The Greater Drives Out The Lesser

Pat Patterson, aka Papa Pat, wrote a blog recently about how the greater drives out the lesser. You think you’re having the worst day in the world till you get that phone call and you find your best friend has cancer, as my husband did some years ago.  And suddenly all the petty stuff at the office, or the household repairs are … just petty stuff, and you don’t even remember them.

Nothing bad happened, but yesterday I spent the day in a hospital waiting room.  And then we heard everything had gone well.  In fact very well.  And then we came home.  And I crashed hard.  So hard that today I barely woke up in time to go collect the two-legged critter from the hospital and make him comfortable back at home.

And then I did a quick clean because well, the house was dirty.  And I only now remembered I hadn’t blogged.  I’m sorry.

Family took over for a while.

I am okay and everyone here is okay.

60 responses to “The Greater Drives Out The Lesser

  1. BobtheRegisterredFool

    Using Cthulhu to banish Gojira? 🙂

    The beginning of that story would have to involve a now moldering ‘Shinto’ shrine of dubious origin, and tracing its history back to the 1200s before the records become too sparse.

  2. She’s alive! Excellent.

  3. Happy to hear that everything is okay. Waiting is always hard.

  4. Did you check his microchip to make sure you got the right one? 😀

  5. Congratulations on the good news! I noticed yesterday a comment about waiting rooms yesterday and worried. Whew!

  6. Good to hear all is well. Or at any rate, ready to heal. Take care of yourself, and don’t worry, we won’t redecorate the place while you’re distracted. Much.

  7. Glad things worked out well.

    As for forgetting the blog, you don’t owe us nuttin’ … and I says that the day after getting Paypal’s notification my monthly blackmail stipend payment went through.

    • Seconded. You especially don’t owe those of us who haven’t paid a single thing.

      Take care of family. Family comes first. And take care of yourself while you take care of family.

  8. Martin L. Shoemaker

    Family first! If you didn’t follow that rule, we would know you had been replaced by a pod person.

    And Sarah second! Or you’ll crash so hard, we’ll all worry even more.

  9. What them above said: Take care of him what needs it, and yourself as well. Happy to hear it went well. Get back to us when you can.

  10. Christopher M. Chupik

    Glad to hear you’re fine. 🙂

  11. Yes, we are a high maintenance fandom – if you don’t feed us blogginess on a regular basis, we’ll likely wander off and overthrow third world countries so we can fix them.

    [Mike performs a blonde high-maintenance hair flip. Tricky, with now-grey and never blonde hair as short as his.]

    Joking! We’d never go take over countries. Probably. At least not after but one late blog post. So, nothing to worry about from us. Mostly.

    Glad to hear all went well, and you to reinforce what others have said, you can do whatever you want here – it’s your place.

    • scott2harrison

      We might take over countries, but we know better than to try to fix them. No, we would just have legions of people baking cookies to tempt the entire planet over to the dark side.

      Good to hear that things went well also. Take care of yourselves and celebrate a little even if in one person’s case that just means a hard boiled egg instead of a soft boiled one.

    • Heck, we’ve left Detroit be, which shows we don’t even try to take over third world counties, let alone countries.

      • BobtheRegisterredFool

        *Carefully shovels piles of semi-discarded hopes and dreams over the plans for the Kaijin Instrumentality Project*

        Yes. Of Course. What he said.

  12. Family before blog.

    Goodness gracious.

    Flog yourself with a wet noodle…. k, penance done. >.<

    Very glad things turned out alright.

  13. Sarah. Life! Enjoy living it. come blog when you can.

  14. Take care of yourself. Glad things went well. 🙂

  15. adventuresfantastic

    As the others have said: I’m glad things are well. Take care of family, including yourself.

  16. I’m glad to hear everything is well. Don’t worry about us; it’s unlikely things will fall apart in such a brief absence. Although, time does move differently in hospitals. Some sort of dimensional shift, no doubt. Perhaps it’s actually next year by the time you get back. And in a different leg of the pants of time.

  17. *hugs* You take care of yourself. Not us. We can take care of ourselves. And if we can’t, your only responsibility is to decide whether you’re going to point and laugh, or use us as a warning for future generations.

    …That covers all the ways we take care of ourselves, too, doesn’t it?

    I’m sorry. I’m sleep deprived to lunacy. I have never before made the mistake of adopting a kitten, but I just couldn’t refute the farmer’s argument when he dropped a purring kitten in my lap, and said “You need to take this one home. He’s too pretty to get eaten by the ‘yotes.”

  18. Glad the family member is all right. If we can’t survive a day without free ice cream that’s our problem, not yours.

  19. Glad everything turned out okay. I had time to catch up today 🙂

  20. Today’s blog had everything I wanted to know. Good to hear that everything went well.

  21. You take care of you and yours. Thanks for letting us heathens know that everything’s OK-ish.

  22. Patrick Chester

  23. Glad to hear everything seems to have come out okay.

  24. What they all said.

  25. Glad to hear your two-legged critter came through all right! Here’s to a swift and successful recovery!!

  26. I’m also glad to hear everything is okay with you and yours.

  27. Professor Badness

    Best wishes on continued health. You and yours deserve it.