This Here Is A Promo Post – Free Range Oyster

*There will probably be another post later this afternoon, but meanwhile I have things I must do, so… listen to the ambulatory and unconfined mollusc.*

This Here Is  A Promo Post – Free Range Oyster

Alma Boykin

Chicken Feet and the Firebird

Alexi’s Tale Book 3

Alexi should have known better. Now Ivan the Purrable has a smart phone, a rusalka has her eye on him, and he’s got to keep a bunch of church scouts from being eaten by bears. And he volunteered for it. But when a storm, a fire, and angry Slavic spirits combine, even Sgt. Alexander Zolnerovich may have met his match.

CJ Carella

Bad Vibes

A story of monsters and those who hunt them.

Occult consultant Dante Godoy arrives to the small town of Redemption, Nevada, just in time to help Sheriff Matilda Knobb deal with two impossible murders. Together they will confront unspeakable evils in the night.

Shadowfall: Las Vegas

Bizarre murders. Disappearances. Suicides. Sightings of strange creatures in the night. The strangeness soon snowballs out of control, with people turning insanely violent without warning and sinister cults growing bolder and more dangerous. Nightmares come to life and monsters walk the streets of Las Vegas. And all those events are but a prelude to something far worse. Darkness is coming.

A police detective, a street gang member, an exotic dancer and a visiting tourist cross paths with a bizarre collection of occult troubleshooters trying to prevent the looming disaster. Their actions will determine whether or not Las Vegas will be destroyed by the occult forces gathering around it – and whether or not the rest of the world will follow.

Shadowfall: Las Vegas is set in the same universe as the short story Bad Vibes. It’s a horror-action novel with a dash of humor and film noir sensibilities, with a diverse and compelling cast of characters, Lovecraftian undertones and more than a few zombies.

Dante’s Demons

In a world reeling from the destruction of Las Vegas by Lovecraftian entities, troubleshooter Dante Godoy is on the front lines of the War on Horror, using magic and firepower to battle entities from beyond our reality while dealing with a very real inner demon of his own.

While investigating a murderous cult, Dante discovers a traitor within his own organization. Even worse, he is beginning to lose control over the unearthly entity living inside him. Can he save the world without losing his humanity?

A sequel to Shadowfall: Las Vegas and Bad Vibes, Dante’s Demons combines horror and action with a dash of humor.

Warning: contains graphic violence and adult language.

14 responses to “This Here Is A Promo Post – Free Range Oyster

  1. Gee, all of those seem pretty interesting but rather unsalacious. I don’t understand why you claim this is a porno post.

  2. Alma, I was waiting for Chicken Feet and the Firebird, because the first two were excellent.

    • Ivan the Purrable is my hero!

      • No! Not just _one_ more! Lots more! I love these stories. I don’t normally buy short stories by themselves. I wait for anthologies. But these I have bought. All of them. I promise you money! And when you collect them in an anthology, maybe with a stand alone story about Babuska (who obviously has an interesting backstory) or Ivan the Purrable, I will buy that too! Please write more!

    • Thank you! I probably shouldn’t say this, but the muse is threatening me with one more Alexi story, tentatively called “The Red Horse and the Water of Life.”

  3. The Other Sean

    “listen to the ambulatory and unconfined mollusc”

    You know, Ambulatory and Unconfined Mollusk sounds like a great name for a band. I’d listen to them!

  4. Hey I got a choice between two NEVADA stories. Good job, which one… which one…

  5. I noted a sudden spike on the sales of all the books in the promo since yesterday, which I can only attribute to this blog. Many thanks, and hope everyone who bought the books will enjoy them! 🙂

  6. (Figured this is the best place to post….)
    A few weeks back I asked for some book recommendations, and everyone was very generous with their advice.

    I do not have a Kindle, preferring an actual book – something I can use as a weapon against insects, children, and wayward dogs.

    So, following suggestions, I’ve read:
    Piper’s Little Fuzzy and sequels.
    Three Body Problem, because a Hugo should mean something.
    Wright’s Chaos series
    Darkship Thieves and Renegades
    Pratchett and Baxter’s Long Earth series because the library had them and UPS is slow. (Throw in a couple more non-SF books for the same reason.)
    And I have one more of the MHI series before I’m out of books again.

    So, keeping in mind that I can’t manage e-books (and nodded off three times reading Correia’s Tanya the Elf Princess online, at 6pm, just because it was on a screen.instead of paper) could I prevail upon the good folks here to recommend something?