Bright Shiny Buttons

Okay, ladies, gentlemen and small fuzzy animals.  Vignettes are postponed till tomorrow, when there might also if Oyster has time, be a promo post.

This is the time in the blog where (Giovanni Guareschi readers will get this) I turn the picture of Heinlein to the wall, put my hands on my hips and speak in my own way.

Before we start, I want to point out this is my one and only post on this sh*t and that it is done ONLY to be my one and only post on this thing, because a) I have a job.  (Three, actually, if you count insty and pjmedia, but who’s counting?) b) I don’t have time to get into playground fights. c) Did I mention I have a job?  And a family? And friends?  All whom come before playground fights.

You know “why does it always have to be snakes?”  In my case it’s “why does it always have to be the attacking stupid?”  And more importantly why does the attacking stupid have to strike while I’m really busy, away from home and trying to finish work before a convention?

It never fails.  It’s like I send “I’m out of home and busy” beacons throughout the world and the stupid go “Oh, great time to have fight with my mirror and pretend it’s Sarah.”  It looks something like this:


The last time this happened it was because the VolksDeutsche Expatriate decided it was a great time to fight with me on the meaning of being American while I had cued up posts and was a space convention minding my own business.  He was all:


While I was all:


And he got so mad that he faked a tweet from me saying I’d punch him. Which is quite insane because a) I don’t tweet. b) If I ever threatened anyone in public, I’d threaten to have them have something silly happen to them, like being eaten by a komodo dragon.


Or maybe danced to death by a secretary bird:


But mostly I don’t threaten people, certainly not with anything physical, because my life is like this:


And if it weren’t, I’d rather it be like this:

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a physical fight. I never want to be in another again. And frankly I don’t have much use for online fights again, because my life is mostly like this:


This time the sequence is, if anything, even more bizarre. On Tuesday Amanda Green asked me to swap days with her at MGC. It has occurred to me I should give people reassurance I didn’t forget I promised, long ago, to put up a Sad Puppies Permanent page to become a review and recommend site which might give indies (in all fields, not just SF a chance to shine.) Back then (I’m sure you can find the post if you look at MGC) I said we were bringing the movement in for a landing, decoupling it from apparent pursuit of awards (apparent? Yeah. More on that) and retiring the name with dignity to become a place to find books you want to read.

Now, when I put up that post, many months ago, I was very surprised at getting this reaction from a bunch of blogs supposedly on our side:

They were all like “why does she think we need a review/recommend site, when we already have this one.” So in the post at MGC I tipped my hat to the right, pointed out that yes, I read their reviews but we had different sensibilities. (Some of them, at least, draw the review line on the philosophy of the author. Eh, to each his own, right.)

My horribly offensive post is here: About those lost puppies.

Understand I posted this because I felt mildly guilty, the same way I feel mildly guilty about being late sending out books and shirts and stuff promised to fans, because this year has entailed a month of auto-immune attack for every two months well, and since I have more deliveries than UPS, when I’m finally well, I have to catch up on that month of lost work.

I did not feel guilty about a) not turning over Sad Puppies to someone else. Sad Puppies was Larry’s, then Brad’s, then Kate’s, and is now mine and next year will be mostly Amanda’s. We were in it from the beginning, and we have decided long ago that it would stay within the cabal, because none of us — all of us public figures to a degree or another — can afford to have something associated with our name taken down a crazy road without us having control over it. b) Not putting up a list for the Hugos — I was never going to put up a list. And I feel queasy about encouraging people to vote for an award that has been so thoroughly tainted. c) Not putting up a list for the Dragon. The Dragon is bigger than any of us. Some small names got in last year, but they were just because it was the first time. Right now I’m not big enough for the dragons, and I doubt any who covet it are either. d) I thought it was time to get out from between the fight of the Volksdeutshe expatriate and the guardians of chorfdom, because they’re all like this:


And I’m all like this:


THE POINT of the fight for the Sad Puppies was never to get the Hugos, to conquer the Hugos or to hold the Hugos in perpetuity. It was simply to show that the fight was rigged and in the possession of a small clique.

THIS was amply proven by Larry and Brad, and if more was needed, Kate did a double reverse maneuver and actually proved that even if you did EVERYTHING they wanted you to do from open nomination, to more than the slots per category, to actually attending conventions and being very very nice, they would still attack you if you weren’t one of the club.

To continue participating in the Hugos at all after that would be stupid. Like this:

We’ve proven the dot isn’t there to catch, you’re never going to catch it, if you caught it it wouldn’t be worth anything, and frankly those of us in possession of more than a back brain understood both that the fight was never really over the Hugos and that we were never going to catch it. And at some point, it was going to stop and come in for a landing, while we went back to something more productive, like this:

Because this is how we actually make a living, and this is what matters to us. (More about awards in a moment.)

We figured the Chorfs would be celebrating their making of the Hugo more selective with this maneuver:


Vile 666 would be throwing a party like this:

The VolksDeutsche Expatriate would be commanding his armies like this (Only with a photo of himself behind him):


And we’d be:


So, imagine my surprise when my post immediately attracted two commenters yelling at me for… well… actually I have no idea because most of it makes no sense. You guys can see the comments yourselves. There’s something about me looking down on people who don’t use the right oyster fork. You guys know my background and my question on this is… there’s a FORK? FOR OYSTERS? Why?


The other one apparently had something about me slandering other puppy-descended movements, which frankly… was news to me. First slander doesn’t mean what they think it means. Second, I’m fairly sure to slander them I’d have to mention them, and I don’t recall I have, except for Superversive, for whose anthology, Forbidden thoughts I wrote a short story. (It was as a press of that name needs to make it a rather more on-the-nose anthology than I’d have made it, but the point is I wasn’t the editor, the stories weren’t mine to choose, and it would be a funny world if my aesthetics were the only ones that counted, right? So, saying they have different tastes from me doesn’t count as a slander, right? particularly when I still wrote for them. Either that or I don’t know what slander means. Maybe I slandered them BY writing for them? I’m SOOOOOOO confused.)

What I do understand however is that the idea of bringing the movement for a landing was absolutely right, because in the middle of their bilge, these derp canoes made it a point of saying we should save our fight until we “push the SJWs out of publishing.”

This was so crazy I kind of glossed over it, until an alert reader answered that point and then I was like:


And then I was like:


1- This is EXACTLY what we were accused of by the left and the media. Do you mean you guys on the right believed it? Wow.

2 – This was never part of our intention, because we’re not crazy. Most of us are Americans who believe in freedom of speech. You’re allowed to write whatever you want to. And we’re allowed to point and laugh or simply ignore it.

3- How in actual heck do you propose to “push someone out of publishing”? Newsflash for those who live in backward European countries — there’s indie. Anyone can publish. Sure, you can destroy anyone’s readership, maybe (only you can’t if they’re on the left, unless you’re more left than they are) but how do you plan to make sure they don’t change names and publish again?

4- It is possible to block people from awards, which is what the left has been doing. But awards are THEIR game, because they’re a way to get tenure and better teaching salaries. What do they mean to us? Not a heck of a lot. So pushing them out of the awards would be a lot of work that gains us nothing, particularly since they’ve changed the rules so they can’t be pushed out.

5- If you somehow DID manage to push them out of TRADITIONAL publishing (which was never a Sad Puppies objective and which we DO NOT approve of), you’d not push them out of sales, distribution, or any of the other places now owned by the left, so you’re kind of like:


That’s what you want to do? Fine. We’ll:


You rock on. But we will be like this:


Because awards are a game of the left. And a game of authors with a great big following. My books sell okay, but I’m not yet where I could win a Dragon, or where it would do any good for my career, because you know what? Amazon rankings don’t lie. Someday, maybe.

Until then I’ll be doing this:


And you should too.

And Sad Puppies will be a review and recommend side, everything working out this next week.

You want to have a fight with establishment SF? We might even hold your coat. Depending on how sane you are.

BUT you can’t call it Sad Puppies, a name associated with OUR names and therefore of importance to us.

I understand you don’t approve of what I’m doing. I just fail to see why I should care.


This is my last statement on all of this. You guys carry on fighting Mirror-Sarah because I’m busy.


213 thoughts on “Bright Shiny Buttons

  1. Wait, what?! No vignettes Sunday?

    I might as well go back to bed. It isn’t as if I give a woof about puppies, except to argue they ought not be kicked.

          1. Alternate check axiom: Reading should be entertaining.

            I can live in a universe in which Posner is or is not a moron, and in which the question of the proper disposition of Word Press is an open question, but I do not wish to reside in any universe in which reading is required to be morally uplifting and its entertainment value is irrelevant.

            1. Maybe “stimulating.”

              Maybe even “positively stimulating.”

              Some of Chesterton is very stimulating, and definitely positive, but it’s not really ENTERTAINING– you just feel “full” like after a good meal.

              1. I would say ‘fullfills a satisfying purpose’. There are different kinds of books and different kinds of reading. Chesterton hits very different buttons than Webber or Correia who hit different buttons than Tolkien and so forth. Webber and Correia are like literary Pizza or grilled steak and potatoes. Good, solid reading, but the quality of the food not the type is what’s going to get talked about. Pizza by itself isn’t that exciting, but dang that pizza place on the corner has the best pizza in three counties! style writting gets noticed in that solid baseline type of writing. Then you have Tolkien who is rather like the formal sunday dinner style meal. There’s a few odd foibles, but over all it’s Gramma’s feast (though you might wish she’d left out the asparagus this year, she never does.) and there’s almost too much of it. Then Chesterton is more like a fancy fondue meal. Something to be savored. Something to go ‘no wait, hear me out before you start saying fondue is silly snob food…’

                Thing is each of these is going to appeal differently to different people. Some people are going to want sausage pizza, others veggy, and people are more likely to have pizza on a regular basis than Gramma’s feast or the fondue place. You’re also going to have people who avoid Gramma’s feast because all they really wanted was the turkey and mashed potatoes (and maybe some pie after) and all the rest of it is getting in the way.

                As with these food types, each serves a purpose and a niche for people. Not all niches appeal to all people, and sometimes it’s hard to find a word or descriptor that pulls all of the worthwhile examples of each type together. But there’s a literary equivalent of going ‘you know? that was good.’ Even if the book in question was pure popcorn. Sometimes you want nice buttery popcorn. A good book, leaves you satisfied. It scratches whatever itch or craving you had that inspired you to pick it up. (You’re not going to pick up pizza book if you’re craving gramma’s turkey if you can get the turkey.)

                1. And some books are your annoying Aunt Edna telling you, “Eat your kale and beets! They’re good for you!” And she never has cookies in the house because those wouldn’t be healthy. Not even one after your healthy dinner. And everything has to be cooked in canola oil because butter is bad for you. And salt and gluten and peanuts and fat and sugar and meat and processed foods and ….

                  (And I agree with oyster! 😉 )

          2. The number of viable universes in which Posner is not a moron closely approaches zero, for most values of “viable.”

            1. But what about those in which he does not exist? Do they exist? There would probably still be a moron, just with a different name. Or is that possible?

      1. Or maybe danced to death by a secretary bird:

        It was just too embarrassing.

        The day had started pretty much in the normal way. Alarm, wake, get dressed and grab breakfast before heading out the door to catch the 8:15 to 17th Street Station. Then the explosion at the zoo. Here I am at the gates trying to explain.

        1. And St. Peter just keeps looking at me and breaking into giggles, followed by belly laughs. He can’t even manage to open those Pearly Gates to let me in!


        2. Okay, this chick had moves; show her some of mine and hook up! That was hours ago. The band kept playing, our feet stepping, our hips swaying, arms waving, my heart pumping about to burst. I looked at her, this desk jockey, and no way I was stopping before her.

      2. “Oh, great time to have fight with my mirror and pretend it’s Sarah.” It looks something like this:

        Yeah? What’s that you say?

        You want to fight? Well I’ll fight. I’m ready if you are. Come on, just bring it on.

        What’s the matter? Didn’t you hear me? Are you trying to mock me or something?

        Well take that. And that. And this. I’m not quitting. Not me.

        1. I can keep this up as long as you can! Darn, the shiny guy just will not quit!

          Okay, those were good. How about the rest? Come on, you don’t want to stop now, do you? You’re just getting warmed up!

          1. This is my last statement on all of this. You guys carry on fighting Mirror-Sarah because I’m busy.

            I am not by nature a writer. Sometimes I find myself hit on the head by a muse – tis someone else’s muse mind you.

            So I beg that you, whoever you are, when your muse comes to your door please listen to her and do not dismiss her so lightly.

      3. And if it weren’t, I’d rather it be like this:

        It was a rare and precious treat, some time to myself. I took my book in hand and headed down the long path in the park. Today I just might get to finish it. What could be better?

        Bother! I really need to be more careful when I eat celery.

      4. d) I thought it was time to get out from between the fight of the Volksdeutshe expatriate and the guardians of chorfdom, because they’re all like this:

        “‘Good night children,’ Mother said as she turned off the light. She softly closed the door as she left the room. Lying in their beds, all their possessions once again safely around them, the children happily talked about their adventures, one by one drifting off into dreamland. The End.”


      5. I was very surprised at getting this reaction from a bunch of blogs supposedly on our side:

        Pulling the ladder up behind me, I prayed the platform would hold. Checking how cosmic rescue dogs responded to placements proved interesting. The dog had taken to Jane, but there remained a problem.

        “So, tell me again, why did you think it was a good idea to name him Cujo?”

      6. …decided it was a great time to fight with me on the meaning of being American while I had cued up posts and was a space convention minding my own business. He was all:

        Balloons are always been so enjoyable. Remember your first one at the end of a sting tied to your wrist floating in the air above you? Why should we deprive our fine feathered friends from joining into the fun?

        MINIs! For the bird in your life. Just beware the pop.

  2. In my humble opinion that was surprisingly restrained, all things considered. Personally I think that the Popular Front for Sad Puppies and the Sad Puppies Peoples Front can both go forth and attempt self-sexual reproduction.

    PS Supervise press? Shirley shome mishtake?

  3. Hearing about this sort of nonsense gives me an “Is There Intelligent Life On Planet Earth” reaction. 😉

    1. At this stage of our development, no, which is why our alien friends refuse to land and invite us into the greater interstellar community.
      We just ain’t ready yet.

        1. Be careful. Next thing we know we are going to get those same time travelers who are always trying to kill a certain WWII personage going after him. And the time cops after them. And the whole thing is going to become an unholy mess. End of the world and so on. Very tiring.

          1. When one of those time inflections points occurs, so that tons of people up and down the timeline attempt to change it, why is there never a time jam? Like a traffic jam, but in the time vector? They always seem to slip past each other somehow. You’d thing that something so important would wind up with thousands of time travelers crashing into each other.

            1. C’mon, Wayne, we all know why:

              It’s bcause Time is actually just a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

              Just. Don’t. Blink.

            2. I have actually read that story, but it was that the jam happened around the time of the JFK shooting and many time travelers got stuck there, no matter the timeline. Two people, one from a world where Challenger debris took out a school, one from another timeline, met.

              1. An alternate question is: Has a spaceship ever run into the debris caused by improper attempts at time travel? You know the ones – they go, “We can travel in time!” And then they say, “….!” because in space no one can hear you scream. Because they forgot to compensate for the motion of the planet, and landed in deep space…

                    1. But, you should be able to reach knees. Taken out properly, necks are suddenly much easier to reach. 😉

                  1. Coincidental thought. Fairly common for me. I also frequently run into completely disparate situations with odd parallels, such as: I’m currently reading Ringo’s Kildar, and something there (a fairly big discovery) related closely to something I just saw posted on Facebook. And the subject of each is something I can’t recall ever hearing about previously, related to mythology.

            3. Most of them get backed up on the 405/101 interchange and it limits the risk of simultaneity. Although it should be pointed out that most of the “bonfires” in those prewar Nazi rally newsreels were actually intersectional detonations (intersectionality apparently has the same effect on solid matter it has on liberal arts degrees.)

  4. Ah, a sort of instance of one of favorite minor Twain charactes: Doangivadamn.

    As I said (very delayed, for.. ox slow) on MGC, it’s really just about zombie prevention. If it could be guaranteed that the SP ‘brand’ would just fade away, well, that’s not really a problem. It’s that those counter (or perhaps merely orthogonal) to it could co-opt it that’s the problem.

  5. Discussing oyster forks where our local mollusk can see them? Barbarians!

    Meanwhile, I just finished my last day of work for about three weeks or so, so I’m hoping to relax for a bit.

            1. I got spoiled by having several kinds of herring and salmon on the breakfast buffets in Germany for a week and a half. And for supper? herring and salmon and sole and flounder and brill and… Almost convinced me that being a fish-eater wouldn’t be so bad. Almost.

          1. not big on fish, Not anything on pickled fish.
            So not anything.
            Like, you can have it all, hopefully as far away as possible, not big

      1. Bass having a small body weight, it doesn’t take much hooch to get them stewed.

          1. Just so long as they aren’t perched. And I believe poaching bass can land you in jail . . .

      2. I’ve met a pickled bassist or two.

        Come to think of it, I’ve met a pickled Bass. My great grandpa’s name was Bass………

    1. I thought oyster forks were those devices designed for separating oysters from their beds with a minimum of silt carried along?

      1. I suggest switching to stainless. Silver and plate tarnish far too quickly around salt water.

      2. It’s all about signalling wealth and social status.

        Oysters have no hands. Why else would they need forks?

        We were probably better off when oyster forks were all the fashion rather than SJW virtue signalling. At least the silversmiths made money!

      3. Hey, if you got an expected package from a lady of shadows– drop a line, please? Physical communications are all going magic-8-ball “try again later.”

        1. I did, I did! The size if finally suitable, so photos shall be forthcoming as soon as I can scrape enough brain cells and a cooperative minion together.

      1. We don’t *need* forks any more than you mammals do. It’s just more civilized.

  6. No vignettes? Well I guess I will survive. In the meantime, cookies need baking, and cleaning, and dinners, and writing, and…..

  7. What seems to escape the [EXPLETIVES] is that awards are not about ludic reading. (Or is it that ludic reading is not about awards? meh – po-tay-toe/po-tah-toe.) Writers, actual real, professional writers, do not write for awards, they write for money. For such writers awards only matter so far as they boost sales.

    As I recall, Larry’s work was criticized for its failure to win awards, as if that were his raison d’écrire. Larry’s counter argument (besides his Scrooge McDuck-like lucre swimming) was that the reason he did not win awards had nothing to do with the merits of his writing but because the people nominating and voting for those awards were “mean girls” who would never, ever permit anyone so uncouth as him to win. That the process of award selection was a stacked deck, a perk of being an insider and had naught to do with actual literary merit.

    In the course of Sad Puppies campaigns past the awards process has been revealed (and eventually acknowledged by those awarding) to be not a popular fan vote but a vote of the “popular” fans. Sad Puppies have done more, they’ve proven that award approval cannot be bought, that those disbursing the awards will accept the dollars (non-attending memberships) of folks whose votes they will refuse to countenance. Ordinarily, such integrity is admirable, but in this instance it has been financial integrity in defense of intellectual hypocrisy.

    All hypotheses proven, including that the Sad Puppies promoters were all Mormon males (albeit several with great racks) who would never be permitted to sit at the kool kidz table (as well that those kidz were anything but kool) there was scant cause for throwing good money after bad. Alternate, actual fan-based awards are evolving in refutation of the faux-fan awards, and there remains nothing worth proving.

    Further arguments serve only to distract energy from other, more worthwhile pursuits for the amusement of people who, frankly, do not have your best interests at heart. Even such response as you’ve offered here seems gratuitously courteous toward such critics determined to follow in the path of J. Wellington Wimpy by proposing, :Let’s you and him fight.”

    1. The Ludic Awards.

      What’s that? No, “ludic” NOT lewd-ic or … now really.
      No see here, that is why you cannot have nice things.
      No, not we, just YOU.
      So what if you do not like it?
      We do not care what you like.
      And to be truthful, “sir” we do not care for likes of you, either.
      Good day, sir!

      1. The Sabot Awards for the best wooden shoe thrown into the guts of the BigPub Establishment.

        The Shirtstorm Award, for the largest innocently caused SJW Twitter eruption of the year.

          1. TC: Not-Puppies Twittering Aimlessly in the Open.
            Gunner: Indentified! Range 2000 meters!
            TC: Gunner, Award Them Sabot!
            Loader: Up!
            Gunner: On The Way!!

              1. WP so you take care of disposing of the bodies.

                I’m all about labor saving…

              2. You need AP to get through the thickness of bone… several feet in some cases.

            1. En passant par la Lorraine avec mes sabots Everybody sing along!
              Looks around silent room with puzzled expression.

    2. I hope Larry is figuratively swimming in the filthy lucre. The thought of the papercuts he could get if he tried for real is horrifying. 😀

  8. Okay, ladies, gentlemen and small fuzzy animals..

    Hrmm.. not a lady.
    Not a small fuzzy animal.
    (I suppose those much larger might disagree)
    So… Gentleman?
    Egad, I have… couth?
    If so, what do I do to/with/about/for it?

      1. I do like a good Manhattan.
        Heck, I like a mediocre Manhattan.
        Those who make a Manhattan with Jack Daniels, however, need something. Psychiatric help, if one is feeling charitable.

            1. The first time I saw Manhattan, I immediately understood Spiderman.

              After I’d been there a few hours, I concluded that Peter Parker was a glutton for punishment.

        1. For some reason my taste buds prefer Jim Beam (Black Label) to Jack Daniels. No, I wouldn’t make a Manhattan with it either.

          1. I think the proper title would be a Lynchburg, both because that’s where Jack is brewed and because anybody so desecratin’ a fine sippin’ whiskey ought be strung up.

            1. Mixed drinks usually became popular because there was some reason to disguise the taste of something. Most of them were about disguising the taste of Prohibition era booze of doubtful provenance. The exception that I know of is Gin and Tonic which was to disguise the taste of medical strength tonic water (quinine).

              1. The Manhattan predates Prohibition by at least a couple decades and has no moderator(mixer). The vermouth might tone done the whiskey slightly and the bitters are only significant to taste. (My ideal Manhattan: rye, a good well treated sweet vermouth, orange bitters, cherry – no juice).

                A Manhattan made with lower shelf or rail is a fairly honest drink. It doesn’t taste outright bad, but does indicate “Be careful, lest I(and my buddies) kick your —.” made with higher quality stuff, it gets downright dangerous as the only thing it might might say is, “Hello, friend!” as it/they proceed to kick your — if you are not careful. Dorothy Parker’s little poem about the dangers of the (well made) Martini apply. The difference is that a Martini must be ‘just so’ or is fairly nasty. A Manhattan can take some serious mucking up and still be at least tolerable.

    1. “Not a small fuzzy animal.”

      Have you asked Fluffy his opinion on your size? Or the sea serpent in the minion poll hers?

  9. Some folks keep up, and they shall get the same respect as the head blob at Vile gets from Larry. They’re just coming at it from the opposite direction.

  10. What?/!? there was a fight and I missed it? Well, I was busy getting my thyroid fixed and other assorted things (yep I’ve been dong music as well) and writing. Too busy– and too tired for anything else.

    1. More of a one-sided ass kicking. They came, they saw, they felt Sarah’s size 9 steel toe upon their fundaments.

  11. “3- How in actual heck do you propose to “push someone out of publishing”? Newsflash for those who live in backward European countries — there’s indie. Anyone can publish. Sure, you can destroy anyone’s readership, maybe (only you can’t if they’re on the left, unless you’re more left than they are) but how do you plan to make sure they don’t change names and publish again?”

    THIS. The only way you will do this is to take over the government and institute the same kind of totalitarianism the SJWs want. F*ck that. Why in God and or Satan’s name would you want this? The only damn thing that you gain from trying to run other people’s lives is no damn time to live your own.

    I know there are lots of people on this blog who seem to think I want some kind of civil war. Heck no; I have a wife, a puppy, and a recliner, none of whom I have nearly enough time with. Killing people is WORK.

    Unfortunately, the Left is mentally ill enough to want to run MY life, and history’s sad lesson is that people like that do not stop unless presented with a stack of their OWN corpses and a guarantee to any stragglers that if they don’t leave me and mine alone theirs will be added to the pile.

    1. As I have explained it, I not really ever (or at least very rarely) felt any urge to kill anyone. There, however, some people who I will take great pleasure in out-living.

      1. Best revenge ever. Outliving and living better than those that have done you wrong. Somedays it’s harder than others living by that maxim.

    2. Ayup – thanks to Indie there is no cause to push the SJWs out of publishing. Their refusal to adapt to a changing marketplace will ensure they will self-deport from the publishing world, paying unrealistically high advances to authors who win awards but not readers.

      1. Yeah. This. If I am wrong about BigPub making poor business decisions, I may also be wrong about the concentration of character issues. The former can be tested further, and will be without my input.

  12. Seems very -Leftist- of the two morons to be trying to “drive a whole group out of publishing.” I wouldn’t object to seeing some SJW friendly publishing houses go BANKRUPT, but that is a different thing.

    However, despite this being a really great post, methinks Sarah worries too much about these idiots. Their -actual- complaint is that a Sad Puppies review site will compete against their Rabid site.

    Welcome to Capitalism, boys. Competition is a thing. Better up your game, eh?

    1. Oh, no, this post is because my fans and friends tell me I’ve been maligned all over facebook and back for the mean evil dastardly person I am
      Because I won’t let them have my brand to play with. Sweet, uh?

      1. I wanted to make a remark comparing what gets written on FB to what gets written on the walls of toilet stalls, but I realized I have actually read witty and amusing things while in the stall.

      2. It seems that more than just Posner is a moron.

        Still, how much time can one reasonably devote to drubbing a bunch of no-talent coattail riders?

      3. Did they know “Sad Puppies” was your brand? Seems a bit inside baseball.

        But I have to use MyFaceInATube for work so I never know what’s going on over there.

  13. Somewhere there needs to be a gif similar to the typing ones, but of a reader reading.

    So when you’re like:
    *typing gif*
    I’m like:
    *reading gif*

    Because everytime I go down the rabbit hole on one of these types of posts, I feel my eyes rolling so hard that:
    *Arnold’s eyeballs’ bulging in ‘Total Recall”
    and I remember why I shouldn’t be reading that stuff.

  14. Oh, bother. There appears to have been a bit of a snit whilst I was mucking out the Augean Stables… err, replacing sewage and drainage lines.

    (reads a bit to catch up)
    (skips some of it)
    (okay, a bunch of it)

    Still think I came out the cleaner, in the end, by not participating. That’s a lot of skull sweat expended that doesn’t appear to have garnered any Washington Awards.

  15. I’ve won a couple of Oscar Nite party contests by picking for the award result predictions not necessarily the best films but which ones check the most SJW virtue points.

    Sad but true . . .

    1. Cool! I like Sousa Marches. When I was a boy we had an ancient crank Victrola in the basement. Some of the 78s were Sousa Marches. Either I or one of my brothers eventually broke the mechanism, but Sousa Marches and Tennessee Ernie Ford singing Sixteen Tons are fond childhood memories.

  16. Just now, I was struck with an alternate, simplifying answer to the core question in this whole mess. It’s not a new answer, not original with me, but I see it clearly today.

    Reading should be engaging.

    Different people are engaged by different things, and there’s room for most of them.

    Holding out your definition of engaging as “correct” only shows you to be a fool. The market will decide, one person at a time.

    Giving awards to what you like may create attention, but it doesn’t create engagement.

  17. That thread was… something else. I was only peripherally involved but I was very surprised by a couple of points, that I had never heard of this last January and that the blog post they were so upset about was so innocuous. I have never blocked anyone before this but I did some of those folks. Oh well, if this is the worst problem I have this week it is a good week.

    1. Yeah, there’s been a series of posts on FB I’M TOLD and I’m the worst person evah. Note I’m Told. I’m away and trying to catch up on writing. I have official stuff tomorrow, and this is NOT really that important. Which is why that’s my last post on it.

      1. Pugs are a great way to embrace the dark side.

        (Why yes, I still play pick-up games for some multiplayer games…)

  18. The only awards that I am seeking are certificates of accomplishment. Most of them have pictures of dead Presidents. Although I’m fine with either of the two that aren’t…

    1. Money will get you through periods of no awards better than awards will get you through times of no money.

      With apologies to Gilbert Shelton

      1. Furry Freak Brothers strike again! “Grass will get you through periods of no money better than money will get you through periods of no grass.”
        Modified later by Stuart Brand re books and libraries.

      2. But awards will get you money. If the award is sturdy enough, and you’re willing to spend your evenings hanging out in dark alleys.

  19. First photo: the posture of Tata the huge boxer trying to get one of the funny little puppies (store cats) to play with him.

  20. I’ve been wondering if the Sad Puppy review site was still going to be a thing. I’m glad to hear the project wasn’t scrapped!

    1. Nah. Beyond the auto-immune which has been a pain this year (TMI due to sudden menopause caused by surgery two years ago, my body is in panic mode, and stuff will happen to autoimmune and other non-normal symptoms) and beyond the fact my total books due for the year are 8 and I’d like to do 10, beyond the fact we’re flying out every single month between now and November, and internationally TWO TIMES, our site host decided to get attacked or have issues or something, so we had to move. We now have sites and hosts, but I haven’t had a break long enough to put SOMETHING up. So… this week, probably. Next at the latest.

  21. Before i read any other comments i am going to disagree with Sarah. If the Dragon awards had a short story category, “Something Worse Hereafter” would totally be worthy of a Dragon.

    oh, and plus infinity to the rest of it.

    1. It’s not just worthy. Darkship Revenge is pretty d*mn good. But I don’t have the sheer following for it to have got to enough of fandom while still eligible. So…

      1. I put you in. Damn fine writing.

        You know how hard it is to write a series novel in which a N00b can pick up, what was it, book 3 without reading the previous titles and have a grand time?

        Mr. Forrester would tip his hat to you, were he able.

  22. That post, was … -epic-. Bravo. And thank you.

    Your critics, for the vast majority, have not earned a single dollar from written word, and their BS cannot even fertilize a single petunia.

  23. OK, I apologize for asking once again for the guest post e-mail address, but could someone please give me the guest post e-mail address again? I carefully wrote it down, and then 1) cleaned up my desk and sorted my papers and then 2) left town and can’t find where I carefully put it.

    Thanks. I’m going to tape it the the front of the shelf so it can’t get lost this time.

  24. But what do you do when the bulletin board gets full? Do you add another one? Where do you put what needs to be on the board when all the important things are buried?

  25. Bright shiny buttons? You mean keys on the keyboard, or the ones on a dress uniform jacket, or… hum, there actually are lots of buttons around, and quite a few are bright and shiny, now that you mention it. Which buttons?

    1. Not that one. That’s the auto eject.
      And not that one. That’ll reset the Tyrannosaur fence. And we all know how that ends.
      Not that one, either. That’s Fluffy’s dinner bell. Or announcing lawyers have arrived. (Does double duty, iIrc.) 🙂
      Someone was in charge of keeping and maintaining the list. We Need People on this, Now.
      Er, wait. It’s time for second supper. Ok, then. After second supper.
      Where are you all going?!

    2. When i think of bright buttons, it makes me think of Button Bright, which made me think of ‘The Tin Woodman of Oz’ (book title), and makes me wonder why Baum invented the character Woot the Wanderer, when he is blatantly obviously Button Bright in different clothes.

      Of course, that probably just proves my mind is odd. 😉

  26. Larry Correia lost his dad today.

    I know about it because Sarah knows, but…thought it might be of general interest.

    God help him.

    1. May the Lord bless them, and keep them; may He make His countenance to shine upon them, and grant them His Peace.

    2. Condolences to Larry and family.

      Posting here instead of at his place, seems less intrusive at a time like this. Well wishes from random strangers like me, better viewed days later after the rush of circumstance has passed.

    3. Out of the depths I call to you, LORD;
      Lord, hear my cry! May your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.
      If you, LORD, keep account of sins, Lord, who can stand?
      But with you is forgiveness and so you are revered.

      I wait for the LORD, my soul waits and I hope for his word.
      My soul looks for the Lord more than sentinels for daybreak.
      More than sentinels for daybreak, let Israel hope in the LORD,
      For with the LORD is mercy, with him is plenteous redemption,
      And he will redeem Israel from all its sins.

    4. You know it’s coming. Every birth brings a death, into the world. You just hope, somehow, it’ll pass you and your loved ones by.

      But it doesn’t. So, whilst you can, get video, audio, write down their stories, go over the old pictures and say, “Who’s that? When was this? What were you doing there?”, because all too soon, you won’t be able to pick up that phone and ask.

      But the words “I”m sorry for your loss” aren’t adequate, but they’re pretty much all we have. Condolences to family & friends.

        1. You know, those aliens with the nanotech to rebuild our bodies to perfect 20 year-old condition, they can hurry up and get their butts here Any Day Now!
          Cherish the moments. Even the OMG-not-this-again calls, at 5.57 AM, about “How do I do this internet thing?”. Because.

        2. Mine is 85. He was diagnosed with early Stage 1 Type B non-Hodgkins lymphoma in March. So far, the chemo is going well, but….

          My mother is the same age and in good health, but she’s a 20 year breast cancer survivor.

  27. Huh. I cannot be the only one who catches up on MGC in one swell foop, but the timing on this one…?

    Thanks for the funny gifs and the clarification. I wish both you and Vox Day would play nice with each other, but it’s two prickly Siamese cats, so there you go. Godspeed with the healing and the writing. I really am looking forward to your Julie story.

  28. Who actually said this: “why does she think we need a review/recommend site, when we already have this one”?

    I saw some folks point out a couple of sites noting that the independent energy had inspired people in the community to create their own review sites and noting that an official SP page would’ve been a great place to do more of the same, but I did not see anyone saying the above.

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