I Am Alive, I Am Well

We were moving # 1 son from his apartment to apartment in our basement, which will save us a TON of money over the year.

We had this scheduled for end of July, but we come back on the 26th late at night, he needs to hand in the keys on the 29th, and while we can clean it, I doubted we’d want to come back from overseas and jump straight into renting a uhaul & moving stuff.

Also this gives us a shot at having house unpacked by time his classes re-start.

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  1. Go for it. It is far better to have as much as possible done before you go abroad – AND before deadlines loom.

  2. More moving and packing and unpacking, then trip(s) so other packing.

    When you get back to home, and finally unpacked from the trip(s)… and a bit of rest.. I almost wonder if you’ll wonder what to do. Almost.

    • We won’t be unpacked on the house till perhaps late August.

      • Don’t ever feel like you have to unpack everything by a certain date. We have been in our farm house since 2007, and we still have unpacked boxes in the garage and basement.

        I have a feeling we probably do not really need those things!

        • I want to be unpacked, so I can concentrate on writing.

          • thephantom182

            Sometimes when Chez Phantom gets on my nerves, I go to any random coffee shop/bar/burger joint, slap on the headphones and fire up the laptop. Not sustainable as a steady diet, but good for those (thankfully rare) times when It Just Isn’t Working at home.

        • thephantom182

          Me too. Eight years, the boxes languish. Methinks those things I am not missing, much.

          • We will not discuss how long some of the boxes moved here with us have languished … but we’ve paid off the mortgage.

            In a few instances we have simply bought new copies of certain books rather than attempt the Augean challenge of finding them.

            Somewhere, somewhere is the month’s shipment of comics needed to continue reading the subsequent years releases (up to the point of giving up on the suspicion the house was imitating the teepee of Chief Bowels.) I gather that Batman’s back has healed and Kal-el has recovered from his demise, but until that missing month is found …

            I am very glad to report that the box the movers packed the wet towels n was discovered within a very short while after the move.

            • *raises paw* Ditto. Although ten years ago we did go through and most of the boxes that had not been opened since the move (early 1980s) disappeared. We will not discuss moving the documents that had been in storage 21 years.

              • Ditto, twice ditto.

                First this and then that happens. What one had carefully planned out just doesn’t happen the way you intended. At first there is the feelings that things are getting in the way of living your life. Then you realize that this is your life, and you might as well make the best of it, boxes, unfinished projects and all. 😉

  3. Sounds like a good plan!

  4. Ummmmm …. as an accountant I feel professionally obligated to remind you that the measure of value for money is not by weight.

    Admittedly, our Federal Reserve and the three branched of government which serve it are striving mightily to alter that.

    But Posner is still a moron.

  5. Christopher M. Chupik

    She’s alive! SHE’S ALIVE!!!

  6. thephantom182

    Moving is teh crapola. My condolences.

  7. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    About a year or so after I completely moved into this apartment, I still had partially unpacked boxes in my living-room.

    Then my land-lady had an inspection of my apartment and it was clear that I had to clean up my apartment.

    Knowing my “problem” with house cleaning, I asked a family friend to help with the cleaning.

    Not only did the “wicked witch” expect me to pay her, she made sure that the boxes in the living-room were unpacked. 😉

    Oh, the “wicked witch” was an adult when I first met her and she even baby-sit me & my sister.

    She has a good heart but has less tact than me. 😀

  8. c4c

  9. OT: Hopefully everyone here is having a better day/night than how mine has started. How? Coffee should NOT be lumpy. And especially not with a six-legged lump.

  10. On a more positive point, leave us al salute a mensch:

    Details about the terrorist attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, Bangladesh, continue to emerge. The New York Times has this story about three friends from Atlanta’s Emory University who were in the cafe when the terrorists struck:

    Mr. [Faraz] Hossain, a student at Emory University, was accompanied by two women wearing Western clothes, however, and when the gunmen asked the women where they were from, they said India and the United States. The gunmen refused to release them, and Mr. Hossain refused to leave them behind, his relative said. He would be among those found dead on Saturday morning.

    Gentlemen of the Congress, i say ye Faraz Hossain.

  11. When we moved from Albuquerque to Denver, the hubby’s relatives offered to store most of our boxes in a garage until we found a place to move. Things being what they were at the time, we took them up on the offer and then managed to get stuck in a basement for 3 years. When we finally found a place we could afford and fit into, nobody could remember where all the boxes were. Those boxes held my kitchen, my linens, our books….

    Since that time, we’ve added the accumulated crap from 4 estates to the garages and, since his aunt has decided she doesn’t want to deal with any of them, it will likely fall to me when she passes in a few years. It’s not really arson if I don’t try and file an insurance claim, is it?

    • Try for a small fire. The neighbors get nervous about big ones. IIRC, I unpacked the last box 2-3 years after the move. OTOH, we went from a 1400 sq foot house to a 1700 footer, and the 2 car garage morphed into a 1400 square foot barn. On the gripping hand, there was a lot of new construction (my favorite was getting real power to replace the 500′ extension cord for the barn). I’ve heard about how folks have “nothing to do” when they retire. Not here.

  12. Chrismouse

    YAY for having house. YAY for getting unpacked and more writing (Double yay for that one.) YAY for getting son’s housing situation, well, situated.

    Update on me: I am…somewhere in the Red Sea, and not looking forward to getting into the summer monsoon in the GOA. I told my uncle I would be imitating Lady Harrington and hunting pirates, which is true. I don’t know if you should wish me luck on finding some, or not finding some.

    Also, I finished both A Few Good Men and Through Fire on my Kindle this month, and I adored them both.

    • I’m wishing you that you emerge victorious and come home safely.
      And thank you. You keep reading, I’m writing more, and the thing will pick up speed as I get fully acclimated and more or less unpacked. (With the regrettable exception of July when we’ll be traveling non-stop.)

  13. Ugh, moving is the pits. You never really get used to it–there are always boxes left over that for some reason refuse to unpack themselves. It’s really rather rude of the boxes.

    Still, hooray for getting living situations sorted (even if several boxing rounds were involved (and I’m sure that’s what it felt like)).

    • Four times, in two years. Or as my husband put it, since October 2014 we’ve been living out of boxes. So it’s going to take a while to be more or less fully unpacked. (This last move, in 14, we found a box still packed with INFANT DIAPERS when the younger kid was then 19. So, we know from “things never get fully unpacked.”)
      I wish we didn’t have to spend July traveling, but such is the way of the world.

      • Sounds like the best opportunity despite its inconveniences. I do hope the travels go well, and I’m glad you got the house you wanted after it all!

  14. Thinking about it, I probably haven’t had a life without unpacking or repacking…

    I do have all the boxes unpacked from the move in 1983. I think I do…

    This weekend, we’re repacking some of the stuff from the son’s room – he’s finally getting around to reducing. (I snagged his Animorphs books, though, which just made a new pile in the office – I just might write children’s SF books some day…)

  15. OK, the coolers are loaded for the folks working the two BBQ rigs (kosher and otherwise), the coffee prep stuff is refilled, the tables for the buffet have been re-inforced and the little anti-grav units are ready in case things get overloaded again this year, the Monty Python marathon is on the schedule, the Sacred Musical is set to run twice, in case folks have to work and miss the first showing, and the flags are out since the storms (weather kind) have passed and the sun’s up here.

    Happy 4th of July!

  16. We are So glad to be home from LA. We will be enroute to LibertyCon Weds & Thurs.

  17. OT: But of interest

    They are such bullies. They only attack the helpless. She was deaf and blind, she couldn’t have heard or seen them. She was separated from her mother. She’d been making this flight for 17 years.

    • She was also paralyzed and easily confused. WREG in Memphis–This assault took place in the Memphis airport–has a video about this.