Post Delayed

The post is delayed and it’s not my fault.

Athena Hera Sinistra woke me up at 5 am to dictate.  I’m now heading for bed.  Will post when I wake.

17 thoughts on “Post Delayed

  1. Good for Ms Sinistra.

    Good for you. Sleep is more important than entertaining others (with certain specific exceptions, involving Spouse, immediate family and feline household members.)

    Am now commencing deliberation and contemplation of variant meanings of “post” and which will stand mutely by versus which will trot.

    1. Any suggestions that the above comment was merely a bald attempt to sign on for comment mailings without being overly dull are malicious, sinister, malign, invidious, pernicious, malevolent, noxious, deleterious, spiteful, defamatory and not entirely unreasonable.

      Any suggestion that this follow-on comment is evidence that I may have forgotten to click a certain rumoured to exist notification box is beneath notice.

      1. Your overly wordy and thinly veiled attempt to avoid a C4C thread has been acknowledged. ;/

  2. My shape has been shifting to the middle, and my head is NOT fat.
    (Shields UP, Mr. Sulu.)

    1. We seem to have the same disease and yet no one is writing novels about shifters like us.

      We demand middled shape shifters get their due in urban fantasy now because diversity.

      1. Ah, the pre-post, post warning post. Still awesome.

        Hope you didn’t interrupt your nap to straighten that out. ~:D

  3. What’s this? Almost-but-not-quite the worst possible time to write?

    Awesome! Here’s a hundred and fifty pages you need to put down right bleeping now.

    Makes you feel less bad about abusing said characters when it happens, it does.

  4. Is that why I was up all night into this morning? I watch the MotoGP races live on stream and then slept a whopping 3 hours. So, since waking Friday I have slept a whole 8 hours total. with 3 hours being the longer times.
    Egad, body …. don’t start that again.

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