A Short Explanation of Why Yesterday’s Post Was So Late

I know, you guys tell me it’s free ice-cream and I shouldn’t care if it’s late, but I try to post every morning.

As I’ve said here before, I’m a low-carb eater.  In fact, more low-carb than Atkins although I can stray to Atkins levels without huge issues, unless I make it a pattern.

I have continued on atkins despite not losing an ounce over several years, because if I od on carbs it serves as a trigger for my autoimmune.  (In fact, I went low carb because the skin manifestation of my auto-immune was all over my body and I couldn’t sleep or do anything else either)

The skin part of it is “eczema” at least in presentation, but to quote my eye doctor when I went to him with some very specific and weird eye issues, my auto immune manifests as “dryness.”  Dryness on the skin, dryness on the joints… and dryness in the eyes.

Like an idiot I strayed what I thought was a safe (wasn’t) amount the day before yesterday.  Yesterday my eyes were so dry that even the eye drops only provided temporary relief.  This means that my eyes are “on the edge of focusing” at any given time, but never fully focus.  This is fine for answering comments on facebook (or here) but it’s incredibly difficult to write even something the length of a blog post.  It comes with other symptoms, like joint pain and itching, but yesterday I also felt as though I was drunk (and I’m not sure why.) The “drunk” feeling might be because my asthma also makes an appearance and I’m on low oxygen.

It was never enough to say “OMG, let’s go to the hospital” — it was just unpleasant and annoying and work-stopping.  I didn’t want to sleep which is the only safe activity, reading was not very easy because of not being able to focus, and there wasn’t much else I could do.

So, when you offer me cake at birthday parties or biscuits at a con suite, this is what I’m fighting.  I can have the occasional serving of French fries, or even bread, provided I’m not already going through an auto-immune flare up.  If I am already there, though, I end up, like yesterday, having one of the most unpleasant days of my life.

Okay — I don’t want to become like those elderly ladies who talk about their health non-stop.  I just thought this needed an explanation so next time I say “ODed on Carbs” or “Autoimmune flare up” you get the full picture.

I’m feeling much better today, though my eyes still feel dry.  They’re past the point where I can’t focus, though, and I can focus.

When I’m done with this, I’ll put eyedrops in and do a real post 😉

88 thoughts on “A Short Explanation of Why Yesterday’s Post Was So Late

    1. I actually can make that. I just wanted chicken and waffles. Because I’m an idiot.
      I told my husband the key to my staying good on carbs is to make a low carb desert twice a week or so. Low carb lava cake done in in tiny ramkins/individual portions works very well.

      1. An occasional indulgence is justifiable and can help maintain dietary adherence. No apologies necessary and anytime you need the off day please feel free to hang out the “Gone Fission” sign and know that we will not go overboard redecorating the lair.

        Unless you have converted to a floating lair, a lair a la cruise ship, in which case you may have full confidence many of us will go overboard regardless of whether you’re here or away.

          1. I just can’t help it… Wouldn’t the rainbow glitter pain gun be useful when we are faced with certain particularly troublesome SJWs?

              1. No, no, no. You use it on your allies. Then you say “You have a glittery who-ha? That is so last century, we have multiple rainbow glittery whole women (not even in binders). We are more inclusive than you so we win. Go asterisk yourself.”

            1. GAH! Now I understand CACS comment!

              No, as you may have guessed before you rightly picked on my typo, I meant paint gun.

              (Goes back to make sure he spelled it correctly this time – “paint”, not “pain”, not “pant”, not “plant”, and not “pint”, although a “pint” gun could be an interesting thing.)

            2. You fire the rainbow glitter pain gun at your target. First you hear sighs and gasps of ‘oh pretty’. Then comes the sound of a very different kind of gasp.

              Yes, they hurt in technicolor.

      2. Low carb lava cake

        *puppy dog eyes* Recipe please? Gestational diabetes has been doing a number on our menu.

        1. You know, in order to work, I’ve been intending to do a recipe a week anyway — this is an answer to “I don’t have it right on me, but will try to find it.”

      3. The low-carb lava cake is okay, but if you really want to say “carb-shmarbs”, nothing beats a sugar-free French silk pie in an almond crust…

        1. While I can certainly wrap my taste buds around the idea of sugar-free French silk pie in an almond crust – YUM – does it employ artificial sweeteners? I have this horrible tendency to get a head aches when I consume artificial sweeteners.

  1. Auto-immune stuff stinks. Hope the Chicken & Waffles were at least high-quality enough to off-set the current attack.

    1. By which I mean, I hope they tasted good enough to feel like they worth it for a half-second. Nothing worse than indulging in something that’s bad for you AND sub-par in the flavor dept.

    1. That is what I ended up doing, while doing crochet, which I mostly do by touch and movement. (Because of years doing it while watching TV) If I had ANY idea how to operate the computer we use as a TV I’d have used the time to do research by watching some documentaries.

      1. You are betraying your immigrant origins. Any natural born American knows that you operate the TV by saying: “Honey, could you put the documentary on for me?”.

              1. We’re hanging on. Afraid if he leaves he won’t get another job because of his age and health.

  2. I just recently started having a itchy rash on my neck, chest and hands and my Dr. Appointment isn’t for two weeks (Obamacare). I hope I’m not reacting to carbs now, because I’m a carb lover.

    1. Oh, you see Doctor Appointment too? Seems to be a very popular physician, as many people I meet mention the name in casual conversation — “I have Doctor Appointment Friday.”

  3. I battle carb-addiction myself. I don’t know if will help ease the occasional carb-cravings, but I’ve in the past made a reasonably edible low-carb cheesecake, and I stumbled across this recipe for low-carb “french toast” made from, of all things, pork rinds:

    * 2 Eggs
    * 1/4 cup heavy (whipping) cream
    * 2 pkgs. Equal or Splenda
    * Cinnamon to taste
    * 1/2 of a 3 oz. bag Pork rinds.

    (1) Mix eggs, cream, sweetener and cinnamon.
    (2) Crush pork rinds and mix with above mixture.
    (3) Allow to soak until it becomes a very thick and goopy batter (3-5 minutes).
    (4) Fry pancake style in butter until browned and flip over. Cook until done as you would french toast or pancakes.
    Serve with any LC syrup or make your own as follows:
    (1) Cream butter until soft (use as much as you need for syrup). I melt it in the microwave.
    (2) Add maple extract and sweetener to taste.

    (Obviously, don’t use the hot & spicy pork rinds!)

    The “french toast” is not especially aesthetically pleasing, but it can be tasty if your taste buds run in that direction, and you’re tolerant of the artificial sweeteners you use.

    And, who knows? I’ve never tried it, but it might just be a passable substitute for the waffles portion of chicken & waffles.

      1. I guess technically this would be a sort of pork rind custard, because it’s eggs and cream and pork rinds?

        I bet this could be turned into a cheesecake too. With bacon on top, maybe.

          1. I’d really wish we’d stop it with this “And Judge Posner is still a moron” thing. It’s beginning to get a bit old, and it’s irritating me!

            Oh, and Judge Posner is still a moron. It’s important to remember that (even if it’s a bit irritating).

            1. ‘Judge Posner is still a moron’ will be a thing until I die, or he does, or She Who Must Not Be Named decrees that it must stop.

    1. If you added baking powder, would it work as waffle batter? If so, waffle irons (if you don’t have one) are cheap at thrift stores.

  4. Oh, for the Love of Life Orchestra, if I were you I’d have long ago become a serial killer who devours her victims. (Yummy, yummy meat!) If you don’t mind sharing your and your mother’s birth names, I’ll add you to my prayers, which is just about all I can do to help – at least until there’s more Vampire Musketeers available in ebook form.

  5. That doth suck most mightily.

    You have my sympathy. (Or maybe pity. It’s sometimes hard to draw the distinction.)

  6. I worried when you said you had chicken and waffles. Sorry that I was right.

    Off topic, but I have discovered this summer that birdhouse gourd vines, when given a great sufficiency of water, grow like frikkin’ kudzu. On a positive note, however, that means that I will have resources for craft projects for children at one of our upcoming SCA events. 🙂

  7. Yes — I have the same problems with carbs! The dry eyes, etc., is called Sjogren’s syndrome, by the way. My mother and I both have it, and I am pretty sure that youngest daughter has it. It’s been a long row to hoe, figuring out what I can and can’t safely eat, and I can only wish that I could figure out a way to lose weight. The only good thing is that usually I have nobody but myself to blame if I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t have — AND I know what I have to do to fix it. It’s hard to have to avoid so many foods, though, and in general we have to avoid the things we like best!

    1. I was actually about to ask that! A dear friend from high school days suffers from Sjogren’s.

  8. Do you have dry eye medicine, like Systane Ultra, or the hard stuff like Restasis? Because if you can use some particular non-carb brand of non-prescription eyedrops for dry eye, that’s something you could put on your wishlist or whatever.

  9. So what you’re *really* saying is that when we see you at a Con etc, we need to make sure we’re stocked up on no carb goodies.

    I think we can manage that….

  10. Thus “Let Them Eat Cake” was in fact a wish that “they” would endure day after day of misery. Clearly Marie deserved to be cervically separated for her spiteful menu recommendations.

    At least she didn’t say “Let Them Eat French Toast” – (the horror, the horror…)

    I am quite glad you are reporting feeling better.

  11. Note to self: shopping list for Sarah treats, good beef jerky, and Heinlein audiobook tapes.

  12. “The skin part of it is “eczema” at least in presentation, but to quote my eye doctor when I went to him with some very specific and weird eye issues, my auto immune manifests as “dryness.” Dryness on the skin, dryness on the joints… and dryness in the eyes.”

    Did you ever get tested for Hashimoto’s antibodies? cuz this is dead-on for advanced symptoms (voice of experience). Hashi is an autoimmune disorder that aside from effects on thyroid, can manifest as psoriasis (you can tell it from eczema because cuts on affected skin heal without a trace in 3-4 days), dry eyes (which can be an initial symptom of thyroid eye disease or Sjogren’s syndrome, both effects of thyroid antibodies), joint pain, not to mention fatigue and inability to lose weight no matter how restricted the calorie intake.

    Thyroid dosage too low will make it worse, not better (with Hashi, TSH needs to be suppressed to prevent antibody production; natural desiccated thyroid can help there). Almost everyone needs dosage adjusted upward several times, and you should NEVER rely on TSH to determine dosage.

    Next thing to check is parathyroid, since turns out PT tumors are an effect of longterm-untreated Hashi, and will continue producing the identical symptoms even when thyroid is treated.

      1. Well, if worst comes to worst there is always I-131. Of course that would make you the Beautiful but Radioactive (and Evil) Space Princess.

        Oh my! I just realized. You are responsible for the Iranian nukes. You are going to have them make an Orion heavy lift vehicle with them then hijack it and ride it into orbit with your palace and a really big carp tank. I know that you promised to leave the world ruthlessly alone, but my bet is that with a giant carp tank there in orbit with you Washington will be just too tempting. Does the ILOH know about your nefarious plan or is he in on it so that he can be the one calling in the carp.

      2. Oh, and killing my thyroid won’t help. My problem is that my body attacks the enzyme that changes T4 to T3. Stupid autoimmune. It also makes a ton of Reverse T-3 whose side effect is to make me gain A LOT of weight.

  13. When I’m done with this, I’ll put eyedrops in and do a real post

    What isn’t real about it? This is the appropriate location for a post. This looks like a post. It reads like a post. We’ve been responding as if it were a post. You may call it whatever you want, I say it is a post.

        1. Raising the philosophistal question: How many posts could a post hole host if a post hole could host posts?

  14. Dr. Lowdog at the U of A Medical school researches natural remedies known and used for thousands of years and lectures on some of them to medical personnel. I was in attendance at one of her lectures where she discussed findings on high dose ginger for inflammatory disease and the total lack of side effects or drug interactions in using it. She indicated that it was more effective than expensive drugs like Celebrex or Vioxx, without the COX2 inhibitors that affect the heart. I have recommended it to many of my patients to do their research, and it has had great antiinflammitory results for them. You might consider the benefits for yourself too. Best thoughts on a swift de-escalation and recovery.

  15. About the dry eyes? Try fish oil – both my husband and I tried it independently (didn’t talk for a few days), and discovered that long-term eye dryness (needing multiple applications of eye drops) just stopped – cold.

    1. I discovered the hard way the fish oil as a dietary supplement (Vitamin E capsules(1000+mg/day)) would give me hives. Not all over, but one or two in an uncomfortable place (try right under my bra band). Luckily for my dry skin, flax-seed oil in the mega-doses recommended by the dermatologist works for me without side effects. Vitamin E applied topically on my cuticles is helpful, without causing the eruption of hives.

        1. I enjoy ginger on my food, but I once tried making ginger tea (it was for some reason I don’t remember, but was trying to get a supplemental effect of some sort), and I think I came close to serious anaphylaxis before I finally got some Benadryl into my system.

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