Guys, sorry I’ve been flaky lately, but I’ve been having the auto-immune to end all auto-immunes, and I just gained a SMALL respite with benadryl, but it makes me goofy and sleepy.  I’m going to take a nap.  Post later.

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      1. Sleep is a very good idea, although not everyone agrees.

        I knew a toddler who would slap himself to stay awake. He did not willingly go down for a nap; he did not want to sleep, ever. I concluded that he feared that something interesting might happen while he was asleep and he would miss it.

        1. My youngest would go to the funniest extremes to stay awake when bed time came, but as soon as she was still for even a few seconds it was lights out. I’m sure it was for the same reason. She eventually landed on the idea of going around and trying to talk everyone else into going to bed too so that nothing would happen that she could miss out on.

          She’s finally grown out of (most of) that. 🙂

        2. My son (who was born a week or so early and was picking his head up to look around the delivery room–my comment was “You’re not supposed to do that” and when I told my mom about it, she said “Babies never read the book so they don’t know they’re not supposed to do things”) wouldn’t slap himself, but started keeping himself awake way before he was supposed to be able to. I presumed he did that so he wouldn’t miss anything.

          He still stays awake to all hours, but considering he’s 18 and larger than I am, I don’t have as much to say on the matter as I used to.

          1. I came to the conclusion that adolescence is similar to revisiting the rebellions of toddler-hood, but worse because you no longer have the option of tossing the child in the crib and telling him to go ahead and cry it out if he must.

          2. *laughing* Youngest son was born five weeks early (emergency c-section) and was nursing. I was watching him, and saw his eyes slowly move upward to meet mine. He then lifted his head and gazed at me with this quizzical expression, as if ‘oh hey, there’s a face attached to foodsource. Huh.’ He stared at me for several minutes, as if studying me – which allowed me to snap a photo or two of his expression. He then lowered his head and resumed nursing again.

            Then there was the time I tried to gently adjust him because he had fallen asleep, nursing, in what looked like a rather uncomfortable angle. He was only a couple of days old. Eyes snap open! He lunged forward like a great white going for a dolphin, clamped his thin little gums around my nipple, tiny fists pressed desperately against my boob, and he suckled desperately, as though the food were going to be taken away!

            The nursing consultant was staring at him wide eyed. “Did he just…?!”

            Yeah, they’re not supposed to be able to lift their head? Or push their whole body? Or see something more than a foot away? I think your son, and mine went “Says WHO?”

  1. If you’re taking a nap, I guess that means you were up before nine o’clock and cannot be called a slacker for that. We’re over 400 (or 500) comments deep on yesterday’s column so we’re good.

  2. Rest when you need to. If you have no guest posts ready you could always just post a couple of sentences as a suggestion for conversation and leave the rest to the huns. Or just say you’ll be back in a couple of days (or will post something next on some definite date) if you need more rest. Your blog can surely by now survive a day or two of no posts. We’ll hang around.

  3. Hope your flare up dies down quickly. Reminds me of a co-worker who had Lupus. Some days she’d be fine, others, she’d be sidelined with a vengeance.

    Read your Auto-Immune post from 2103 (Isn’t it wonderful that related posts get popped up for perusal?)

    Saw the sentence, “people who were considered/considered themselves “high class” talking about the “good ideas” of the USSR and talking down the US and particularly “ignorant rednecks.”” which gave me pause and got me to thinking. What do rednecks know that the high class do not?

    And then it came to me. Rednecks are mostly blue collar folks who have a practical knowledge of how things work, and how to fix them. The high class are mostly white collar types who don’t have any practical knowledge of how anything works, much less how to fix them, except for very narrow specialties under very narrow conditions, which is why they call on rednecks to fix things when something breaks. Yes, there are exceptions, there always are; but if you go into a board room and listen to a discussion on the problems of the country, and the things that ought to be done, you’re not hearing the same things that a group of working stiffs are talking about over a round of beers at the bar.

    Which is unfortunate as the boardroom types are the ones that are running the government and determining what solutions are used; while the folks at the bar who see and live with the results on a daily basis never see their solutions implemented. Was hoping we’d see that change under Trump; but then again, it’s still early in his term, and the alligators are especially vicious, not to mention the epidemic of leeches trying to suck as much blood out of the body politic before anything gets changed.

    1. How many of these things can the typical “Crusty Upper” likely do?

      “A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

      Well, program a computer, for certain values of program — none of which would have likely passed muster in Heinlein’s time.

      1. Actually done:

        0. Change a diaper
        1. Write a sonnet.
        2. Balance account.
        3. Build a wall.
        4. Act alone
        5. Solve equations
        6. Analyze a new problem
        7. Program a computer (yes, in a way that would have passed muster in Heinlein’s time…get paid to do so every day).
        8. Cook a tasty meal.
        9. Fight effectively (SCA heavy and Tang So Do)

        About the other one I lack confidence that I couldn’t give a good old college try is give orders (I’ve technically done it…hate it).

        1. Maybe I’ll write a sonnet for my wife; I had that on a list for a long time. I’ll have to get back to iambic pentameter somehow; we did it as an exercise a long time ago at school.

      2. “change a diaper”?
        Apparently not according to yesterday’s post. They don’t even know what a diaper is. tsk, tsk.

        “plan an invasion”?
        Only if they’re illegal immigrants or fundamentally opposed to democratic republics and freedom.

        “butcher a hog”?
        It’s scary the number of people who think meat comes on Styrofoam, and not from real animals.

        “conn a ship”?
        That’s why they hire people to ‘drive’ their yachts.

        “design a building”?
        Which fails to meet specs.

        “write a sonnet”?
        Or any other form of poetry for that matter.

        “balance accounts”?
        We know they don’t know how to do that.

        “build a wall”?
        They are obviously fundamentally incapable of that!

        “set a bone”?

        “comfort the dying”?
        Good luck. They can’t even comfort the living.

        “take orders”?
        They don’t join the military, and never work in fast food.

        “give orders”?
        Okay, they EXCEL at that.

        Only when planning demonstrations and riots.

        “act alone”?
        You mean step out of the herd?

        “solve equations”?
        Not sure they even know that 2*2=4. Isn’t memorizing the multiplication tables out of style in schools nowadays?

        “analyze a new problem”?
        No need to analyze when you can either guess, or accept what the MSM tells you.

        “pitch manure”?
        That’s what gardeners and ranch hands are for.

        “program a computer”?
        Like you said above.

        “cook a tasty meal”?
        That’s why they hired a cook, or go out to eat, or pay for a political dinner (although whether that’s ‘tasty’ or not is subject to interpretation.)

        “fight efficiently”?
        Oh my goodness. Actually get into a serious physical altercation? Defend themselves? (No, a cell phone with 911 speed dial is not self-defense.) Or God forbid, join the military?

        “die gallantly”?
        I don’t think they’re capable of valuing anything over their own lives. That’s what the other class are for.

        1. ““balance accounts”?
          We know they don’t know how to do that.”

          They can balance their own accounts, often. It’s those accounts with OPM that they really can’t figure out.

          1. Actually, they hire accountants to do that. Sometimes I think I’m the only one in the country who double checks Turbo Tax against the actual tax books.

      3. Well, dangit now that Herbn’s done started it….

        Change a diaper – Only like a million of them
        Plan an invasion – I was a US Marine, that training is still up there in my head somewhere (and has been used in video games)
        Butcher a hog – I’m not claiming this one!!! While I did grow up on a farm and could (probably) manage, I’d only officially admit to it if it came down to that or starve (not a big fan of the job).
        Design a building – probably (LOL! Does Minecraft count?)
        Write a sonnet – I suppose, I’ve written a few songs, and a few poems, I’d have to look up to make sure I got the “what makes it a sonnet” part right though.
        Balance Accounts – yep.. would rather butcher a hog though, I don’t particularly like the maths.
        Build a wall – I’ve done it.
        Set a bone – Nope. Gonna leave this one up to the experts. You get it wrong, you can really screw someone up. Can apply splint though.
        Comfort the dying – well.. yea… been there, did my best, hope it helped.
        Take orders – Yes, was US Marine. Can even take them when I don’t like them if I have to.
        Give orders – That too
        Cooperate – Yes
        Act alone – Yes
        Solve equations – As long as they aren’t TOO complex. Me and maths no bueno.
        Analyze a new problem – Is me Yob!
        Pitch manure – Done, done, done and done way more than I ever wanted to.
        Program a computer – is me Yob!
        Cook a tasty meal – Well… I was once dumped by a woman because she blamed me for making her FAT… I like to cook and apparently I’m good enough at it that she wouldn’t stop eating (for the record, I never said she was fat.. SHE did).
        Fight efficiently – Hopefully… US Marine and all that.
        Die gallantly – Well, I guess we never really know about that until we get there do we? One hopes that they will be able to face death with dignity, but in this regard, hope is about the best you get.

        1. Changed diaper – yes
          Plan an invasion – Does Warcraft count?
          Design a building – I like making floorplans for fun in my head, but does Minecraft count?
          Balance accounts – I suppose? My hubby and I have the job split between us. I handle the household – food, grocery, kids’ needs, folks’ needs, household needs; he handles bills because it’s easier to have the money for it come out his side. He says it is much easier to do it this way.
          Butcher a hog – was too young to help with, but I did watch and they had to keep me away because I was too curious. XD Hubby knows this one more though it’s sheep.
          Shovel manure – does chicken manure count? If so, yes.
          Write a sonnet – I haven’t written poetry in years, but yes.
          Build a wall – a small one, in the garden.
          Set a bone – no. Apply splint, yes. I lack the strength and could fuck it up badly.
          Comfort the dying – Probably.
          Take orders – have done that.
          Given orders – have done that. Someone had to take charge when that flood happened…
          Solve equations – as long as they’re not too complex.
          Program – no.
          Cooperate / act alone – yes
          Analyze a new problem – yes
          Cook tasty meals – the family loves the food, hubby calls me a hearth witch ‘because it’s magic’
          Fight efficiently – Used to. It’s a maybe these days.
          Die gallantly – screaming in defiance and covered in someone else’s blood? I can do that.

          1. change a diaper — yes, although I quail at some of y’all’s stories

            plan an invasion — no, I think if I’m planning the invasion we’re in trouble

            butcher a hog — no

            conn a ship — I would have less idea where to start here than with the hog

            design a building — also no

            write a sonnet — have done, could do again, although the quality is up for debate

            balance accounts — simple ones, not sure how complicated Heinlein was going for but I could probably tackle it if the records are there

            build a wall — maybe but if I want it to stand up I’d need instructions

            set a bone — better leave this to the professionals, although if there were no better resort I might try. Assuming I recognized the problem. The only time I’ve broken a bone, I knew I couldn’t put weight on it but not what the problem was.

            comfort the dying — I hope I would try; this is one where it’s maybe better at least attempted by the well-meaning than not done at all

            take orders, give orders — have done, if clumsily

            cooperate, act alone — sure

            solve equations — yeeeeeees, although Heinlein could have pitched ones that would stump me, presumably; well, he didn’t say all equations

            analyze a new problem — yes

            pitch manure — I’m assuming there is technique to this that I don’t know, but I think the results of trying to figure it out on the job would be less disastrous than some of the others

            program a computer — have done a little bit but forgot how

            cook a tasty meal — yes

            fight efficiently — I’m afraid not, but I’ll try if I have to

            die gallantly — I suspect I will fail this one, but maybe by the time I get there I’ll do better.

      4. Hmmm. Maybe next weeks vignette should be to write a sonnet. 50 word limit would need to be tabled for that though.

        1. 50 words is only a suggestion. But if you can write a sonnet based on the prompt, we will all be impressed.

      5. I know it’s not always a good thing to do something just because everyone else is, but I have done:

        Change a diaper
        butcher, not a hog, but a deer (badly, but done it)
        design a building
        balance accounts
        build a wall
        take orders
        give orders
        act alone
        solve equations
        analyze a new problem
        pitch manure
        program a computer
        cook a tasty meal

        Dunno about writing a sonnet. Might be able to, but it would almost certainly suck. Planning an invasion I could do, but only if I were the only one available to do it, because my understanding of strategy and tactics is low. I’m sure I could conn a ship if I were trained for it. And, never really learned to do much fighting, though I have considered things to do if it becomes necessary.

  4. I’m really sorry that you are suffering from an autoimmune attack, but I take solace in that it’s going to end all autoimmune attacks! Not only will you never have to deal with auto-immune after this, my wife and a couple of my children, in particular, also suffer from auto-immune issues, and I’m aware of a lot of other people I know who do so as well (mostly diabetes and arthritis, but there are other issues as well…) I’m glad that they’ll no longer have to suffer after this*!

    In the meantime, take care of yourself. In particular, remember to prioritize your health and your paying work before you worry about petty things like this blog!

    (* Now that I think of it, while I *hope* that this isn’t the case, but if “The War to End All Wars” is anything like the “Autoimmune Attack to End All Autoimmune attacks”, I have a funny feeling I’m going to be rather…disappointed…by the expectations established by my deliberate misreading of your statement… 😉 )

    1. Depends on whether she’s semi-conscious or not when resting. Morpheus may visit her dreams, but I wouldn’t but it past him to subcontract that to the ladies Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Erato, and Polyhymnia.

  5. It’s cloudy and rainy here in Florida this afternoon. Just got up from 2 hour nap (ah, one good thing about being retired, naps during any day). Hope your nap is as restful as mine was. Hope you feel better soon.

    (Although from what you post I think you have more energy and accomplish more personally and professionally despite feeling yuuky sometimes than many people do who are more fortunate health-wise. I also have some several autoimmune issues, and you get far more done than I ever have!)

    Just rearranged some books on Kindle and amazed how many Hoyt books I have. Good re-reads too.

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