Fear – by Amanda S. Green

Fear – by Amanda S. Green


It is alive and well and living in the United States. No, I’m not talking about fear of walking down the street at night because something bad might happen. I’m not even talking about a parent’s fear of letting her child play outside or walk home from school by himself because someone might report the child as being neglected. There is another type of fear rearing its ugly head right now. It’s not new but, thanks to the media and social media, it is more pervasive.

The fear I’m talking about is the fear of speaking your mind. No, I’m not talking about those on the extreme ends of the political spectrum. Yes, both sides have their extremists, whether they want to admit it or not. Those folks don’t seem to have any fear of letting their voices be heard long and hard. The ones I’m talking about are those who tend to fall in the middle of the political spectrum. It doesn’t matter if they identify themselves as liberal or conservative, libertarian or something else. These are the folks who don’t buy into either side lock and smoking barrel.

These are the people who would, in many cases, be the voices of reason. We might not agree with them, but we could discuss our differences without the conversation turning into a shouting match. Unfortunately, they are being silenced. No, not by the government but by those zealots on either side of the argument – and it doesn’t matter which argument.

At first, it was simply easier to walk away from the so-called discussions because it quickly became clear that those who said they wanted to discuss an issue didn’t. What they wanted was an echo chamber. There comes a point when you have to realize that no matter how well thought out your points might be, no matter how many facts you have to back your stance, there are people who aren’t interested.

But there are some issues where we can’t just step back. We remember Martin Niemöller and his words about the Nazis:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Right now, if you take to social media, you will most often see the above verse cited in response to what happened in Charlottesville. Those condemning the Neo-Nazis who marched that day, especially the ass who drove his car into the crowd, recite it in support of their cries to take away the right of those same Nazis to march or wear the swastika or, in some instances, to even speak their beliefs.

These same people have taken to social media to crow about how they have identified and “outed” those they identify as being “Nazis” in the march. In some instances, they have cost people their jobs. In another, Professor Kyle Quinn of the University of Arkansas was wrongly identified as one of the “torch bearers” in Charlottesville. He was attacked in social media, especially Twitter. His life was threatened. Fortunately for Quinn, not only was he NOT at the protest, those he worked with knew it. Even when it was shown he wasn’t there, the accusations that he is a racist continued, as did calls for him to be fired from his post with the university. Facts, you see, didn’t matter to those attacking him. Someone on their side said he was guilty so, by God, he was guilty and he needed to pay.

But it gets worse. We are told over and over again not to judge someone by their appearance. How many times have we heard this? So where is the condemnation from the Left for what to happened Joshua Witt from Colorado? Mr. Witt was stabbed because of his haircut. Yes, you read that right. His haircut. Witt had the misfortunate of styling his hair in a way some of the Neo-Nazis do. His crime, other than having the offending hair cut? None. He was, according to his version of events, getting out of his car when someone came up, asked if he was a Nazi. Then the guy stabbed him.

Witt isn’t the only one to be called out – or worse – for that particular hairstyle since Charlottesville. Singer Macklemore found himself being called out on social media for the same hairstyle. The kicker here? He’d changed his style months ago. But those attacking him couldn’t be bothered to check before striking out.

Am I saying I support the Neo-Nazis or any other white supremacy group? Not on your life. However, much as I hate it, they do have the right to assemble – as long as they follow the law. They have the right to say what they want, within some very limited legal definitions. We have the right to point and laugh.

Where myself, and so many others, get uncomfortable is when we see people advocating taking those rights away. It is a very slippery slope they are proposing we get on. If the government decides today to silence the Nazis, they have started on the road to silencing others. That is not what this country is about. If we silence the Nazis, the skinheads, the KKK or similar groups, who next?

This is where the fear comes in. It is much more than the fear of the slippery slope should the government decide it needs to start shutting down free speech, no matter how heinous the group might be. It is the fear of what our neighbors might do, be it through ignorance or misunderstanding or something much worse. We have a group of people who seem to think it is their duty – their right, if you will – to “out” those they don’t agree with. They don’t consider the consequences of their actions. All that matters to them is that they are on the “right” side.

They don’t consider what happens when they publicly proclaim someone is a Nazi and then that person loses their job. What if that person has a family and is the only one employed? What if that person, or someone in their family, has a serious illness and the insurance he had through that employer was what was helping keep them alive until they could receive the surgery or other treatment necessary to cure them?

Or, as in the case of Professor Quinn, what if they were innocent?

In so many ways, the actions of these anti-white supremacists remind me of what happened in Nazi Germany – and in the Soviet Union. Neighbors reported their neighbors for not being good little Nazis or Communists. An air of suspicion and paranoia ruled both Germany and the Soviet Union because you had to watch what you said and did, no matter where you were.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have free speech and allow those I don’t agree with the right to spout their hate and stupidity than to face the possibility of the government going the way of Germany and Italy in the 1930’s and 1940’s or the Soviet Union. For those who have so gleefully been pointing fingers and calling names – and I don’t care what side of the argument you’re on – consider this. What are you going to do when those fingers are pointed at you? Because, the time will come if you keep this up. Just as that snowball grows as it rolls down the side of the mountain and shit flows downhill, as one group is silenced, fingers will point to another and then another and then another until you find yourself the target.

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  1. Yes to all of that.

    I wish though, for things like that eye-burning rainbow banner on top of the WordPress thing, we could choose to block or opt out of that stuff. That’s not freedom of speech, that’s keeping a virtual hostage audience, because we can’t opt out or change the banner – the digital version of exiting the room or leaving the area.

    1. that eye-burning rainbow banner on top of the WordPress thing

      Like where? I’m not seeing any, despite not blocking anything here or elsewhere on WP, except trackers and rickrolls.
      What URL image properties show? (or open it in another tab with Ctrl+”View Image”)

      we could choose to block or opt out of that stuff.

      Anyway, on client side: AdblockPlus (for Firefox).
      On server side (page): document-overwriting scripts, much like people do it in Greasemonkey injected scripts (needs JS enabled, however). IF it’s not easily CSS controlled anyway.

      1. https://russellandpascal.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/how-to-remove-rainbow-banner-from-wordpress-reader-temporarily/

        The fact that I’d have to mess with browser code in order to temporarily remove it is not something I should have to do in order to get rid of the damn thing. A checkbox or button, fine. The altering of code, which I am not familiar with and prefer not to touch because I don’t know what I might break, is not a good ‘option.’

        Also, apparently this is something that’s put in yearly now, for the purpose of ‘celebrating’ marriage equality.

      2. Also, hopefully this linked screenshot will work to show that yes, it’s still up.

        It’s actually hard for me because my eyes are constantly drawn to the bright, unexpected colors up top, away from text I’m trying to read. I had to stop reading comments and such on the recent posts, which I enjoy, because of eye strain and tension headaches resulting from that enforced participation of their celebration.

  2. Arturo Barea, who wrote about his experiences during the Spanish Civil War, told how he was showing a friend how tall a child was–“like this,”holding up his hand to indicate the height. He was accused of giving the Fascist salute, and was saved from the firing squad only by the intervention of credible friends.

    The story about the haircut is spookily close to Barea’s experience.

  3. > haircut

    Don’cha hate how the news changes between the time you write an article and the time it gets posted…

    A few years ago my next-door neighbor let his hair grow out into a giant puffball, which looked a bit silly for a man in his sixties. Then one day he had a nice fresh haircut – the old Black Power burr with the beveled top, a political statement circa 1968…

    I solemnly gave him the Panther salute, and we leaned on the fence and talked a while. Because this is the Racist South, and we can do that sort of thing. He said he’d had their haircut for several days, and nobody else had recognized what it was… his children and grandchildren were full up on “black history” from the public school system, but apparently the Narrative was quite selective.

    1. Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair
      Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen
      Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer
      Here baby, there, momma, everywhere, daddy, daddy

      Hair, flow it, show it
      Long as God can grow, my hair

    2. Quash Dolly. We used to learn about the slave who led the British through the swamps behind Patriot lines, and thus helped them take Savannah, Georgia. It went from simply that a slave named Quash Dolly led the British through the swamp for a gold coin, to claims he didn’t know the American Revolution was taking place (come on: He was owned by the British Governor of Georgia) to not mentioning him at all. Not quite the proper narrative, I suppose.

    3. *wry* My mom’s favorite hair pick has a black power hand on it– I had no idea until I started looking up what the heck a “black panther” was after one of my uncle’s sea stories. (His wife was a nursing student, and the more intelligent members of the movement in the area escorted them to their rooms each evening while he was deployed, which is freaking brilliant tactics. Doctors on your side, good, the NURSES on your side, awesome.)

      Mom had a perm back then, and it was a really good hairpick because it’s still going after 45+ years and two generations of use.

      I just thought it was a cutesy design, because the “black power fist” is exactly the shape you make when you’re using the @#$# pick…..

  4. Most of the fear is the emotional storm being whipped up by the powers with a political agenda intent on destroy the country. In order to censor the people that point out the faults of the establishment elite which are leading us towards disaster, they are starting with the “Nazis” and the vocal right. The twisted left is very much interested in payback over the 2016 election, when it was pointed out that their appointed Empress had no clothes and their own administration and primaries were criminal frauds…

    The whole #Resist and Google censorship shows that they “Can’t handle the Truth.”

          1. I ran into a picture of her as a child, not too long ago. Can’t find it right now, but holy moly, she had that fat-faced send-satisfied “I know best” smirk, at grade-school age!

            Gods! what a repulsive woman!

  5. Fear is the mind killer.
    Let go of your fears, and you shall see the truth.
    As was foretold in the books of Rand, our enemy’s greatest strength lies in using our niceness and reasoned principles against us. They have no true power over us but what we grant them.
    Let the wrath of truth flow through you, and you shall be free.

    I am not afraid to be called a racist. I am not afraid to be called a sexist. I am not afraid to be called a homophobe. I am not afraid to be called an islamophobe. I am not afraid to be called a hypocrite. I am not afraid of their words of disparagement. Their words of enchantment hold no power over me, for I know the truth, and the truth has set me free.

    I shall speak my mind and speak the truth. Let the devil hide his head in shame and fear, for I am a free man, and care naught for his lies and slanders.

    “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered. My life is my own.” – 6

    1. Fear may be the mind killer, but rational caution is only common sense.
      Were it not for Baen and indie we would not even be here because Sarah would be working in some office translating documents and this blog would not exist.
      And same could be said for any number of other authors deemed untouchables by the big five (or six, or four, it keeps changing).
      And articles about the abandonment of books and reading would be all we had instead of a barrage of “based on your purchases you may want to read…”
      Fear is reasonable when you have no other option, when all choice has been stripped from you. But with alternatives a grownup can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

  6. Libertarians could probably make a great deal of progress by campaigning to make politics sane again.

    1. They could, if only (big-L) Libertarianism were sane. Like most political philosophies, it holds within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Most people now see (with good reason) the Libertarian party as the Pot party.

      That being said, most decent Americans are (small-l) libertarians. The true American dream is simply to be left alone to make your life the best way you see fit. And yes, for quite a few that seems to involve smoking pot. But they won’t accept a political party that seems to make that its main (in appearances, sole) platform.

      People are weird, but they don’t like having that pointed out.

        1. Maybe we could call it…
          – Shoo Party (for telling gov’t to go away)
          – Laissez-Faire Party (it sounds kind of dirty if you say it right – would that get more votes from the uninformed voters?)
          – LLP Party (Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of happiness)
          – No More Kings Party (this might backfire with certain illiterate demographics, but it’s shorter than “No More Aristocrats”)
          – No Autocrats, Anarchists, or Communists Party (just ’cause)

          C’mon, add your ideas here. 😉

          1. The Leave Me Alone Party
            The Individualist Party
            The Liberty Party
            The Citizen Sovereignty Party
            The Federalist Party (that probably already exists somewhere)

            1. It’s been used. The Federalist party as organized mostly by Hamilton in the 1790s and mostly defeated by Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans from 1800 on was in favor of strong national government. This was probably the right call at the time, given the ineptitude of the Continental Congress and the weakness of the Articles of Confederation, but is probably not what’s called for in today’s environment.

              1. Yes, but that Federalist Party ceased to exist over 200 years ago. I suspect there’s some new party that has assumed the name.

            2. “And what Party are you registered in?”
              “Buzz off.”
              “Well, now, really.. could you answer?”
              “I did. Buzz off. It’s what we want those busybodies to trying to run our lives to do – just buzz off, the lot of them.”

                1. Yes, but even associating that form of intercourse with those sorts of people tend to make my stomach ache.

          2. I rather fancy …

            The “l” Party, with its motto: “What da “l”?”

            The Auto-da-fé Party, sworn fealty to the Constitution as understood at its adoption.

            The No Nanny Party, or perhaps The Not Your Momma Party

            The Two Feet Party (I could stand on my own two feet if only you’d stop “helping” me Party)

            The Vos Nescitis Quidquam Party

          3. The Silly Party.
            The Very silly Party.
            The Standing in the back dressed stupidly and looking stupid Party.
            The Standing off to the side looking awkward Party.
            The Get off my lawn Party.
            The Party.
            The Republicrats.
            The Demicans.
            The Turkey Party – we’re all American!

            1. The “Ain’t Got Time For That” Party – campaigning to make sure that congress only meets for 30 days, every two years. You want to pass what? Ain’t got time for that!

      1. There is a reason that one of McCaskill’s Republican opponents is the runner up in the Libertarian presidential primary. The big L has managed to typecast itself to be drugs and ‘anything goes and Sue me if you can when my externalities hurt you’re.

      2. So, because we don’t want people smoking pot in their own homes, we have to elect a septuagenarian with anger and impulse control problems? Right.

        It isn’t the LP that puts the pot issue front and center, it is the media that does this and can’t come up with anything else to ask when interviewing Libertarians. The media is as married to the two-party system as the politicians themselves. They prefer already knowing the story, the good guys, and the bad guys, before they even show up. Third parties ruin their narrative.

        Two proven two-term governors – not perfect angels – is what we gave up, because people let themselves be sold on the idea that small government is not a good idea, so limit your choice to the two demonstrably evil candidates.

          1. To be fair, they only took up portions of Bernie’s platform – but given how big government virtually all of Bernie’s platform is, that still seems quite contrary to anybody of a libertarian (as opposed to Libertarian) bent.

            1. Sure, but the Party doesn’t tolerate dissidence. Once they start taking campaign money, they’ll be required to accept the whole platform, or be discarded for other puppets who will.

          2. Precisely. My problem with the Libertarians last election wasn’t that they were in favor of the freedom to smoke pot–it was that they didn’t seem to be in favor of any freedoms OTHER than the freedom to smoke pot.

            1. Governor Johnson’s position on the First Amendment, particularly freedom of religion, seemed somewhat to the left of Hillary’s, and hers was too far left for me.

            2. The Libertarians took a wrong turn somewhere.
              But then, the Road to L is paved with good intentions.

        1. a septuagenarian with anger and impulse control problems“? Well, as that is what the two major parties offered …

          It is the job of the candidate to turn the issues of the campaign from what the MSM and the opposition want to discuss and toward the issues the candidate wants to debate. Neither of the “proven two-term governors” seemed able — or even interested — in doing that.

          Beyond that, there are plenty of “proven two-term governors” whom I would not trust to walk my dog … and I don’t even have a dog. Being a “proven two-term governor” didn’t win Jeb! a single delegate, and when I look at Howard Dean and John Kasich I doubt the salience of such a standard.

        2. I didn’t vote for Trump.

          I submit to you that a septuagenarian with anger and impulse control issues is better than normalizing pot and hence normalizing anger and impulse issues generally. The seventy year old fellow will be dead sooner or later. The stoners, sadly, have a much longer shelf life, and they riot when one of them gets their fool selves killed.

          Again, I disliked Trump enough for being a Democrat that I could have made myself vote for Johnson.

        3. They put you can’t kill humans who did nothing to threaten you below “I wanna smoke pot without getting in trouble.”

          You can’t blame that on other people.

    2. Of course, it would also help if the official libertarian position were not more of this open-borders, anti-American nonsense.

      1. For clarity, we usually capitalize the L to indicate the official party, rather than the philosophy. (Which, being very plastic, can actually be pretty dang decent.)

    3. One of the problems with the Libertarians is the Socialists are doing what they always do and starting to co-opt them. The ‘L’ libertarians are all for open borders and have bought into many of the Lefts myths. (Climate change).

      There are some that are actually proclaiming themselves ‘socialists libertarians’ as if that is actually possible since there is nothing in common between socialism and libertarianism.

        1. It seems that whenever libertarians conjoin with liberals the former are relegated to minority partner status, welcome to share in the spoils so long as they remember their place.

          Same thing happens on the conservative side, of course, but as conservatives tend to hew to principles beyond the gaining and keeping of power the deleterious effects tend to be mitigated.

        2. Better you than me. You probably can’t cure stupidity by a slap to the back of the head but it could just be a matter of not exerting enough force. The ‘cure’ is still in early trials.

            1. Thanks for the idea of how to spend my weekend! I’ll be right back after i get paint and a bat. . .Squirmy little things wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to get the t-shirt on them.

        3. I’ve normally seen it as an epithet, but definitely seems right for some of the think tank folks or the ‘i just want to be different so I can’t be a demican or republicrat.

        1. If they’re true libertarians, they can have all that, so long as they decide to pay the minimum income out of their own pockets, provide the health care themselves to the public, etc…

          1. New Mexico has some stuff about “earned sick days” on the ballot… all I can think when Ihear the ads is “yes, it REALLY FREAKING SUCKS that Mom has to send the kid to school when he’s sick because they can’t afford for her to take a day off– so why aren’t you going “hey, I will watch you sick kid,” or trying to figure out how to lower their cost of living, rather than making it so that her boss goes out of business making an easily abused charity?

      1. The Libertarian Party has always been the home of those who were more interested in exercising power than in implementing policy. Essentially every elected official, certainly at the national level, will be either a Democrat or a Republican until one of those two parties ceases to exist. The handful of exceptions will be hangers-on of one of the major parties, historically the Democrats. There isn’t any real way to change that, it’s an inevitable result of how our electoral system is set up. Libertarians who want to influence policy become Republicans. Those who want to strut around being in charge of a political party become Libertarians.

        The socialists try and keep the LP viable because it siphons off votes from the libertarian wing of the Republican party, lowering the totals of their only true opponent.

        1. That seems to describe the local branch well enough. If I wanted to join a totalitarian oligarchy I’d join up with the Democrats…

          1. Since I believe in objective morality, I haven’t even bothered looking into it– but that summary sadly matches up with what I’ve gathered from involuntary exposure.

      2. I’ve been hearing that there’s an European movement that is, well… you know the old line about “Libertarian, not Libertine”? Yeah, strike that…..

  7. Fear can be a subtle and insidious thing that we may not even recognize at first. There is fear of being, or even seeming too religious in a secular society; and being called racist, sexist, or homophobic if you disagree with the “progressive” party line. This has been with us a long time, but It appears that the more subtle forms of persecution for religious and political differences are being supplemented with increasingly blatant and violent ones. It is only a short distance from twitter storms to actual mob violence, and only a short distance from that to open warfare. Those who enable, encourage, or endorse the silencing of what they deem “hate speech” do not know, or do not care, that they are playing with fire.

    1. Small disagreement – not only to they know they’re playing with fire, that’s exactly what they want. They want things to burn. That way they can be the hero who rushes in to rescue everyone from the flames that they kindled.

      It’s a very old technique, used to great effect several times by our perpetual enemies, the Communists. Or whatever name they go by these days, it’s hard to keep track. Are they Progressives this month? Or Liberals? Whatever they call themselves, they’re the leftist, statist, collectivists. Obey or burn!

      1. Except that it won’t happen the way they think. They are living in a fantasy world, built from the daydreams of 18th and 19th century intellectuals, and so fundamentally misunderstand the real one that they will keep taking hits from unexpected sources.

        1. It definitely wouldn’t happen the way they think. For one thing, they imagine that the military and LEOs would all be theirs to command. In reality, both the military and law enforcement would be riven with dissension and either ineffective or slightly aligned against the left. And the left’s ability to protect themselves against the American people without the benefit of these parts of society would be nearly non-existent.

          1. I often comment negatively when people say “the police are our last line of defense for civilization”. I say that if they are, then you have already lost civilization. And that’s where the progs reside – they swing between the mob and the power of the state (depending, I think, partly, on whether they are in power or not), leaving behind the idea that a small community can police itself because the people govern themselves.

            1. It’s those “bourgeois values” that Amy Wax is being pilloried for defending, values which were largely established by Judeo-Christian believers, that form the basis for successful self government. Self-government on the community level depends on self-government on the individual level.

              1. Exactly!

                One of the problems (imo) with the Libertarians is that I’ve seldom seen them discuss the need for moral self-governance as the necessary accompaniment to their individual liberty. So, they come across as get-your-freak-on Libertines, instead of small gov’t, laissez-faire people.

                (As an aside, I also think many Libertarians suffer from a delusion about human nature: that men are inherently good. It is the flip side (imo) of the prog delusion that men are perfectable.)

                1. Of course not. If they start talking about morals then somebody might confuse them with those icky Conservative. However will they get invited to those fancy parties in New York if people think they are Christian.

                2. Men are, at least to the first approximation, inherently good. Since destruction is so much easier than creation, if good did not massively outnumber evil, complex society simply wouldn’t exist. Where people like AnCaps fail is that they forget that men are only approximately good and their system isn’t robust enough to deal with the cases where that approximation isn’t correct.

                    1. Not really a contrast– bad is stupid, in the long run. It has a short term and/or ephemeral reward, including such moronic things as “I will kill this person horribly because I want to, even though it means that at best I will be imprisoned and unable to do anything I want in the likely instance I am caught, and at worse I will suffer worse than this person will at my hands.”

          2. In their imaginations the military and LEOs are myrmidons, unthinking drones for them to command.

            Also in their imagination, the military and LEOs are vicious racist thugs, barely restrained by civilized norms, citizens review boards and political leaders.

            The ability to hold such irreconcilable views is essential for them.

            1. I’ve always said the progressives see the military as either red shirts or brown shirts. Based on my dad’s stories of being in the Army, the reality is much more complex and nuanced.

              1. My reading is simple. Leftists will despise the military unless they can use it as a club against conservatives. Even then it’s not a good club that they use and doesn’t support the military.

            2. Not really a contradiction– they think that they are restrained by “citizens review boards and political leaders”, there just need to be MORE of them.

            3. This is because they don’t really believe anyone’s human except themselves.

              “The man of system, on the contrary, is apt to be very wise in his own conceit; and is often so enamoured with the supposed beauty of his own ideal plan of government, that he cannot suffer the smallest deviation from any part of it. He goes on to establish it completely and in all its parts, without any regard either to the great interests, or to the strong prejudices which may oppose it.

              “He seems to imagine that he can arrange the different members of a great society with as much ease as the hand arranges the different pieces upon a chess-board. He does not consider that the pieces upon the chess-board have no other principle of motion besides that which the hand impresses upon them; but that, in the great chess-board of human society, every single piece has a principle of motion of its own, altogether different from that which the legislature might chuse to impress upon it. If those two principles coincide and act in the same direction, the game of human society will go on easily and harmoniously, and is very likely to be happy and successful. If they are opposite or different, the game will go on miserably, and the society must be at all times in the highest degree of disorder.”
              ― Adam Smith

              1. I prefer to use the phrasing that they use themselves, against them. They are actively trying to deny us our own agency.

    2. Sure, but they’ve used to racist/sexist/phobe stick so often people are beginning to ignore it.

      Their poo-flinging is music to my ears; the more they screech, the fewer people will pay attention to them.

  8. Right now, if you take to social media, you will most often see the above verse cited in response to what happened in Charlottesville. Those condemning the Neo-Nazis who marched that day, especially the ass who drove his car into the crowd, recite it in support of their cries to take away the right of those same Nazis to march or wear the swastika or, in some instances, to even speak their beliefs.

    There is something about the human mind that allows them to refer to a statement condemning a particular behavior in order to justify the same behavior.

    If the right to Free Speech is to mean anything even speech we don’t like must be protected. Now because I hold such a liberal view of Free Speech protections there are some people who will accuse me of being outside of acceptable society. Shame on them.

    I do want to go through political and social witch hunts where the mere accusation of an alignment or failure to align is enough to wreak havoc on someone’s life. What I want seems to have little effect on what is happening in the world.

    I look at Anti-fa and what I see is fascist. They are the ones who are ‘coming to get’ others, to remove them from society. I would like to see their ideas challenged defeated through reason. I would like to see their criminal actions, assault, destruction of property, etc., duly prosecuted for the crimes they are.

    I refuse to become like them in order to shut them down.

      1. Fascism is fascism no matter the justification or who is at the helm. I don’t want anybody’s fascism shoved down my throat.

        The use of rocks does not constitute speech. As I said crimes, including, but not limited to, assault and destruction of property, should be prosecuted.

          1. Howitzer? Screw that! I’m bringing either an Apache or a Warthog if we’re going to escalate that much.

            I wonder how hard it would be to make an air-burst howitzer shell that would release gallons of urine. . .Antifa seems to like throwing urine at people and dispersal via artillery would be much more efficient.

            1. For crowd control, it wouldn’t work so well. The artillery airburst would aerosolize the urine and probably dissipate it (or maybe detonate it; pretty much anything oxidizable can be made into an FAE). What you really want is a water cannon. Concentrated urine streams, hoseable over the crowd–what’s not to like?

              1. The water cannon is on the list as are urine balloons from an elevated platform. The balloons also give you the option of adding various candy bars (for visual effect).

                If Antifa wants to throw urine and other body fluids around link deranged monkeys then I’m all for using the weapons of the enemy against them. (Just more effectively).

                  1. Not during the initial stages. . .Though I’m not adverse to ‘snipers’ with paintball guns on the roof to specifically mark those who are causing destruction/assaults. Frozen paintballs might not mark them as well but could be an effective deterrent.

                1. Thanks for that. I’ve been struggling with where to get a couple hundred gallons of urine.

                  With a 3 day weekend and a large enough supply of beer I might be able to get close but storage will become an issue.

                  1. Allow me to introduce you to a rather common service here in flyover country called the honey wagon. Large truck with a big tank that pumps out overloaded septic systems. All you’d need is to upgrade the pump and make it reversible.
                    Or cattle and hog farmers have what I’ve always know as slurry tanks and spreaders. Slurry being collected semi liquid animal waste that makes a fine fertilizer. Almost seems a pity to waste it on Antifa protesters.

                    1. It’s not so much wasting as giving them a an outside coating of what’s already on the inside.

                    2. It’s just as well I’m not currently Dictator of the United States, or even the President. Because the only liquids I feel like dousing the likes of ANTIFA with are either napalm or chlorine triflouride, depending solely on whichever is easier to get in industrial quantities. Hmm, on second thought the napalm would be more stable I suppose, even if it would require a separate ignition source . . .

                    3. I favor a “Freddy Pig” reply. When a new bull showed up on the farm, and wanted to run things, they sprayed him with perfume and chanted:
                      “Mercy, mercy, here’s our Percy. Ain’t he delicous, ain’t he a treat”
                      Spray ’em with watered down jello. Smelly, sticky, and you could even color code “em. Non-toxic, biodegradeable, but probably not PETA approved

                    4. Issue, hog farm offal is very likely to be fatal– and human CAN be. (Navy vets are most likely familiar with very real stories of folks dying because they happened to be in an area where the lines for the toilets burst, it’s seriously toxic.)

                      You’d want to put a line in the urinal that’s separate from the…well, poop tank.

            2. You need to get with the people from the paintball community. They have nifty stuff to spread paint. Grenades and such.

            3. What scares me is that these sorts of mass protests are prime locations to release bio-agents by one side, the other, or a third party interested in boosting the chaos and violence to the next level.

      2. Mobs have rocks.
        Reason creates far better tools through the use of chemistry, metallurgy, and ballistics.

        1. Way back in the ’60s during the early Vietnam War protests rioters were fond of rocks and bottles. John W. Campbell, editor of Analog at the time, wrote an editorial in which he told of a young man home on vacation who was walking along the railroad right of way. He was attacked by a large bear. But you see, the man was home visiting from his job as a major league baseball pitcher, and the ballast rocks along the tracks are rather close to baseball sized. He survived quite nicely while the bear did not.

    1. I appears to me that the Antifa tends to violence in those places where they are reasonable assured that the local government will pull law enforcement back and let them have their way. I don’t think we’ll see many prosecutions unless individual Antifa members are caught in a way that absolutely can not be ignored. Which, of course, is why they conceal their identity.

      1. Yup. If they tried anything like we’ve seen in California here in east Tennessee, I’m pretty sure they’d find that violence is not the answer. Or should I say, their violence would not go unanswered…

          1. Didn’t they do a demonstration in Houston the same weekend as Charlotsville that pretty much ended in nothing but them attempting to engage the police?

            1. Yep. Someone tried to blow up (for really low values of home-made bomb-like-item) a statue and got arrested after being dumb enough to drink the ingredients. And the police told the protestors to shoo.

              1. Thanks! I hadn’t realized they were connected events. I thought the attempted statucide happened during the week and the protests were over the weekend.

                1. I was in Houston that week, and that was the sequence. And this clown had actually managed to make a fair amount of nitroglycerin and another liquid explosive.

                  If I had been the cops, I’d have used a rubber bullet from a couple hundred feet: “Judge, I don’t know what happened. We fired a non-lethal round and he turned into a fine red mist….”

                  Yes, I am a misanthrope. What was the first clue?

                  1. I’m fairly sure the results would have been toxic and required quarantine. Can you imagine the damage airbourn Marxism could cause?

      2. As a counterexample to Berkeley, recently when Trump appeared in Phoenix, the “peaceful protestors” wearing gas masks and throwing things at the police got chased down the street. (#PepperBalls himself was identified, arrested, and charged about three days later.)

      3. I’ll be honest, I foresee someone calling a rally in a very blue city as a trap. When Antifa shows up and charges, the claymores or car bombs on either side of the street go off.

        It’s depressing, and So. Damned. Predictable.

        1. While that would be effective there would be other means of accomplishing the same end while still making Antifa look like the bad-guy.

          On this topic I shall say no more because if I’ve thought of it then there are probably at least 100 other people in the country that have had the same idea and I’d rather not spread it around.

          1. The question was asked at work if there would be legal liability for someone ‘organizing’ brownshirt gigs, and making sure the blackshirts showed up, then provoking a fight. Then, of course, broadcasting it all on pay-per-view.

            Sort of a pox-on-all-their-houses, can’t-they-both-lose sort of thing.

            1. I want to see someone with a megaphone yelling every racial slur and then combine them in unique ways. It’s an experiment to see if it will drive them back to their safe spaces or enrage them to attack.

              We need to baseline several points of data so I propose we also test the following:
              Hitler ruled
              Stoners are Stupid
              Socialism is for murderers

              Feel free to add to the list. The more extensive the testing I think the better prepared we’ll be to face the future.

              1. Deport the illegals
                What’s mine is mine, not yours
                Treat people as individuals, not pawns for your playing with

                1. Very nice! Now I’m smacking myself for not thinking of the illegals at least.
                  All added!

                  Don’t import child rapists and terrorists.
                  Save a goat
                  Free Speech for all
                  There is no white privilege, only work ethic that works for all races
                  Does your Mommy now you’re here?
                  Sticks and Stones? I’ve got an AR (that one might be a bit much)
                  Police are people too
                  Why aren’t you hitting yourself?

              2. every racial slur


                We drove the (every bad stereotype of a black, female, vaguely protestant Navy chaplain) gal in charge of the “hate speech” class nuts when AIMD had their class– it took two or three times as long as she’d scheduled because we just wouldn’t say the N word, but we said tons of other slurs.

                She finally had to resort to slandering Catholics and Mormons* and then saying the N word herself to end the dang class.

                The best part was that while it got started by a guy who was, indeed, blond with a funky sense of humor (offered an Irish slur)– after she started to get annoyed the entire thing was carried by only those who were immune to accusations of racism, guys who were blacker than the chaplain. As much as some of those SOBs were contemptible in other ways, they were highly admirable that day.

                *portraying actions by individuals which had been officially condemned by their churches– the voluntary crucifixions in the PI and child-bride polygamy in the US– as somehow reasonable examples of the faith. No, Islam wasn’t mentioned, even though we had a guy who was basically not doing his job at all while he got a degree, and man was he a sexist pig.

            2. Given what we’re finding out about the organizer of “Unite The Right” (Ex Occupy, Obama supporter, etc.), that may have already happened. Without the pay per view.

        2. The only question is malice or false flag?
          (Assuming it manages to go through– I’m guessing, from looking at patterns of things like “where there is a crud ton of cops for no reason” and well-groomed guys in non-gym fit condition making small talk, that law enforcement has thought of this, too. I’ve gotten some very odd questions since we moved down that…make a lot more sense if you go “from Seattle, moved down to El Paso but not actually in El Paso” and add in a bunch of the off-the-grid looking stuff from home schooling and get “um, look closer to make sure she isn’t planning a baseball practice 2.0.”)

          1. Interesting. I’m not saying, I’m just saying …

            Public School Teachers Behind Violent Antifa Group
            Peter Hasson
            Public school teachers are behind a leading far-left militant group that is part of the Antifa network that federal officials say is committing “domestic terrorist violence.”

            By Any Means Necessary, which has played a key role in riots in Berkeley, Sacramento and elsewhere, has dozens of public school teachers among its members, including among its most prominent leaders.

            The FBI and Department of Homeland Security began paying closer attention to Antifa groups in general after BAMN and other extremists started a riot and attacked marchers at a white nationalist rally in Sacramento last July, Politico reported on Friday. The Sacramento violence left at least 10 people hospitalized, several of whom had knife wounds.

            One of BAMN’s most prominent organizers is Yvette Felarca, a Berkeley middle school teacher and pro-violence militant. Felarca currently faces charges of inciting a riot for her role in the Sacramento violence.

            After BAMN and other antifa groups staged violent protests in Berkeley to keep right-wing author Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking, Felarca defended her group’s acts of violence. BAMN was able to cancel another event, this time an April speech by pro-Trump author Ann Coulter, by promising a repeat performance of the Milo riots.

            [END EXCERPT]

            Inciting violence and being on the public payroll seem incompatible. The Federal government, either through legislative action or via the Labor Relations Board ought establish this as grounds for summary dismissal, with the only challenge being that the accused was innocent of such incitement. You do not have a right to suckle from the government teat.

            1. Hm, less suggestive than it may be simply because I’m familiar with activist female twerps– in boot camp I had a gal assume I was a fellow follower and wax poetic about how “we” had joined to fight for women… I informed her I’d joined to fight for the country, and changed seats (I probably wasn’t supposed to, but nobody stopped me) and honestly it’s bugged me ever since.

              I’ve run into a decent amount of real sexism, but 1)most of it has been from folks assuring me they’re protecting me from sexism, and 2) this was the most annoying.

              I freaking signed a blank check to uncle sam up to and including my LIFE and this twerp and her ideology think I’m offering it to THEM?!?

      4. If there were a conspiracy by left-wing state and local governments to deny conservatives their civil rights to assemble and petition the government, what would it do differently?

        1. ^This^.

          Set all protestations of noble intent aside, and always look at the actual effect of any policies assuming that’s what was actually intended.

          1. I think it at least warrants an investigation by the Attorney General. Figure out who came up with the plan for the march and protest – it’s not like either were a surprise – and who gave the stand-down order and why.

            1. Well, we know all of those things. The Mayor of Charlottesville initially refused to issue a parade permit; he had to issue one only because a Federal judge told him to. The plans, times, route, etc. were all known weeks in advance because of this.

              The judge didn’t issue any instructions on the level of police protection that the city / state governments must provide, so the City of Charlottesville and the State of Virginia basically provided as little as possible, just enough to disarm the “alt-right” as they assembled. They didn’t disarm the Antifa and allowed them to attack, by telling the police to stand down. That was confirmed by the VA ACLU the day of the riot. Note that they could have arrested most of antifa because of the “no masks in public” state law in Virginia, created, ironically, as an anti KKK measure; one reason the alt-right crowd has been easy to dox is that this law was enforced against them.

              That guaranteed enough violence to allow the city and state to invoke the “public safety” exception allowed by permit law, and order the demonstration shut down. At that point, the police broke up the “alt-right” people into groups of no more than 4 and funneled them out of the area along streets where they knew antifa mobs were waiting. Needless to say, there was no escort out of the mob. I’m amazed that no one else was killed at that point.

              At this point, there’s more than enough evidence to indict the city and state governments for “depriving civil rights under color of authority”; I can only hope that’s being pursued.

              1. I’m keeping an eye open for which groups are supporting such lawsuits…for future donations.

                Because this is a serious “they came for the _____” moment.

                1. This won’t be civil; what we’re looking at is an actual violation of US Code. Hopefully, the DOJ isn’t just narrowly looking at the “alt-right”.

      5. Whereas in places where the local authorities likely won’t put up with ANTIFA’s nonsense . . . When Trump spoke in Springfield, MO last Wednesday, the people who showed up to protest him went out of their way to be NON-violent. According to one of the local channels (KY3), leaders of the counter-protesters allegedly got together with Trump supporters beforehand to clear the air, calm tensions and establish some ground rules before the President’s visit. And the local cops went out of their way to keep the two sides separate. I’m sure the fact that MO is a concealed-carry state also was a factor, there . . .

  9. There may be as many as a thousand actual “Nazis” in America. As it is currently used, “Nazi” just means somebody the vile left opposes, disagrees with, or who doesn’t sufficiently loudly and quickly agree with them. So “Nazi” simply denotes an unperson, who may then be punched or otherwise attacked. Because punching Nazis is The American Way.

    We are all Nazis now. Just ask the left. But do it from a slight distance, or you may get punched for having proven yourself to be a Nazi. But that’s OK for them, because it’s right to punch Nazis. The Communists say so. Because anything and everything to the right of Lenin is and must be Hitler.

      1. I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I think the scariest line in the history of rock music is “Everything they say we are we are.” (Jefferson Airplane)
        I think the alt-rights and neo Nazis are historically ignorant kids who have given up trying to find any reasonable leaders who have backbones, who can find no one but the most radical Rightwingers who’ll speak up against stuff like “Abolish Whiteness.” And they feel justified when John McCain and others cheer Antifa.

    1. No need to do it from a distance. Just be prepared to defend yourself, if you stand within halitosis distance.

    2. They’re naught but monorail salesmen, whipping up the crowd beyond reason.

      Friend, either you’re closing your eyes
      To a situation you do not wish to acknowledge
      Or you are not aware of the caliber of disaster indicated
      By the presence of fascists in your community.
      Well, ya got fascists, my friend, right here,
      I say, fascists right here in River City.

    3. So the (Post?) “Modern” definition of ‘Nazi’ is “Not Communist enough for my taste.” is it? Well, I ain’t writing the years as #NUMBER NH. (Nach Hitler).

      Are there any statues of that ratfink, Karl Marx? If we’re gonna go erasing history, at least lets erase the truly rotten ideas…

      1. You don’t see many statues or pictures of Marx. I remember the GRRM-style beard, but I’m not sure I could pick his face out of a lineup otherwise.

    4. No, Neo-Nazi means Hispanic, and Fascist means Black.

      Just ask Charlie Hebdo.

      Antifa are an old fashioned white supremacist hate group that want to burn black churches and lynch blacpeople.

  10. The whole Nazi punching hysteria is one with Google silencing all dissent. The cold war is heating up, because the vile left believes it can see victory within its reach. If only all these pesky people weren’t in its way. Oh well, they can be silenced. One way or another. After all, dead men don’t complain, and neither do those without tongues. Check your privilege, white cis hetero male Christian breeder.

    1. Much of this falls onto how the Left was able to silence so much debate during the Obama era by using the accusation of racist.

      At first it actually worked because the people attempting to debate Obama’s policies were doing it in good faith and honest opposition. The accusation of racist caused them to stop and then evaluate their positions to see if in fact any racism was actually motivating them. (Due to the former seriousness of accusations of racism).

      That silence of momentary self-reflection was taken by the Left as a sign of guilt instead of a moment of reflection. Between Obama’s policies not actually being rationally defensible and a rather large streak of intellectual laziness on the Left they assumed that they’d never really need to debate again. (As our hostess points out frequently they thought they’d won).

      Antifa will take things to far at some point and the Left will not be able to protect them any longer. In fact the Left will actively condemn them in an attempt to distance themselves from their rabid children. At that point I think things will get messy for the Left because Antifa will not take their rejection calmly.

        1. I saw that! Which really makes Romney, McCain, and Ryan look. . well like the chumps they are.

          We have a ways to go yet. I’m not really sure who listens to Nancy anymore except to mock her rather incoherent ramblings.

          1. A phenomena I’ve noticed is how willing folks are to believe what the MSM reports about Republicans and their motivations while they, at the same time, are unwilling to believe it about either the Left or the alt/neo/Trump type right.

        2. Nancy Pelosi, for all her many, many, many, many … many flaws, can read polls and never hesitates to realign her “principles” to those polls.

          1. Any chance you think Nancy will dedicate her body to science? She could really enhance our understanding of Zombie Americans.

            1. I stand strongly opposed to any speculation regarding that to which Nancy Pelosi, Rosa Delauro, Maxine Waters, Lizzie Warren, Hillary Clinton or any other woman of the Democrat persuasion might dedicate her body.

              1. But. . .but. . . science?

                As long as we keep the bodies away from Charlie Sheen, Bill Clinton, and Anthony Wiener I think we’ll be ok.

      1. The students at my day job use “racist” to mean “dumb.” As in “That’s soooooooo racist,” where my crowd would have used “lame.”

          1. I think I might have broken a few (alleged) brains when I stated that “Gun Culture is the Gay Agenda” as both terms are used by those who don’t know what they are talking about. Also see: Pink Pistols.

      2. “because Antifa will not take their rejection calmly”

        Naa… as soon as it is no longer useful, Antifa will fade away just like the “Occupy ______” movement. It’s all the same pathetic, jobless bunch of losers getting paid by the same rich god-king wanna-bes.

          1. and if they actually get classified as a terrorist organization, it will. I’m really hoping they ‘find out’ that he is ‘funding terrorism’….

          2. The old Nazi is getting on in years – I’m hoping for an epic fight over his assets when he finally passes.

            1. I’d much rather his assets get frozen for his support of a terrorist organization (namely, AntiFa)

              And before someone does a drive-by comment about me being ‘paranoid’ about him supporting AntiFa…

              I’m going to have to be specific. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation funds Media Matters. Media Matters funds ANSWER. ANSWER funds the Workers World Party. WWP Funds AntiFA.

              When a HUGE percentage of one of these organization’s money comes from a single other source, it ain’t hard.

              1. That would be nice, but would likely:

                A. Not involve a massive amount of blue
                B. Cause a political backlash (if it is seen as a politically motivated move – and it would be)

                Far better to let the enemy self destruct.

        1. Or Acorn.

          The leaders of Antifa will no doubt quietly find similar occupations to keep busy, and the new tagline will be something along the lines of “Punch a racist!”

  11. “First they came from the socialists, and I thought, ‘Makes sense, that’s who I’d have started with too.'” – Stolen from someone’s Gab profile.

  12. To be honest, I don’t think they don’t care about the results of their accusations. To them it’s perfectly justified. If they were not so evil or repented they wouldn’t have been forced to destroy them. But since they are Nazis, they, their families and anyone else that relies on them deserves to be destroyed. It is just as religious a mindset as abortion shooters and bombers.

    Outside of folks who are in a public facing position or violent I really wish this wasn’t common. Both sides do it wrt jobs (Chick-fil-A asshole or the ‘texas deserves it’ professor for two examples on the right.) But it’s disturbing.

    1. Exactly. It can’t be said enough–leftism is a religion, not a political philosophy. And it’s as violent and exclusive a religion as Islam. I don’t know how anyone could deny this.

      1. I’m kind of having nightmares about what happens if Antifa starts shipping off to Isis training camps. On the one hand I don’t think they would go suicide bomber but it’s possible to do a lot of damage without the suicide portion of the bomber.

        On the other I don’t know if Isis would have enough trust to let potential CIA agents into their camps.

        1. I’m pretty sure that if the Antifa children actually got involved with seriously committed folks like ISIS they’d (if accepted by ISIS, which doesn’t seem like a high-percentage bet) get their numbers winnowed pretty radically.

          1. But the ones who would be winnowed away by that process aren’t really the ones that we need to worry about. The truly hardcore would probably survive, thrive, and actually get better at creating mayhem.

            1. And when they returned to the US they could be tracked and dealt with. If they tarried with ISIS, they would no longer be overlooked by DHS.

  13. Speaking of KKK – search for “kkk and antifa” +”same bus”.
    An open secret recently became a non-secret.

  14. “especially the ass who drove his car into the crowd”
    I have to take issue with this little bit of your inspired rant.
    If you are trapped in your car, surrounded by hostile rioters who have blocked your right-of-way, it is perfectly reasonable to escape in the only way open to you.
    All the metrics of a successful self defense claim are clearly present, and the force you’re using is directed towards removing yourself from the threat.
    Nobody wants to be Reginald Denny.

    Despite all the near universal venom directed at the guy, I think we’ll find out in the trial that the situation was rather more complicated than depicted.
    I don’t know if I expect him to walk, since he’s obviously become a scapegoat, but 2nd degree and aggravated should be off the table.
    (Especially if the video purportedly of him moments before turns out to be legitimate. If you haven’t seen it, it shows a car much like his is described slowly trying pass through a mob. Then one of the rioters hits the car with a bat…)

    1. I’m pretty sure one video shows this guy accelerating toward the crowd from a distance. But I could be wrong.

      OTOH, the folks last weekend (I think) who hit the ‘protesters’ with their car seem to have actually been trapped and encircled by the mob beforehand.

      1. According to some reports I’ve heard, the guy suffers from schizophrenia and was panicked by the crowd around him, schizophrenics being notably poor at processing crowd behaviour.

        If true (or, lawyers being what they are, even if not true) I am sure it will come out at trial. I am also sure that MSM coverage of the trial will be as subdued as their coverage of the Antifa participation in that riot.

        1. You’ll hear every charge from prosecutor and it’s evidence. They’ll surprisingly need to trim toenails when defense is up. And if convicted of serious crime it will be proof of evil. If acquitted, found incompetent, etc it’ll show how the Nazis are in control of the judicial system.

            1. Gannett:

              No bail for Charlottesville car attack suspect James Fields
              CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — A judge denied bail Monday to an Ohio man accused of slamming his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one of them, during a white nationalist rally.

              James Alex Fields Jr., 20, appeared in Charlottesville General District Court by video conference, where a judge read out the charges that include one count of second-degree murder, several counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit and run.

              Clad in a striped gray and white shirt, Fields was subdued while answering questions from Judge Robert Downer. Fields said he could not afford a lawyer, and Downer assigned private attorney Charles Weber to the case.

              Downer said he could not appoint a public defender due to a conflict of interest —someone linked to the public defender’s office was injured in the crash Saturday. Fields’ next court date will be Aug. 25.

              [END EXCERPT]

              Searchengine results for news from the August 25 court date turn up nothing.

              1. Weird, I thought they would have researched that one a little bit better before they sent it out.

                Honestly I thought it was rather odd that they would even send an email about it to the entire company.

                1. Note that the offered article was from two weeks ago. I found nothing, nothink! with a dateline after the August 25 court date.

                  Wheels of Justice grind slowly, of course, and absent the MSM spotlight this isn’t a very big deal. It will probably drag out over several months.

                  1. It was rather horrible. One of the YouTube commenters from Rebel Media was about 20 feet away from it when the car smashed into the crowd. I had no idea that was the footage I’d be seeing.

    2. I’ve noticed the conspicuous silence in the media about any indeitments. Of course, hurricanes in the US tend to absorb all other news short of someone nuking Hawaii or California having The Big One.

  15. Sadly (or rather, frustratingly, infuriatingly, and any number of other -lys), the guy who was stabbed for having a ‘neo-Nazi’ haircut…may have faked the attack.

    This in no way invalidates you point, of course–because the crazies on both ends of the spectrum are heading towards (and in places have arrived) such a thing. It’s just that this one twit apparently thought claiming he’d been attacked when instead he’d accidentally cut himself was just the best idea ever. ::facepalm::


    1. It does seem that the Right has learned the Left’s lesson about faking hate crimes unfortunately.

      However, we should also learn the lesson that they have failed to learn: if Antifa is as bad as we say it is (and I’m pretty sure it is), we don’t need to use lies to expose them.

      1. Things that make you go “wot?”
        It seems that Nancy Pelosi has come out against them more strongly than Mitt Romney. (Alas, poor Mitt. When you bend over backwards too far to accommodate the left, you risk falling on your…backside.)

      2. “we don’t need to use lies to expose them.”
        That’s correct.
        Besides, we can use pictures.

  16. The argument is sometimes made that if the Weimar government had suppressed the speech of the Nazis, then WWII, the Holocaust, and all other associated horrors would have been avoided.

    But actually, all the Weimar government needed to do was to rigorously enforce the laws concerning *actions*…the attempted coup by Hitler, the street beatings of political enemies, etc. Without the marauding bands of bully-boys intimidating opponents, I don’t think the Nazis would have gotten very far.

    1. The problem is that the Weimar government didn’t have the monopoly on force required. During the early 20s, the Freikorps (protoNazis) and the Spartacists (Communists) were having full scale military battles including artillery and air strikes. The Allied Powers had restricted the “official” armed forces under Versailles to such a level that the government couldn’t act, and the Allies didn’t want to bother. It didn’t help that the Wiemar Army was largely recruited with officers and men sympathetic to the Freikorps… and unsympathetic to the Bolsheviks.

      1. Stoking violence in the streets, to the point where the formations of street thugs from both sides started showing up with crew served weaponry, is exactly how the Real National Socialists(tm) leveraged the general publics (and the industrialists) desire for law and order to rise to power in Germany in the 1930s.

        I’ll leave it as an exercise for the student to figure out which side is pushing current events with that end in mind.

        And to compare and contrast with snelson134’s historical observation above – those who are trying to stoke a replay of the National Socialist’s “coming to power” on the back of civil unrest face a significantly different social landscape than in the Weimar Republic – much as the Occupy folks were so sorely disappointed when the proletariat did not rise up and embrace them, I predict the “punch a Nazi” folks will also be most totally bummed by their fate at the hands of local law enforcement outside of the conifines of SF and Berkeley.

      2. And re Just Enforcing The Law: Imagine how a 30 year sentence at hard labor for all the NSDAP executive commitee members and top organizers after the Beer Hall Putsch in 1924, instead of the writing vacation for Adolph, could have changed things.

        1. At that time the NSDAP was fairly small (which is one reason the putsch failed) and only one of many extremist groups receiving money from various industrial magnates.

          Hmm, somehow that seems familiar…

          If not the Nazis, it would have been some other group, possibly even *more* extreme. The fascist groups were mostly modeling themselves after the Italian Fascisti, who were seriously into genocide, concentration camps, nationalization of property, and declaring war on anyone they thought they could beat; the NSDAP adopted the Fascist agenda essentially without change.

          The financiers wanted stability, and didn’t much care what label it marched under. Unfortunately they failed to realize that once their favored group got into power, they could just *take* the money they needed instead of standing around waiting for handouts. Oops…

          1. The Italian Fascists nationalized very little property; they imposed controls,, but didn’t take ownership. Genocide? There isn’t much racism in Italian fascism; Mussolini’s invasion of Abyssinia was quite murderous, but not exterminationist.

            As to Germany – a few money men donated to the Nazis, but (as noted) big business wanted stability, and the Nazi wild men didn’t offer that. Nazi electoral success came when the Depression brought severe unemployment. The German establishment still feared the Nazis, especially the SA, who were considered “beefsteaks” (Brown outside, Red inside). Even after the NSDAP led the 1932 elections, the establishment held out for months, governing by emergency decrees, holding a second election. Hitler got in only after promising to “play nice” (while threatening SA insurrection).

            1. And do not discount the quid pro quo of Hitlers 1934 elimination of the SA in the “Night of the Long Knives” to the German industrialists continued support.

    1. I haven’t seen that post — however, it came out after I wrote this initially and sent it to Sarah. Even so, we’re seeing this sort of behavior — or threats of it — all too often.

  17. If the government decides today to silence the Nazis
    And that’s what that “First they came for…” aphorism is about. The “they” in that isn’t someone with a bad idea and marching (in a very small group) in a parade. The “they” is someone with real power – like the gov’t, or a near-monopolistic corporation – who can not only tell you off, but get you removed from society, be it to a gulag or just off the intertubes.

    It’s what has made the “anti-fascists” so maddening, as they claim a position antithetical to their actions – they are the fascists.

    Thanks, Amanda, for a good post.

    1. I like to point out that Antifa is stealing Mussolini’s playbook right down to the fashion choices.

  18. The goal of the zealots is to drive out voices of reason. As they are not concerned with reason, nor finding solutions (they already have solutions, thank-you very much, and are eager to impose them) they can only progress when they polarise the debate. Were there no neo-Nazis they would have to invent some, lest the mob they are herding pause to look at who’s doing the incitement.

    They are throwing smoke bombs in order to shout “Fire!” in the crowded theatre.

    1. “They are throwing smoke bombs in order to shout “Fire!” in the crowded theatre.”

      And the MSM provides the mirrors for their smoke, to deflect blame and expand the game.

  19. I confess that the idea of my views and opinions becoming widespread public knowledge scares me sh*tless. I didn’t used to be like this… but now I’m back in school, and bouncing from job to job and internship to internship. So my future is pretty much entirely in the hands of academics and HR “professionals.” That’s one of the main reasons I don’t blog anymore, and only post my thoughts in “friends-only” FB posts or “private/closed” Facebook groups: if they found out I was a “conservative” (I’m more of a small-l libertarian) and a gun nut, my prospects would drop to zero and I’d have effectively thrown the last 2 years of my life away.

    I know I keep saying this, but thank you all (especially our esteemed hostess, the Beautiful-Yet-Evil Space Princess) for giving me a place where I can be myself without fear of repercussion. Well, except for the times when I act like a dumb@$$, but in those cases I deserve it. 😉

    1. “only post my thoughts in “friends-only” FB posts or “private/closed” Facebook groups”
      That doesn’t make you safe.
      Anything on the internet anytime, anyplace, can be found and used against you.
      And your friends / groupies may not be as privacy-conscious as you are.
      Still, it is despicable that people can’t feel free to be themselves.

    2. I’ve got my fake FB profile– and I share some data with a cousin whose job and family is safe, and I lock my FB down to the bones, and I’m considering going the route of a separated Marine cousin whose FB for family name is base nonsense characters.

      At least one of the younger moms in my home school group entered pure nonsense into the data for her facebook page– her name is nickname plus a misspelled last name, for example, and the birth date is don’t even bother. (Came up when some of the older moms wished her happy birthday and she explained it was nothingness.)

      Suggestion, if you do go the fake FB route, don’t do anything related to your blog ‘nym. Do something like “the name my parents were going to name me” or “the name I wished I’d had when I was 8.”

  20. It seems Joshua Witt may have fabricated his story.

    Alas, this will pollute any claims by people who actually do get attacked based on physical appearance.

    1. Alas, this will pollute any claims by people who actually do get attacked

      I don’t see why — it hasn’t had that effect with the many who falsely claim racist, homophobic or Islamophobic attacks on themselves.

      (Ptooey – this $#@&! butter just doesn’t melt!)

      1. The Right is held to standards.
        The Left, being congenitally unable to live up to any standards, lives blissfully free of them.
        “With all these seven deadly virtues, free and happy little me has not been cursed.”

    2. Honestly, I should have seen that coming. It was yet another faked “hate crime”, and only confirmation bias on my part made me believe it at first. The rule of thumb that I should have applied: any attack allegedly based on the person’s appearance, to which there were no other witnesses besides the victim, should be assumed to be faked for the purposes of publicity, until and unless corroborating evidence shows up.

      1. Yeah, confirmation bias is a booger. For me, as well, it was also the problem that the idea was just so darned plausible re Antifa’s behavior…

  21. And so much of what the virtue signaling left know is true is in fact wrong. They’ve drunk the kool-aide, listened faithfully to the echoes in their bubble chamber, learned to parrot back precisely what their socialist professors want to hear from them. They’ve disassociated completely from reality. Until school ends, the grants dry up, mom and pop stop writing checks, then they really do have something to protest, that they’ve been fed a diet of lies and socialist crap.
    Reading Amanda’s post I couldn’t help but be reminded of an experiment that is periodically conducted on any of several college campuses, usually by either a sociology class or a conservative group. They put people on campus soliciting signatures on a petition to end women’s suffrage. They always get dozens if not hundreds before someone speaks up and explains what the definition of suffrage actually is.

    1. Heh, sounds like our old Navy joke of telling people their epidermis was showing and then seeing if the 1st thing they checked was their zipper :).

      1. Or that ongoing effort to ban that very dangerous substance Dihydrogen Monoxide, responsible for a number of deaths and billions in damages just this past week.

        1. Oh god, don’t get me started! We had relative bearing grease, blinker fluid, mail buoy watch, BT punches, and more that I don’t remember off the top of my head.

          1. We had buckets of prop wash, fifty feet of flight line, and when one poor airman dropped a reel of two-inch videotape, the chief engineer chewed him out for breaking the control track.

            1. Hey! Anyone out there got a left-handed smoke shifter? Campfire’s getting a little out of hand, here.

            2. You can fix the broken control track with a left-handed socket wrench.
              In other news, Posner is still an idiot, but has announced he will soon be a RETIRED idiot.

              1. Wait. . .I’m confused. Does this mean he’ll stop being an idiot or he’ll stop working and still be an idiot?

                1. Judge Posner is still a moron. Judge Posner will always be a moron. It’s just that now he won’t be in a position to directly inflict his idiocy on the body politic.

          2. I heard of one poor young boiler tech sent to the new female chief engineer with a requisition chit for 50 feet of fallopian tube.

            1. I– with total hindsight here, I was busy trying to be a decent human being– totally pissed off my acting PO, but tickled our CPO and the real PO ultra-pink by when they sent some poor SOB looking for a ridiculous think that didn’t exist, talking to them.

              Uniformly they knew they had been sent on a stupid stuff “prank” thing– either act like they had fooled you or you’d be punished.

              Since that is a waste of military resources, I offered them a cup of coffee and sent them back with the list of stuff that their department was late on turning in for calibration.

              After two or three times of doing this, we didn’t get “send the new guy on a dumb quest” interruptions anymore.

              1. The acting PO and the second in command were both frustrated asses, incidentally– one had actually left the Navy then come back because RL was just too tough, and the other one actually had an issue with girls who didn’t act like girls.

              2. My son, in the Army, was ordered by his SGT to fetch a left handed hammer. My son is left handed. At the time, Ridgid was making left and right handed hammers, and I had given him one for Christmas. He walked out to his car, got it from the trunk, walked back and handed it to his SGT. Who fiddled with it, tried it in both hands, and said something roughly equivalent to “Son of a -itch. They make these.” Followed by- “Get the hell out of here, be back tomorrow morning.” At 0900.

              3. Some SF novel I read long ago had a bit where that “find the nonexistent item” prank was a hidden training mission intended to help newbies learn how to find each section of the ship or something.

                1. Not sure which came first, but had an XO try to justify it that way.

                  Didn’t work very well, since when you’re REALLY sending someone for a part, you SEND THEM WHERE IT ACTUALLY IS.

                  Not to hell and back.

                2. It’s also a training exercise (for exactly that purpose) in the “Man Of War” series by F Paul Honsinger.

              4. One I’ve heard being done (from Rhys) was the one getting ‘new crosshairs for the scope sights. Q-ie sends them back with a small box telling the poor pranked fellow to be SUPER CAREFUL, because it’s fragile.

                There’s a few others, I’ll have to ask him when he gets home. There’s one where the result is the Q-store guy goes off on a 20 minute break, leaving the poor sod sent there to wait.

                Didn’t work on Rhys I think, because he and a friend of his were/are irrepressible punsters and once conducted a whole conversation entirely in pun. There was a CO who didn’t like them very much, but since the two of them were working flawlessly and continuously while talking – and they weren’t saying offensive so he couldn’t write them up- he couldn’t do anything but glare at them from his office door, turning so reddish-purple Rhys wondered if he’d burst a vein. Eventually the CO just slammed his door REALLY REALLY HARD.

                1. Have some slight involvement in optics, the idea of new crosshairs is not all that strange. Though it might take a bit of looking to find the material for some – spider web.

                2. I also recall once working for a person who had the idea “If you’re talking, you aren’t working, so shut up and get to work.” Said person likely didn’t like the conversation. Working on wiring up a control console…

                  Otherfellow: How’s the patient doing?
                  Ox: He’s at Death’s door, but we’ll pull him through!

                  (Yes, ox likes old dubious comedic movies & such.)

                  Now, even years I’d left the place, that department was known as “The non-profit division.” And the department next to it had a fellow running it that summed up his philosophy as, “I don’t give a [crap] if you talk or what about, just keep moving.” And that department set production records, regularly.

          3. My friend Mike was once sent to get Relative Bearing Grease, but being the twisted man he was, talked the supply clerk out of an (empty) can of Relative Bearing Compass Oil, which he handed to the PO who sent him for it. The PO asked where the oil was, Mike (truthfully) told him that it had been poured out.
            The PO freaked, because that oil was actually part of the last stocks of whale oil in the Navy, purchased in the 1920s, and for which there was at the time no acceptable substitute. The shit got up to base commander level before it was finally resolved as being no loss / no damage done.

          4. Food for the shaft seal, buckets of steam, diesel exhaust samples. Also sending the nubs to find the pool and the bowling alley.

            1. Or for the switch to the headlights on a submarine. Which actually are real- they’re in the head.

            2. I have heard of folks returning with a bucket with a bit of water in it. “Well, it condensed.”

              When Pa worked (in the cookroom) at a cannery, some kid was sent on a mission to get a bucket of steam. He eventually found the cookroom, where there was steam, and asked about it. Pa, being quite the joker, played *everyone* with that. “Aw, come on, you can’t get steam like that!” And everyone around feared he was going to play it straight and ruin the gag. Nope. “Ya gotta use a funnel!” And then the search was on for a funnel, too.

          5. Thanks to MS Paint and a color printer, I was ready for hi-jinks on my first day as a working aircraft mechanic with a bottle of Propp-Wash(TM) and a spool of Flite Line(R). Luckily, the guys in the shop were too busy getting ready for AT to engage in such shenanigans.

            1. I learn such unexpected tidbits when reading here.

              From context, I already knew that when one of Doc Smith’s characters responded to a statement with the retort, “Prop wash!” that the character meant that the statement was clearly ridiculous, but I never knew that he was referring to a wholly fictional substance. That makes much more sense, now.

              1. The other answer to that would be something along the line of, ‘Prop wash? You really want prop wash? I can get you prop wash; I am a fully ground run and taxi certified mechanic. Are you *sure* you want prop wash?’

                Prop wash being, of course, the large amount of noise and hot air generated by a running aircraft engine.

                1. Prop wash being, of course, the large amount of noise and hot air generated by a running aircraft engine.

                  Hmm… hadn’t thought of that. That may indicate a far more likely interpretation, as accusing the person of being full of hot air.

            2. Making up “snipe hunt” swag? I tip my hat.

              Newly arrived to my unit, and newly assigned a (broken down) jeep to drive, I was told by the motor pool sergeant that my jeep would be repaired in exchange for a box of grid squares.

              I’ve -taught- land navigation, and I knew about the snipe hunt games. “Sure thing Sergeant!” And off I went to battalion headquarters and the unlocked supply cabinet. I re-labeled a paper clip box with a homemade very GI looking “grid squares, 1km, 100 each” label and NSN. I chopped up some graph paper and filled the box. A security seal finished the box of “grid squares”.

              As I was adminiring my handiwork, a gruff voice behind me said “Just what -are- you doing there, mailclerk?” It was our Sergeant Major (a very good one). “MSG (X) said he would have my jeep fixed if I could find him some grid squares. I didn’t want to chop up a map for a prank, so I raided the supply cabinet Sergeant Major” He raised an eyebrow and asksed “When you inprocessed here, you -did- hear the part of the lecture that expressly prohibited hazing, correct”. “Yes Sergenat Major. But I didn’t think a PFC could haze a Master Sergeant. And MSG (x)’s request seemed funny at the time.”

              By this point, I could see him trying not to smile. “On your way then. But when you see MSG (X), please tell him I would like to see him. Make sure it is right after you hand him that box. And tell him I would like to see it.”

              (Oh crap….) “Yes Sergeant Major”. (Now I was tap dancing in a potential minefield)

              MSG X was looking smug, right up until I handed him the box. “What the (heck) is -this-?” “Grid squares, Sergeant” “Where the (heck) did you get this?” “Battalion Headquarters, from the supply cabinet. Oh, by the way CSM (M) said he wanted to see you.” (….Warily…)”Was it when you were getting this?” “Yes Sergeant. He also said he would like to see them.”

              (Looking far less smug, he said to his minions) “Fix has (bleeping) jeep. (Bleeeping) smartass PFC….”

              And thus my jeep magically became driveable in short order.

              For some strange reason, I was the recipient of -very- few pranks after that. Well, other than a mechanic “borrowing” the drive shaft out of my jeep once…… (That was actually pretty funny at the time. It would move in 4WD, but not in 2WD)

  22. Not to take away from the primary argument, but Witt turned out to be a hoax. There have been other cases over the past several months though, so the point stands.

    1. Most ‘interesting’ comment on the article was that Judge Posner is an Original Thinker. Reads to me as ‘Made it up as he went along in order to twist the Law to fit his worldview.’

  23. There’s always criticism of one issue voters- but I think there’s a place for them to start reversing things on a state level. (Most NRA members are examples of one issue voters- and it’s really not possible to argue with their success.) First, take an policy that everyone with an ounce of common sense thinks is stupid. And more people have that ounce than you might think.

    For example- sports responsibility. Anyone, any age, engaged in a sport has some likelihood of being hurt. It goes with the territory. When I was a kid, two of the growing up challenges were 1. jumping off the low dive and 2. jumping off the high dive. Conquering one’s fear in a manner that can be done safely, but some people will do it stupidly and die. There are no high or low diving boards in any public pool nowadays. They’re illegal. Not really illegal illegal, but for all practical purposes illegal. No one wants to pay the insurance needed to have one in place, because they know they’ll be sued as soon as someone gets injured. Now everyone my age thinks that’s stupid, as do most younger people. So, why not start a drive during a legislative election year to get candidates to sign a pledge that they will introduce and/or support a bill that states- “Owners and manufacturers of low and high diving boards installed for use cannot be sued for any injuries or deaths resulting from their use. Owners of pools cannot be sued for any injuries or deaths by people choosing to use them.” Easy, simple to understand, and what I call a first step to massive lawyer unemployment. Will an occasional kid die because he/she hits the water wrong or tries a backflip and breaks their neck hitting the board? Yes. Such is life, people die because they’re too stupid to live.

    And if they make the pledge and don’t follow through? Next election, devote time and energy to defeating every candidate who signed the pledge and reneged. I don’t care what else you agreed with them on- they reneged on the one issue. Keep pressing that one issue election after election until it passes. Then- PICK ANOTHER! Get that one through, a general sports responsibility law could come next. Anyone engaging in any sport assumes the risk of engaging in that sport.

    On sort of that subject something I’d really like to do. Stick GPS trackers on the cars of NY downstate legislators who vote continually to restrict speeds on limited access highways- and after a month publish the speeds they travel at. I once followed a car with assembly plates on the NYS Thruway when the limit was 55, not the present too slow 65, for about 70 miles at 90+ MPH. There was a line of about 6 of us following. I had to make a rest stop before I got home. I suppose the police could have pulled over those us following him without pulling him over, but subsequent publicity would have been bad… We passed one marked trooper who ignored the parade.

    1. Feh. The local county school system removed all the playground equipment from the elementary schools over thirty years ago. Monkey bars, tetherballs, rockers, slides, the lot. Nothing now but kids standing around kicking at the dirt.

      In junior and senior high, there’s still the mandatory religion of feetball, with its usual statistical array of crippling injuries. But nobody must say anything against that, for fear of lynching.

      1. If you have Pokemon Go!– check the poke-stops, they’ll have notes like “playground with old equipment” and such.

        Great way to find REALLY GOOD places for the kids to play.

    2. I drove (illegally) without a working speedometer for about a year. It was easy enough to do in Wisconsin: If you are passing or keeping up with IL vehicles, you are going too fast. If a LOT of WI vehicles pass you, you are going too slow.

      Years later I had a working speedometer and knew that the cops loved to park at a certain curve as the new bypass was being built.. and I slowed to the posted 45 mph. A string of IL plated vehicles passed me… and all got waved to pull over. I had the most obnoxious grin as I drove past the lot, having been waved on through.

  24. Someone posted this link on another thread, but it is applicable here.
    “So always with these little would-be tyrants. When you use the label “antifa” or “anti-fascist,” you are helping and enabling a resurgence of terrorist liars in the exact same tradition, who are indistinguishable from neo-Nazis except in the specific motivations for and targets of their authoritarian impulses and irrational violence.”

    AntiFA = anti-First-Amendment.

    1. I prefer to call them “AntiFree”

      Call them what they -are-, not what they -claim- to be.

  25. A present for the “Posner is still a moron” afficianados: from Chicago Tribune: Posner, 78, is stepping down effective Saturday, according to a news release Friday afternoon from the 7th Circuit. He was appointed to the court by President Ronald Reagan in 1981 and served as its chief judge from 1993 to 2000.

  26. Just thought I would drop in these two maxims by Mark Steyn, as having general applicability.
    “… the violence on American streets derives from today’s paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party – antifa – working itself up over yesterday’s paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party – the Ku Klux Klan”.

    “The political class has refined Voltaire: I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death my right not to have to listen to you say it.
    If the political culture forbids respectable politicians from raising certain issues, then the electorate will turn to unrespectable ones.”

  27. There’s a “thing”– called Caritas, or Charitas, or sometimes Karitas– AKA, Godly love, the kind of love Jesus showed, sacrificial love, holy love, etc.

    It’s the root word for “charity.”

    Those folks who have dipped into the Catholic blogosphere are probably familiar with the “charity wars”– that is, where you declare the person you disagree with is being “uncharitable” for the conclusion they drew, and thus can act like a total ass to them– but it really is an important thing. It’s the theological root of innocent until proven guilty, and it makes society work a LOT better than the “I suspect you so you’re guilty” model.

    Basic short version? Try to find a reasonable, alternative explanation for what someone is doing that doesn’t require “because they’re evil/stupid/Nazi.”

    1. Notably, a big issue with some of our public discourse is that asking the questions needed to establish a more charitable interpretation is interpreted as an attack….

    2. I have a seriously obnoxious take on that.

      Basically, love for just law is love for your fellow man who isn’t a close blood relative. (Law without capital punishment can not be just, as just law can function in the real world.) If someone’s love for just law is sufficient, they will be murderously angry with their own child if their own child commits a common law capital felony. (Note that having anger does not mean acting on it.) Therefore, if they are unwilling to see (long list of people) put to death for (much shorter but still long list of offenses), they are unloving.

      There may be some truth in it, but it paints too broadly and too absolutely.

      I think we have established before that I am a jerk with what you would consider major deficiencies in my theological education.

      1. Bah, looks to me like you put your finger right on the point that a common form of sin is an excess of a good, to me.

        You’re untrained even compared to my self-taught mangle, and a bit unwilling to do the exhaustive “let’s define our terms very precisely so we know exactly how we disagree” stuff, but not really a jerk.

      2. Basically, we’re torn– part of why a paladin can be evil is because they treat justice as the ultimate good, when we have to balance both justice and mercy– they cannot both be masters. As a very wise carpenter pointed out, you cannot serve two masters– you’ll love one and despise the other.

        So there must be another master, to whom both justice and mercy are subordinates.

  28. Had to make a 2 hour trip to see my son at college last night to take care of some computer problems. After work which means I got there at 0200. Time for a lot of the Friday night party hearty crowd to be returning. Our hands were full as we walked to his dorm (wife packed additional stuff for him, of course…). One young very drunk young female had fallen down in the parking lot and couldn’t get up without aid, which her almost as drunk but able to stay upright friend couldn’t provide. So she was asking young men passing by to aid. Several did- by calling the nearest dorm RA. Since we were walking alongside a young man making such a call, I asked why he didn’t just help. I already knew the answer, but he willingly provided it. She was too drunk to consent to allowing a male to touch her, even to help, and he would be risking his entire college career and life by providing her badly needed aid. The only safe thing for a male college student to do in such a situation is call THE AUTHORITIES and let them handle it.

    That’s where PC culture leads us. She was suffering no pain and could very well have broken something in the fall- but men walking by were afraid to help because it’s dangerous to do so.

    1. You don’t get falling-down drunk by accident. She chose to do that and went out in public, she can sleep on the ground where she fell.

      She won’t freeze to death at this time of year. Waking up outside might be a useful learning experience.

      1. “A man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the man.” Or the freshman. Especially the freshman. The first time you do it, you do get falling-down drunk by accident.

      2. Unfortunately, someone from off-campus might decide to take advantage of the situation. It has happened elsewhere, including Flat State. The perp went after young women who 1) frequented the student bars and 2) either lived alone off campus or had roommates who left on weekends. And he probably went after a gal who was tanked and on campus, but several people walked up as he was “helping her.” Looking back, they probably accidentally prevented an assault., but at the time they thought he was someone from off-campus (true) who had a right to be there, like night maintenance (not true).

  29. For what it’s worth, I wore my red MAGA hat on my noontime run today. Had a couple of other joggers tell me they loved my hat.
    There is hope.

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