We went to Ohio for 2 days to take care of some family matters.

I meant to post last night and again this morning, but I didn’t, and we just now got back home.

I’m going to go in search of coffee, so I can write.

35 responses to “Sorry

  1. No sorry. Yes coffee. Do what needs to be done without apology.

  2. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    No apology necessary.

    Get your coffee and write. 😀

  3. Stop apologizing! We’ll still be here. 🙂

    • Ditto what she said, though with recognition that it’s more “I wish it were otherwise” sorry than a “I did wrong” sorry. Had that conversation a few weeks ago, no?

  4. Dorothy Grant

    *hugs* Hope you get to catch up on sleep, don’t catch airport crud, and the cats don’t express their displeasure in feline ways!

  5. paladin3001

    Mmmm, coffee. Don’t mind us. We’ll keep ourselves amused. Now where did I put that steam powered air pump….

  6. Always remember: family matters.

  7. Sarah, here’s some snaps of little Tig and his mother Tammy. Pic of Tig is about a week old, he’s over 13 ozs now. Eyes are open and he’s starting to walk upright. Has one hell of a pair of lungs when you try to weigh him.

  8. Maybe you should try one of these coffees:

  9. Write, Sarah, write!

    (And give us more Dyce!)

  10. I guess you flew since you’d just be getting there if you’d driven.

    I was tempted to put up a Vera Lynn video, but this is really more of my cup of tea:

  11. MadRocketSci

    Welcome to American Transylvania, my lovely home state. Good luck with your family business.

  12. Welcome back from the savage wilds of Ohio.
    In the latest news, D. Bernstein writing at The Volokh Conspiracy provides a concurring opinion that Judge Posner is still a Moron.

  13. Ohhh, lost Portuguese colony in Ohio? Did they come over with the lost Welsh colony? (No kidding, some people thought the Mandan Indians were Welsh who had followed a missing prince.)

  14. Margaret Ball

    You write with coffee? I find strong black tea gives a darker and clearer line.

  15. Randy Wilde

    I assume you weren’t singing in the car, since you spelled Ohio with an H instead of an E.

  16. Christopher M. Chupik

    Don’t worry. Just leave us some carp, and we’ll be fine.

  17. Glad you’re alive. Stay well. Beware Facebook. Well keep ourselves entertained here while you’re busy with important stuff.

    • Nuke FaceBook from orbit. Twice. At least. Then see about being really truly absolutely (not merely, but most sincerely) sure.

      • I never understood the fascination with Facebook. It looks like AOL all over again.

        “No, AOL isn’t ‘the internet’…”

        • I started truly loathing it when folks claimed they told me stuff, but it was FB’s version of email so I’d need an account there to see what anyone could have simply used real, proper email for. Before that it was more of a minor irritant at best/worst. The “We’re SO COOL, join up to see!” tells me it ain’t. If it was that great, they’d be showing it off, not hiding it. Yeah, it’s changes *a tiny bit* now.
          I CAN visit a FB page…
          …and then need to enable scripting
          …and then dismiss the HUGE CONTENT-BLOCKING SIGNUP ad
          …and then use ‘Click to remove element’ to be rid of the slightly small signup crap-window.
          …and only then can I see what should have been a simple WED PAGE.
          So… Mr. Teller, why did you think so goddamn SMALL, anyway?

  18. Old RPM Daddy

    Where in Ohio, if you don’t mind me asking? I grew up in the Dayton area, myself, but haven’t lived there in many years.