. A very, very loud minority is not the same as a sizeable minority (and they most certainly don’t speak for every non-straight person.

        1. they most certainly don’t speak for every non-straight person.

          Oh, but they do. It ain’t their fault that some non-straight persons don’t recognize which voice is “more true” to them.

        2. They got me to really dislike the activists when they tried to draft me– on the basis of my not wanting to jump anybody’s bones unless I have a very strong bond with them already– to their “hey you’re (sex)” psychosis.

          1. Yeah, they try to claim that that’s “demisexuality.”
            Me, I call it “Your body actually aligns with how sex is supposed to work? That sounds awesome.”

            1. In fairness, it beat the “you are obviously deranged because you think that guy is nice to look at, but are not sexually attracted to him.”

              But only slightly, and only because it ended. The “come on, admit it, you wanna *bleep* him” stuff didn’t.

              1. And there is, “damn, I wish I looked that good” which is NOT the same as “damn, I want to take that to bed.” And yes, it IS possible for reactions to cross sex/gender lines/stereotypes.

                1. *drifts off in daydreams of being able to wear long, flowy jackets that REALLY need shoulders, and height, and non-pregnancy-friendly hips to work*

                  Oh, lordie-me, yes, it’s possible across sex lines.

                  My husband had pointed out some hair styles that are really impressive, too–one lady managed three colors fading into each other so it looked like they’d grown naturally, “this season, I have bluehair; this season, I have purple. This season, I have a lovely shade of pink…..”

                  1. You and me both. There’s jacket from Pendleton this season that I loooooove. But it needs a willowy figure and looooong legs. Neither of which apply to me.

                    I was looking through a semi-Goth catalogue the other day thinking “Dang, I’d like to dress like Stevie Nicks. But that means being shaped like Stevie Nicks.” And I suspect the boss at my Day Job might raise an eyebrow and recommend returning to my more usual styles.

                    1. Corset Story has a sale on right now including corsets with attached tutus. And much as I absolutely adore the corset and tutus with leggings look, and as much as I can afford it, I absolutely cannot wear it without looking like mutton dressed as lamb. So I sigh over the lovely willowy models and return to rather more… matronly-friendly outfits.

                2. Dang it, Ox, now you have me wondering if there may be a screw-up in teh culture that divides approval for physical appearance things from approval of other physical things.

            2. I wasn’t feeling particularly into kicking over cans of worms at the time, but I had the hardest time not answering the “demisexual demiromantic” Tumblrina with “oh, you mean normal.”

              1. A scene from not that long ago:

                “Are you alright?”
                “I haven’t been alright since 1966!”
                “…when were you born?”
                “1967. Let’s just say… some things are.. ill-conceived.”

          1. To be fair, they needed to make it a political platform to get certain basic concessions. The problem is, once you start that kind of thing, it’s hard to stop.

      1. And the inner party may be the ones freaking out because they realize that there is more opposition than they had thought. Socialist enough to be destructive is a fairly large portion of the population. The actual hardcore wet dreams of liquidating millions is a very small portion. Otherwise we would have seen more Kimberlins than we have seen. The wet dreamers may be a major portion of the panic types.

        1. A similar process is at work in the circumstances described here:

          No, Right to Work Doesn’t ‘Take’ Unions’ Property
          By George Leef — September 28, 2017

          Every time a state enacts a Right to Work statute, big labor brings in a team of lawyers to argue that the law is somehow illegal. Never mind that federal law has permitted states to do this since 1947 and the federal courts have often rebuffed arguments that such laws violate the constitutional rights of unions. One argument, e.g., is that by allowing workers who don’t choose to pay dues to the union to keep their money, the law is actually an unconstitutional taking of union property.

          After West Virginia enacted Right to Work in 2016, the AFL-CIO hunted for a friendly judge who’d issue an injunction to block the law and found one who issued one, based on her notion that the unions were “likely” to win on the merits. That far-fetched ruling was recently reversed by the state Supreme Court. The Court’s rebuke makes for very savory reading, as I explain in this Forbes article.

          Big labor would rather try these Hail Mary passes to block Right to Work laws than figure out how to win and keep the voluntary support of the workers they represent. After all, it would make no difference if workers were persuaded that the union had their interests at heart, did beneficial things for them, and needed their money.

          — — —

          The outrage expressed by the Progressives is similar to that expressed by Southern Plantation owners informed they were no longer allowed to own people, and stems from the same erroneous premise.

          1. Don’t worry. As long as you don’t call bondage slavery you can continue to hold and import a subservient class.

      2. And the Inner Party is freaking out because the Sanders candidacy plus Shrillary’s failure maes them fear the Outer Party may be getting away from them.

    1. I think there are a number of overlapping problems.

      One, not that many people actually understand the difference between “left” and “right”, or whichever labels you want to use to differentiate between “do what we tell you” and “leave me alone”

      Two, they’ve been force-fed a left / liberal / progressive agenda for their whole lives, and every piece of media they see has it baked in, from “news” to the latest summer blockbuster movie. They don’t see it any more than a fish sees water.

      Three, they’re deeply uncomfortable when someone challenges what they perceive as the normal state of affairs. You get the pink-monkey thing going, where they band together to oppose or punish strange or incorrect behavior.

      1. Most people have been indoctrinated their entire lives.
        But that doesn’t mean they actually *care* about the received wisdom, have embraced the underlying assumptions, or have incorporated these into their self-image.

        Move most people from an environment where “what everyone knows” is Progressive to an environment where “what everyone knows” is traditionalist, and they hardly miss a beat when nodding along.
        I’ve seen it.

        And as the ability to control the narrative recedes, fewer and fewer people are nodding along with them. And more and more people are laughing at them.
        Try using the “Religion of Peace” euphemism in any environment, and see what I mean.

      2. One, not that many people actually understand the difference between “left” and “right”, or whichever labels you want to use to differentiate between “do what we tell you” and “leave me alone”

        Can’t agree with that.

        I refuse to pretend that “you cannot kill me” and “you cannot disagree with me” are functionally the same.

        It’s messy, it’s complicated, but it is human that there are some things you cannot do that are just, and some orders for what you cannot do which are unjust, and some that are neural.

  8. This 3AM phenomenon is not new …

    When you’re lying awake
    With a dismal headache
    And repose is taboo’d by anxiety
    I conceive you may use
    Any language you choose
    To indulge in, without impropriety;
    For your brain is on fire
    The bedclothes conspire
    Of usual slumber to plunder you:
    First your counterpane goes
    And uncovers your toes
    And your sheet slips demurely from under you;

    Well, you get some repose
    In the form of a doze
    With hot eyeballs and head ever aching
    But your slumbering teems
    With such horrible dreams
    That you’d very much better be waking;
    For you dream you are crossing
    The Channel, and tossing
    About in a steamer from Harwich
    Which is something between
    A large bathing machine
    And a very small second-class carriage

  9. You think it’s as high as 25%?
    Truly committed leftists, I’d put well under 10%. As they lose cachet, it’ll be more and more evident.

      1. There are those who are in frenzy because their Relgion is under question; the True Believers. Then there are those who are in frenzy because the faith (whether they believe or not) that their position is build on is crumbling. Figure that most of academia, the media, and entertainment industries fall in that category.

        The idiots in the streets are Hobby Protesters, for the most part. For them, until the costs rise, it’s entertanment, not belief. Those are leavened with the undirectedly angry. Because of the tireless work of Quislings like Sharpton, that is a lot of the poor and Black.

    1. Percentage of conservatives who are dedicated horror movie fans, versus the percentage of progressives who are dedicated horror movie fan?

      1. See my earlier comment concerning wanting TV shows about basically decent people trying to do good things and then notice that TV critics (a progressive bunch) reject stuff like that in favor of The Sopranos, The Wire, and Breaking Bad.

          1. More recent: Burn Notice, NCIS, so far Person of Interest, Crossing Jordan, L&O:Criminal Intent, Leverage. All have complex and imperfect characters. Yet in the end they were about good guys and have some sense of hope or at least that moral order is a positive thing.

            A great contrast is Burn Notice with White Collar, the series specifically designed to tap into the Burn Notice audience. It had the competence porn aspect down cold but Neal, despite being less violent than Michael, will always be a thief. That fact colors the series and I actually could not sustain interest until the end despite it being two seasons shorter.

          2. I was generally partial to Justified, about basically flawed people, some of whom were trying to do decent things, and I have heard good things about Longmire (which I plan to someday watch.)

            Then there was Wonderfalls, Joan of Arcadia and Dead Like Me. But let’s not wander the graveyard of lost TV shows, counting the headstones.

    2. Rewarding? More like familiar. And the unfamiliar scares them, it endangers their concept of safe space.

    3. Yep.

      That’s my theory. If you’re upset and you cry and scream then people around come help. They pick you up, kiss it better, and you get the reward feedback of attention. And if your tantrum isn’t getting rewarded, you scream louder.

      1. That’s one way to look at it, but not the only one.

        I run roleplaying games. And in most of them, there will come a scene where the player characters are threatened in some serious way. Those are the scenes that get the players sitting up and totally involved in the game. There are game masters who will fake dice rolls in such conflicts, to ensure that no player character is ever really threatened. I don’t do that, because I don’t want to throw away one of my most powerful narrative resources.

        So if you have a sense of the meaninglessness of life, but if you can persuade yourself that the nation is filled with racists eager to put nonwhites in chains, or that the polar icecaps are about to melt and raise mean sea level enough to drown most major cities, or that the president is about to impose a dictatorship, you have given yourself a sense of meaning.

  10. I wonder if it is because they, themselves, are starting to feel isolated. There is no echo chamber any more. The real world has percolated in. So now, rather than one unified voice that they thought existed. They find that not just is the ‘enemy’ larger and stronger than they thought. Not only is the ‘enemy’ starting to regain control of what they had viewed as their soverign territory, but they look to the left and to the right and see how those they always thought agreed with them in all ways.. don’t. They’ve pushed a single narrative for so long, that even the tiny wrinkles may seem huge to them. They have gone, over night, from thinking they are strong to thinking they are alone.

    1. … they look to the left and to the right and see how those they always thought agreed with them in all ways.. don’t.

      They clung to the idea that there were “no enemies to the Left” and now are beginning to realize how that ratchets them to the Far Left where gender is a construct means the absurd lies f the ERA opponents about unisex bathrooms are uncomfortably real, and while they want to be Progressive and Correct the large bearded foul-smelling hijab wearer who just followed their daughter into the Ladies has them distinctly ill at ease.

      Or, as Tom Lehrer once phrased it, feeling like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis.

      1. I rather like the sign with the half-man/boy, half-woman./girl, centaur, mermaid (or some combination) that has a caption of “WHATEVER. JUST WASH YOUR HANDS!” Seems a proper mockery with a genuinely useful instruction.

    2. Heard a local Orlando lefty radio host express shock that young people were turning to the Alt-White. He honestly drank the Inevitable Demographics kool-aid and thought the other side was all old people.
      Silly little man. Make something forbidden and it becomes hip. Make something off limits and it become attractive. Teach that something has almost mystical power, and they’ll want it.
      In a perverted way, the Left has been teaching a twisted form of White Supremacy for decades. The unspoken assumption in modern intersectionality is that the white heterosexual male is the Ubermench, who holds the fate of other races, even the planet itself in his hands.

      1. Eh, sort of.
        One of the interesting things is that most of the hardcore alt-righters come from either rightist fever swamps or leftist indoctrination factories–in other words, places where race and culture are preached as one and the same. However, in the latter, the kids are taught that the problem is white racism.
        Then they go out into the real world, and realize that, in fact, the problem is not white racism, and that they were lied to by their teachers. However, they don’t have the knowledge or training to get past the paradigm of race=culture. So they decide that white racism is the solution.
        (Note: similar phenomena are observable on the right. There are few leftists more rabid than those raised by stereotypical Christian fundamentalists.)

        1. Rebellion will always not only produce ideologues but they will be the ones to rationalize the greatest amount of harm to those they are rebelling against. Once you justify that you are responding to aggression almost any level of damage is allowable.

  11. I think that a part of it is that, unlike Regan and Bush, Trump does not see the progressives as part of America, but rather as enemies of America. I think that he is also deliberately encouraging them to freak out over crazy fears, so he can accomplish things without them noticing (like the 2 rules repealed for every 1 enacted).

    1. Well, he won’t accomplish much as long as those freaked out people keep either siccing their congresscritters on him, or having them obstruct him.

      1. I suspect many congresscritters would be unified against him either way – because he’s not One Of Us, no matter which party they have after their name. So this way, he’s getting things done that he can do without congressional cooperation… and waving a rag with the other hand to keep the bull’s attention elsewhere.

  12. The people you’re talking about are not comfortable about having an opinion, thought, or action that is not approved by EVERYONE they know. If they experience the reality that some people will disagree with them, it is frightening – it up-ends their sense of how the world works.
    They’ve lived in that bubble so long that this is their first indication that the rest of the country wasn’t in it with them (other than those knuckle-dragging hicks, and no one cares about them!).
    For the first time, they are hearing from people who have reasoned arguments that contradict their passionate beliefs.
    And it terrifies them.
    They’ve never had to make an argument for their side. Their idea of brilliant repartee is:
    Roll eyes, laugh dismissively, and say, “Oh, REEEE-LY?”, with sidelong glances at others who smirk and nod.
    When presented with a logical, coherent argument, they are stuck for answers, finally settling for:
    “Nazi!” and “Racist!”.
    The panic you see is the passenger on the Titanic, knowing that the ship is sinking, and that the last lifeboat has departed.
    Their money and future is bound up in their Elite currency – diplomas, connections, pricey house, and bills up to the rafters. They’ve lived knowing that their connections in Washington would never let people them them sink. That, if their job ended, they would quickly be offered another make-work position, or a grant funded with public funds, or – well, something, because the Important Ones just don’t let their Elite Friends down.
    But, the gravy train is slowing down. Their friends are either no longer in power, or – do to changes in the political system – are not willing to rock the boat to rescue them.
    And the sinking rats are throwing out stories about their ‘friends’, and detailing their corruption and crimes. Where do you think all of the anti-Clinton stories are coming from? Those who hope to save themselves from the same fate. Only the staunch support of the MSM is keeping them away from the public.
    Soros and the other funding sources of public disruption are working overtime to keep attention focused on #BLM and #TakeAKnee and #PayNoAttentionToTheManBehindTheCurtain.
    Watch out, though.
    They are cornered, and that’s when vermin are most dangerous.

            1. It comes in quite handy for libations while negotiating with enemies. Regular for your side, decaf for theirs.

      1. It’s not that I don’t know how to spell. it’s that my normal method of writing is taking dictation from my head. And my fingers are stupid.
        When I’m sick they’re stupider.
        I’m finally recovering from stomach flu, sort of (I’m starting to think this is one of those that returns more attenuated each time) but yesterday was still bad. Some days there isn’t enough caffeine in the world.

  13. the lizard people of Alpha Centauri
    I have it on good authority the people of Alpha Centauri are not only humanoid, but they are all gorgeous and genetically compatible with Earth humans.

  14. One of the most recent freak-outs I’ve seen is involving the Jones Act and Puerto Rico. “WHY won’t the President waive it for Puerto Rico?!!?? He must hate them. He did it immediately for Houston and Florida!” Before even researching anything, I thought “Houston ‘merely’ flooded. Puerto Rico infrastructure is pretty much demolished. That probably means harbors and piers are in the same shape. I’ll bet you they can’t handle the extra traffic till things get cleared out.” Sure enough, now that the harbor can handle things, it has been waived.

    1. From credible reports the issue in PR was that supplies were being delivered to the docks and stacking up because the storm had destroyed the infrastructure necessary to deliver them to those in need. Roads impassable, cargo vehicles either inoperable or lacking fuel.
      Terrible as the current situation might be, the silver lining is that PR will get a huge upgrade of what just before the storm was an already failing infrastructure.

          1. The UN, the Clinton Foundation, new and exciting parasites, and exotic forms of cholera.

            Which is admittedly par for the course in Haiti.

            I’m pretty sure they’re going that the rest of the world doesn’t notice their next disaster.

            1. Discussion on that very topic by the HuffPo, hardly an alt right organization.
              Millions collected for Hatian relief with a fraction actually given to Hatian organizations, and most of that pocketed by crooked Hatian officials.
              Conservative reports are even worse, but when HuffPo calls a major figure of the left a bad actor you know there’s substance to the claims.

      1. I’m wondering if it was some of both. Mostly the distribution side, but some the ports issue. But either way, they are freaking out about something that might not be good policy anyway but had no impact at all on what was going on. Or if it was waived, they would have goal post shifted and been complaining that the roads weren’t fixed fast enough and “look at all the supplies just sitting there – the government isn’t prioritizing things correctly.”

        1. Mostly it is desperation to Katrina Trump. His FEMA crew has handled three close sequence hits from major storms with less problem than Obama had with Sandy and they are desperate to employ it to hamstring Trump.

          1. Yep. That was the refrain all weekend. Meanwhile PR governor basically said this is best response he’s ever seen from feds. Granted a good chunk is probably that everything already spun up but the events have been relatively hum ho other than Houston in terms of trying to recover.

          2. I have to withdraw my prior praise of FEMA… they WERE calling for federal employees to volunteer to go TAD to help out, instead of doing a massive hiring thing.

            …You sign up, and they get back to you to…sign up to man a call center.

            Right, drop your important, highly trained job to leave your family and go… man a call center, not disaster relief.

            1. Frankly, given that the new head of FEMA had barely time to redecorate the office, much less bring his people in (re-educate the present staff) it is amazing there aren’t new definitions for Charles Foxtrot.

              It is almost enough to make a body suspect that things proceed more smoothly without FEMA, and that local officials (and citizens) are primarily responsible for how the area handles such crises.

              But that am unpossible. Working through the implications could undo our entire federal system!

              1. Honestly? I’ve never seen FEMA until after the fact. They’re never there to get into the way. Ever. I am aware that following Hugo, someone wanted to warehouse relief, and many churches started cruising the roads looking for those who needed help. I’m also aware that FEMA thought it was important to give volunteers quick sensitivity training some time ago. But other than that? Nothing. Our church made it’s facilities available for evacuees, and later for those who still didn’t have electricity, and that’s more than FEMA did. It’s more than FEMA normally does.

                Had we had utter devastation, they might have come around with FEMA mobile homes – eventually. I will say that FEMA mobile homes got a bad rap, but I’m not aware they had any more outgassing than any other mobile home. They would not have been there for relief. They wouldn’t not even have been coordinating relief. Who coordinates relief here? Officially, city, county, and state, but usually it’s everybody. Utilities? Didn’t go through FEMA and didn’t have to go through FEMA. During Irma, I looked up once and saw a state-wide utility organization guy, and there’s all sorts of phone calls, but not to FEMA.

                Frankly, other than handing out money after the fact, I don’t know if FEMA is of any use at all. But, since it’s government, that might actually be a good thing.

                1. I think a huge chunk came down to the organic activation of community help, not micromanaging the response at all levels and local levels of government not being incompetent. Pretty much all the derp of Katrina was in one specific area that failed to follow it’s disaster plan and fanned by grossly inappropriate and inaccurate media (the shooting reports were.highly overhyped and it delayed aid and rescue iirc)

                  I will also say that the size of Tx and mutual aid of specialized personnel from other states seemed to go well. For example we had iirc three OKC metro swiftwater teams deployed (a number got stood up after the floods a few years ago) and they had declared a semi-state of emergency to skim red tape for the teams working. And so far it has seemed to be a normal clusterfark as opposed to the supercluster that something like this should be.

                  1. FEMA was never intended for immediate disaster relief. That was always the job of local and state organizations along with national charitable agencies. FEMA was intended for long term recovery.
                    And FEMA did what it was supposed to with the usual ineptitude of government but better than nothing right up until the usual suspects saw a wonderful opportunity to bash G.W. for the sins of NOLA’s mayor and Louisiana’s governor. Never let a crisis go to waste as some were wont to say.
                    Katrina devastated the gulf coast all along Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle, as bad if not worse than Louisiana. But everywhere else folks hunkered down. picked themselves up through local effort, and were gratefully thankful for all the charitable help they received from the rest of the country. Kind of exactly like what we saw in Texas after Harvey.

                  2. Evidence in support of your thesis regarding Katrina can be found in Mississippi, which was hit worse by the storm but had, in Haley Barbour, a competent governor who did not panic, did not freeze, did not run around as if his hair were afire. Mississippi competence did not serve the DNC/MSM need for a narrative facilitating condemnation of Bush.

        2. As matters stand, if Trump had gone to Puerto Rico immediately, and started raising the dead and healing the injured by laying on of hands, dedicating his ersonal fortune to rebuilding, and calling for volunteers, the Left would still be screaming that he was doing it all wrong.

          1. He’s interfering with nature!!! He’s calling for the unwashed masses to descend on the island!! We need experts, we need to dead to stay dead!*

            * And the Freed-‘Em-From-Religion or whatever group would sue him for church-n-state violations if he did raise the dead and heal with a touch.

            1. We would immediately see the development of Zombie Rights Activism, demanding a 35 hour week and a living wage.

              And yes, the antideity crowd would be complaining about how he was undercutting the undertaker’s business and intruding the government into doctor-patient relationships.

    2. > Puerto Rico infrastructure is pretty much demolished.

      That’s the sort of thing FEMA was supposed to help *prevent*, not just wander around getting in the way after the fact.

      Of course, there’s much PR and money to be made in disasters, so it might not be in the Federal interest to prevent or minimize them…

      1. it’s all the Russians fault!

        (Actually, in a very roundabout way, it is the Russians the fault. As Kevin Cheek has pointed out here before, FEMA was created in large part because the cowards running the US in the late 70’s felt that properly funding and planning Civil Defense would provoke the Russians.)

      2. The problem is that the only way to prevent that in places like PR or Louisiana would be to impose martial law and clear the local political machines out of the way. Would any of us trust FEMA to be able to do that job?

    3. My local-ish station has “This Morning, with Gordon Deal” – they spent like five minutes (not sure exactly, it was teh whole time I was in the shower) going over how “Trump” needs to suspend it for PR, and how they did it for the other hurricanes…and then took two minutes and mentioned that it was the DOD (I think?) who requested the prior one, and folks actually on the ground say there’s plenty of supplies, just no way to GET them anywhere. Oh, and that a half-dozen other departments could request it, too, and it’s not really Trump’s call…..

      1. Yep. Saw my first story of “We’ve been abandoned by Trump. We’re running out of food. He isn’t doing a good job on this recovery.” By people in the most remote areas of the island which they’ve already said are difficult to get to. The supplies are there. Just not the delivery capability.

        1. Golly!!!! If only the journalist had brought in a truckload of water, MREs, protein bars, aspirin or the like.

    4. > Jones Act and Puerto Rico. “WHY won’t the
      > President waive it for Puerto Rico?!!??

      Why should he have to? Congress passed it; Congress can amend it.

  15. One of the things I have to work on is “Is this my anxiety snarling, my hormones messing with me, or something to really worry about?” A glance at the calendar works for case #2, just acknowledging #1 tends to mute it unless I’ve reached the adrenaline dump point where all I can do is ride through the spell. I get the sense that a lot of the younger Left have so imbibed the “someone is out to get me because I’m right and the Patriarchy/Zionists/Islamophobes/homophobes/the Klan/somebody on the Internet is trying to stop the Truth” and thus is Out To Get Them™ that they are seeing red-staters under the bed. And it feeds into their hysteria, which sets off other people, which feeds back: They are also freaking out about this and they are not as close to The Truth as I am and so it must be some thing really serious.

    The Left needs to take an anti-acid rather than a knee.

  16. Regarding Her Shrillness;

    “she actually imagines that Trump is SOMEHOW having journalists killed and no one knows.”

    Remember the conspiracy theories about Clinton, and the ‘suspicious’ deaths that surrounded him?

    (Realistically, anybody as connected and OLD as a US President is going to have people ‘around’ him dying. Its inevitable.)

    Maybe some of those conspiracy theories weren’t so crazy after all? Maybe SHE has had people quietly killed, and that’s why she thinks Trump could?

    More likely, she has FANTASIZED about having people quietly killed, and Bill (who is also scum, but appears to be about twice as bright as she is) told her “no, that won’t work.”. And didn’t explain why it wouldn’t work to her, because he’s been married to her for a long time (probably seems longer) and knows perfectly well she won’t take it in.


    She really is a repulsive woman. Just as nuts as Carry Nation (yes, that’s how she spelled it), but FAR less interesting.

    1. The Clinton death lists go back to at least his second term as Governor of Arkansas. At least, that’s when I first saw one. The Clintons were a lot younger then…

      1. Most of the deaths tied to the Clintons are almost certainly coincidences.
        But there are some where either they either had the devil’s own luck, or they made their own.

        Vince Foster and Ron Brown being two of the most prominent examples.

        1. My guess would be power calling to power, add a shake of “Rid me of this bothersome priest” and oh yeah the mobs/cartels/gangs/whatever aren’t morons.

    2. And, as Elizabeth Moon wrote, doing those killings with silenced rifles that make bodies disappear. The HORROR!! The horror…

      1. [perks up]

        Making the bodies disappear? That’d be a handy trick.

        Does that only work for bodies created by ninja-death-silencers, or does it work for strangulation, knifing, poisoning, or just running them down with a pickup truck?

        “Enquiring minds want to know…”

        1. It is the Progressive’s ultimate weapon: it erases the targets from the Space-Time continuum, making them non-persons. Stalin’s scientists worked for years to perfect this but lacked sufficient grasp of quantum mechanics to achieve it.

            1. Lysenkoism isn’t dead yet. It’s “anthropomorphic global warming” now, and cozied up with the climatology people.

              Which may be an explanation of why the local weather reports are not only no longer useful, but hilariously (and sometimes destructively) wrong…

  17. [inaugural comment]

    Hi, guys. I think their problem is that, when outrage has always worked in the past, they can’t quite fathom why they are being ignored. So they are doubling down on outrage…

    I just wrote a short piece on the subject this morning, which I have linked in my nic.


    1. *waves* Welcome to the commentry! Don’t worry if you feel the urge to pun… just limber up your metaphorical running shoes for ducking. If someone throws a carp at you, that means you made a really good pun! 🙂

      1. Don’t believe her! People here hate puns, pop culture references and wrong fans having wrong fun. We’re striving our utmost to be the most Hugo-worthy blog in the SF/F universe.

        It says so, right on the masthead.

          1. Only if you put the lime in the coconut, you drink ’em both up.
            Put a lime in the coconut, you drink ’em both up

            Put the lime in the coconut, you such a silly woman
            Put a lime in the coconut and drink ’em both together
            Put the lime in the coconut, then you feel better
            Put the lime in the coconut, drink ’em both down
            Put the lime in the coconut, and call me in the morning

            Whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo, ain’t there nothin’ you can take
            I say, whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo, to relieve your bellyache
            You say, well, whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo, ain’t there nothing I can take
            I say, whoo-whoo, to relieve your bellyache
            You say, yeah, ain’t there nothin’ I can take
            I say, waah waah, to relieve this bellyache

            I say, Doctor, ain’t there nothin’ I can take?
            I say, Doctor, ain’t there nothing I can take?
            I say, Doctor, ain’t there nothing I can take?
            I say, Doctor

            You’re such a silly woman
            Put the lime in the coconut and drink them both together
            Put the lime in the coconut, then you feel better
            Put the lime in the coconut, drink ’em both up
            Put the lime in the coconut, and call me in the mo-o-o-o-orning

    2. OTOH, if you decide you don’t wanna have an internet footprint, that’s good, too– I know Sarah’s in contact with at least half a dozen who are silent.

  18. Sarah said: “At the same time… what the heck is going on with the left?”

    They are deeply afraid we will do to them what they had planned for us.

    1. This. Their reaction to Bush, after 9/11 struck me this way. They knew goddamned well that if they had been in his position they would use the war on terror as an excuse to go after all the people that were mean to them about the election. That he would have better things to do with his time than play payback games with assorted political twits never occurred to them.

      Now they have Trump. Trump IS petty enough to go after his political enemies. He isn’t STUPID enough to go after them with gross violations of the law, that way Obumbles did. But the Left see Obumbles as a sharp and smooth operator who knew his onions, not a fumbling theoretical Lefty who was saved from extreme grief by the combined efforts of the Political Left, the bought-and-paid-for media, and the Racism industry.

      As the Obama administration fades further into history, and newer and more urgent issues take up the Left’s dwindling resources, we are going to see more and more of Obama’s contempt for the Law become clear.

      And THAT is going to drive them further into frenzy. Just when they ought to be taking three deep breaths and regrouping.

      This is gonna be messy.

      1. I agree. Re-reading my comment it looks a bit flippant, but if you consider the -consequences- of Leftist policy, they are inevitably the concentration of wealth, the impoverishment of ever-increasing numbers of people, the growth of mental sickness and perversion, leading eventually to hunger, disease and death.

        Reading Larry’s fisk of Elizabeth Moon the other day, we come to this glittering jewel Ms. Moon wrote: “Yes, they really want us all dead…they really want to make it easier for their right wing goons to shoot us and not be heard doing so.” Larry could have stopped at “redneck ninja death squads” and covered the whole thing, but he laid it on her.

        My notion was a little different. All the food in the USA, and all the water, ammunition, gasoline, and every other goddamn thing, comes from Republican controlled territory. Flyover country, you know.

        So if Conservatives really were as Elizabeth MoonBat suggests, we would simply stop shipping food to New York City and Los Angeles. Put a couple of concrete barriers across the entrance to the NYC bridges and the tunnels, and then sit back and wait.

        From recent events, I think it is becoming clear that the American Left are the kind of people who -would- do that. They -want- to do it. They’re trying to do it. Everything they accuse Trump of, that’s their agenda.

        Is Elizabeth MoonBat planning some kind of ninja death squad to cleanse the nation of Conservatives? Probably not. Would she be upset if somebody else did? Hard to say.

        Only one thing is sure: she doesn’t need to worry about taking The Phantom’s filthy hateful money in future. I promise that’s not going to be a problem for her.

        1. Like I said above, if I only read people I agreed with, I’d be a Progressive.

          Moon writes a lot less Progressive Left than she apparently lives. Oh, well. The way I see it, the more money she makes as a writer, the more she will be inclined to wrote…as opposed to blovate on politics.

          1. Elizabeth MoonBat is so common a type in SF/F that I can barely find anything to read at all these days. And not because of politically sorting authors, but because the stories themselves are overtly political.

            Its one thing not to agree with the author. Its another to be seeing (for example) Klingons written to represent Trump Supporters (TM) as they did in the aptly named Star Trek STD.

            That’s what I’m getting these days, and I rather think I am not alone. Book sales are in the crapper, because a lot of people are like me. We are not going to read the SF/F equivalent of the NFL taking the knee.

            1. I think a lot of the Star Trek problem comes down to; every iteration made it more likely that the project would be taken over by a Corporate Suit who didn’t like the fans, or felt superior to them, and wanted to ‘put his mark’ ion the franchise (piss on it to make it smell like him) without actually understanding word one about its success.

              Could just as easily have been a Conservative Right suit, if the Conservative Right was fashionable.

  19. I have long been interested in voting record of people with cluster b personality disorders because I am 99.38% convinced that most maladjusted people are left wing ideologues.

    If a person is taking xanax, or something even stronger, it is more than likely they are left wing. I remember watching election results last november and it was astonishing how many left wing people on tv and twitter mentioned that they were going to have raise their xanax dosage to deal with reality of President Trump.

    1. “I am 99.38% convinced that most maladjusted people are left wing ideologues.”

      If you turn that around you’ve probably got it. One can objectively observe that most Left Wing ideologues are profoundly maladjusted, going all the way back to Karl Marx himself. The original authors of modern feminism were bi-polar fruitbats, hospitalized more than half the time.

      1. For Mother’s Day I asked for one thing: a house cleaning service. Bathrooms and floors specifically, windows if the extra expense was reasonable. The gift, for me, was not so much in the cleaning itself but the fact that for once I would not be in charge of the household office work. I would not have to make the calls, get multiple quotes, research and vet each service, arrange payment and schedule the appointment. The real gift I wanted was to be relieved of the emotional labor of a single task that had been nagging at the back of my mind. The clean house would simply be a bonus.

        My husband waited for me to change my mind …..

        1. Some parts of that, I wanna smack the author.

          Most of it… yeah, been there….

          “Just ASK me to do it!”
          “I did! Twice! Here, the email I did it in writing, cced to your home account! You told me to just call someone else to do it!”

        2. (the parts I wanna smack her for is the assumptions of willful ignoring, rather than “it doesn’t matter” filtering; I love my husband, even though he can see differences in colors of white in paint, and even though the condition of the floors don’t matter until his feet are sticking so soldily that he trips….)

          1. Oh, and for the “Women are taught to ….” baloney.

            That’s because women are prone to getting a wild hair up our nose, and it’s not the world’s job to respond to it- sort of like how guys are taught to control themselves, because they’re prone to unjust property and person damage otherwise. They’re complementing flaws. That doesn’t mean that each sex’s opposite flaw is right– for either to discount stuff they don’t see the point of. That’s the kind of blindness that resulted in me getting TP off the top shelf for a guy over half again my height…because he didn’t even think about the broom RIGHT THERE, to hook it off. (He and another guy were working on how to lift one of them up when I walked in.)

            Two wrongs don’t make a right.

          2. ” even though he can see differences in colors of white in paint”
            This must be an elf thing. Mine has the same capability. Also, he assures me that two tones of white can “clash”. Sigh

            1. If one is warmer-toned and the other is cooler-toned, I could see that happening…

              What? Just because I have to get within an inch of a surface to discern colors doesn’t mean that I don’t do interior design. *turns around in a huff, washes paw*

              1. Exactly. Some whites are creamy, some shade toward ivory, some are bluish while others have just a tinge of violet. You ever see the charts dentists employ for matching “white” teeth for crowns?

                Then there’s just silliness.

            2. Two tones can totally clash. Of course, my color perception is a job skill, so it’s important. (FWIW, eyes have a blue tone and teeth have a yellow tone. Get that wrong and they will look unnatural even if the degree of shade is correct.)

          3. I had to laugh at the part where her son has to be lauded for cleaning his room. My son learned the hard way to keep the floor clear – Uncle Aff had to rush back and forth into his room one day for computer related things and stepped on some Lego… Cue roaring. (It’s Lego!) Rhys and I were rather unsympathetic parents, because it was a rule that the boyo keep his floor clean, and his room tidy. Unless the kiddly is sitting there, playing with the things, they aren’t allowed to just sit there, and Aff has express permission to kick aside anything that is in the way.

            1. We had MUCH roaring today.

              … it will probably not shock folks to know that my kids responded to threats of “clean it up or it’s gone” for exactly one thing.


              (Also, PSA: The Asterix comics are available in three-packs, and they’re not awkward to handle at all.)

    2. Ignoring the truth or falseness of what they’re pushing– it is entirely reasonable that the left would be on anxiety meds, because they operate so much on a social basis.

      If something matters, it will be adjusted– thus, normal gals wearing “form shaping” gear, but guys not. A guy’s appearance is a lot less…exacting. (Not to say there aren’t violations possible, but the acceptable limits are different, and broader.)

      1. A guy’s appearance is a lot less…exacting.

        Padded shoulders — the structuring of men’s suits can be amazing — lifts and hairpieces (although those rarely fool anyone.

        I wonder how it is that codpieces haven’t come back into style (and am imagining what Mel Brooks, Monty Python or other comedy acts might do with that … and now I no longer wonder.)

        1. Heh, I still HAVE dresses with padded shoulders!

          “Less demanding” doesn’t mean “not demanding at all”!

          (No sensible person who’s shaved their legs would think that shaving a face is no demand at all, especially not when they’re busy trying to stop bleeding and trying to figure out what clothes will cover the nick. Not a lot of Kakashi Hatake options for guys– full name for picture search to those who don’t anime.)

          1. I’d been wondering who that cosplay was. Thanks. (My knowledge of Anime resembles Swiss cheese, with more holes and less cheese)

  20. Sometimes those three a.m. terrors are the real thing. When I was first having problems with Vasculitis (2003), the ER docs told my husband that it was all in my head. Well it wasn’t. This last three a.m. terror for me was in the end of July and I ended up in the hospital ICU with pneumonia. So I get what you are saying– most people shouldn’t listen to those fears.

    If I wake up though– then it is bad, really bad since I am a sleep through the night person.

  21. yes, I know Hillary is an old woman and listening to old people raving is silly, but she actually imagines that Trump is SOMEHOW having journalists killed and no one knows.

    Could be projection…maybe those nutters with their Clinton kills lists were on to something. Even if they weren’t I suspect she would like to be able to do it.

  22. Dealing with friends in meatspace who are left to far left, but too realist to be full SJWs, they seem to need to reinforce each other in believeing the impossible. One, in all seriousness, said that the TEA party was the same as / as bad as ISIS, and refused to consider the madness of that concept. Other lefties present then let it pass, though they later agreed that it was nuts.
    The only way I can reconcile these views is to see them as emotional outbursts, like the inarticulate wailings of pre-verbal children.
    Like children who have not mastered the concept of time or other abstract ideas, and lack the logic to understand the full effects of their demands over time, they

    1. My very liberal in-laws have learned not to challenge me on political matters. In return I only go after Lefty indiocies that really annoy me, like my step-mother-in-law’s “Friends don’t let friends vote Republican” bunper sticker.

      I pointed out that that was a real KKK sentiment; that interfering with the execise of franchise was acceptable. The sticker came off.

    2. It was interesting to see both the Democrats and Republicans join ranks in opposition to the TEA Party.

      Sarah Palin made an appearance near me, giving a speech about how the TEA people were all a bunch of losers and ought to join up with the Republicans.

      No, Sarah, we’ve had enough of your party. And insulting us just shows us we were right to dissociate ourselves from the likes of you.

      They managed to strangle the TEA Party in its crib, but the people who backed it are still out there. And some of them were apparently at the Republican National Convention last time around, helping pick the candidate that the Party Faithful regarded as poison…

  23. On a more serious note I think you’re seeing the mass fallout of learning their god doesn’t exist. They have been trying to find who killed it because they aren’t ready to accept it never existed. The search for a murder has been fruitless as socialism dies once again in Venezuela.

    We are watching the last stages of an existential crisis. I fear the left is on the verge of a “but you’re going with me” mass suicide and this is the run up.

  24. After 8 years of what Obama got away with, how close did they think they were to finally getting all the power they wanted, forever?

    The best analogy I can come up with is one of the definitions of coitus interruptus- in this case being stopped just before climax. And how that affects a person….

    They were ONE GIMME ELECTION away from getting everything they wanted, forever. Of course they’re not happy. And they really, *really* want to FINISH.

      1. Makes you wonder if they were subconsciously aware of just how mediocre a candidate and President Obama really was. Maybe they were thinking, deep down, “Hell, if we can elect this clown twice we canelect anybody”

        Pity for them they picked Her Shrillness; absent a huge amount of push and probably a fair chunk of vote,frauf, I don’t think she could get elected against a teatotal Orange candidate in Dublin.

        1. No, they expected to finish packing the bureaucracy and the judiciary with enough Leftists that they could move on to the Final Solution, because vote fraud and weaponized government would be their sole domain.

      1. I’m still moderately gobsmacked that the Wicked Witch isn’t redecorating the White House…

        She certainly didn’t expect to lose the election.

        1. I’m wondering whether they’ve found a buyer for that spare house in Chappaqua. Maybe there’s some money to be made in a “Flip This House” television series?

      2. The Adaptive Curmudgeon posted his doubts about Shrillary uber alles fairly early, citing the number of Trumps signs he saw vs Hillary signs. I think he had a point. I doubt anyone but the Inner Circle of the Democrat establishment was excited about Hillary.

  25. And then there are more and more kids being homeschooled every year, who never even go through that transitory phase.

    A couple of years ago I went digging on a stat that had homeschoolers as slightly more common than the upper end of the supported number for alternative sexualities. (all flavors)

    I guess it was at least three years ago, up to five.

    Stat ended up being a couple of years old, and it was only those kids who were exclusively homeschooled– no formal involvement with the local schools, not even for sports, or college classes offered to the general public, not even SWIM CLASSES.

    And it’s still growing.

  26. This was brought up by some friends of mine. People are suing for the Colorado watershed to be recognized as a “person”. Seriously, we are living in the “Crazy Years”.

    1. I am fine with the Colorado watershed being recognized as a “person” — just as soon as it shows up in court to be take the witness stand, raise its right tributary, be sworn in and testify as to its needs, objections and complaints.

      Of course, allowing it to sue the EPA over the Gold King buggering would be a circus and a half. “Plaintiff alleges Federal government, specifically the EPA, its agents, administrators and director, with attempted murder by poison.”

    2. This is only slightly less crazy than an already established precedent that a police canine is an ‘officer’ and if you hurt a police dog you are assaulting a police officer. So if he bites me improperly is that police brutality? Does the dog go to regular jail or some kennel? It is obviously insane, yet lots of grownups have played pretend about it in court with no one there pointing out how crazy they are.

    3. That whole ‘why do corporations have rights’ thing comes up regularly. They apparently still don’t get it, despite being collectivists. The irony.

  27. Because when a river rises up and gets out of bed, it never goes down to city hall to register to vote? No, mine friends, corporations have human agents to speak for their interests. Someone has figured out a new color of smoke to blow. Someone wants to try be the river’s proxy and make its decisions for it.

    1. Because water lawyers are not making enough $$$ representing corporations and individuals with water-rights to said river, or the Indian Nations (who might or might not have a prior claim depending on which federal court you look at), and the environmental groups demanding in-stream flow for the critters that might-or-might-not have lived there before the 1930s, and the US and Mexico and upstream states and downstream states, and …

      1. It might be worth noticing that the United States has already rejected crown authority as a principle of law.

        Just because the crown appoints a horse to the senate does not make a senator of that horse. We prefer to stick with the horses’ hindquarters elected by the people of the states.

  28. So, let me understand you, Rex is building a pontoon bridge across the Atlantic with soap? Oh, I’ll bet it’s dynamic bubbles, right? Sure, that would probably provide a good floatable medium, and you can shape it as it comes out of the hoses. That would probably make crossing the Atlantic faster! But what about weather? Oh, I see, rainbow parasols made out of the broken bubbles? Sounds a great project… Rex, when can we try a test drive?

  29. Whoa! Where’d this come from:

    The Twilight of the Liberal Gods
    By Sarah Hoyt
    We are living in amazing times, astonishing times, times I wouldn’t have believed possible as little as a year ago.

    There is this Jorge Luis Borges story, where the old gods are returning to Earth, but upon their arrival, it is found that they have lost the ability to speak. Instead, when they open their mouths, they caw or roar, or make other bestial sounds. The populace, disgusted, turns away from them and refuses to worship them. I don’t remember precisely (it’s been years since I read them) but I think in the end the “gods” get utterly destroyed.

    That’s what’s been happening to the left this last year.

    Look, I’m a writer, which for a long time, my husband said was an excuse to spend more than I made on history books. This is not precisely true, more sort of what I do for fun. Because I write in many times and places, I like to have an idea of what I call “the great movements of history”, i.e. what things led to other things.

    Part of what led to the dominance of the left in all the “gatekeeping” places, including publishing, the arts, education and to a large extent government was two things: their ability to project intelligence and calm; and the ruthlessness to not only not hire anyone who wasn’t a fellow-traveler, but also to kick out everyone who disagreed with them as soon as they could.

    The second led to, by a ruthless and slow process, getting rid of everyone who wasn’t first at least social-democrat, then socialist, and finally outright communist from most of the fields the left captured. (And if one is to believe Robert A. Heinlein, the process was completed with the democratic party back in the forties.)

    The first led to their holding that power, because not only did they have control of the mass media, and really, all forms of cultural communication, but they could project the calm and gentle impression of being the sane ones.

    And from my reading all that history, this started with the publishing industry, for instance, back in the twenties.


    I hear this Hoyt guy is a Mormon with a great rack, writes purty fair SF/F and the odd mystery, but Hoyt don’t promote fer carp.

  30. I really suspect that the BLM is a moral panic in black culture. Against all evidence they believe that police are just waiting around the corner to shoot their son. And the panic is immune to logic and evidence the same way that children being kidnapped from their front yards or D&D luring kids into devil worship was. I don’t know what we can learn from past moral panics to help deal with this one, but I’m sure there is something.

    That being said perhaps logic and evidence will win out in the end when the trend plays out. I played D&D (pre A) in a small Southern town and NO adult (not even in my Baptist church) was actually worried it would turn kids into devil worshipers. And there was no evidence it did. And the panic went away. I suspect it was driven more by a very small number of people who wanted attention and the media who wanted… well… attention.

    On the other hand, the “your kids will be kidnapped if left unattended” panic seemed to win. But then again, unlike the D&D devil worshipers that IS something that happens, just rarely. There was an attempted kidnapping just this year at the playground of my son’s school in an upper class, very safe neighborhood. A strange woman took a little girls hand and started walking her out of the playground. Nanny caught up to her just outside the playground gate and got the kid back. The woman insisted the kid was her daughter and then ran off. I don’t know if she was crazy or what… but just that one incident scared the crap out of the neighborhood parents.

    Anyway, it’s good to see that moral panics aren’t just ‘things white people like’.

  31. “The hour of the wolf is that hour around 3 a.m. when you can’t sleep because you’re worried about one thing or another. Ivanova says that she’s been living in the hour of the wolf since Sheridan disappeared on Z’ha’dum.” – Babylon 5, S4E1 (Wikipedia).

  32. I just watched a concert by Alan Cumming, the actor, where he sang a lot of songs. (It was okay, basically a triumph of acting talent putting songs across but blended with reasonably good singing. It was limited by his song choices, but there were some clever numbers too.)

    The bizarre part was that, after a concert with a fair number of depressing songs (not that I object to that, as a Banshee), his encore was a song that was musically upbeat but horrendously nihilistic and depressing. (Literally screaming out, “Everyone diiiiiiiies! Everyone diiiiiiiies!”) Apparently it’s a famous song (“Here’s to the Ladies Who Lunch”) from a fairly obscure Sondheim musical named Company, and I realize that Cumming has done Broadway. But criminently, why would you sing a song that mocks the audience, talks about a social situation that doesn’t exist, sounds misogynistic when sung by a man instead of a woman, is sung from the POV of a drunk, and is full of nihilism and hatred, as an encore thanking the audience?

    It was like a freaking cry for help. Either the man has issues, or his producer does.

    1. Alan Cumming has issues, serious ones. Growing up gay in Scotland with an abusive father apparently is a part of it, but I’ve only a cursory* awareness of these issues.

      He played the MC in a Cabaret revival for, I think, about a year and a half and these after show cabarets were part of his nightly cleansing of the character. Such dark humour as his songs express are a recognized way of addressing thoughts otherwise too depressing to bear. I think the Company number is an effort to bond with the audience ironically, similar to several numbers from Brecht & Weill, in mutual self-recognition.

      *Cursory because I really do not care but it has crept into my awareness all the same, engendering much cursing when I realize I’ve learned such things.

      1. He actually talked about his issues a fair bit during the concert. Not enough to count as a wallow, but probably more than a person should be doing in a performance you’re going to have to give for more than one night. He sang some terribly sad and angry songs that were dedicated to various family members, alternated with a lot of happier and more upbeat ones in a fairly effective manner, although it didn’t build and shape the audience energy as much as I would expect in an American concert or even a recital.

        That was another reason why I was surprised that the encore would be all unhappy, all the time. Balance and pacing is one of the keys to a good set list. So unbalancing things at the end was a deliberate choice.

        I know a lot of performers with issues who still stick with the conventions — send people out into the night with a smile and something nice to hum. You want them to leave with a positive feeling, so they’ll come back or send their friends. Some things are Not Done for entirely practical reasons.

        OTOH, his audience seemed contented enough with what they got, so maybe he understood the specialized audience segment he was performing for.

        1. We’re talking about the “Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs” show, right? I’ve sat through it twice. On a strict grading of performance he was very good, but I was not emotionally touched by any of the numbers, perhaps in part because I share Mark Steyn’s perspective on Sondheim: he’s technically excellent but seems bent on deconstructing the musical form. (Need I add that I relish the musical form?)

          Beloved Spouse, OTOH, enjoyed the show so much that it was held on the DVR for watching twice and we purchased the CD. (No discussion of whether this is an expression of the effects of abiding with moi will be entertained.) Life has long since taught me that a thing may be not to my taste and still be good. Cumming’s show has been quite successful so there is an audience for that, even if it includes me out.

          For a more cheerful performance by Alan Cumming, try the above, Bernard and the Genie, a delightful Christmas story costarring Lenny Henry and Rowan Atkinson with a script by Richard Curtis, from 1991.

          N.B., multiple “full length” videos seem to be available at lengths varying from 55″ to 1’18” so you might wish to search for the cleanest version. Or, you know, Amazon it (they list the DVD as 1’10” … not apparently available for streaming.).

          1. I’m not really into Sondheim, either. I can appreciate the technical brilliance, but he just doesn’t do anything for me.

            I do kinda like Sweeney Todd, though. Melodrama and spectacle have their place in the theater.

            1. I vaguely recall reading that Sweeney Todd was Sondheim’s thumb to nose for the tenets of Broadway musicals and he was more than a little shocked at its success. I am a tremendous fan of his A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum but suspect that owes much to Larry Gelbart and Sondheim not being “great” enough to win all arguments.

      2. *spends a bit going “where do I know that name from*

        Oh, the guy who did the nightcrawler-but-with-serious-cutting issues.

        He did a rather good job, but all love for the character aside– a lot of my affection for that character was a deep desire to help someone who reallly, really, REALLY needs help…..

  33. Also, if you go to the store, and they have “dairy free probiotic yogurt” on clearance (“made with flaxmilk!”), there is a reason nobody bought it.

    (It’s not bad, precisely, but the flaxmilk tastes a bit like linseed oil. Life is too short for that.)

      1. Having actually used boiled linseed oil, I would have to agree. It’s one of those ‘not to be taken internally’ sorts of things, in my world.

      2. I don’t know precisely what it tastes like, but since I have done oil painting, I have a pretty good idea. (Smell and taste are pretty closely linked.)

        1. I admit that my only familiarity with boiled linseed oil comes from rubbing it int the stock of my M-1 long, long ago.

      3. Reminds me of one of my public-teaching-moments.

        One of the kids fumbled reading “Canola oil.” I think they said something like “cannibal oil.”

        I said something like:
        “No, hon, can-oh-lah. It sounds like Can-ih-duh, because that’s where some smart people figured out how to grow a plant with really good oil– it’s called rapeseed– that you could eat and it tasted fine, so they gave it a new name, so you can tell it from the stuff for guns. It’s the stuff mommy cooks with when she’s not using lots of garlic.”

        Turned around to like six different shoppers doing the “who, me? I wasn’t listening. Nope. No way.” thing.

  34. A lot of the panic and terrors and insanity is probably just the fact that so much of the Left’s tactics in the past hinged on projecting onto conservatives what they themselves were doing, and they’ve amped it up to 11.

    Does anyone doubt that Hillary’s actually had people killed? Most likely she has, and so the Left screams that Trump is doing it.
    Voter fraud? Check. So scream that Trump is cheating people out of voting.
    Corruption? Influence-peddling? Check. Scream that, too.
    Racism? Yup. Hillary is a racist, so you have to scream that Trump is one to make sure nobody notices.
    Are they screaming about arms being trafficked into or out of the US? Oh, look! Leland Yee is in prison for that, now, too.

    If you wait around long enough, you’ll almost always notice the people on the Left doing the exact things they’re screaming about the Right doing. So much so that you eventually hear the screaming and start looking for the signs.

    It’s not 3 AM panic. It’s alarmism mixed with projection as an offensive strategy.

    1. I actually do doubt that Her Shrillness has had people killed. She doesn’t strike me as smart enough to get away with it. She’d make it too complicated and it would blow up in her face.

      (Which would have to be an improvement)

      Now, Bill? He could get away with it. Maybe has. Maybe even has, and she knows about it. But if he has, and she knows about it, she would probably have tried it on her own, because I’m sure she thinks she’s smarter than her husband, so that isn’t very likely.

      Shrillary thinks she is a lot smarter than she is. That’s a very bad position to be ordering political murder from.

      1. Yeah.

        Yes, the Arkansas Democratic Party, so I’m doubtful of any moral objections. And I can see a state party or two quietly maintaining an off the books murderer, that they’ve used very sparingly if at all. Not likely, but depending on how many people the Democrats have murdered over what years, plausible.

        But Hillary is eaten up tip to tail in ambition. She doesn’t have any ability to quit while she is ahead. She is driven by her appetite, and doesn’t have the discipline or perspective to do something in moderation.

        She is going to have that capacity, and not use it recklessly to feed her ego? Look at Libya.

        What’s more likely? That she reserves a level of caution and judgement, seen nowhere else in her life, for political murders? Or she has never been in a position to make such commands? If she could do that stuff, and kept it hidden, why didn’t she apply that ability to preserving her political career?

  35. “And it’s probably just gas.”

    And as long as that gas isn’t Sarin or Zyklon B. I guess we’re good . . .

  36. Heh. Michael Goodwin in the NY Post Wednesday
    To judge from the sound and fury, the NFL and the military are headed for divorce court. If so, this will require adjustments for league owners and players.

    They would have to give up the millions quietly showered on teams by the Department of Defense to promote the military.

    Perhaps the money can go directly to the troops. Cutting out the middleman, especially if he’s on his knees protesting, is a no-brainer.

    Without the national anthem, military flyovers and honor guards to set the tone, broadcasters will need to find more peaceful clichés to describe the 15 minutes of actual football in a three-hour game. No more “bombs” and “blitzes” and “battle plans” and “aerial strikes.”

    Instead, the games can offer life lessons for social-justice warriors. Good teams will give some of their points to bad teams and referees will throw their flags to penalize micro-aggressions and hate speech. Safe spaces will be available in the end zones.

    Oh, and everybody gets a trophy.

    Emphasis added.

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