Some Days There Just Isn’t Enough Caffeine

This comes to you from the once and future office, but I couldn’t get my regular (wireless) keyboard to work, which is what made it so late.  I’m using Goldport’s keyboard, until I find batteries for the darn thing.

Post in a little while.  Going to do Mad Genius Club post first.

19 thoughts on “Some Days There Just Isn’t Enough Caffeine

  1. Trimethylxanthine.. I’d say try something else, but there’s likely nothing else that is as readily available, legal, and generally non-problematic. Good fortune with keyboard/cells.

  2. Damn — the last two days I was so erratic in my sleep patterns that I couldn’t do much other than cuddle the dog and read. I feel more energized today. Hope you feel more energized too.

          1. Except my family can hear when the clickety stops and they come in to ask if I can help with a “small” project . . .

            1. If its possible, install a trapdoor into the piranha pool at the door. Or simply an electrified floor mat

  3. *Snort* I showed photos of Kenyan coffee plantations to my class this AM, and the first batch of students tried to rush the screen. There was a moan of despair when I reminded them that you have to pick and roast them first, and that the beans in the photo were not ripe. The horror, the horror!

      1. It only took half the first semester to get them trained. They really picked it up quickly after I hairballed that kid on the back row. (GoogleTranslate’s Cat to English setting leaves a lot to be desired.)

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