Pocket Full of Promo – Jason Dyck

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Pocket Full of Promo – Jason Dyck

Cedar Sanderson

Twisted Mindflow: A Collection of Stories

This is a collection of seventeen stories, with author’s notes and a foreword by Sanford Begley, the author’s First Reader.

A collection of seventeen shorts, flash, and oddball stories, twisted as they flowed out of my head and onto the paper.

Some may seem familiar, others appear here for the first time.

Get into my head…

Currently available for free

Ben Zwycky

Nobility Among Us

“Still, this process does not sit well with me. Letting the people think they are in control of these proceedings, having them vote for their chosen candidate as if they will change the way things are done, these are dangerous ideas. Furthermore, these are actual lowborns we are admitting to our ranks. What if something slips through the filtering process, what then? I have this nagging feeling that this whole enterprise will come back to haunt us one day.”

Brought together by a reality show designed to pacify the people of Gandria, Viscount Marcus Draishire and his low-born wife are secret devotees of the forbidden book. This could get both of them imprisoned or worse. Marcus hears a case of a cattle farmer suing his baron for unfair taxation. Should he follow the king’s decree, that all nobles are immune from criticism, or judge the case on its merits? Marcus chooses the latter and gets himself some unwanted attention. He now has to balance acting in the best interests of his subjects against antagonising his superiors, who tend to express their displeasure with a bomb, bullet or knife.

The people under him have their own struggles and the nobility itself is walking something of a tightrope, the need to crush dissent weighing against that of projecting a benevolent public image; no-one wants another uprising.

Beyond the Mist

The Chara Series Book 1

Am I falling or flying? Powerless or mighty? Imprisoned or free?

I have nothing: no possessions, no memories, no reference points or even solid ground to stand on; just falling (or is it flying?) through an endless mist. A voice beside me says this is the last free space in a world of slavery and suffering; another that it’s a self-imposed prison from a world of beauty and adventure. Who should I believe? What is waiting for me out there?

I make my choice and begin to discover what lies beyond the mist.

Today is the last day for Kindle Countdown on this book

Selected Verse – Faith and Family

A series of love poems that gives glimpses into the magical process by which a lonely and shy young man transforms into a husband and father and how the love in his family grows. This is followed by verse that look at aspects of wider family life, then at the ways in which the divine has revealed itself in history, both in ancient and modern times, how these clash with a fallen world and call us to something higher and grander than ourselves.

Selected Verse – Heroes and Wonders

A collection of poems dealing with heroes and wonders of the grand type we see depicted in our favourite epics as well as inspiring everyday examples that only a few ever notice. Beauty to enjoy, courage to inspire, wisdom and folly to admire and avoid.

Highlights include a heartfelt celebration of a life well lived, the story of a survivor of China’s brutal one child policy, an uplifting appreciation of nature’s cycles, and a grand tale of a beast that haunts the hearts of men.

Awake the hero within you, and stand in awe of wonders that never cease.

J.M. Ney-Grimm

Resonant Bronze

Lodestone Tales Book 2

The warriors of Torbellai brought back a prize in the night, and young Paitra wants to see it. Even hidden away in the armory, the artifact changed the whole mood of their mountain citadel from dread foreboding to hope. But the warlord hid the fighters’ plunder for good reason. Forged by trolls and radiating magic, it presents grave risk to any who approach it.

Through death into magic and sound, Paitra confronts… resonant bronze.

15 thoughts on “Pocket Full of Promo – Jason Dyck

  1. I looked at the cover of Cedar’s book and misread the teaser at the top as “A Collection of Short Stories and Slash Fiction.” Whoa! (to be fair, I misread a Facebook post from Cedar “I love the smell of balloons in the morning” as “I love the smell of bacon in the morning.”

    Yes, I need to get an appointment to get my eyes checked. 🙂

    1. You mean the quote from Nobility Among Us? I actually wrote that part back in 2007. Not the first time something I’ve written has become unfortunately prophetic. Back in late 2000/early 2001, I wrote a roleplaying story about interplanetary terrorists using kamikaze attacks with shuttlecraft against major (space-based) economic assets of a complacent empire. The empire then reinforced their military with mercenaries for a full ground assault of the planet where the terrorists were based, crushing them completely and constructing a military station in orbit of the planet for the mercenaries to keep it pacified. The station was infiltrated and later taken over by a second terrorist organization, one that the empire didn’t have the political will to fight, because they were a faction of (and only directly enemies with) one of the empire’s allies. That was the overall planned story arc of a multi-author story that I was managing. We got about of a third of the way through, then it all ground to a halt and everything written got lost when the forum’s database got fried. I didn’t feel right trying to restart it again in a new forum after 9/11 happened. I’m not sure if any of my notes survived the multiple hard drive crashes I’ve had since then, I wasn’t always very good at doing backups.

  2. I bought Nobility Among Us on its last go-round in this feature, and I absolutely recommend it. Atheists who quit circa chapter eight (I’m going on my own experience as an atheist here) will still have gotten their money’s worth on what they did read.

    Beyond the Mist, I also bought. It’s considerably more polished than Nobility Among Us, and the concepts are wonderful both as sci-fi and as metaphor, but it’s far too sedate for the entire second act and most of the third for me to recommend it as strongly.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Nobility Among Us was my first attempt at a novel-length work and I couldn’t get an editor to look at it. I just wanted to write a kind of story that I couldn’t find anywhere.

      Beyond the Mist was written as a serial for Sci Phi Journal, so each two-chapter segment (after the opening three) had to be relatively self-contained and explore a different philosophical question. In some parts of the story these focuses really helped, in other parts not so much.

  3. Look for advice — can anyone point me to a how-to-page for doing reprint collections’s copyright pages?

  4. Oh kay, the fourth story for the weekend release is done. Yes, it is about a dragon water consultant in New Mexico. My muse is giggling like the fiend that she is.

  5. Just read “Lost Children”.

    From the vantage point of 75, having attended 24 schools (one of them 3 different times) in my 12 years of public education, I must agree. Other credentials include tremendous financial success as high demand baby-sitter for problematic kids before my own age of 15.

    How so many can find so much meaning in “Whatever does not kill me, makes me stronger” and then egregiously mollycoddle their own kids is often disheartening. From sometime in my late teens (and the Three Eyed Frog only knows from whence), I realized that most parents are unable to process info on their children without becoming blind to the idea that theirs are not more preciously special- nay unique- than any of those others…

    That said- you might want to see about finding an editor. Your problematic writing lowers your credibility in the eyes of those on the fence and renders you non grata to any leaning away from your position.

    1. I’m NOT paid for blog posts, which are usually written right after I wake up. Yes, I could see about finding an editor for stuff I post off the cuff and for free. This makes perfect sense… Not.

    2. OR I could take the time to carefully edit these blogs (my writing is not “problematic” — I’ve made a living from it for 18 years. It’s simply first draft first thing in the morning) again, for free. Right… No. I’ll go and write novels.
      ALSO “What credibility” — I’m one of those right wingers. I have no credibility.

    3. Problematic Writing?

      You incredible fuckwit. I _am_ an editor. It’s what I do for a living you cocknozzle. Sarah puts out several thousand words on these posts every day and has the occasional typo.

      Jesus tits, the number of times I’ve gotten this idiotic complaint at work and now I see this bullshit here.

      OK, for the record, dipshit, Sarah does not get paid for these posts. She’s usually doing them first thing in the morning and before the caffeine has had a chance to kick in. You put out several thousand words a day without a typo.


      Oh and anyone who is so fucking OCD and fucking PETTY that a fucking misspelled word or minor fucking typo “lowers … credibility in the eyes of those on the fence and renders you non grata to any leaning away from your position.” Was never going to agree with her in the first place — mainly because they were too busy smelling their own asshole and claiming the aroma of a rose bush to get what she was saying anyway.

      Meanwhile, we’ve got your “problematic” writing which smacks of pseudo-intellectual bullshit wherein the “author” uses large words in order to sound smarter than he actually is. You pretentious worm.

      If you can’t get your point across without using words like “egregiously mollycoddle” and “disheartening” then you can’t get the point across at all.

      You write to communicate moron, not impress. Does Sarah’s writing communicate regardless of the occasional typo? Yes.

      Then it’s a success.


      1. And between Pat and Lar, we see the full range of Hoyt’s Horde of Huns. Thank you both for such an amusing and effective dichotomy. Oh, and as a lapsed editor myself, let me just add my oprobrium to yours: sod off, swampy.

  6. Mr. Walterson, much as I respect your experience, you do have ten years on me after all, ATH is not intended as a finely crafted product, but rather a running commentary on whatever is on Sarah’s mind at the moment.
    As one of her editors I confess that some of her typos caused from writing in haste, and often under pressures invisible to the casual observer, make me wince. And as a friend I tease her about it. Sometimes. In good fun.
    Consider this blog as you would casual conversation with strangers you’ve just met, in general interesting ones. Would you take pains to correct the speech patterns of those persons? A bit pompous wouldn’t you say?

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