I’m Okay, I’m Okay

I had a wonderful guest post planned for today but I’m in an away-remote location and can’t access the never sufficiently cursed email.  Okay I forgot the password, my fault, but when I ask to send to my phone WHICH IS REGISTERED WITH THEM they forget what account I’m trying to access.  Sigh.

We’re doing family stuff, so the post may go up after lunch OR tomorrow.  I’ll put something up early afternoon, anyway.

Sorry guys.

68 thoughts on “I’m Okay, I’m Okay

  1. Quite alright. Stuff happens. Perhaps this is the time for the dubious start to “Ask an Ox” … but that would involve folks knowing Orvan, and not that many do. I suppose that does add to the dubiousness.

  2. Enjoy your time at your undisclosed location. Be careful if you run into Cheney don’t let him talk you into going hunting with him. 🙂

      1. Had Cheney not shot that lawyer, resulting in a superb article by the Washington Post’s (then) film critic Stephen Hunter explaining how common and how trivial such incidents are, I would never have been directed to Hunter’s superb Bob Lee “the Nailer” Swagger books.

        A few shot lawyers is a small price to pay for such rewards.

      2. THe problem was that Cheney’s lawyer tag had expired. There’s not really a season for them (kinda like wild hogs, in many respects), but you do have to have an up-to-date permit.*

        *Note, Huns and Hoydens who are attorneys: I’m referring to those lawyers of the ilk that show up on TV or who chase ambulances so fast that they can beat the EMTs to the ER, not to y’all.

          1. yes, but that means it landed in the attic. It’s next to the dressmaker’s dummy and the wardrobe.

          1. We’re all out of the plaid paint, but if you apply this can of vertical stripes with one hand while spraying <I<this can of horizontal stripe paint with the other, the effect will be the same.

    1. Have you thought about this? Consider…Sarah is all rested up and stuff. I think we ought to activate the Kaiju phone tree, call in a few favors from Karres, and go to the *deep* bunker.

        1. Let’s wait and see, although . . . maybe just checking on stuff would be a good idea. There’s already been one earth-shattering kaboom this week, and we’re not into the weekend Mountain Daylight Time yet.

  3. So the Beautiful but Evil Space Princess is out on mission. We all know what that means. A James-Bond type secret agent is going to be following her back to the lair. We need to prepare.

    Make sure the flame-throwers are fully fueled.
    Lubricate the hinges on the trap doors.
    Sharpen all the spikes.
    Clean the lenses on the laser cannon.
    Fluffy is now on a restricted calorie diet.
    Just-in-Time weapons qualifications will be held at the range complex this afternoon. Remember, if you cannot hit a man-sized target at 100 yards, you will become a man-sized target.

    1. I thought one dealt with James Bond types by leaving out the cocktail fixings, the gourmet tech, and the gaming decks.

      Although I don’t think the good Commander wants to play Flux or Munchkin.

        1. I have different recollections. There was this one year at summer camp when I got the Fluxx (it had been all you can eat watermelon night at the mess dining tent) and the latrine was about twenty yards from our tent and I reckon I must have run a thousand yards that night (well, run 500 and trudged back 500) all on account of having the Fluxx.

          Which reminds me, I must light a candle to the genius who figured out how to put privies indoors.

          1. I must light a candle to the genius who figured out how to put privies indoors.

            Candle? Fancy. I usually just light a match.

        1. We should still fill the spare tank and bring in a couple of Great Whites just in case. Piranha have such small mouths, we might need something for any left over big parts.

      1. The dirty little secret that the James Bond movies & books don’t tell us is that James Bond is a “stalking horse” to attract the attention of the Bad Guys while the *real* British agents go to work. [Very Big Evil Grin]

        Note, I thought of a plot where an exposed intelligence agent attended a party where the security people kept a close eye on him not knowing that people working for the exposed agent were busy stealing the secrets the security people wanted to protect. [Grin]

      2. I can’t believe you overlooked the most surefire way to distract James Bond types.
        The question, of course, is whether we could find a woman with the necessary qualifications: those being, of course, physical attractiveness, amorality/psychopathy, and loyalty to The Cause.

    2. I’ve been watching clips from Stargate:SG-1. Now I wonder if something like the Gate Room defenses should be setup.


    1. I would, but I can’t get through it enough to fisk. The stupid started burning beyond my ability to withstand it when she was bitching about The Forever War.

      1. I doubt she really read them, or has a poor memory. For instance, the rape is in “White Gold Wielder”, not “Lord Foul’s Bane”. “Rendezvous with Rama”; I distinctly remember a female character captaining the ‘sail the circular sea’.

        Part of her problem (a very little part, she has a very large problem) is her little ‘sexism test’. She does not immerse herself in the setting, rather sits as observer with her 21st century feminist worldview and condemns anything that doesn’t fit her world view. If you have the intestinal fortitude to get to the end, she recommends one novel as an addition to the list…..

        wait for it…..

        Ancillary Justice.

        1. It is not even using a 21st century view. It is assuming that any novel constructed along different lines than her crude layout is automatically sexist.

          It is also assuming that one cannot trust the reader to understand that customs are evil unless the writer jumps up and down and yells, “Evil!” And since she apparently cannot figure this out herself, one can only assume that she is accustomed to reading books where all the villains twirl their mustaches as they tie feminists to the railroad tracks.

          One of the glories of the sf genre is providing infodump through well-chosen detail, and then trusting the reader to extrapolate and fill in (albeit radio dramas also did some of this). It is possible that she never got the concept, as some English lit grads are totally blind and deaf to this whole area of literary play.

    2. I mean, if someone could have read Mistborn and come to the conclusion that Sanderson somehow *approved* of the evil totalitarian system his protagonists (with essential help from his FEMALE main character) are trying to overthrow . . .

      I got nothin’.

      1. Perhaps the reviewer’s objection was to the fact they were trying to overthrow the evil totalitarian system? Didja ever think of that, huh, didja?

        We know SJWs object to “evil totalitarian systems” run by the likes of us but when have you ever heard of an SJW objecting to an evil totalitarian system run by “the right people, enlightened people”?

        1. It’s like criticizing Schindler’s List for promoting genocide. Missing the point on a cosmic scale.

    3. Sweet shivering Shiva, the stuff about _Dragonflight_ . . . Wow, I never read that into those scenes and I must have gone through the book a dozen times when I was a teenager.

      I’d like to sic Lady Jessica (_Dune_), most of the women from Pern (you wanna cross Manora? Go ahead, I’ll be hiding back in the bathing pools), and a half-dozen other characters on the article’s author. And those are just from the books on the list that I’m familiar with.

      1. She is misreading female-created feminist literary tropes, because she never read Sixties and Seventies romance. Nothing like trying to be a mean girl and showing your ignorance.

    4. I can’t speak for Pern, but I can speak for Mistborn, and the author is clueless. I could give a more nuanced review of Krugman’s Conscience of a Liberal when I was 17.

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