Have Some Promo – Free Range Oyster

Have Some Promo – Free Range Oyster

Once more unto the breach comes the promo post! Reports of my demise may have been slightly embellished. On the contrary, the Oyster Clan has recently grown by one more minion. Granted I may look somewhat dead now, but I assure you I still have a pulse. But! Back to the matter at hand: BOOKS! In my hiatus I’ve received several new submissions. We have a new series launched, a series finished, a couple others continuing; life is good in indie Hun fiction land. Go grab a book and a nice cuppa, and enjoy the lovely winter weather from the comfort of your couch. If you’ve already read everything on offer, give a shout in the comments for some recommendations. As always, future promo post entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Karen Myers

On a Crooked Track

The Chained Adept Book 4


A clue has sent Penrys back to Ellech, the country where she first appeared four short years ago with her mind wiped, her body stripped, and her neck chained. It’s time to enlist the help of the Collegium of Wizards which sheltered her then.

Things don’t work out that way, and she finds herself retracing a dead scholar’s crooked track and setting herself up as a target to confirm her growing suspicions. But what happens to bait when the prey shows its teeth?

In this conclusion to the series, tracking old crimes brings new dangers, and a chance for redemption.

The Chained Adept

The Chained Adept Book 1


Penrys’s past is unknown, but she’s got a better grip on her future: find out where she came from, discover what happened to her, and figure out how the unremovable chain around her neck makes her different from other wizards.

What any of this has to do with the renewal of an ugly war between neighboring countries, half a world away, is just something she’ll have to sort out, along with the rumors of wizards where they don’t belong.

Assuming, of course, that no one removes her as a threat before she can find her footing.

All she wants is a firm foundation for the rest of her life, with a side helping of retribution, and if she has to fix things along the way, well, so be it.

Laura Montgomery

Sleeping Duty

Waking Late Book 1

Gilead Tan and Andrea Fielding survived their stint in the military, got married, signed up to emigrate to a terraformed colony world, and went into cold sleep for the journey from Earth. While they slept, the starship went through the wrong fold in space and settled for a different world, a wild world. Three centuries after the founding of a colony on the uncharted planet, Gilead awakens to find humanity slipped back to medieval tech and a feudal structure. Worse, the king who wants Gilead awake wont let Gilead awaken his wife.

Amie Gibbons

Psychic Undercover (With The Undead)

A Paranormal Mystery

Vampires aren’t the only things that go bump in the night…

Singers are a dime a dozen in Nashville, so despite her mama’s urging, psychic Ariana Ryder’s working her way towards a career in law enforcement at the FBI, one tray of fetched coffee at a time, instead. She’s got an extremely handsome boss, a dancing partner among the lab techs, and a solid year as the team rookie under her belt…

Right until the director gives her a big break, working undercover as a singer at a club to investigate why it’s being targeted by a serial killer. This might have worked better if the club didn’t happen to be a vampire nest.

Now, with the vampire’s investigator, Quil, on her case, the jurisdictional battle isn’t the only thing heating up as they race to solve the case before the killer strikes again!

Cyn Bagley

Dragon Boy

Hilda’s Inn Book 2

So who or what is Davi Dracson?

If you’re down on your luck, come to Hilda’s Inn for a game of dice and cheap ale. The hundred-year-stew has been stewing for a hundred years and the fire never burns out.

Except Hilda’s Inn is under new management, and Hilda is on the run with Davi, a dragonling. There will be dwarfs, ogres, dragons, and magical trinkets between Delhaven and Koenigstadt, the king’s city.

Don’t forget that the woods are not a safe place—the Draugr is lurking and
hungry. And, he has a taste for magic.

Henry Vogel

The Undercover Captain

Captain Nancy Martin Book 2

Unwillingly drawn out of her annual drunken stupor, Captain Nancy Martin, Retired, finds herself involuntarily reactivated. Her assignments help Special Agent Erica Hampton solve the disappearance of an entire school’s student body. Hampton’s superiors suspect a slaver ring has kidnapped the children, to sell them on a rim world beyond the Terran Federation’s borders.

When Nancy and Erica discover the truth behind the abductions, they realize their deadline is quite literal, and much closer than they thought. When the gloves come off, the missing children couldn’t have anyone better fighting for their lives.

It will take every bit of skill Nancy and Erica have to track down the villains behind the disappearances. Defeating them will be a different matter entirely.

Amanda Green

Dagger of Elanna (Sword of the Gods Book 2)


Cait Hawkener has come to accept she might never remember her life before that terrible morning almost two years ago when she woke in the slavers’ camp. That life is now behind her, thanks to Fallon Mevarel and the Order of Arelion. Now a member of the Order, Cait has pledged her life to making sure no one else falls victim as she did.

But danger once more grows, not only for Cait but to those she calls friends. Evil no longer hides in the shadows and conspirators grow bold as they move against the Order and those who look to it for protection. When Cait accepts the call to go to the aid of one of the Order’s allies, she does not know she is walking into the middle of conspiracy and betrayal, the roots of which might help answer some of the questions about her own past.

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        1. If you look in the books– you’ll find this is is in paperbook. For some reason it didn’t link the two of them together. *sigh I’ll have to go to kindle and do the link there. But yes, RES, you can get a dead tree in my version too 😀

          1. Amazon does not believe you. And in searching for it I have been confronted by things in romance/urban fantasy/shifter that I will never unsee. Schwarzeneggerian pecs! Six-pack abs! EIGHT-pack abs! TWELVE-pack abs!

            You owe me, Bagley. Bigley. 😉

              1. Thanks – that link worked. Why Amazon search didn’t turn it up, even on your author page, even when clicking “See all formats and editions” is probably a proof of Finagle’s Law.

                Or proof the Big A is seriously flogging Kindle.

                1. It’s been quite a week for me… First I had to load the cover three times for this book. Then illness… Yep I am proof of Finagle’s law (or is that Murphy?). But you made me laugh at the every-growing abs… It’s a miracle. 😀

          2. If it doesn’t do it after twenty-four hours, there’s a FAQ that tells you how to prompt them. They’re pretty quick.

  1. I don’t usually comment on the Promo posts, but I’ll have a go

    I’ve read and liked, the Chained Adept series so far. Glad to see there’s another one out.

    I’ve read Sleeping Duty; I’d rate it as OK, but it hasn’t made the sequels reach out and grab me.

    Not a fan of the undead, so I give most of those a pass. Sorry, Amie.

    I’ve read “Hilda’s inn”, so it’s nice to see a sequel. I don’t know that I’ll offer up a critique, but that one doesn’t reach out and grab me, either.

    Haven’t seen the first Nancy Martin story; I may give that one a try.

    Dagger of Elanna: Yes! I’ve been waiting for that one.

    1. Sorry I missed commenting when this was more current. Time got away from me last weekend and this is the first I’ve seen of it.

      I hope you try either of the Nancy Martin stories. They stand alone, though the second one obviously has some references to the first one (including giving away a major part of the ending).

  2. FWIW, I enjoyed “Sleeping Duty” – I thought it was fun, and it was interesting enough to be curious where the author took it next (I’ve already bought the sequel, but haven’t started it yet – my Kindle backlog is…..significant).

    1. my Kindle backlog is…..significant

      This prompts a confession about the true reason for my clinging so tightly to dead trees. My backlog in that category already exceeds my probable lifespan remaining; if I started accumulating Kindle it would not only accumulate far beyond my likely years, there would be no detritus for my heirs to sell off to used book traffickers.

      At least with dead tree reading I have them sitting here, looking at me balefully, wanting to know why I’m ignoring them so unkindly.

      1. “with dead tree reading I have them sitting here, looking at me balefully, wanting to know why I’m ignoring them so unkindly.”

        A confession in return: a shameful lack of available shelf space and too many heavy boxes through too many moves motivated me to make the jump to e-book – and if I hadn’t I’d have missed out on some stuff only available as e-books, that I love. But if I’ve read and like something as an e-book, I will also buy the tree-corpse form if it’s available.

        Yes, I will buy a book more than once, on purpose, just to get my hands on that wonderful papery printed-book goodness.

        I’m not sure it’s always cost-effective for indie authors to make a print version an option, but I sure appreciate it!

        1. Well, if you want to get one of mine, you may want to rush — or you may end up waiting a bit.

          Draft2Digital is breaking ties with Createspace, so my paper books will get delisted, and I’ll have to put them back.

  3. Last in the series? Please, more Stories of Penrys! (just finished Crooked a few hours ago. woulda been sooner but OT at work interrupted)
    Well, on to Dragon Boy

        1. That is likely just WP acting hinky (again.) I spotted a half dozen or so comments Saturday morning which failed to arrive in my notifications.

          It is always a clew when you receive a response without receiving the comment to which it responds.

  4. Some folks bought The Chained Adept (Book 1) as part of this promo (thanks)! This message is for you.
    *** ALERT ***

    There was a cover and content mismatch on the ebook edition from Jan 14, 2017 to Feb 8, 2017. If you purchased The Chained Adept (Book 1 of The Chained Adept), the content inside may have been for Mistress of Animals (Book 2 of The Chained Adept).

    This was some sort of glitch, and has been fixed.

    If you have purchased such an edition of The Chained Adept, please contact the author at KarenMyers@HollowLands.com to receive both books in fresh MOBI editions.

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