Story — The Camels of Christmas, in the shifter universe — not done yet.

On account of TWO vet visits, and one more tomorrow.  Minor stuff, but argh.

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  1. I refuse to grumble at this time of the year. A year ago this day I was dealing with my father’s demise. This year I fully intend to be merry and bright … or merry and dim, we’ll see how it works out.

    Stories can bleedin’ wait; kin and kats deserve your attention.

    Be thankful the vet is willing to treat Dan Robert you whomever needs it, and be grateful it isn’t more serious. Be thankful you’re still able to keep a cat … and able to find a cat to keep.

    Let the damned Camel Shifters shift to Pall Malls, Kools, or Lucky Strikes.

  2. sounds like you been having an “interesting” week, in the curse sense of interesting

  3. Your vet sees camels? Interesting.

  4. Hope the fuzzy butts r ok. Take a break Sarah- we love you and want you to rest n enjoy the holiday. Then your sub c will come up wi better stories/book crack for us addicts! 😉 may everyone have a merry everything and may 2016 b mucho more boring than this one!

  5. CombatMissionary

    Similar situation here, Sarah. It’s almost whiteout conditions, therefore I have cars to fix. Hope your pets get better.

  6. You can NOT use cats as typists and copy editors. Thought you would have figured that out by now.

  7. I’m going off-topic here, but I wanted to get this info out to as many folks as I can. Please pass it on as you like:

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    This isn’t an SF con, but a small (limited to ~150 people, roughly) workshop that may be of interest to many folks here. Registration is $175 until Feb. 15, and $225 after (unless all the spaces are filled earlier). Their Virtual Science Competition is sponsored by Baen Books:

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  8. I hope your cats will be well. Our 14 year old dog is refusing to eat or drink so I think we’ll be having a wake for him this Christmas. The funny thing is we got him a Christmas gift and named him Max in honor of the Grinch’s dog.

  9. “How do I know what is greatest,
    How do I know what is least?
    That is My Father’s business,”
    Said Eddi, Wilfrid’s priest.

    “But — three are gathered together —
    Listen to me and attend.
    I bring good news, my brethren!”
    Said Eddi of Manhood End.

  10. Good news of great joy (to the local Auto Haus at least): I’m on wheels again. The insurance company finally totaled out the old pick-up and I was able to pay a good chunk down on a replacement.

  11. Unrelated to anything (*gasp* oh no!), we’re considering adding a feline member to the Oysterhaus, and I could use some expert advice. We’ve had a recent influx of mice, which is part of the reason for considering a cat*. Can anyone tell me how to go about finding a good mouser?

    * I wanted a catsnake (rodents fear just the scent of them), but this house is a bad one for those; too likely to get injured or trapped somewhere, from what I’ve researched.

    • Find one whose mother is successful mouser. Cats are odd in that they have to be shown how to finish the hunt.

      • Free-range Oyster

        I’ve heard that before and forgotten; thank you for the reminder. Any idea how early they learn that? I’ve seen a few listed for sale that mentioned the mother being a good mouser, but they’re still kittens.

    • BobtheRegisterredFool

      I was reading about rat hunting dogs the other day.

    • We have four right now. A sealpoint Siamese, Samantha, Honeyboy, a big orange tabby, see above, old black Java, and Clarissa the insane calico. Java’s too old to mouse and was a housecat his entire life, so he’s useless as a mouser. The other three are outdoor rescues and all mouse aggressively; the difference is Honeyboy and Clarissa bring us love-gifts and trophies, at which Deborah wigs, while Samantha, the Siamese, who had been an outdoor cat the longest, eats the mouse herself, with occasional pauses to glare at us over her shoulder, and may leave us the head as our share if she feels like it.

      • Free-range Oyster

        Hmm, since we’d likely adopt a shelter cat, an outdoor rescue sounds promising. I only worry about it handling and being handled by small children – we learned that lesson the hard way. 😦

  12. To avoid the repetitious redundancy, I meant they had had previous household experience.