I Will Try to Post Later

UPDATE: sorry, not well enough to write a coherent post.  I think I’m going to get a blanky in the easy chair and watch the six hours of A & E Pride and Prejudice.

This latest attack of sinus issues was caused by someone who, in an attempt to sell their house, put plug in air fresheners in every room.  As luck would have it we then forgot to fill humidifier before bed on my birthday.  End result, my nose has been running like a faucet for two days.  Most of the stuff is now clear, and the running seemed to stop around five am, so I think now my nose is stuffed from being sore.  My upper lip is sore too.

Sorry for the TMIs.  Going to bed to nap now, because sleeping was spotty — as is when your nose is a faucet.

I actually have stuff to say, but it will have to wait till I’ve slept.

138 thoughts on “I Will Try to Post Later

  1. We can wait. There’s plenty of other stuff here that we can have fun with. [Smile]

        1. She is the Beautiful But Evil Space Princess. She will just carp you from orbit (It is the only way to be sure).

              1. I believe that, sadly, given the temperatures involved, the outside would be burnt, while the inside remained raw.

              1. Yep, those weren’t flying saucers you saw. They were pizzas with carp from outer space.

                    1. I just heard on Friday that there’s a group of veteran developers working to launch a useable, non-vaporware, x64 version of Plan 9. I can’t recall the name at the moment, but I recall part of the plan was to use a standard compiler instead of a unique one. My tech research guy is super excited about it, but this is a guy who’s fascinated with Tutorial D and its offshoots, so who knows if we’ll ever get to use it for anything. 🙂

          1. ya know, I was thinking about this the other day, and if you add a t to her title, it will be pronounced the same with a slightly different meaning.
            beautiful butt
            space princess
            please note this was added when she was not around. now activating the KIDS (karp interceptor devices). gosh I hope these things work

      1. Shh, we’ll just take the opportunity to install a few new gadgets and say that was what we were planning to do all along.

        1. We need secret panels (no particular function, being secret is enough) and especially, we need a big red self destruct button like in Forbidden Planet when they are blowing up the Krell complex. A few of those blinking led turntables with laser etched crystals would be a nice touch too.

              1. Yes – the true self-destruct button ought be a giant double-knife switch, interlocked with the activator of the Omega 39 (Three Times The Effectiveness Of The Omega 13!)

      2. Well… The smaller critters do a lot of damage and there are more of them than there are dragons. [Watching Where I Swing My Tail]

          1. Sometimes it is easier to *replace* than repair. The, eh, “incident” with the third West Dining Hall would have been *much* faster fixed if we’d just ripped down to the joists and built back up…

        1. -chuckle- Just watch a feline wrestling match – everything in the immediate area is in danger.

          Speaking of which, where did Misti go?

          1. And Saint George is currently on vacation teaching certain Dragons how to play chess.

            One foolish Dragon came close to losing his hoard to Saint George.

            Take that back, he lost his hoard to Saint George but Saint George gave it back. [Wink]

          1. Sigh, all that padding my tail does is to make me not notice how hard I’m hitting something.

            After all boxers can hit harder with padded gloves because their fists don’t hurt when they do so.

            1. Padding also adds mass. I suggest, instead, a light harness mounting proximity alarms, configured to increase rate of beepage in direct relation to distance. We would obviously have to configure it to correlate to range of movement, with the tip beeping (say, once every five seconds) when items are within a meter (and increasing as the distance closes) while the base can probably have the proximity set at the six inch initiation.

      3. As long as the dragon isn’t after beef, no real problem far as I can see. If something ends up needing repair it wasn’t built well enough anyway. Now, was that order for 190 proof ethanol, kerosene, gasoline, or something else? Nitrobenzene, perhaps?

      4. At least the plastic flamingos take care of themselves. . . .

        For those of you wondering what that pink flock was, they invariably come to life and then fly off to the lake. If you want to see them again, there’s no substitute for trekking out there — and that’s one where the non-Euclidean translated into the distance lengthening.

  2. Is this then a prepost to prepare us for a later post, which is not to be a repost of a past post? Perhaps the prescient portion is postponing posting, pre or post in favour of getting sufficient rest to permit future posts not being similarly postponed?

    1. Are we sure it’s safe to read the prepost without any preparation like that? Maybe we need a preprepost to warn us that the prepost is coming.

      1. Perhaps a preprepost which contains trigger warnings for the trigger warnings contained in the prepost (which will be warning about triggers in the post). My problem with the trigger warning concept, is why did they pick a part of the dread *evil* GUNNE for the warning? Don’t the gun fearing nuts need a pre-trigger warning, not called a trigger, but perhaps an ‘anxiety distress warning’.
        Two other questions while we wait for Sarah’s post:
        1) How many SJWs does it take to replace a light bulb (cfl or led only)?
        2)If Islamic is not what the first I in ISIS represent, what exactly does it represent?

        1. You said gun, and that is a something-ist micro-aggression towards the hoplophobic.

          1. Zero, they don’t believe we should use lights – haven’t you ever heard of light pollution?
          2. It all depends on what your definition of is is.

            1. I thought the answers to both questions was good. Considering what SJWs look like, the dark is the best option. Really, all organizations come up with cool acyronyms first, and then put in the words; ISIS is in honor of the Clintons, who have done so much in the Mid-East.

        2. Isis being an Egyptian goddess, do we have any undead Pharaohs around here to ask?

          (Yes, but all you people should *know* my sense of humor is seriously twisted, and ISIS using a goddess’ name cracks me up every time. One must take one’s humor where one finds it, after all.)

  3. Those plug-in air “fresheners” are an invention of Satan. (At least to those of us with sensitivities.)

    1. I think I’ve previously told the tale of the assistant theatre manager who displayed initiative after somebody whoopsed in the Ghostbusters screening room by running out and buying a couple dozen stick-on air fresheners. That screening room never did recover from the olfactory onslaught.

      1. For those in desperate straits, I observe that Febreeze actually gets rid of odors. You can tell that because they sell an unscented version.

          1. I have been looking for the cartoon (‘KT – ‘KinkyTurtle”) with a wand with a bar of soap on the end. *POOF* “This is furry is _clean_!’ “My porn!”

          2. See if you can find photos from Dragon-Con of the Febreeze Fairy. She’s up there with “Cosplay ALL THE THINGS!!!!!” for most creative, at least in my opinion.

              1. Too many people for my taste. I get really uncomfortable in tightly-packed spaces ever since trying to leave Stephansdom in Vienna after the Christmas morning mass as an even larger number of people were trying to get in.

    2. Those plug-in air “fresheners” are like at-home versions of walking past the scented candles/soaps shops and perfume shops at the mall, but instead of agonizing at a distance, they provide for a more cozy way to agonize you.

        1. I used to never enter candle shops, soap shops, and perfumes shops and circled widely past the perfume counters at major retailers. Then, I discovered nasal irrigation. Now, I can waltz into those places and linger for at least a short while. Not if there’s actually a candle burning, though.

          It’s also increased my tolerance for enclosed crowds, such as church services or large meetings. And I haven’t needed an anti-histamine since starting. My primary care doctor said I was his first patient to tell him about nasal irrigation; now about 25% of his patients do it.

          1. I haven’t done it in a while (and now I keep running across people insisting it’s terrible for you because of contaminated water or something), but it was really refreshing sometimes.

      1. Williamsburg has a couple of big ‘Soap and Candle’ Factories for the tourist. Whenever I accompany friends acting as tour guide, I always caution them that if I suddenly bolt from the store in mid-sentence, it isn’t anything they said, it is that my nose is saying I stayed too long. One has a nice Christmas section, and if I walk real fast through the candles, I can usually manage to look at the stuff.

        1. I am reminded to be most thankful that in all the times The Daughter and I have visited Williamsburg we just never have quite managed to have the time to go to one of those places.

          1. And tales such as this are what make me very careful about where I practice perfuming… though the perfumer in me is always a bit irate at the over powering scents. It’s supposed to be SUBTLE. Not what my father called ‘The Bath And Bodyworks Effect” which drives (mostly) guys screaming from the area.

            1. Yeah, I’m a firm believer that I shouldn’t be able to smell someone 10 feet away. Artificial or natural perfume.

            2. Back in my college days I noticed a peculiarly frequent occurrence while walking into the business school, a very strong scent most commonly associated with bug spray, such as Raid or Black Flag. Struck by the unlikeliness of encountering such an odor in the open I started paying attention to the circumstances of its happening and realized it typically transpired on those occasions I found myself treading the sidewalk trailing a group of females of the African-American persuasion.

              I have no idea what trick of body chemistry or perfume preference sparked such a scent response and have generally been reluctant to bring it out for discussion, the more so as racial sensitivities have become heightened.

              1. I have had that on the bus, also. However, it has never seemed to have any correlation with race, but with adiposity.

                (BTW, I picked up a can of Raid the other day – they are “scenting” that now. I think it was called “Mountain” something or other… Aaargh.)

                1. I had to use a lot of it (Raid bug spray) in a dorm room once. I’m now sensitized to the perfume and have to leave the room if someone sprays it. Whatever the scent or chemical is, it’s quite distinctive.

              2. Back in the days when you could smoke indoors, I was mostly O.K. with it, except for one smoker. Some combination of his brand of generic cigarettes and his body chemistry resulted in instant nose blockage. Then, they wanted me to share an office. I traded up for a pipe smoker. Less frequent and a good smell.

            3. It’s supposed to be SUBTLE.

              A thousand times THIS.

              I used to choose which door I entered a department store so as to avoid the perfume counters. With all the various different scents slamming you in the face those areas amounts to olfactory minefields. If that was not an option I would hold my breath and barge through them as fast as I could hoping for the best.

      2. The “produce aisle” of grocery aisle has always been a no-go zone for me, and sometimes the two aisles nearest to it.

        Around here, the stores spray some kind of insecticide(?) over everything. Whatever it is, it’s closely related to Mace as far as I can tell; my eyes swell shut and my nose starts running, and then I start coughing.

        Good thing I figure vegetables are what food eats…

    3. Fragrances are a huge offender, and not just air freshener and candles. Soaps get me. They bought this hand soap at work called citrus melon scent, because freshly mowed weeds might be more accurate, but wouldn’t sell as well. It not only stops up my nose, but makes my hands rough. Will be buying my own.

  4. Nose running like a faucet is awkward, but my “favorite” is when the nose, at unpredictable intervals, simply liquefies and drips off one’s face. It isn’t until you check the Kleenex™ that you can discern whether you’ve bloodied your nose or it simply melted.

    1. I’m sorry, I tried so hard, but I couldn’t resist:

      Sarah’s nose is running.
      Quick, after it! Don’t let it get away!

      1. Well, we know she’s been rolling her eyes hard enough that they rolled away, so clearly her nose took off running after them.

  5. *flips through shopping list* OK, so I’ve got the grocery list for the pre-Thursday nibbles, the Turkey-Day buffet and dessert bar, and the Black Friday recovery spread. And the “nibble on leftovers” ‘fridge is being steam cleaned before we plug it back in. Anything I’m missing? Jeff is doing the bar checklist(s).

    1. Did we replace the snickerdoodle oven that achieved orbit? And whoever’s idea it was to teach the cats string theory needs to wind the ball back up. We don’t want a repeat of last year’s impromptu scavenger hunt.

      1. There was never any need to teach string theory to the cats; where did you think we got it[1]?

        [1] see: Space-Time For Springers by Gummitch

      1. Added to Jeff’s list. And we’ve already labeled the coolers so the sparkling fruit juice and the alcohol versions don’t get mixed up this time.

      1. CACS, I think we’ve got more fresh fruits around here than does the Castro District. 😉
        One crate of oranges, one of those baby oranges, bannanas, strawberries, cherries, pineapple, grapes (without seeds,) watermelon (without seeds. No spitting contests this year, per the BbESP’s orders. At least not indoors.), mango, guava, papaya, cloudberries, preiselberries, hmmm. We’d better run the side table through the length extender first.

  6. Get well, Sarah. Sinus problems are no fun. 😦 On the bright side, they’re seldom fatal, and they usually go away. Personally, I find that the mental fogginess that accompanies them often feels worse than the pain and discomfort from the actual congestion and inflamation.

    1. I sometimes wonder whether she’s hoping the opposite…

      I mean, having to read between ten and fifty times the number of words she actually wrote.

  7. Ugh! I have the same problem with strong scents. A sinus rinse / neti pot sounds gross but can be really helpful; use warm water to avoid brain burn. Mine says to boil the water and cool to lukewarm.

  8. Raised for discussion:

    I noticed the following subject header in my spam filter: Your Swift ATM Credit Card $4.6,000,000.00 Million Dollars

    Leaving aside the peculiar numeracy of “$4.6,000,000.00 Million,” does anyone think such fabulous amounts credible? I can see falling for a scam offering a few thousand dollars, but the idea that there might be millions out there to be collected just trips all sorts of “Dubious” filters, activating the Danger Will Robinson alarm and generally seeming highly unlikely.

    Yet I assume somebody sometimes falls for these offers, that the perpetrators find ginormous amounts stimulate more response than more credible pots.

    Does anybody here have any insights or speculations on this?

    1. You have a somewhat more interesting spam filter than mine. Mine always seems to fill up with breast enhancement gimmicks. Considering that I am male, and am at the age where I am worrying about the enhanced amount of adipose tissue in the chest region…

      1. They must have mixed up our accounts. My academic e-mail gets Nigerian, Malaysian, and Indonesian bankers (and missionaries’ widows) who want to get $$ out of the country. My every-day e-mail gets ads for hawt sexxy gurrrlzz and p3nis enlargements. Somehow I have 0 desire to click on any of those ads.

    2. Obviously the world hates me; I never get any of the good stuff! I’m waiting for one to let me in on cornering the SPAM market.

    3. *grin* I came across an email the other day from “Annoyers Services.” Truth in advertising, somewhat like the “Why lie, I need money for beer” bums?

      Who knows, but it gave me a chuckle.

      1. Almost equally bad (or possibly worse) are those legitimate emails that seemed designed to hang up in spam filters. One business with whom I deal has a terrible tendency to send statements with a subject line of “Invoice” and a email address that fails to distinguish the source as a legitimate vendor.

        It is as if they do not want me to receive and pay their invoices.

  9. We talked about this here a few weeks back, so I thought I’d update the box office tracking for Sony Pictures’ Dan Rather/Mary Mapes fantasy flick Truth: It’s now a confirmed flop, posting a really very miserable total gross of just under $2.4 million and along with all the other unwatchable movies from Hollywood this fall, it’s spawned stories in Variety like the hilariously titled “Why Good Films Are Failing at the Box Office in Awards Season”.

    To sum up: Apparently it’s everyone else’s fault but the film makers that audiences are staying away in droves.

    Oh, and also Star Wars.

    1. Sure, it is flopping at the Box Office — as did Galaxy Quest in its day. The real question is in three parts: 1.) How are the overseas sales? 2.) How is the television deal structured? and 3.) how are the after-market* (DVD/Bluray) sales?

      *I’m not pointing fingers, y’unnerstand, but what happens if SEIU, Soros, Steyter or Target (Mark Dayton) decide to buy a million disks and put them in Christmas gift bags?

  10. The subjects change so fast (which is good) I can’t get my comment in timely…do dragons eat chickens?

    1. Not enough meat on the average chicken for the average Dragon.

      We’d have to catch a few dozen ones for a good meal. [Polite Dragon Smile]

  11. UPDATE: sorry, not well enough to write a coherent post. I think I’m going to get a blanky in the easy chair and watch the six hours of A & E Pride and Prejudice.

    Oh. Now I have to ask myself: should skip computing for a while and curl up with the book?

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