The Oyster and the Promo

*I was going to write something about a disagreement on methods not on principles and the things that would turn even me, but let me count the ways the last two days have sucked: injury to another member of my family; appointment with cardiologist last minute before surgery; the reroute-fairy getting hold of #1 son on his journey home so that he got home yesterday at 3 am. I have no brain. And I must do something for MGC. There might, or there might not be another post later. Meanwhile there’s the oyster and the promo post – SAH*

There once was an oyster so grand,
he wandered about in the land
but he lost track of days
in a housecleaning craze,
so the Promo Post’s later than planned.

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Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Teacher of logical positivism, and also in charge of the sheep dip

Joseph Francis Collins

The Black Hand: Arsonist

A Talent for Chemistry
Mathew Tudor had just earned his PhD and was working a dead end job when The Black Hand approached him about a life altering career change.

A New Career
He was in too deep before he learned that he’d been hired as an arsonist. He’d already sold his soul to The Black Hand and saw no way to get his freedom.

The Future
His training end with a final test—a massive arson fire so dangerous that it might kill him. With luck, skill and determination, he might just survive his time as…

The Black Hand: Arsonist

C.J. Carella

Shadowfall: Las Vegas


It starts slowly. Bizarre murders. Disappearances. Suicides. Sightings of strange creatures in the night. But the strangeness soon snowballs out of control, with people turning insanely violent without warning and sinister cults growing bolder and more dangerous. Nightmares come to life and monsters walk the streets of the city. And all those events are but a prelude to something far worse. Darkness is coming to Las Vegas.

A police detective, a street gang member, an exotic dancer and a visiting tourist cross paths with a bizarre collection of occult troubleshooters trying to prevent the looming disaster. Their actions will determine whether or not Las Vegas will be destroyed by the occult forces gathering around it – and whether or not the rest of the world will follow.

Shadowfall: Las Vegas is set in the same universe as the short story Bad Vibes. It’s a horror-action novel with a dash of humor and film noir sensibilities, with a diverse and compelling cast of characters, Lovecraftian undertones and more than a few zombies.

Mary Catelli

Madeleine and the Mists

Enchanted pools, shadowy dragons, wolves that spring from the mists and vanish into them again, paths that are longer, or shorter, than they should be, given where they went… the Misty Hills were filled with marvels.

Madeleine still left the hills, years ago, to marry against her father’s will. If her husband’s family is less than welcoming, she still is glad she married him, and they have a son, two years old.

But her husband’s overlord has fallen afoul of the king. And all his men fall with him, including her husband.

She sets out, to seek the queen and try to bypass the king — and the Misty Hills.

Some things are not so easily evaded.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

Sean Golden


The War Chronicles I

The Seven Gods are at war. Lirak has become a pawn in their all-consuming conflict. Born of an outsider mother, feared by superstitious villagers, resented by his own brother, Lirak must lead his people into battle against an invading malevolent horde. But first he must control the destructive forces that surge through his mind and body before they devour him.

Callan Primer

Company Daughter

The Children of Astraea Book 1

A girl. A saucepan. A plan to conquer the universe.

Aleta Dinesen doesn’t see the point of hanging around home, not when she can cook a mean paella. But her plan to conquer the universe one meal at a time runs afoul of her overprotective father, commander of a tough mercenary company. And when he puts his foot down, he’s got the firepower to back it up.

Undeterred, Aleta escapes the dreadnaught she calls home one step ahead of the gorgeous, highly disapproving Lieutenant Park, the unlucky young officer tasked with hauling her back. But the universe isn’t the safe place she thought it was. Stranded in a dangerous mining community, she clings to survival by her fingernails. Only by working with someone she can’t stand will she have a chance to escape, proving to everyone that a teenage cook can be the most dangerous force in the universe.

2 thoughts on “The Oyster and the Promo

  1. There’s only a day or two left for Hugo nominations but I *really* want people to put The Intergalactic Nemesis project in their Related Works category. It’s a “live action graphic novel” AND the original radio plays AND the graphic novels they made from it AND the video series they made from the first installment. I went to a production of the second installment last week, not knowing what I was getting into, and had a blast with the 1930s-era pulp space tale as told by three actors (two of whom are the same as in the taped one; the woman was different), a foley artist, an accompanist, and support staff.

    It’s glorious fun, it’s something of a new concept even while playing with tropes, and I’d love for these people to be nominated for something they may have never heard of. You can check out the videos at the link (and please do; it’s a fun way to spend 90 minutes) so as to get a flavor of what the live version is like.

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