Odds, Sods, Pods

First of all I didn’t sleep this late, and there’s no pod people in my basement.  What happened is we went out to get water for Derpfish’s aquarium. Because I need to change his water.

I am actually in basement right now as I write this, but will be going upstairs to work as soon as it’s done.  I’m waiting for holding tank to be warmed up for Derpy, so I can clean his aquarium and change the water and filters.

Anyway —

I’m working on getting Witch’s Daughter ready to go up, after which I’ll resume posting Rogue Magic on weekends.  I’m also editing the Magical British Empire to go up and getting a little impatient at the beginning writer who wrote it.  I hope to get it up soon and then get up the Musketeer Vamps which reverted also.

I’m also writing Darkship Revenge, now with more Mule/Good Men villainy…

After that it’s Dragons which I’ll put up in subscriber page as I write, and while we’re at it.

I apologize to my much-abused subscribers for not having distributed the freebies they’re entitled too so far.  Sorry, guys, it’s one of those things, the moment I put up the subscriber page, the wheels came off the health and it’s been two and a half years give or take, though the last half year has been definite recovery.

Through Fire is delivered, and DSR2 is halfway there.

Now I now that you guys are supposed to get a bunch of stuff, but the paypal interface doesn’t keep who is at which level and — see wheels coming off — I didn’t keep a list.  Dan has finally gone through and made lists for me, but … I’m going to be blunt.  We’re tight.  We’re tighter than a drum, right now.  Yes, we’d be a lot tighter without your donations.  Yes, I know I owe you posters and t-shirts and mugs (some of you.)  But here’s the thing — right now, I simply can’t have them made.  (Mortgage, rent, repair on outgoing house.)

What I do have is an overflowing brag shelf, full of contributor copies.  I’m out of Darkship Thieves and Draw One in the Dark and Death of a Musketeer.  I MIGHT be out of Dipped, Stripped and Dead.  The rest — and remember I also write as Sarah D’Almeida, Sarah Marques and Elise Hyatt and there is the write for hire as Laurien Gardner — Plain Jane, the “fictional biography” of Jane Seymour, wife of Henry VIII.

I still intend to give everyone who subscribed their due, even if they only subscribed a year.  Stuff will come once we’re moved, only paying mortgage/rent AND I’m keeping track of life a little better (Almost there, I swear.)  So probably early next year.  HOWEVER until then, as a holding prize, if any of you who subscribe above $50 want a book, or for those above $100 a couple of books, or above $500 half a dozen books (I’m not going to be really tight on those numbers, unless I run out, so… you can also say 2, 4 and 7 or whatever) signed, to keep or give to friends and family for the holidays, ping me on my Goldport address with your list of wishes, and I’ll ship this coming week.  Also, those of you $100 and above, let me know if you’re interested in a Sarah’s Huns/Sarah Diner challenge coin in addition to/besides the books.

And the right stuff for subscriptions will ship as soon as I get the d*mn finances off our throats.  (Which might be house sale or delivering a bunch of books, natch.)

As soon as I have half an hour, (well, I’m looking after two houses and writing a lot) I’ll start a patreon account and then slowly try to move people over.  I hear the platform is better.

In the meantime, I’m okay and I’m going to go upstairs and write, after I change Derpfish water and filters.

There might be a walk in the lovely Fall sunshine in store, too.

Tomorrow I have an exciting guest, and then will return on Tuesday!

Oh, yeah, I’m now doing this once a week.  I started with one of the old Austen stories which I’ll finish a chapter a week (this gives me some weeks before I have to write new stuff, so room to breathe…  https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/50695945-between-the-night-and-the-morrow

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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Take Care!

  2. I DID sleep this late (10:30). Of course, I can’t really call it sleep, between the back hurting and three animals never seeming to quite get that comfort spot that would allow THEM to sleep, so I could. Computer repairs are done, new (and old) software installed, and I can begin to get things together again — I hope!

    Sometimes, what you really need is just a day for yourself — no hassles, no worries, no housework, and NO WRITING! Just relax. A break from the daily routine could be very rewarding.

  3. what kind of fish is the derpfish?

  4. “there’s no pod people in my basement”

    That’s exactly what you’d say if there were pod people in your basement. Blink twice if you need help. Blink three times if you’re one of them and it’s time to break cover and take over the world.

  5. Ummm. Screw rewards, get better, write more. That is my perspective as a donor. If you are producing stuff, then I don’t really care about the bennies.

  6. Me household not did scribe for goodies swag. Me household scribed to patronize art and amplify voice what noy SJWeenies. Me household already full of too much stuff and not want added more. Have all books by you including ones you as say was bad. Want new books sew u rite em soonest, kay? Interim u rest and get healthy so can rite long books series.

  7. What RES said. Couldn’t have expressed it better myself.

  8. Little reminder, if it’s clear in your neck of the woods tonight, stick your head out shortly after sunset and watch the show. Supermoon lunar eclipse, should be from about 7-10 your time.
    Naturally, solid overcast here in Huntsville.

    • Starting out a sort of charcoal smudge at the edge of the brilliant whiteness. (It seems brighter than usual — perhaps the supermoon, perhaps my imagination.)

    • It’s looking good out here. A definite nibble missing between six and nine o’clock on the moon’s face. 2030 CDT.

      • Dark red totality here. Quite something. 2120 CDT.

        • Dark red here too. I think this is the first time I have ever intentionally looked at a lunar eclipse. I saw one, one time when I wasn’t even aware there was supposed to be one, but happened to be outside that night and seen it happen; that was kind of a cool coincidence. 😉

          The charcoal smudge that Mary uses is a great description. I said earlier that the eclipse looked like smoke drifting across the dim red moon, but charcoal smudge describes it better. Just walked back outside and it has crossed the moon, and we are starting to see a brighter orange crescent reappear on the opposite side.

          • Clouds here. (I think I neglected to look outside at the proper time, but it was probably clouds then, too.)

            I enjoyed both your description and Mary’s.

        • Would you call it a Blood Moon? Do you live near Corpus Christi?

          • Not me. It was a mottled sort of reddish. I think there was a fair amount of earthshine involved — I could always see the arc of the moon in shadow.

        • We amazingly got a break in the clouds here shortly before the start. And then just as totality was reached, and I was seeing a bit of dull red… which became ever-duller as the clouds rolled in again. Now, as the eclipse is ending, the moon moved from behind the clouds, but the moon is back to its normal color.

    • Reality Observer

      Thanks. I was thinking it was last night, and I had missed it.

  9. Don’t sweat the goodies. I support you for the invaluable writing and publishing lessons.

    And the occasional slap upside the head with large doses of clearly seen Reality.

  10. OK, so I am a little confused about the Patreon pledge thing. Are you asking for $100 per blog post? Or $100 per year for a blog post a day? Because the second I might manage, but the first, well, I don’t have that kind of spare cash.

    • I can’t figure out how to fix their wording. $100 a year is the most I asked for. I’d like 50k a year — wouldn’t we all? — but if I make 10k a year from blog, I’ll be happy. $100 entitles you to do the goodies. I think the issue is that patreon is for PROJECTS and I’m trying to change it to per year.

  11. Can you reword it so it says $100 per “year of writing blog posts”? That would seem to clear up the confusion. But then, I don’t know what the Patreon interface looks like, so I can’t tell whether or not you can do it.

  12. I have decided to speed things up. Since most nominations and votes are made quickly, I will now run nominations, both for the theme and for the book, from Sunday to Wednesday, and then voting from Wednesday to Sunday. This will allow time for run-offs and things.

    And November nominations here:

  13. Sarah, maybe you should reconsider the Derpfish and fine a nearby river with enough carp to finely fling, or roughly propel, at them as deserve/earn/inherit an INCOMING carp.

  14. Mr Derp is of a higher status than mere carp that dwell in meres. He wouldn’t deign to share a mere with mere carp

    Ballistic Carp have their own aquatic barracks in a basement sub-level They are members of the Carp Artillery–Ballistic division..

  15. Under Odds and Sods, I must reiterate Rule #34. I was just searching Thomas Jefferson (or rather the founding fathers) on Amazon and this link popped up http://www.amazon.com/Sex-Presidents-Thomas-Jefferson-Pt-ebook/dp/B0100WUMH8/ I felt the need to share this with the other Huns.

    “If walking through the Hall of Presidents or staring at Mount Rushmore has always left you a little hot and bothered, there’s a new erotica series for you.”

    If people will buy this, you can find somebody who will read ANYTHING you publish.