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  1. With all the ‘its ok if it’s not the govt that takes your livelihood away and ostracizes you until you eat a gun or drink or shoot up yourself to death’ garbage I caught an interesting response from Bradbury from almost half a century ago. We’ve moved from books to art. But it’ll only be those naughty Nazis that get caught up in it.

    Ya. Sure.

    If this doesn’t work search Ray Bradburys Coda. Cato has it.


    1. From the link –

      “If Mor­mons do not like my plays, let them write their own.”

      They’ll post ads in the playbill if that’s the case.


      On a more serious note, kudos to Judy-Lynn Del Rey for removing the censorship that her predecessors had slipped in bit by bit over the years in Bradbury’s great anti-censorship work. I find it strange – when I think of the big science fiction authors of yore, the names that come to mind are Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, and others. It rarely occurs to me to think of Bradbury.

      And yet, when I think seriously about it, my gut tells me that Bradbury might have been the most important science fiction author of the Twentieth Century.

    2. Last sentence of censored, rewritten children’s short text of “The Time Machine” by H. G. Wells: ” And of course he never returned.” Last sentence of Wells’ complete novel” “And I have by me, for my comfort, two strange white flowers – shriveled now, and brown and flat and brittle – to witness that even when mind and strength had gone, gratitude and a mutual tenderness still lived on in the heart of men.”

      1. Interesting. I had a professor once who was determined to disregard the last part of that sentence and instead insisted that the flowers symbolized the hopelessness of the future because, while they were the beautiful results of generations of care and breeding, they were ultimately useless, just like the Eloi. Thus, he would probably think that by removing that last sentence, the rewritters were trying to shelter the children from the despair implied by the symbol of the flowers.

        I’m generally a fan of the “death of the author” theory, but when a book actually spells out what something means, it’s an act of will to insist it means the opposite.

      1. Giving credit where none is due, perhaps that author meant “the path of totality is racist in effect” because it is not evenly distributed.” Or possibly that minorities, being presumably less able to casually travel to places where the path can be observed, haven’t the same opportunity.

        Which is still bone-headed, just not quite so dense.

        I will refrain from commentary around the issue of the eclipse, occurring at the hour it is appearing, would be observable by the nocturnal denizens of Minority America.

        1. Poor Alice Ristoph. I made the mistake of reading her biography on the Brooklyn Law School page and she comes across as a frustrated totalitarian dictator. Of course her screed on the eclipse made me think she was blond when instead, she turns out to be a plain, ordinary mousey-brown.

          The continuance of her tragedy is her inference that there are no honest men in America. Worse, the woman is a thief. She levies a debt on us that none of us owe or deserve. And then adds malicious insult to malicious injury by claiming our non-existent debts can’t be forgiven.

          Such thinking is monstrous. It’s a total perversion of justice. Her world would make 1984 look like a paradise; except I don’t recall there being any blacks in Orwell’s novel.

          Laugh at her, ridicule her, point out that her tirade is filled with self-hatred (she IS white.) But by God don’t send your children to the Brooklyn Law School to be taught by her!

      2. One day we’ll look back on these days and laugh.

        Of course, we might be living in a post-apocalyptic hellscape by then. But at least we’ll still be able to laugh.

    1. Author barely scratch the surface about how racist the moon is, think of all the africans who wont see total eclipse either.

      1. Oddly, an updated The Honeymooners skit in the 1990s by maybe Billy Crystal has been coming to mind. In this version, the characters were punks. Ralph and Ed (the latter off screen) are yah-yahing through an open window. Ralph sits in the window and goes “The moon, Ed, the moon.” And the Ed character goes “Come here, Thelma; it’s a total eclipse.”

      2. Not that those Africans could see total eclipse and see anything else afterward. Eclipse glasses don’t grow on trees, after all.

          1. For his experiment, we’ll need two index cards, two sheets of paper, really anything ridged enough to punch a stable pinhole through and is not reflective, and wide enough to cast a noticeable shade.

            Take one and punch a pinhole in it. That’s a real pinhole, using a straight pin. Be careful not to stick yourself. Yes, SJW everywhere, that can happen.. Next, stand with your back to the sun. Do not look at the sun!. Now, use one index card/sheet of paper as a screen. Do not use a mirror or anything shiny as a screen! With your back to the sun, hold the non-reflective item with the pinhole up so that it shades your screen and casts a nice circle onto it. You can now observe the eclipse without looking at the sun.

            Back in the ancient days when sun filters were rarer than hen’s teeth, they taught us the slightly more elaborate method using old fashioned, tall, cardboard milk cartons or a shoebox, butt the above method works. In all of these, the key thing is your back’s to the sun and the screen and the pinhole object isn’t anything reflective.

            For that matter, there is an all natural method. Sometimes leaves on trees will produce the same effect on the ground by creating tiny cracks that light can shine through. The effect are thousands of images of an eclipse projected onto the ground. Yes, I’ve see it, and yes, it’s totally awesome.

            BTW, we had an interesting conversation at work. Last month we bought the cheap, paper and plastic filter eclipse lenses, and tested them by looking at the sun. Yes, they were the real deal, and you could see nothing through the, until you looked at the sun. Even then, the sun looked like a dim, orangish, ball. So, when someone asked what would you see through the things, and I told them that and the dark disk of the moon sliding across, he asked the very reasonable question of why run the risk of looking at it at all. I suspect an impromptu camera obscura will work just as well, and provide another element of safety.

          2. Something that is really irritating are the number of schools letting out or keeping the children inside during the eclipse. Only one that I know of is using it as a teaching experience.

          3. Sure, you can, but can the typical African, bereft of the supervision of enlightened Progressives to explain the dangers?

          4. Scrub oaks work perfectly. The leaves are just the right size to cast the full image on the ground.

            But fact is you’re not going to do any more damage from the odd glance at the eclipse than you do from the odd glance on a sunny day. Idiots with a telescope or binoculars excepted, for the same reasons you wouldn’t do THAT on a sunny day, either!

            Tho it may fry your digital camera’s sensor.

            I was in the path of totality in 1979, and got some …well, identifiable photos with an ancient instamatic camera, two sheets of very black xray film, and a pair of binocs with only one working lens (since the camera had no zoom). Amazingly, I managed to get this Rube Goldberg device pointed in the right direction and more or less focused.

          5. While I had never thought of that, I discovered it during a partial eclipse 23 years ago. We hadn’t even thought about the eclipse beforehand, but walked out when we noticed the light outside dimming and saw a bunch of partial arcs of sunlight on the sidewalk.

      3. And the moon is unremittingly white, except when it’s invisible. Clearly this is erasing people of nonwhite, especially anyone not the color of bleached flour. (Which too is rassssist, because everyone knows whole wheat flour is brown.)

        Of course the reciprocal total lunar eclipse represents the triumph of people of brown bread over people of white flour.

        I’m sure I had a point, but it was every bit as valid as theirs…

    2. I remember Jessie “I Was – Somebody” Jackson standing in Albany, Georgia, in 1994, and declaring the flooding from Tropical Storm Alberto was racially motivated. Yes, it does show up in a web search.

      1. Feces are discriminatory, all tending toward tan or darker. Let ’em crawl up up their own tuchuses to fix that. Shouldn’t be too hard for them, head already there and all.

        1. IIRC, non-dark excreta is a symptom of some *serious* medical issues.

          Something to do with bilirubin, or a lack thereof.

          1. I’ve read about Billy Rubin. Wasn’t he second baseman for the St Louis Browns in the mid Thirties?

          1. got my tan on last weekend working on my parents’ RV cover, to prep it for winter, and my garage this weekend taking too much time to do too little painting.

  2. George Orwell – So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.

      1. Fluffy informs me that there is maple syrup behind the three door on the left — the green one with leaf patterns — and stuff for pancakes and waffles behind the next one — the gold one with wheat — but the bacon and sausage are up three flights of stairs.

  3. (Sorry if this is a repeat. Posting/Login glitches abounded, and so not showing up at all…)

    There’s something I wanted to get out for a few days now, and this link collection makes a good spot.

    There’s a point to be said about Nazis being a very small fringe and that the Hot Civil War in the U.S. is still very, very tiny. Hoyt is correct in that all the usual forces are pushing things to get Hot by creating the appearance of such. They’re trying to consume America within an emotional reaction to get the Civil War they want.

    That said, most everyone seems to be missing the bigger picture. Per Roosh, ‘Nazi’ is one of the trigger words programmed into Western Civilization, and it’s working as intended. Everyone is spending too much time trying to distance themselves from being labeled with ‘Nazi’ to do anything useful.

    We’re in a time of transformation. Whoever positively acts and shapes it, wins. Right now, that’s Antifa/BLM/etc., MSM, Big Government, Big Tech, Education. It’s mostly based on perceptions beamed at us via smart phones, true, but that could be enough to lead us to one of our worse destinies.

    Because the Neo-Marxists/Communists/Etc. are scoring points merely by removing Confederate statues and names. They’re erasing our collective identity and history, which is a critical step in transforming our society into their image. That should be story one, and something viciously opposed. But instead, we’re letting ourselves be triggered with the ‘Nazi’ blood libel.

    As Dr. Jordan Peterson points out, incremental steps is how you get someone to do what you want, no matter how terrible that thing is. They’ve succeeded at it with the LGTB+ agenda, and they’re doing it now with anyone they can pigeonhole into being a conservative, which they arbitrarily label as far right, which they’ve grafted the Nazi movement onto via one of the greatest historical coups in the writing of history. (Germany’s National Socialism is the worst of every world: Left-Wing Utopianism with Every (but predominately Left) -Wing racism with Right-Wing Nationalism). Nazis/Fascism is kin to the statist Left and would be fellow travelers like Islam except they committed the unpardonable sin of betraying Communism by turning on the USSR in WW2. That’s a lot of why we’re taught what we’re taught.

    The so-called Slippery Slope Fallacy is the modus opperandi of the Left, because it’s a basic conditioning technique and it almost always works. And it is working here.

    The story is an old story now, one we’ve promised never to repeat. It goes a bit like this:

    “First they came for the skinheads, and I did nothing because I was too preoccupied with a vain attempt at convincing fanatical zealots that I wasn’t a skinhead.”

    But we are repeating this story. It is a test we are failing once again. And yes, the Nazis of today are the new Jews of society, but only just, and only after a great deal of social conditioning to make it so.

    1. As Dr. Jordan Peterson points out, incremental steps is how you get someone to do what you want, no matter how terrible that thing is. They’ve succeeded at it with the LGTB+ agenda,

      And at each step we were told that there was no slippery slope, and that only this one little thing need be done and everyone would be satisfied.

      None of of which I ever believed.

      1. Back in the ’70s, everyone used to mock the opponents of the Equal Rights Amendment who claimed that it would be used to force things like mixed-gender bathrooms on the public. Who could believe something so absurd?


          They’ve shouted that one so often, even people who used to snap back into compliance are now saying, “Even if it was true, so what? Nothing happened the last two dozen times you screamed that.”

          1. Either that or along the lines of: “GFY!”

            I try to avoid saying that. Mostly because I suspect they’d fission if they actually did f themselves. Then there’d be more. Annoying.

            1. Um, do you count as Asian, or as “Pacific Islander”? Because now that Disney has released a movie, they’re suddenly aware of the existence of the “Pacific Islander / Alaskan Native” checkbox on the EEOC forms.

              If you can claim Pacific Islander, it’ll break their brains under “Moana’s yelling at me!”

              1. It is more complicated than that. Asians – Yellow have been unwelcome in the US since the fiasco ending the war in SE Asia because they serve as a reminder of the vengefulness of the Left. Asians – Brown are welcome so long as they stick to running convenience marts and donut joints. Asians – Muslim are welcome because they allow Progressives to demonstrate how open-minded they are.

                None of this applies to Asians who vary from approved independent thinking patterns of the Left; those are race-traitors, guilty of the thought crime of noncompliance with assigned stereotypes and failure to appreciate how generous the Progressives have been to them. Such Asians – Ingrates are obviously persona non grata in the woke societies of the West, culpable of not knowing their place.

              1. Rhys will be very surprised to discover that under that matrix, he’s gay ^_^ hohoho~ I think I will tease him about this later. He will probably roll his gorgeous, expressive blue eyes, and then make commentary about my lack of balls.

                Though, it’s been YEARS since I was last able to pretend to be a boy/young man. My hips are too curvy now, after multiple pregnancies, for me to get away with androgyny.

    2. RE: your last paragraph
      With, of course, the oh-so-very-mild difference that the Jews of yore,
      unlike today’s Nazis, didn’t choose, of their own free will, to link themselves to an ideology that believes in ethnic cleansing and genocide.

      1. True, the Nazis of today are nearly as reprehensible as the Nazis of yore, but that only means the test is harder. On the other hand, we’ve taken our notes from history and made our vows never to repeat. The test should be harder, and we shouldn’t be failing it. But here we are, failing it. It’s a mark on how far humanity has yet to go.

        That said, the Left pulled a neat trick with the LGTB+ movement that makes the test harder still. First they made discriminating against LGTB+ people the worst of social taboos if not illegal. Then they got most people to believe that anything less the open approval and advocacy is discrimination. We’re seeing the flip side of that now, in that people are programmed to see the protection of Neo-Nazis as advocacy for their ideology.

        It’s just another set of notches on why old guard Christianity and Conservatism needed to go. This isn’t hard to see, people gave their warnings, and yet, here we are all the same.

        Speaking of, it doesn’t matter if the person who drove the Charlettesville deathmobile gets the death penalty or acquitted on temporary-insanity/self-defense grounds, justice won’t be done.

        Because the Democrat officials, all the way up to the Governor and all the way down to the Police Chief, created this situation. They deliberately failed to disband the illegal BLM/Antifa counter protests (no assembly permit), then they deliberately failed to keep the two groups separate, then they forced the Unite The Right group to disband into the slavering maws of the BLM/Antifa thugs. These Democrat officials on down to the lowliest police officers who were ordered to not do their job if they wanted to keep their job are culpable to the act as inciting parties or accessories or abetting the crime. They created the situation where grave violence was the inevitable outcome, and so all of them should be on the defense stand too.

        That’s a mark on how corrupt the U.S. justice system currently is. It should also be story one, and damning that it isn’t.

        And to pull another idea from Dr. Jordan Peterson and the Slippery Slope. Those police officers on the ground who didn’t do their real jobs and directly created the violent situation? They’re Nazi Concentration Camp Guards in the making, and I’m not joking or exaggerating because the good Dr. wasn’t either when he talked about what it took to turn someone into a Concentration Camp Guard.

        1. More reprehensible than some, less than others. There were, after all, Nazis who joined the party in Germany to facilitate their anti-Nazi work. Current day ones are less likely to engaged in hideous crimes but, on the other hand, freely joined without the sort of pressure people faced to join in Germany.

          And, after all, John Rabe was a Nazi.

        2. Dr. Jordan Peterson and the Slippery Slope.

          Wasn’t the Slippery Slope an Iron Man Silver Age foe? One of the Mandarin’s agents, IIRC.

        3. > True, the Nazis of today are nearly
          > as reprehensible as the Nazis of yore,

          There are worse things than Nazis, and they’re entrenched in the government, the news/entertainment complex, academia, and even the military.

          The Third Reich lasted only twelve years, and that was more than seventy years ago. Roundheads, Mongols, and Persians were problems in their days, too. SJWs are a problem *now*.

          Yeah, those delusionals waving their swastikas, they’re about as much Nazis as the “druids” that go to Burning Man…

          “Listen to the music, not the song.” – Ambassador Kosh

    3. You’re missing how this is playing outside the politically engaged circles. As far as I can tell all this bullshit is more likely to push the un-engaged middle Nazi than Antifa.
      And yep, that would be a disaster too, but yet it’s true. What the left doesn’t know about this country could fill volumes.

      1. Oh, I’m fully aware that all this bullshit is more likely to make the un-engaged middle become engaged against Antifa in street violence.

        But they’re going to become White Nationalists, not Nazis, and there is a difference, as blurry as that difference might be from one individual or group to the next.

        The time to stop it was long ago, before ‘White Genocide’ became an acceptable political stance to have out in the open.

        The two escape routes remaining are someone like President Trump engaging the national guard to do the right thing in the face of Democrats insisting on doing the wrong thing which will quickly de-escalate the violence and make it a moot point.

        The other escape route is to get someone charismatic and iron-willed enough to become the next George Washington, but clever enough to pull it off without getting nullified with a very long prison term. They’re going to have to create an activist group based around the Ideals of American Exceptionalism and successfully take down Antifa/BLM in the streets, one way or another, and then take the megaphones of public opinion away from the people who have them now. Along with taking over or destroying Public Education sooner than later. Really, I could keep going. It’s a very long, disheartening list.

        Short of either of those, Democrats/Progressives and their Antifa/BLM goons are going to keep escalating things until the rest of the country roles over for their communist agenda or enough of the rest of the country joins the White Nationalist to have an honest civil war, and then it’s anyone’s game.

        Oh, and speaking big picture, un-engaged Americans.

        The Political Left is operating the same as Islam is as far as revolutionary tactics go. The ‘Respectable Majority’ (read: Not All Muslims) are playing cover for their radical, supremacist adherents by excusing their behavior or tacitly/openly approving of it or just looking the other way. To be fair, most are drones that just want to live their lives and not rock the boat, but they’re still complicit to the problem.

        People have begun to make the comparison that BLM/Antifa are the equivalent of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, but I haven’t seen the full realization of how exactly the same the U.S. Political Left and Political Islam are operating.

        1. an activist group… Usaians?
          I don’t think white supremacy flies in the US. Sorry, we’re all mutts. I think if they start pushing too hard, they too get shut down by normal human beings.

          1. You’re right, white supremacy doesn’t fly in the U.S. But still, White Nationalist before Nazi. It was the response to you saying the un-engaged would be pushed toward Nazism before Antifa.

            And you’re missing the trick with White Nationalism. It’s not white supremacy a la the Aryan of Nazi mythos. It’s the desire to turn the U.S. into Japan so white folk can get on with their lives without BLM or Intersectionalist Zealots screaming in their faces and agitating for white genocide or at least 3rd class citizenship for whites.

            White Nationalism doesn’t need white supremacism, and can live comfortably with the idea that whites are no better than any other ethnic group, even if it probably won’t.

            So White Nationalism has a bigger draw than you think, and in the lack of any other rallying flags to use against Antifa/BLM goons, it’ll do. That’ll become more true as pressure and injustice and violence escalate on our digital screens of choice.

            That said, White Nationalism isn’t the path of the U.S. It’d be a great step backwards in human history if things go that way. In all, White Nationalism will very likely will fizzle out somewhere along the line, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have its moment if things get ugly enough.

            Also note that most mutts are ‘white’ by today’s standards. See George Zimmerman. White Nationalism could end up being everyone the Left labels as ‘white’, like the so-called “race traitors” Thomas Sowell and Ben Carson. And the funny thing about it all is that the people being pushed toward the White Nationalist banner know it’s not about being white. The majority of them won’t bat an eye if a black or latino soul tag along, and will try to tamp down or eject the actual white supremacists in their midst.

            It would be a mess all the same, but welcome to the world of no good options remaining.

            1. Sigh. No sale. You can’t turn the US into Japan for white people. Again, by the definitions the alt-right flies “no ancestor who was an immigrant in the last 3 generations” they’ll be lucky to get a few hundred thousand people.
              NO SALE. It’s a pipe dream of people who live in a bubble.

              1. Japan ostracizes Japanese people of Untouchable caste, Ainu who were there before the Japanese, Okinawans, people from provinces not close to Tokyo, the entire west coast, members of any religion not Shinto or Buddhist, unapproved kinds of Shinto or Buddhism, people whose ancestors lost three hundred years ago….

                Seriously, you do not want to be Japan. The more you love Japan, the more obvious that it is a total mess, covered by a tablecloth of politeness and formality.

                1. If you start dating someone, your traditional Japanese parents will get your ancestry looked up in highly illegal books, to find out if you belong to any blacklisted category of genealogy. And woe to you if your name seems similar.

                  Japan does not even have that many given names and surnames, so you can see how this is a Bad Idea on many levels.

                2. and they made the terms unspeakable. You can’t even speak of a butcher because that was one thing that made its practioners burakumin.

                  With the effect that a burakumin organization can’t get its name on the news.

              2. I’m not trying to sell it. White Nationalism is incompatible with the American Experiment. I thought I made that clear enough without wasting all the usual words on it.

                I’m telling you their perspective, and the perspective of people who might be drawn to White Nationalism, how it might become slightly more than very, very tiny as part of the escalation of events on the street. I’m wandering through all the forces I see pushing people in that direction, to include the irony of the Left labeling everyone that doesn’t follow or fit their narrative as ‘white’.

                And yes, Japan’s society has a great many issues. Trying to become the white version of Japan will not work. That ship sailed a long, long time ago for the U.S., and etc etc. The impossibility of it doesn’t matter, the White Nationalists are still marching resolutely into that wall.

                1. Oh, about that Alt-Right thing. There’s no set definition to what that community is.

                  To the Left, Alt-Right is everyone to the right of Lenin and Marx, increasingly. Seriously. Some hack journalist tried to label Dr. Jordan Peterson as Alt-Right and he sees himself as a classic British Liberal.

                  To Mainstream Conservatives, Alt-Right is everyone they think is giving the movement a bad name, and smear them all as Nazis.

                  To many (but not all) young Libertarians and the rest of the Reactionary Right, they are the real Alt-Right because, to them, Mainstream Conservatism is just a bunch of Globalists, RINOs, and Corporate whores. Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists are not welcome. They think White Nationalists are crazy racists too. This is your average Kekistan crowd. Admittedly, there’s a fair bit of anti-Semitic bleed in here for the rank and file but not in the leadership.

                  To the drecks of the handful of Neo-Nazis and other White Supremacists or White Nationalists clinging to life, they’re Alt-Right because they want the cred that the young Libertarians and other Reactionary Right are gaining. Combined with all the white hate going around, there’s something like a gradient between this group and the previous for the rank and file drone types, but a clear separation remains between the leadership figures of these racists and the Libertarian/Reaction group.

                  It’s almost a situation where who you think is Alt-Right says more about you than whatever the Alt-Right label is suppose to be and stand for. It’s actually kind of annoying that way, because it gives cover for a lot of lazy smear jobs and just general confusion all around.

          2. Also, also – Yes, Usaians.

            But I’ll confess I haven’t ready any of those stories, so I have no idea how you spun them, exactly.

    4. “(Germany’s National Socialism is the worst of every world: Left-Wing Utopianism with Every (but predominately Left) -Wing racism with Right-Wing Nationalism).”

      I’d say rather that NatSoc is left-wing nationalism. Right-wing nationalism is “everyone gets their own country”. Left-wing nationalism is “and we get YOUR country TOO.”

        1. To split hairs, you’re not talking Nationalism, you’re talking the Ideological Zealotry end of Utopianism.

          Nationalism is what’s best for my country, and at the extreme, extends to taking someone else’s land for your own country’s benefit. It’s basic, root tribalism and favors the generic Conservative or Right-Wing Personality.

          The Ideological Zealotry end of Utopianism is everyone must be like me. So every country must be under the umbrella of Communism (Utopia) one way or another, for example. Utopianism favors the generic Liberal or Left-Wing Personality.

          And personality types – as in actual, measurable personality traits – is the only place where the Left-Wing/Right-Wing divide makes sense. All the talk about Socialism or Nazism being Left/Right Wing is arbitrary garbage that’s only useful with propaganda. Hence why it’s so misused.

          That said, it’s a lot of mud really. Nationalism and Utopianism become the same-difference at their extreme ends of Ideological Zealotry.

          And Germany had blended to two sides of Nationalistic and Utopianistic Zealotry together, which is probably why it almost won WW2, at least until the almost inevitable biting off more than they could chew and other mistakes of overconfidence. Which is why I’ll allow that Nazism was the worst of every world.

          1. To split hairs, you’re not talking Nationalism, you’re talking the Ideological Zealotry end of Utopianism.

            I believe she’s using the term as used by those who claimed it, rather than what it actually met the definition of.

  4. And… The MSM just had a segment on “Is the President mentally ill and should we remove him for this reason.” Slippery slope indeed.

    1. I’ve paid attention to every presidency since Nixon and this is the first whose legitimacy was disputed since Day 1. Just think how bad it would have been if one of the candidates hadn’t spent the last couple months before the election loudly lecturing us about the importance of not disputing the legitimacy of election returns.

  5. Just finished ‘Strange Days’ and had a quick comment – Back when OWS was in its heyday, I had several people ask me if I ‘supported’ OWS.

    My answer was that it depended on what you meant by ‘supported’, If you meant did I support their right to peaceably assemble and seek to redress their perceived grievances, then the answer was yes. Everybody has the right to make damfools of themselves. Lord knows I’ve done it myself a time or two (or . . .) in the past. If you meant did I support the aims and goals of the, if it actually qualified for the term, organization, then the answer was OH, HELL NO!!!

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