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They say confession is good for the soul.  I didn’t mail the physical books I promised subscribers, though I hoped to, right up to yesterday.  You see, where we are there is no post office in walking range and I’m still not driving as I haven’t been for the last 3 years.  (For various reasons some my health and some the car’s, both of which are being dealt with but aren’t instant.)  I had issues coordinating my time and another person’s enough to make it to the post awful.

If you were counting on the books for gifts, I’m very sorry and I promise to get them off on the 26th, so just tell whatever relative the writer has many good qualities, (I hope) but organizing herself isn’t one of them and this will be a Russian-Style new year’s gift.

Meanwhile, to compensate, and also because a lot of you have friends and relatives who will be getting new kindles for Christmas and you can send them to these books for cheap reads, I put a bunch of my books on sale for 99c.

Death of a Musketeer (Yes, that cover sucks.  Yes, it will be redone when I have time.)


No Will But His:


Ill Met By Moonlight


Crawling Between Heaven And Earth:


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.  The d*mn books will be in the mail as soon as I can possibly organize it, and meanwhile, tomorrow, when you’re possibly a little tipsy and groggy, come by here because I hope to put up some downloadable gifts.

Now be good warm yourself at the fireplace, play with the cats, and don’t Bogart the snickerdoodles.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet tried the OTHER Hoyt, it’s still on sale!


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  1. *withdraws paws from edge of cookie platter* I was just pushing them farther from the edge of the table so they didn’t fall off. Really.

    Merry Christmas to all who observe or acknowledge, and I hope everyone else has a wonderful, quiet day full of peace and happiness. (And I highly recommend the Collegium Vocale of Ghent’s recording of the full Christmas Oratorio by Bach [Erato label]. Crisp vocals, good balance of instruments and voices.)

  2. If you were counting on the books for gifts … this will be a Russian-Style new year’s gift.

    Many years ago, after realizing that the then-mandatory visit to the In-Laws Grand-Parents to observe Christmas Saturnalia imposed not just the burden of a ten to twelve hour drive (each way) but had us hauling our gifts to each other both directions in a car already fully packed, Beloved Spouse & I conferred and the Daughtorial Unit concurred that we would celebrate Twelfth Night as an intimate exchange of presents in the immediate family and December 25th would be for the BIG FAMILY, with our gifts to them and theirs to us being the focus of the presenting.

    Times change and travel becomes less convenient, but we still observe our (nearly) two-week after holiday tradition. Amongst other advantages, it allows late-arriving gifts to be given without explanation and enables a quiet tapering off of the season in lieu of the common Wham-Bam, Thank-You Santa form it seems to more commonly take.

    So, if books (or whatever) intended as presents do arrive late, do like the Greek Orthodox do and follow the lead of the Magi — show up twelve days late so as to avoid the crush.

    1. To be overly pedantic ( 🙂 ), the Greek Orthodox use the Gregorian calendar, as does the Orthodox Church in America (and probably various other Orthodox hierarchies). The Russian Orthodox church still uses the Julian calendar for liturgical dates. It’s kind of nice…we get to do all our Christmas shopping at the Dec. 26 sales!

      1. Thanks for the clarification — I wasn’t aware of that distinction between the Greek and Russian churches and was trying to avoid blaming the Russians unfairly (especially as there is so much for which they may fairly be blamed.)

        1. Three Kings is a gift day, Old Christmas is a gift day… whatever!

          Of course, I sent out my Christmas cards late… but seeing as Duke Ellington apparently sent out Christmas cards at any time of the year when he remembered to do it, including in June and August… I don’t feel guilty one bit.

    2. I tried to get my wife to exchange gifts on 1 Jan rather than 25 Dec, as (1) it gets around holiday travel and (b) post-christmas sales, but no takers.

      I will note that the Hellion was *most* upset that Santa could not deliver to the hotel room, but was somewhat mollified that he’d dropped some stuff off at the grandmothers for her.

  3. Don’t bogart the snickerdoodles?


    Is it still bogarting if I keep ’em a secret?

  4. Sarah, are the vampire Musketeers books out in ebook format? The publisher’s site seems to indicate so, but there isn’t a functioning link, from what I can tell. I read the short story in your anthology and would like to read the novels. Thanks! And a very merry Christmas to all here.

    1. The first book, which was the only one they put out, just reverted. I’m hoping to get it and the second and third ready for publication soon — ie. as soon as life stops pulling me a million ways. IOW watch this space. Hopefully first one out in January, second in February and third in March.

      1. So, I guess I now have your permission to look forward to reading them once I am finished with my traditional reading for the start of the year. Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I chortle in my joy.

      1. Does that mean you’re tired of us hanging around the kitchen offering to help run quality control checks on the cookies? 🙂


          1. Hey, don’t worry, we have this excellent play pen in which to exercise … we’ll be fine.

            Merry Christmas everybody.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and yours, wherever you may be, with counted blessings for each and every one.

    Be of good cheer, unbowed beneath the bowl of the sky. A couple of days ago, a rocket landed on earth. Landed, intact, unbroken, not crashed even a tiny little bit. “There and back again,” said the man who dreamed it, and made it so.

    We’re going out there, someday. Us. Humans. That’s a pretty darned good early Christmas present, I’d say. *grin*

  6. don’t Bogart the snickerdoodles.

    Of all the cookies in all the towns in all the world…

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  7. Hmmm… I already had most of these, but I bought Death of a Musketeer and got a free digital copy of Kung Fu Panda. So, that was a nice Christmas bonus. 🙂

  8. Suffering a scanty Xmas feast at the YO Ranch Hotel, where I am forced to make do with the four basic food groups (pork,ham, pork loin, roast beef) plus a smattering of accessories like biscuits, rroasted taters, a selection of cheeses, fruits and salad, a mere six tables of pastries and other desserts, mimosas…truly it is a holiday that will go into the record books for my inspiring endurance of privation…
    Luckily my cholesterol is pretty much to only part of my cardiovascular system that still works, for I mean to try it straitly today…

  9. Deborah wishes to further underscore our desperate circumstances by mentioning the shrimp, salmon, and the the roast beef is in fact prime rib. But we shall press on regardless!

    Oh, and she wishes everybody a merry Christmas and cheerful Chanukkah as appropriate.

    1. *calculating time to get from Amarillo area to YO Ranch* Darn, they’ll be closed before I get there. SIGH.

      My deepest sympathies for y’all’s desperate suffering caused by a lack of sustenance. 😉

    2. Yes, Em and I had to endure the minimal Christmas Eve dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel Cafe on the Green in Dallas: turkey, steak, pheasant, 6 different kinds of shellfish appetizers, sage and chestnut dressing, salads, dessert room….

      Mr Nemo wishes to lodge a complaint about the rank speciesism that wouldn’t allow him in. 😎

      They may have places left for this evening.

      1. … 6 different kinds of shellfish appetizers

        That’s treyfe! Oy, what happened you? Did some khaver, some mensch, come through, vashn sin from off you, you should eat such nosheray? Mazel tov; lang leben zolt ir!

            1. Piffle – I was just reminding him that it is appropriate means for celebration, on that particular day, of the reason he doesn’t burn in Heck for not being Jewish (and Kosher) and doesn’t have to speak Yiddish.

              To save us all from Kosher dictates,
              When we were gone astray
              O tidings of comfort and joy,
              Comfort and joy
              O tidings of comfort and joy.

                1. I simply thank Peter, Paul, and the Lord that circumcision is no longer part of the deal.

                  Kosher dictates, heck, it’s the D*ck dictates I’m avoiding. 😉

  10. Purrrrrr*urp*rrrrrrrrr. Smoked turkey for the win. The praline sweet ‘taters and broccoli-and-rice, and dressing were pretty good too.

    OTOH, my after supper walk required a little longer to really get up to tempo. (Last one for a while. I don’t do 50 MPH winds with blowing snow.)

    1. “The wren, the wren, the king of the wood
      “St. Stephen’s day got caught in the furze.
      “Although he was little his courage was great
      “Jump up me boys and give us a treat!”

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