Post Later

Okay, you reprobates.  There will be post later, but I’m not sure when.  Someone neglected to tell me we had an errand this morning that required me to be in a place without this computer till early afternoon.  I have alternate arrangements.  If they work, post very soon.  If they don’t work, post in the afternoon.

Till then ABSOLUTELY no rotating the Earth on its axis, and NO running slaloms around the sun again.  Are we understood?  Beta Centauri has complained about you kids….

36 responses to “Post Later

  1. Darn Betas. Always sticking their noses in.

    Granted, they are large noses.

    And prehensile. But that’s still no excuse.

  2. You want us to stop the Earth’s rotation? That requires a trip into the clockwork depths. It would be helpful if we had some Betas with their prehensile noses to help out.

    • I think she wants us to leave the rotation of the earth alone… I’ve heard rumors of this group trying to make it go the other way, but I somehow missed the mechanical discussions.

  3. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Well Sarah, you told us reprobates what not to do but there’s plenty of stuff for us to do that you didn’t mention. 👿 👿 👿 👿

    • Rather.

      She must be very distracted. She said nothing about not redecorating this time.

      • BobtheRegisterredfFool

        Finally got approval to hollow out Earth, place artificial sun inside.

      • No house.

        Makes it harder, and “don’t decorate the car we’re driving” is tough.

        • The Other Sean

          That’s what drones with manipulators are for.

        • Cars and vans you can upgrade and refit. How about installing a new station to brew coffee or tea in the back?

          I came to the conclusion that the Hun’s den cannot be attached directly to her house. It must be transdimensional. How else could we have fit everything in, obtained the various views we get from the windows, and the installed numerous gardens, fixtures and outbuildings on the grounds?

          Now, if you wish to assert that the entrance must be linked to a house that our esteemed hostess owns I will consider the possibility. If that is the case her state of residential limbo would therefore become our own and we cannot redecorate.

          And, if the Hun’s den was linked to her prior residence alone, we will have to give it up. That would mean that it is time to start planning for the new one!

      • Has anyone found out where the door to the Library of Missing Books went? I’m trying to find a title but I can’t seem to get in . . .

    • Synthesizing nitrobenzedrine (for when you need to be explosively awake) or nitromescaline (that’ll really blow your mind) for instance.

  4. Awwwww, but Moooooooooommm……. *pushes My First Disintigrator Gun kit back under bed* Yes, ma’am.

  5. Oh yeah?
    Well, I’ll show you! I’m going to go out and pack up things in the Garage!
    Of course I HAVE to do that if I am going to stay on schedule to be working in northern Wisconsin by the 16th.

  6. Reprobate?!?! You’re calling me a reprobate? How dare… What? It means that? Oh. Never mind.

  7. The Other Sean

    Post Later…. unless Sarah discovers a time machine, in which case she might post earlier instead. 😉

  8. Who us? Cause trouble?

  9. Reality Observer

    No problemo. I’m still trying to catch up with my own routine (the list from two Sundays ago is almost gone).

  10. Post yesterday, post tomorrow, never post today!

  11. Argo has already banned us. Now Beta Centauri is complaining. Who’s next, Rigel Kentaurus?

  12. Can I fly kites in the Solar Wind?`

  13. Remember, you may not have a life, but life has you.

  14. Beta’s complaining but not Alpha? Beta’s 400 LY away(120 Parsec for you Han Solo fans).

  15. CombatMissionary

    Reprobate? I had no idea you knew the men in my family, Sarah. You’re making me misty. 😉