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*Below is the Saturday book promo post from the peripatetic mollusc.  Meanwhile — this is Sarah! — I posted about Nimoy’s death yesterday at Otherwhere Gazette.  Link here, if you’re curious.- SAH*

Prepare yourselves, for the end is nigh! Well, the end of the month anyway. To celebrate. we have lovely books for you! New releases from our AtH community, now with extra privilege and no trigger warnings! Please, if you enjoy the books you find here, make sure you leave reviews and recommend them to others. If not, constructive criticism in a private channel is generally appreciated, so our friends and virtual neighbors can better hone their craft. A quick note for prospective submitters: all I need is a link to the book on each outlet it’s available from (e.g. Amazon, Kobo, etc.) and I’ll get everything I need there. A little thank you note heaping praise and adulation on me is unfailingly appreciated, of course. So are large sums of cash, but you should probably send those to Our Beloved Hostess instead; I’d just spend them on shell wax… As always, future entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Chief Assistant to the Assistant Chief

Peter Grant

Stand Against The Storm

The Maxwell Saga Book 4

When duty and honor collide…

An emergency recall to his ship short-circuits Senior Lieutenant Steve Maxwell’s plan to get rid of a long-standing personal burden. Instead, he finds himself dumped into a war zone on a peacekeeping mission hundreds of light years away. He doesn’t have enough people, equipment or information. Left in the dark, he has to rely on uncertain allies with their own agenda.

Even worse, it’s not the Fleet’s war, so he’s not allowed to shoot back – much less shoot first. Neither side is observing civilized rules of engagement. The bodies are piling up.

Steve’s been ordered not to act… but there are times when cold, hard reality trumps orders.

Vilhelm Bergsøe & Dwight R. Decker

Flying Fish “Prometheus”

A Fantasy of the Future

A long-lost story of 19th Century science fiction in the Jules Verne style, FLYING FISH “PROMETHEUS” is a humorous adventure set in a future that never was. Though written in 1869 and published in Denmark in 1870, the story was first translated into English in 2010 for publication in a steampunk anthology. It is now presented here with an accompanying historical essay as well as translator’s notes giving the story’s background for the modern reader. It’s a long way from Denmark to Panama, and anything can happen on a flight aboard an airship modelled after a flying fish, from utter disaster to a touch of romance! Even after 145 years, Vilhelm Bergsøe’s flight of fancy is still fresh and funny!

Laura Montgomery

Manx Prize

In the second half of the twenty-first century, when Charlotte Fisher was just thirteen, orbital debris took its first large-scale human casualties from an orbiting tourist habitat. Haunted by visions of destruction and her father’s anguish, as a young engineer Charlotte follows in his footsteps and determines to win a prize offered by a consortium of satellite and orbitat operators for the first successful de-orbiting of space junk. Her employer backs these efforts until the reentry of a piece of debris kills two people, and she and her team are spun off to shield the parent company from liability. With limited resources, a finite budget and the unwanted gift of a lawyer who, regardless of his appeal, she doesn’t need, she must face a competitor who cheats, a collusive regulator, and the temptations dangled by the strange and alluring friends of a powerful seastead.

Henry Vogel

Scout’s Honor

A Planetary Romance

When Terran Scout David Rice climbs from the wreckage of his starship’s escape pod, he finds himself transported from the space age to the steam age in the blink of an eye. Drawn to the sounds of fighting, David immediately throws himself into a desperate battle against overwhelming odds to save the life of a beautiful young princess.

Now, marooned without hope of rescue, David is swept into a world of steam-powered airships, treacherous pirates, brutal savages, bloodthirsty monsters, royal machinations, and plots within plots, where matters of strength and honor are most often settled with the clash of swords. As he struggles to learn the strange ways of this new world and who he can trust, one thing becomes clear to him: he must put aside his growing feelings for Her Highness and do everything in his power to return her to her family, even though this means giving her up to the prince she’s pledged to marry.

Told in a relentlessly fast-paced and breathless style, SCOUT’S HONOR is an exciting modern homage to the classic tales of planetary romance made famous by writers such as Edgar Rice Burroughs and Leigh Brackett, as well as the cliffhanger-driven energy of the early science fiction movie serials. If you like your heroes unabashedly heroic, your heroines feisty and true, and your plots filled with dangers, twists, turns, and double-crosses upon triple-crosses, you’ll enjoy SCOUT’S HONOR.

Scout’s Oath

A Planetary Romance

When duty and honor collide…

After crash-landing on the lost colony world of Aashla, Terran Scout David Rice rescued Princess Callan, kidnapped heir to the throne of Mordan. In fighting his way across half the planet to see her home safely, he won her love, and then her hand in marriage. Now David and Callan want nothing more than to settled down and live happily ever after…

But a man can’t do what David has done without making powerful enemies, and his enemies want revenge!

Told in the form of a lead-in novella and a novel, SCOUT’S OATH opens with the story of a young thief who risks his life to bring David and Callan a warning that starts them on a desperate race against time to find and rescue her parents. Then, to stop the outbreak of planet-wide war, David must surrender to King Rat, ruler of the tunnels beneath the city-state of Beloren, and it falls to Callan to pull together a band of unlikely heroes and organize his rescue. Can an old pirate, a young thief, a crusty doctor, and a daring airship pilot help Callan do the impossible?

SCOUT’S OATH is an exciting modern homage to the classic tales of planetary romance made famous by writers such as Edgar Rice Burroughs and Leigh Brackett. If you like your heroes unabashedly heroic, your heroines feisty and true, and your plots filled with dangers and twists at every turn, you’ll enjoy SCOUT’S OATH.

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  1. The Peter Grant is good. I am waiting for 5 and 6. Since the next 2 are the books of the week, and I am positive Sarah didn’t inflict any SJW’s writing, I got them and even one of the ‘Planetary Romances’, but I’m not holding it to Heinlein standards or anything.

        1. Can’t chill. Getting close to publishing again for the first time in three years, and I’m having a minor freak out over all the details. The dogs are giving me worried looks.

  2. Many thanks for the promotions! I got a pleasant spike in sales yesterday–one unexplained until I swung by here.

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