Assorted Stuff

Some months ago, I posted my art here and one or more of you expressed interest in prints of this:


In the Mad Unpacking I recently came across a roll of prints, which I know has that. It might also have this one:dragoninhandsAnd I’m fairly sure it has this one:

I’m also almost sure I can find the prints fairly easily (as in, I think they’re in the closet in my craft room, which I need to finish unpacking today.) If you’re interested in prints of those, email me at my first two initials last name at the mail of heat. I am assembling stuff to send to fans next week, and will be happy to send you those, no charge, under “Sarah is so happy to be out of the hospital.”

And because I’m too lazy to write a post today (okay, it’s not laziness, so much as it’s complicated. I spent the week running down to the Springs to various doctors appointments. The house is a howling mess, my book is late, and I’m feeling pressured and cranky. Oh, yeah, and we’re the only house on the street not decorated. I don’t intend to make a production but we should light SOMETHING to who willing. Also, it would be good to get decorations up before Christmas eve this year.)

Now I have my art computer set up, and I have a tablet to draw on, (I happen to know I’m getting a bunch of drawing stuff for Christmas.) I haven’t scanned in the things I’ve done with pencils (which are also unpacked) mostly because, actually like those above, they’re fairly raw. I’ve regressed in three years without access to art stuff.

The electronic stuff is fairly raw also, but this is the latest, done in the evenings, when my mind is too fried to think in words:


It’s called “Conqueror” and yes, I need to futz with stuff, mostly her boots/feet… unless of course futzing makes it worse, which it has so far.

If you’re wondering it’s not my story.  It’s apparently Amanda Green’s.  I was just drawing a scene in my head.  This was done with Corel Painter, virtual pastels.

Okay, now I go clean, zoom, like lightening, so I can write.

41 responses to “Assorted Stuff

  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Take care of yourself.

  2. no charge

    Silly woman.

  3. Now I have my art computer set up, and I have a tablet to draw on,…

    This sounds like you are making progress.

  4. It has been my observation over the years that lightening does not so much clean as scorch.

    • Lightening things can be cleaning, but lightning does tend to leave marks, yes. My experience with a near hit (it was a miss, it seemed) still left some trenches in the yard where some wires had once been. And that was merely close, and not direct hit.

  5. And, while I am at it, I declare that this IS A POST.

    We have art to admire. We have a progress report from you. There is plenty to stimulate response. Your work here is done, now go and do likewise in other corners of your life that needs it.

    • We’ve made far more of a mountain out of far less of a molehill…. 😎

      • BobtheRegisterredFool

        We’ve made mountains out of oceanic trenches. At least, I think so, if I count in ‘we’.

    • And, while I am at it, I declare that this IS A POST.

      Aye, ’tis that, but an easy one. It is not some grand deep analysis, nor a detailed history, nor even a chapter(let?) of some Great Story. However, it also not a Blast From The Past, nor a Guest Post, nor even a simple ‘Open Thread’ sort of thing.

      • Professor Badness

        Not that there is anything wrong with ‘Open Thread’s.
        (I love open threads. Only in a place with so many writers could random comments create a world/storyline/backstory.)

    • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      Second the motion!

  6. PEPE the frog?

    • See the wings? It’s a dragon. My dragons tend to look more like iguanas. I’m working on it, okay?

      • You know, it’s science fiction. There’s a world wherein the biology with a frog to dragon chain of evolution makes perfect sense.

        The first to escape the ocean were the flying fish, who first evolved bigger and better wings to have a really long hang time, then true flight. When finally they found land, they also turned fins to legs to crawl…

        And depending on your chain, you could insist that they did amphibious evolution, like LS’s proposed frog, or straight from pisces to lizard, for Sarah’s iguana-dragon evolution.

        Ooh, the possibilities! And we haven’t even discussed what still lurks beneath the water that drove the dragons out in the first place…

      • Well, sure, its got wings now. It helped itself to the contents of the mug. Haven’t you heard those commercials about beverages giving the drinker wings? Surely you didn’t think that was false advertising, or mere hyperbole, did you? 😉

      • From a long-ago conversation with Larry Elmore, (93-94?) he used the woods-found skull of a very old possum as a structural model for his dragon heads. From the other images I have seen more recently, many other artists have followed his lead.

      • That’s why it tickled my laugh button. It’s an iguana’s fantasy. 😀

    • I, too, upon viewing the top panel, first thought, ‘Holy Flying Frogs, Batman!’. Then I noticed the tail and, in the next panel, the beastie in question emerging from egg and concluded Baby Dragon.

  7. Please vote

    We have only a two way tie at the moment, I’m sure you can do better than that.

  8. Yay you got Painter.

  9. ??? I give up – what does “at the mail of heat” mean?