Taking a Day Off

Sorry.  I don’t like taking days off from the blog, and I’ve taken too many, but I woke up at six am with all the symptoms of stomach flu.  I’m fairly sure that’s not actually it, and suspect it’s just stress, but right now is the first I made it to the computer and way from the bathroom.

I have four short stories to write and deliver, and as you imagine those have precedence.  So, I shall now work on those. Then I shall start the final going over of Darkship Revenge, hopefully to be done by Monday.


Blog to resume tomorrow.

95 thoughts on “Taking a Day Off

  1. To our esteemed hostess:

    Take care of yourself. We have told you many time we are a selfish bunch — we want more of you. We are also smart enough to know that the best way to get more of you is for you to take decent care of yourself… So ….

    I repeat: Take care of yourself.

      1. A snowstorm managed to catch me about an hour and half before I was done working yesterday. I like snow, but right now it is playing hob with my work, and I’m kinda ready for spring already. We had low 80’s a week ago, and then snow a few days later, my body isn’t quite sure what it is supposed to be acclimatizing itself to.

  2. Rest. Recover. Get done what you need to get done. I’m sure we’ll still be here when you get back.

  3. Get some rest and feel better.

    We may redecorate a bit, after all the moat does need to be drained and cleaned, but we’ll still be here.

    btw, who ordered the new piranha?

    1. Not me. I don’t like it when the fishies fight back.

      Didn’t we just drain the moat last *flips pages on schedule that suddenly appeared* oh. Really? That long? My. That does explain some things.

      Well, no time like whatever the present happens to be, and the State Water Authority won’t notice the flow increase right now. *trots off to start checklist and warning alert system countdown*

      1. Yeah, gotta put the quarterlies, the semi-annuals, and the annuals on the calendar. The dailies and the weeklies seems to be getting done, but y’ll know more than I do about that stuff.

      2. You didn’t notice when we launched the Kickstarter for the R’yleh Adventure Tour Theme Park?

          1. The problem with the grope e-mail list is that too often the ones I wanna grope aren’t in my queue … and the ones I want to be groped by are similarly not present.

            Sorta like the old saw about the only people going to the nude beach being the people who really prove the benefits of clothing.

      3. “That does explain some things. ”

        Such as why the sea serpent prefers the minion pool.

    2. Piranha? *Check bill of lading*, gorramit those were supposed to be GMO freshwater electric eels!

  4. Priorities, m’lady. Take care of yourself first. Nothing good comes without that. As for taking a day off of the blog, I’m a bit in awe of your production. I have a hard time keeping up with all the posts you and the guests put out, much less the comments.

  5. I think you are allowed to take time off from writing unpaid blog posts for the interest of others. I would say go have fun and relax but you will probably write 4 novels before breakfast and then flip 5 old homes in Colorado for the afternoon. Being the over achiever that you are. 😉

      1. I know. I was being silly because of all the work you have been putting in on your houses over the last year or so. You know exactly the kind of work that would be involved and are to sensible to be doing it.

  6. Relax, rest, and recover. We’ll amuse ourselves, and the place will be here when you’re feeling better.

    Ummm, guys, little help here? Think we can throw up some drywall before she gets back?

    1. Don’t know about the drywall, but I think the curtains will need a bit more than just hanging them on the line and beating the dust out.

      1. The way the rain’s coming down, if we throw them on the line they’ll be washed by night.

          1. Half an inch at our place so far today. Which is officially a heckofalot. And still drizzling.

              1. Annual Average is 11 inches.

                That’s average precipitation: snow, rain, hail, sleet, slush, and anything else the Good Lord sees fit to give us, for which we will be very grateful.

                An inch in 24 hours and my friends will have flooded basements, and the roads will be flooded. Water isn’t something planned for here, rather, we plan for a lack of water.

          2. All y’all could share some of that airborne dihydrogen monoxide bounty with us in Arizona ya know. No need to keep it all for yourselves.

            1. I thought the Coloradans stock-piled the airborne dihydrogen monoxide in solid form for later delivery to y’all? Or has California been bogarting the distribution again?

              1. California doesn’t take all the DHMO; but fresh is better than the rehydrated stuff.

            2. Hush about Arizona. Us true desert rats only tolerate the stuff in strictly limited quantities. We like our heat dry.

              1. I was born here, and spent nearly thirty years here after the Air Force finished shuffling dad about, and still don’t by the “dry heat” thing. Sure it’s a dry heat, so’s a forge but I don’t stick my hand in a running one.

                1. 102 degrees, 100 % humidity, or 115 in the shade, no shade. I’ve tried both, and I find the dry marginally preferable.

                    1. Whoof. Dehydrated?

                      I happened to be in Seattle during a sunny day that was 80-something F. There was a heat warning, apparently. It was pretty nice outside, not quite as nice in the lobby where we were staying (which was where the free internet was), with the big multi-story wall made of glass blocks….

                      …I didn’t suffer any major heat/dehydration problems, but it was the only time my lips ever dried up in summer.

                  1. After spending a week in Singapore at 90F and 90% humidity, I flew home to Reno. Everyone was complaining about the 100F heatwave. But at 25% humidity, I found it refreshingly cool. At least until I acclimated to home again.

                    1. Having visited New Orleans in August where the rain falls up (pavement so hot the rain doesn’t run down the gutters, it steams back up) and at Fort Sumter in July, I can assert unequivocally that all other things being equal, dry heat is more tolerable than wet heat. OTOH, at similar levels of humidity, absolute temps rule.

                      Over all it is akin to finding the right balance between Brightness and Contrast on your monitor. What the Brightness giveth, the Contrast taketh away.

                  2. I remember once when the weather went from 90s, low humidity, to 70s, high. It was the second that inspired thoughts that I was dying.

              2. As a die-hard Southerner, I like my heat dry too. Sadly, I never get it that way.

                1. I prefers my heat in my food. Chili, jalapenos, Tabasco, Texas Pete, Cholula, horseradish …

              3. Dry heat I can cope with (keep sleeves rolled down, hat with bigger brim, drink even more water). Wet heat makes me pass out. Apparently I have a very poor internal cooling mechanism.

    2. I said we need to drain the mote, not explode it.

      -sigh- Hold up on the refill, Red. Gotta patch a sidewall over here.

    3. *cough* And the ventilation system needs a thorough cleaning. It’s so dusty that the lasers guarding the northwest passage of one of the sublevels are being absorbed. They don’t even tickle anymore. (Nope, don’t know what they’re guarding, don’t want to know.)

      Is there a convenient vacuum setting (just warn me before turning it on, or I’ll go for a ride; hmm, maybe warn me AND I’ll go for a ride), or should I get my Swiffers? I have a bit of time before I have to get back to wor– *Pop!*

    1. Get healthy, get paid, then blog.

      Loot, rape then burn.

      Wash, rinse, repeat.

      Crack eggs into bowl, whisk, then pour into hot fry-pan.

      Tie onna bed then throw rope out of window.

      Just a few of the things in which getting the proper sequence is essential.

          1. “Buy two gallons of milk. If they have mangoes, buy six.”
            *buys six gallons of milk*

            1. There’s a reason why army grenade throwing practice is done from pits. My son is one of the lucky people who threw a trainee out of the pit then jumped out on top of him after he threw the pin and dropped the grenade…. It’s not as infrequent a mistake as you would think it should be.

              1. I think that maybe what happened to that one guy in my basic platoon; both us were marginal–about to get recycled. My problem was PT; his was rifle qualification. A range sergeant took him to another range by himself and let him shoot until he qualified. But as I recall he disappeared before grenade qualification. I got the feeling our lead drill sergeant could not see putting two live grenades in his hands. Then again, there was this one guy at my unit at Ft. McClellan that I kept telling myself–“This guy has thrown two live grenades.” Come to think of it, they got rid of him for being too fat; not over weight, over tape. On the other hand, the guy knew all the soldier of the month question, so eh, who knows.

                By the way, the grenade range at Ft. McClellan did not have pits (unless they had more than one); however, they closed the base in the late nineties. Yes, it was a one station unit training base for chemical and military police troops.

              2. When I was doing my training I had a platoon mate who was… well. Sean Penn as Spicoli could have played him.

                Live grenade range: Pvt Penn Spicoli takes grenade, as instructed, removes shipping clip, as instructed, releases spoon. draws back arm, and starts counting “One, one thousand…”

                Instructor grabs and chucks grenade, damn near taking Spicoli’s arm with it. And as Spicoli was being hustled off the range and out of our lives we actually heard him say, “But I wanted to see an airburst!”

                1. I will admit that the lure would be there. However, having done such a thing with a “Lady Finger” firecracker (as far as I know, the weakest real firecracker made), and missing the timing, I think I would let my curiosity suffer.

        1. I went looking for the scene illustrating this, from Horsefeathers.

          User Tip: Don’t ever put “tie” and “bed” in a search engine for youtube.

  7. Other than this, I shall aid by taking the day off from commenting. Am now at Penguicon and a few deliveries to deal with and need to show Legend (he’s a unicorn) around. I expected the sugary stuff and rainbows… the affinity to rum, however.. but then considering the feedstock.

  8. Well, the stomach crud has been going around the schools down here (per the wife), so it could be up there, too.

    Take the day off – the entire day, mind you; we know you all too well… Snuggle some kitties, watch the snow drift, take it easy for once.

    1. Ran through our area about a month back; two weeks ago, it hit some friends in LA area. If it’s traveling by air plane…..

        1. I am so sorry to hear that. Get well soon — both of you.

          Oh, I have it on good authority (a mother of five boys) that germs are one of the things that families are not only allowed but are advised not to share.

  9. So as I read it, you’re not taking the day *off* so much as re-ordering priorities. Since you’re about to be purchasing a domicile (knock head), it makes sense to concentrate on things that can bring in some come, uh, resources. Cool with that I am, young padawan.

    *Really* looking forward to Darkship III

  10. Hmmmm … whenever I watch much election coverage I notice symptoms of stomach flu, or perhaps food poisoning.

    I be suppressing snarky remarks about people who spent the last three years saying they’d sit this election out if Jeb got the nomination. Also am suppressing snide comments about John Boehner urging the GOP Base to swallow disappointment and back the party’s nominee.

    I long ago learned that one thing to never say at work was “I wonder when management will get rid of [waste of space] — they couldn’t possibly hire anybody worse for that job.”

    Management always proved itself able to exceed my expectations.

  11. just walked in the door after getting up yesterday to sign papers and turn over earnest money (Earnest P. Whorrell?) then hit the road and drove to Texas. Waiting for the Redbulls and Monster top wear off so I can get some zzzzzzzzz.

  12. Sarah, you take care of yourself. We value you too much, your sharp wit, your evil sense of humor, your charming narratives, to lose you. If you need a week’s break for R&R, fine. Just return to us freshened and wordy…

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