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*Before I give floor space to the ambulatory mollusc: Turns out we have ONE MORE DAY at the house because… reasons.  Maybe two, but if two it’s because tomorrow we might have to do highly specialized stuff we’d pay to have done if we could find anyone to do it.  But if two, for Sunday most of what I’ll do is hand over stuff and let the guys work.  Today I have a room and a half left to wax and set up.  The only problem is that I calculated right before and my energy gave up last night.  Ah well.  I’ll pound my gut into a new heart, and I’ll go on because I have to.  And with apologies to Oyster, I’m inserting my husband’s book up top because it comes out today and because Hoyts need to recover from the sheer fortune we’ve spent on paint and building stuff.  – SAH*

Dan Hoyt
9th Euclid’s Prince

Welcome to New Rome!
The far-flung heirs of the empire have been called home to the capital of worlds. In these mean streets, no wife is above suspicion, and no man above assassination. With the Emperor poisoned and prince Oswald in jail, Ninth Euclid, a mathematically gifted secretary from a rural backwater, must solve the knottiest problem of all: How will he keep his liege lord safe from daggers in the back and politically scheming trollops in the night?

Alma Boykin

Tales from the Uplands

Uncanny things haunt the high country, where mountains bring justice and men tell mysterious tales. A place where churches seek the lost and deadly forces lurk below the peaks.

Contains eight short stories drawn from locations and legends of Central Europe, including the Drachenberg version of a famous folk-tale, and an excerpt from the next Cat Among Dragons novel.

Mary Catelli

The Wolf and the Ward

Charity had thought it dreadful, being sent like a package to a man who might refuse to take her on as a ward. But when a wolf comes to look her up and down in the woods, and the man she is sent to greets her, making her wonder if she remembers something that never happened, she finds that there are problems far worse than that in the duchy.

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The Princess Goes Into The Forest

In the home of a wealthy but vanished family, four young people, inventorying the household, find the props for the family’s amateur theaterics. But a few minutes of donning them to play at roles has consequences that none of them could have guessed. One plays a subtle courtier, one a brave swordsman, one a powerful enchantress… and one takes up the role of a princess, and goes into a forest.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

The Lion and the Library

The library holds many marvels. Lena and her betrothed Erion had found things that helped the beleaguered Celestians of the city. But when the king’s caprice decides to sacrifice Erion to protect himself, Lena can only hope a legend can help her. A legend of just kings. And lions.

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Magic And Secrets

Tales of Wonder and Magic

A woman, sent to a far off duchy, finds a mysterious wolf haunting the forest, and learns there are secrets no one even suspects.

Playing with props for amateur theatricals has more consequences than any of those doing it dream… act with care.

A king’s tyranny sends a woman searching desperately for a legend of lions, there being no other hope.

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Michael Kingswood

Glimmer Vale

Glimmer Vale Chronicles Book 1

Lydelton, a small fishing town in a remote valley called Glimmer Vale, is the perfect place for two fighting men on the run to stop and decide on a plan. But when Julian and Raedrick arrive they find the town besieged by a ruthless band of brigands. Worse, the brigands have taken up station in the mountain passes, blocking the two friends’ escape. With no way around the brigands and no option of returning the way they came, Julian and Raedrick accept an offer of employment. Their mission: defeat the brigands and restore peace to Glimmer Vale.

They are outnumbered at least twenty to one, long odds even if they recruit help. But that help may not be enough when the specter of their past rears its head, forcing Julian and Raedrick to openly face what they are fleeing or risk losing not just their freedom but the lives and fortunes of Lydelton’s inhabitants.

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  1. Yay! Promo post is back! There goes my book budget…

  2. Amazon says 9th Euclid’s Prince comes out tomorrow, July 19th.

    Still one last day to get your order in! Supplies Limited!!! Get It While The E-Ink Is Still Fresh!!! Free Shipping & Handling to ALL qualified purchasers!

  3. Many thanks, oh shelly one. And I pre-ordered the book, Sarah, so the cats can eat tonight.

  4. Now that Dan’s books is out, don’t forget to REVIEW it after you read it!!!!!!

    Remember: If you can’t say something nice about his book, you can always compliment the typesetting.

  5. Just downloaded my pre-ordered copy of 9th Euclid’s Prince. Will advise. Just note, I once got in trouble at Fantagraphics for reviewing X-Men comics with a .45. No reason….

  6. Laura Montgomery

    Got my copy. Like the tone.