Everything is Coming Up Promo- Freerange Oyster

Everything is Coming Up Promo- Freerange Oyster

J.M. Ney-Grimm

Skies of Navarys

When the king’s geomancer announces that a tidal wave threatens Navarys – the Atlantis of the North-lands – every citizen on the island springs to action. Amidst the uproar, the aeromancer Palujon steals unique and magical lodestones.

Mago, son of the lodestones’ creator, vows to retrieve his father’s precious artifacts. But Mago’s friend Liliyah questions Palujon’s motives.

Why would a man of his stature break the law? Is he truly a dastard? Life and death hang on her answers.

Henry Vogel

The Counterfeit Captain

A Coloring Book

Captain Nancy Martin expects a lonely death.

Passing out as her battle-damaged starfighter bleeds the last of its air, she comes to in the cavernous and deserted docking bay of an unknown starship. Leaving her crippled fighter to seek help, she finds she’s been scooped up by a gigantic generation ship inhabited by the descendants of the original crew and passengers—people whose entire universe is the ship!

Mistaken for the vast ship’s long-lost and near-mythical Captain, Nancy is welcomed as a savior. She believes she’s found the allies she needs in her desperate fight for survival. But an even greater menace lurks in the shadows of the ship—one that controls every inch of the ship and every life aboard it. One that will stop at nothing to destroy—

The Counterfeit Captain.

Set in the same universe as Vogel’s best-selling novel, The Fugitive Heir, The Counterfeit Captain further expands the stage for Vogel’s exciting brand of star-spanning science fiction adventure.

Mary Catelli

A Diabolical Bargain

Growing up between the Wizards’ Wood and its marvels, and the finest university of wizardry in the world, Nick Briarwood always thought that he wanted to learn wizardry.

When his father attempts to offer him to a demon in a deal, the deal rebounded on him, and Nick survives – but all the evidence points to his having made the deal.

Now he really wants to learn wizardry. Even though the university, the best place to master it, is also the place where he is most likely to be discovered.

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Madeleine and the Mists

Enchanted pools, shadowy dragons, wolves that spring from the mists and vanish into them again, paths that are longer, or shorter, than they should be, given where they went… the Misty Hills were filled with marvels.

Madeleine still left the hills, years ago, to marry against her father’s will. If her husband’s family is less than welcoming, she still is glad she married him, and they have a son, two years old.

But her husband’s overlord has fallen afoul of the king. And all his men fall with him, including her husband.

She sets out, to seek the queen and try to bypass the king – and the Misty Hills.

Some things are not so easily evaded.

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  1. To Sarah, and all other mothers out there: Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I 2nd that. happy mother’s day to all.

  3. For all you cat-lovers: From: M.P. Chevrette
    Subject: Refect the cat!

    When I tell my son Benjamin to feed our cat Shelby, I can’t help but worry that the poor animal might die of thirst as Number Two Son will go to great lengths to avoid anything that looks like a chore.

    So, I’ve tried to be very specific about what he needs to do. “Feed and water the cat.” Cute. “Feed and hydrate the cat?” Too technical. I needed to coin a new phrase.

    Then came A.Word.A.Day with its just in time wordsmithing. Refect covers the water front. “Son, please refect the cat!” Rather alliterative, too. (But I did have to add it to my spellchecker.)
    M.P. Chevrette, South Hadley, Massachusetts

    From AWADmail Issue 723, sent by Wordsmith.org

  4. BobtheRegisterredFool

    Oyster: Re: Spec. for Amazon replacement: Are you planning to include support for serial subscriptions as an initial feature? I understand that Chinese ebook websites like qidian have some sort of serial support that works out very well for them. I dunno if it would work for our market, or if we have enough potential chapter a day writers to support such a feature.

    • Free-range Oyster

      Initially, definitely not. We’re looking at a minimalist approach to start, and add features as we see what people need/want/will pay for. Long term, maybe. Subscriptions are something I started to spec out a couple years ago, but that got derailed. Something to keep in mind, though. Right now I’m working on some other projects, both for the Day Job and the Oyster Family Business, but an ebook sales platform is high on my priorities after those.

      • The Other Sean

        Thank you for offering us this pearl of wisdom, rather than clamming up. 😛