It’s All Over Bar the Shouting – Kate Paulk

*Note by Sarah — oh, h*ll, so I published this early. It’s okay. It’s a good post and it deserves it. BTW, I disagree with Kate. We should consider legalizing prostitution. After all, politicians go free in the light of day. One of these professions deserves to be in jail, and it ain’t the hos.*

It’s All Over Bar the Shouting – Kate Paulk

But not for us. For the SJW crowd. Yes, there will be a lot of really ugly shouting, and some of the people who are incorrectly labeled vertebrates will probably buy into the screaming and hand the SJWs whatever equipment they possess.

How do I know this? It’s called MetalGate ( Yeah. Having discovered that hard-core gamers aren’t going to rollover for them, the SJWs have decided to go after metal music. I mean, seriously? This show is going to need several truckloads of jiffy-pop and a huge-ass volcano and that’s just the prelude.

Then of course there’s the level of delusion that can claim heavy metal is a “hotbed of deeply rooted conservatism”. Apparently conservatism has been redefined again, because the last time I looked mosh pits were emphatically not in the definition. Although I will admit to a certain amount of amusement at the prospect of anti-SJW coalition meetings where every stereotype of every group the SJWs have gone after try to communicate (and try not to look at each other with horror).

This reads to me as the desperate ploy of a group that’s losing its marbles and trying desperately to pretend that reality is with it.

They’re losing the plot everywhere. In Europe, nationalist groups are gaining strength, voice, and power. Thanks to the fears of the European governments, it’s difficult to tell if those movements are sensible or not – the laws against “hate speech” also prevent open discussion of the problems that come with long-term non-citizen residents who refuse to integrate into the society (and worse, refuse to allow their children to do so), the policies creating a permanent guest worker underclass, and the problems that arise when a sufficiently large percentage of said underclass follows an ideology that includes unreasoning hatred of anything civilized.

That mess was created by the SJW and their ilk refusing to acknowledge that some cultures are flat out barbaric. They may be barbaric because they’re stuck in the kind of environment where nothing else survives, or they may just be captured by the kind of megalomaniac that enjoys that (or a mix of both – my personal vote), but that doesn’t change what they are. Any person raised in those cultures is going to grow up a barbarian regardless of skin color.

Then of course, there’s the Intertubes, where, deeply concealed in the pictures of cute cats, the lolspeak messages point to such gems as Linux Journal’s thoughtful piece ( about the influence of parents and family on what people choose to do with their lives, from the perspective of a woman who happens to be one of the top coders. I rather suspect her story matches up with a lot of us Odds, particularly the part where we get recognized not as “a woman [insert profession]” but a “damn good [insert profession]”. Which is the way it should be. The last time I looked there were very few professions that required the use of a vagina or a penis, and most of those are illegal in a lot of places (which is a separate argument I refuse to start here). Note that the comments overwhelmingly support the author and every SJW argument attempted got shut down by commenters very quickly. This tends to happen a lot in communities where people don’t care if you’ve got an innie or an outie as long as the quality of your work is up to scratch.

A rather nice little rant on the real diversity of the SF community and the SJW idea of the same can be found over at Prose Before Ho Hos ( Take note of the SJW Holy Trinity (because yes, it is a religion): the Race; the Gender; the Holy Sexual Orientation. If it doesn’t fit the SJWly Trinity it ain’t diverse according to them. From this perspective, I can easily see why the SJWs have such a low opinion of traditional Christianity. Obviously they’re projecting from their own religion and can’t understand that other religions just might manage to behave differently (especially since adherents of their apparent favorite official religion have this strange tendency to be as irrational and hostile as they are, only with more blood (since it’s a little difficult to cut off some poor bastard’s head without lots of blood)). Small wonder the SJWs seem to think Brave New World, 1984, and Fahrenheit 451 were instruction manuals. Bradbury is not amused (

All this madness is different only in degree from the spew of propaganda emitted by the Soviet Union with increasingly strident tones up until 1991, and the Third Reich from about 1943 until the end. The SJWs don’t have extermination camps; they have doxxing and SWATting. But they, like the socialists and communists before them, are dying.

They can still do a hell of a lot of damage in their death throes, and potentially even take out a few of our allies. But they will fall. The only thing in question is who will fall with them, and how much bloodshed will be needed.

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  1. Boy, Bradbury nailed that one:
    ” Some five years back, the editors of yet another anthology for school readers put together a volume with some 400 (count ’em) short stories in it. How do you cram 400 short stories by Twain, Irving, Poe, Maupassant and Bierce into one book?

    Simplicity itself. Skin, debone, demarrow, scarify, melt, render down and destroy. Every adjective that counted, every verb that moved, every metaphor that weighed more than a mosquito – out! Every simile that would have made a sub-moron’s mouth twitch – gone! Any aside that explained the two-bit philosophy of a first-rate writer – lost!

    Every story, slenderized, starved, bluepenciled, leeched and bled white, resembled every other story. Twain read like Poe read like Shakespeare read like Dostoevsky read like – in the finale – Edgar Guest. Every word of more than three syllables had been razored. Every image that demanded so much as one instant’s attention – shot dead. ”
    Of course that kind of story is what the SJW’s want.

    • Somehow I’m reminded of that simplified version of “The Great Gatsby” I read a column ranting about a few years back. I don’t remember the article, but from what I can remember, the simplified version wrapped up with something along the lines of, “at least everyone got what thy wanted, and that’s what really counts in the end, and that’s what really matters, right?”

      The columnist strongly disagreed that that was a reasonable interpretation of the events of the books…

    • That isn’t an anthology. That’s a Cliff’s Notes.

      • It doesn’t even rise to the level of Cliff’s Notes. Those at least have some thematic material.

  2. No! Slow down! Robert Stacy McCain hasn’t published his book about feminism yet!

    Vamp, rockers, vamp…!

  3. doxxing people is definitely going to get some truly nasty nasty feedback. And yanno you might want to think about what happens when your doxxed victims get together.

    Imagine you dox a gamer and then a metal guy whose buddies are bikers. It probably won’t take long for the gamer guy to know who you and, where you live and to also find out the details of the heavy metal biker dude. One might imagine a certain individual encountering some unexpected Harley Davidsons on your way to work one frosty morning. It would totally suck if your car insurance, house insurance etc. had been cancelled when all this happened

    • I recently saw a image that was a collection of screenshots where an anti-SJW cartoonist got doxed and forced to resign from her job for “Liability reasons” and all the SJWs chortled over it. Someone commented that some of those SJWs soon got death threats themselves, but until they get fired and lose their jobs, livelihoods, and especially internet connections, this will continue.

      • If someone did that to me, my response would go far beyond that. Ruining someone’s life is not on the free list, and it’s obvious that the law cannot or will not handle it.

        • I’m actually kind of amazed that they haven’t ruined the wrong person’s life and reaped the reward yet. I’m sure when it happens, they’ll blame the person who’s life was originally ruined.

    • And if they should piss off one of those sorts who knows how to make people disappear, well…

      I’m having warm fuzzies at the thought of the heavy metal biker dudes meeting up with one of these SJW types one cold morning.

      • Fred Reed tells a great story about some would-be SJWs and SOLDIER OF FORTUNE MAGAZINE in his magazine article on the time he spent writing for the latter. I believe it’s up on his (fantastically Politically Incorrect) website The relevant paragraph runs:

        “A local motorcycle association, allies of SOF, walked through campus in field dress—scars, missing teeth, gloves with fishhooks on the knuckles, I.Q.s dragging low around their ankles like skivvies at the dip. They announced that if any Commie pervert bothered SOF, which was a righteous and patriotic magazine, the bikers would break his arms in 14 places before getting down to detail work. One remark in particular—“Honey, you got pretty eyes. I’m gonna put’em in my pocket”—is said to have directed revolutionary fervor into other channels.”


        • And while it is funny to read, it also points out the real threat of the SJW. Not that they will take over, but rather, that they will so compromise the fabric of civilization that that is how the world ends up being ruled.

          • Oh, yes. They don’t take over so much as twist everything into what they want it to be. Then complain because nothing actually WORKS anymore

            • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

              Or they want a totalitarian state ruled by themselves and the totalitarian state that results from their actions throws them into the camps.

              • Again and again, through the 20th century, “intellectuals” backed communist/socialist revolutions and were among the very first people liquidated.

                Proof, as if one needed it, that “intellectuals” cannot learn and do not think.

                • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

                  That and the “backlash” against their ideas could create a different type of totalitarian state. To be blunt, Franco in Spain was more fighting against the Communalists/Socialists than he was fighting “for something”.

                  • If you look at what went on in Germany in the 20s / 30s, the same argument applies to Adolf Hitler.

                    • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

                      Not really, Hitler was one of many kooks running around Germany in that time frame. He gained support from people who feared the communists and sadly thought they could control Hitler.

                      Franco apparently didn’t have any “political plans” before he got involved in the fight against the Spanish Socialists/Communists and was quick to slap down the kooks on his side during the Civil War. First and foremost, Franco was a military man not a political leader and appears to have been thinking of the “good” of Spain more than any political idea.

                      Oh, IMO Franco deserves high marks for providing for “what happens after I’m gone”. While some claim that the current King “fooled” Franco, there’s evidence that he knew that the current King would restore republican government to Spain.

                • Patrick Chester

                  Proof, as if one needed it, that “intellectuals” cannot learn and do not think.

                  Or that there are those who call themselves intellectuals yet… aren’t.

        • Hehehe. There are people you don’t piss off without due cause, and bikers are very much in that list.

          • Believe it or not, Fred Reed used to have a regular column on the pages of the military Times weekly newspaper. (The AF, Army, Navy Times) It was fantastic, funny, irreverent, and I used to love it – he was like our very own PJ O’Rorke. Didn’t last for more than a couple of years, though – eventually I think he pissed off the brass hats. But his column was great fun, and very popular among the lowly ranks.

          • My BIL was a biker, and when he came to NC he didn’t like the way my then boss looked at me. I had trouble convincing him that “I’m going to cave his head in for you” wasn’t a VIABLE solution.

  4. Yes they don’t have their concentration camps and their gulags, but they’re still pulling really hard for them, so there is still a chance that they may get a few before they implode.
    Desperate men take desperate measures after all.

    • William O. B'Livion

      Until they get a significant portion of the firearms off the street that simply won’t happen.

      And they’re losing on that front too.

      Oddly enough I had a boating accident this weekend and lost *another* one of my firearms…

      • Amazing how that happens.

      • Point out that the Nazis had very rigid gun control laws, and yet the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto managed to get enough to put up a good fight.

        What do they plan to do above and beyond what the Nazis did?

        • Data mine your credit cards to see if you have any transactions involving those “lost” firearms, for starters. Don’t plan to buy ammo in that caliber, for example, especially since showing ID for ammo is now required in a lot of places.

        • Would point out that the Warsaw Jews started out with if I recall correctly something like 11 firearms, mostly pistols and sporting guns. The bulk of their resistance was done with weapons “appropriated” from the German army.

          • Then there was the ‘Liberator’ pistol the Allies dropped to resistance units. Single-shot smoothbore .45 – come up behind an unwary German, shoot him in the head, take his rifle.

          • And the thing is, in Nazi Germany the fascists had substantial control of the Military. Oh, there was a cadre of “Old Guard” military that considered Hitler a foaming nut, but they went along with the rest for various reasons until it was far, far too late. The bunch of Lefty fascists currently running our country into the ground loath the military, completely fail to understand it, and have done just about everything possible to ensure that if they ever tried to use the military to put down a popular revolt, the military would (minimally) tell them “the’s not in our job description”, and might even side with the rebels.

            This concatenation of would-be Aristos is pathetic. They don’t control the military, they haven’t disarmed the populace, they’ve failed to make going to the “right” schools and attending the “right” church requirements t for holding government jobs. They make the Plantation Aristocracy of the Confederation look like serious world-heaters instead of a bunch of delusional twits who managed to hold on as long as they did against the inevitable because they lucked into one of the best generals available and didn’t quite saddle him with a worse bunch of prima-donna underlings than his opponents had to deal with.

            • Towards the end of the war there was a terrible purge of the old guard German military leaders. Some of their best and brightest officers wound up hung from meathooks, strangled with piano wire, or both. Seems der Fuhrer got a bit testy after a group of them tried to blow him up. That, and they proved incapable of preventing the losses to the attacking allies.
              Now our current fearless leader appears to be thinning out the officer corps in a slightly less bloody way, simply forcing anyone demonstrating the slightest degree of competence out of service by means of rumor, innuendo, or sketchy charges of misconduct.

              • Which may net him an officer corps willing to follow his silly orders … Down to a certain level. But our arrmy, even more than most, is RUN by its noncoms, and I think (I may be wrong) that push come to shove the Libtard proggies are going to find that Military a tad disobedient to their whims, and their carfully indoctrinated super-police (like the BATF) both incompetent AND inclined to run amom at inconvenient moments.

                This bunch have internalised despising the intelligent application of violence so thoroughly that they aren’t going to manage to use it themselves, no way no how.

                • If you haven’t already, get yourself a copy of John Ringo’s “The Last Centurion” for a speculative yet compelling look at how our military would react to a POTUS way out of control. John also manages to hit hard on pandemics, global cooling, and survival in a semi apocalypse.

                • Which, as Ghost would point out, will get him a regime protection force…. an incompetent one.

              • I think that’s what would have happened to Richthoffen, had he survived that long. His cousin was pro-nazi, but I think he was too aristocratic to put up with it.

      • Patrick Chester

        So many lakes/rivers/oceans, so many Iron-Bottom Sounds…

    • Yes, indeed. They may manage to get their concentration camps – the political class is certainly spineless and bought enough to do it. The key thing is that they will go down.

    • What I find really funny though is that in Barbarian Culture, African, Native American, and parts of the Middle East; the men are warriors or some other layabot and the women are the laborers. They have managed to return us to the stone age culturally and call it advancing civilization. That Ecclesiastes fellow got it right- nothing new under the sun.

  5. I’m a Crank. I try to be a thoughtful commentator on Politics and society, but basically I’m a Crank. And the longer the SJW circus goes on, the more I am tempted to ask them “What happens when men realize that if they are going to be accused of rape anyway, they might as well actually rape any stuck up whining bitch they want to? I mean, are you really that eager to spend the rest of your life in a collar?”

    I think the only reason I don’t is I’m scared that the answer would be flushed skin, short panting breaths, and “oh, please?!?”.


    I mean, why else would they cozy up to the Islamothugs? They almost HAVE to have dark Harem fantasies, don’t they?

    • So, you figure they want to be GORed? ROFLMBO!! I wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole!

    • William O. B'Livion

      I am tempted to ask them “What happens when men realize that if they are going to be accused of rape anyway, they might as well actually rape any stuck up whining bitch they want to?

      Because the vast and overwhelming majority of men don’t find the use of violence against women sexually appealing.

      Men might be willing to bend the truth a little to get her into bed (lying about our finances, social & marital status, feelings etc), which is wrong, but then again makeup, breast augmentation, pushup bras, spanx, and women lie about *their* marital status too.

      So basically what’s going to happen is that men will (are) just stop dating women and pay professionals or spend more money on porn.

      • That’s true, it isn’t appealing to most. But…should they follow their idea of eliminating 90% of us, how do you think that will play out from an equality standpoint? My opinion – and it is an opinion, not a desire – is that part of the population would be oppressed, but not the part they think would be.

      • Ever consider that the “rape culture” they’re constantly on about might just be precisely what they want?

        Do note:

        Datum “A”: Many of the women/gynoid males decrying this so-called culture are eminently unattractive in either feature or personality.

        Datum “B”: They’re sex-obsessed, by and large.

        Datum “C”: Due to “A”, they’re not getting very much.

        Theorem derived from those three facts: They’ve developed this complex fantasy world of a rape-culture because they very badly want to change “C”, and secretly want to be victims of it.

        • It’d explain why “50 Shades Of Grey” got so popular, so fast…

          • No, actually, because there aren’t remotely enough SJW types to account for the sales of the 50 Shades books.

            A bigger part of it is that those books are about a series of heterosexual encounters between a submissive female and a dominant male. The SJWs themselves (Movement Feminist branch) declared back in the 1970s that any form of male dominance or female submission was Verboten, and as far as pop culture goes, they made it stick. For a lot of women readers, I suspect, those books scratched an itch that they had not previously been allowed to admit they had.

          • …for reasons I can say that there’s a huge difference between having rape fantasies and actually wanting to be raped. As for why “50 Shades of Gray” got so popular, I figure it’s because reading those books feels like you’re doing something forbidden (at least I assume that’s the case, I haven’t actually read them).

            The whole concept of ‘rape culture’ is probably just the SJWs trying to find yet another way to go after men by making them feel fearful about their own sexuality. I mean SJWs figure that all sex has the potential to be rape and therefore all men (because in the mind of an SJW only men are sexual entities) are potential rapists. It seems to be pretty much a fact that SJWs hate men after all.

      • Ironically, the abundance of porn, and the push for its acceptance, can be traced to progressives, who understood if you give men a sexual outlet easier to deal with than actual women, they will take it. Of course, the goal at the time was to get the “undesirables” to stop breeding… oh, wait. That part hasn’t really changed, has it?

        • Let’s not give the progs too much credit.

          Hugh Hefner wanted abundant porn because he could get rich selling it.

          Most of the other progs wanted porn because the Evul Xtianists were against it. Being incapable of reasoning themselves, the most they could do was take someone else’s reasoning, treat it as if it were mere emotional bigotry, and then assume it was perfectly wrong and the exact opposite must be infallibly true.

          This is the normal way that progressives abuse their higher brain functions. (I refuse to call it ‘thinking’. It is nothing of the kind.)

          • That’s how it’s rationalized to the SJW foot soldiers. But if you go back and read the works of eugenicists of the early 20th century, they were all about using any means necessary to reduce the criminal classes and inferior races–anyone with suspect genes. And what they proposed was forced abortion and sterilization. And to modify the behavior of those beyond their reach, they decided to change the culture through porn, promiscuity, and demonizing the nuclear family. It’s been very effective so far.

          • What Tom Said.

            A very large and dominant motivation for Progressive behavior is putting a thumb in the eye of those they hate.

  6. I think there is a pattern to the life-cycle of social justice movements. The initial genesis is a reaction against a legitimate injustice codified into law. This brings together a broad coalition of people–both within and outside of the target group. Initially the group represents the population at large with most of them being reasonable, rational people and a small percentage of crazies.

    Unfortunately, once the legitimately unconscionable laws are overturned the sane folks begin drifting away. Their work is done, and they can get on with their lives, enjoying the new opportunities granted by the removal of the artificial barriers to success.

    The movement begins to die at that point because there is no more need for it. Unfortunately the members who are left behind aren’t willing to stop fighting, because they like to fight. So they have to keep inventing injustices to tear down. Even worse, without the sane majority to keep them in check their methods become increasingly extreme.

    In the case of modern America the sympathetic portrayal and selective coverage by the media works to keep propping up these groups long after they should have died a natural death.

    • Also, they like the cheap moral egoboo. Who wants to go for quotidian goodness that requires time, money, or effort? And doesn’t let you boast of moral superiority at that?

      • And they like the $$$. How many corporate types over the pat 20 years have coughed up large “donations” to “Social Justice” causes as expiation for, oh, saying unkind opinions in e-mails, or not publicly and enthusiastically enough supporting the proper degree of the current SJW cause (i.e. accidentally omitting a racial tag when opining that lives are important?)

        • But of course. It’s ever so much easier to get money by socially acceptable blackmail than to actually work for it.

  7. Christopher MacArthur

    They may be barbaric because they’re stuck in the kind of environment where nothing else survives, or they may just be captured by the kind of megalomaniac that enjoys that (or a mix of both – my personal vote)

    Or, perhaps they simply *like* being like this.

  8. Heavy Metal Music? Really? I have a real hard time imagining your average SJW type listening to Heavy Metal in general. Thinking “We have to get more women into this!” is a bit more of a stretch. Granted, there were some 80s hair bands that made me wonder…
    As for sexual orientation, all I have to say is Rob Halford. And Judas Priest is one of my favorite metal bands.

  9. Our January work will be The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression.

    What cheerful reading. . .

  10. I think the best spoof of the “gender warriors” was when RAMZPAUL announced in a video that he’d decided he was really a woman trapped in a man’s body. People should pity him, he said, because that woman happened to be a lesbian.

    He claimed to be both a “victim” of the patriarchy while still being attracted to women. Satire done right!

    • I have actually read a — web cartoon by a self-professed homosexual declaring that he only had sex with men, but some of those men had female sex organs. Indeed, he found a particularly predilection toward them because they were extremely butch.

      Poe’s Law strikes again.

    • I once knew somebody who said she was a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Decent Gamesmaster, good company, moderately sane on many subjects.

      Kinda miss her/him. Miss the game for sure, but he was a decent friend otherwise too.

      • A lot of bikers wear patches on their vest that say something like “I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, give me a hug.”

  11. The Berkeley crowd was hanging black effigies anonymously as a protest, and were surprised when black people felt it was a white supremacist lynching threat. I guess they did not bother to ask around befote ‘helping.’ They issued a non-apology, just like Greenpeace.

    • So that’s what it was? *shakes head* I’d kinda suspected something like that, because the thought of a real white supremacist managing to set foot on Berkeley without spontaneously combusting just didn’t past the fact/fiction test. Plus the last, oh half-dozen or so nooses et al on campus have all been hoaxes.

    • I was wondering if they’d admit it was their own activists, or try the old “the scary are among us!” thing.

      That it might actually be some kind of group that actually wanted to hang black people was so improbable that I didn’t even consider it seriously.

      • “That it might actually be some kind of group that actually wanted to hang black people was so improbable that” I didn’t even consider it seriously.”

        Back that up a bit… What do you think all these “social justice” groups are really after, in the final analysis? Are they really on the side of the “oppressed black man”, or do they want to keep him where he is, infantilized and helpless, a fit subject for their ministrations and “help”? Good God, if they helped the blacks climb out of poverty and inner-city degradation, most of these types would be out of a job. You don’t need social workers when the “victims” are successfully navigating the modern world.

        If you ever sit down and talk with these assholes, it rapidly becomes clear that the majority of them are not particularly interested in doing anything to really help this construct they have, of the “oppressed black man”, because once they do that, he won’t need them anymore. And, the primary driver for most of these people isn’t really helping others, but giving themselves pats on the back. Not to mention, jobs paid for with our money. They don’t want the black man to be free and equal, and manifestly work against their better interests at all opportunities.


          “My first encounter with this particular kind of fantasy occurred when I was in college in the late sixties. A friend of mine and I got into a heated argument. Although we were both opposed to the Vietnam War, we discovered that we differed considerably on what counted as permissible forms of anti-war protest. To me the point of such protest was simple — to turn people against the war. Hence anything that was counterproductive to this purpose was politically irresponsible and should be severely censured. My friend thought otherwise; in fact, he was planning to join what by all accounts was to be a massively disruptive demonstration in Washington, and which in fact became one.

          My friend did not disagree with me as to the likely counterproductive effects of such a demonstration. Instead, he argued that this simply did not matter. His answer was that even if it was counterproductive, even if it turned people against war protesters, indeed even if it made them more likely to support the continuation of the war, he would still participate in the demonstration and he would do so for one simple reason — because it was, in his words, good for his soul.

          What I saw as a political act was not, for my friend, any such thing. It was not aimed at altering the minds of other people or persuading them to act differently. Its whole point was what it did for him.”

          Like those Greenpeace idiots in Peru – THEY wanted a good visual for fundraising and never anticipated that people would object to them tromping all over an irreplaceable landmark.

          The SJWs, as you point out, don’t care about those they’re ‘helping’ – they’re in it for the ego trip.

        • None of which makes them a group that wants to go hang black guys. Might do it to “show” how the bad guys “really are,” but isn’t the same.

          They’re willing to use everyone as a widget towards their goals. To the point of destruction.

          • I’d lay long odds that the next time a black man is actually lynched for being a black man in this country, it will likely be done as a false-flag operation. And, probably self-inflicted, to boot.

            • Like the “killed for being a tax collector” suicide guy?

              I’d bet more on it being a false-flag where a guy wasn’t useful anymore– too conservative, whatever. Maybe related to a Media Victim of the Week.

    • Christopher M. Chupik

      If racism is so all-pervading, how come incidents like this usually turn out to be hoaxes or publicity stunts gone wrong?

      • The all-pervasive racism is inside their skulls, which is why they see it everywhere. They can’t escape their own filters.

        • Like the Moslem guy that’s getting threats for writing a satire about micro-aggressive racism. Apparently he’s not allowed to be socially conservative and Moslem at the same time.

          • If all he was getting were threats he’d probably be happy; he’s got people showing up to put things on his door. I hope he takes the “Biden approach” next time it happens; a charge of buckshot through the door might convince them not to come back.

  12. I’d say Heavy Metal leans more libertarian than anything, but to SJW types that is worse than being a Fundamentalist Christian Conservative in the same way Fascists are so hated by Communists and vice versa. The more points of agreement they have the worse the schism seems to be.
    But yeah, Popcorn is stocked up. This’ll be entertaining.

    • Personally, I’d have said Heavy Metal leans Heavy Metal. But yeah, libertarian is probably the closest match to that.

      • In the “no bullsh*t” and “if it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it,” sections, yeah. But Metal is like sci-fi and everything else in that if you try to cram a message into it, it goes over like a pound of fecal matter in a barrel of wine. I can’t see Eluveitie or GWAR banging heads over the Obamacare or Common Core. The inherent stupidity that drives such things, maybe, but not and blatant political slant.

        • I have heard good politics songs before. The problem with most of the ones I’ve run into is they’re just indoctrination attempts, and those just don’t speak to people.

          You also can’t tie it to a specific event without making it instantly dated.

          I’ve probably referenced it before but Integral, by the Pet Shop Boys, is to me, a good example of a politics song that works:

          While it was almost certainly written as a Bush protest song, they focus entirely on the creepiness of the surveillance state, and has held up far beyond the original subject it was addressed to.

          • You also can’t tie it to a specific event without making it instantly dated.

            Or person.

            Which is why so many of the pop protest songs are about either incredibly vague menaces (there’s a man with a gun over there/a tellin’ me, I got to beware; “Signs” is about as much about principle as possible… and even that makes it clear it’s a pretty dumb principle) or are basically forgotten, while the country ones that tend to be about broader principles (don’t run down my country, freedom isn’t free, God Bless the USA) are still popular after the folks who made them famous are dead and gone.

          • Rush, 2112.

      • I’ve known a few who were quite conservative, but most are not caring all that much or give it much thought. But, slam them for being “evil conservatives” enough and they just might vote that way just to spite you. None of those I know/knew personally were leftoid loons, but they are out there. And they too just got lumped into the target group and slammed for being evil mysoginists.

  13. Although I will admit to a certain amount of amusement at the prospect of anti-SJW coalition meetings where every stereotype of every group the SJWs have gone after try to communicate (and try not to look at each other with horror).

    *thinks about the music her mom introduced her to*

    I dunno, if folks show up to actually talk, instead of play “freak the ‘danes,” folks might have trouble telling who’s who outside of the ones that just want trouble. Especially if Alice Cooper and any of the guys he’s mentored show up. (Like I mentioned yesterday– they help people keep from killing themselves being idiots, by helping them make a stage persona and an IRL persona and keep them separate.)

    One reason folks may not know if this or that metalhead is conservative is because mature personalities don’t need to insert politics into everything. If it doesn’t come up, it’s not going to be discussed; if you’re being a flipping moron, they’re probably going to ignore you and just enjoy the music, rather than waste their time correcting you.

    I know a couple of punk-metal guys who are conservatives; they don’t mention it because they know that the ones who think Conzertabtives Iz Ebbil will flip, and that’s a handicap they don’t need.

    I kind of wonder if that video is a parody, though; five years ago, I wouldn’t have even thought twice before going “ppppph, parody!” but now I lean more towards “real, just kinda blinkkered.”

    • Oh, I’m quite sure the political inclinations of the musicians cover the whole spectrum. They’re creators, they’re almost for certain more interested in making music than in pontificating about it.

      Sadly, these days the parody sites are doing better news reporting than the “real” news organizations

  14. Waiting for Cut-me-own-throat Dibbler to appear with all types of unsavory popcorn flavors 😉

  15. William O. B'Livion

    This is the “Why do animal rights protestors throw red paint on old women in fur coats and not on bikers in leather” issue.

    I suspect the SJWs are about to get a *really* hard introduction into “the real world”. After all these folks form of *dancing* is more violent than some forms of blood sport.

    And yes, I’ve spent my time in (punk rock) mosh pits. Got a scar or two to prove it.

  16. Bradbury is not amused.

    This needs to be meme-ified.

  17. On the popcorn theme, I give you…

  18. I read that piece on Linux Journal, and…I looked back at my 21+ year IT career and had to scratch my head. Yeah, I’ve worked with a couple of dirtbags that, well, were dirtbags. But they were the exception, not the rule. In the course of my career, I’ve worked with several women in IT – as bosses, as subordinates, and as colleagues in the same job as mine. I do not get this gender inequality thing. I don’t. To the best of my ability, and knowledge, I treated them all the same as I wanted to be treated. I taught them all that I could teach, learned everything they could teach me, supported them and worked with them the same as every other person I worked with. And on the couple of occasions that I found myself attracted to one of them, I kept our interaction at work professional (I later found out that one of them got mad at me for not responding to her signals…sigh, lost opportunities…Ladies, guys in general, but especially geeks kinda have to be hit by 2x4s, we’re rarely uninterested just deathly afraid of sexual harassment complaints). And with one notable exception (one of the dirtbags – and he was a dirtbag to both males and females…so an equal opportunity dirtbag), the other males I worked with were the same.

    Maybe if the SJWs would actually get a job where they had to work and think and accomplish tasks on a deadline they’d learn about the real world instead of that diseased utopia that exists in what they call their brain. But I doubt it.

    • Dirtbags are dirtbags. The way you’ve treated people in your career is exactly the way I want to be treated by coworkers – valued for the work I do and the knowledge I have, and when I run into things I don’t know given a pointer to where I can learn and advice if I ask for it.

      Most of the SJWs would die rather than do a real job. It’s NOT a coincidence that all of them are some flavor of modern privileged.

  19. Kate,
    From your lips to the Lord’s ear, I hope, but I really don’t have your faith. Cornered rats get vicious, and the SJW rats have no morals, no compunctions about fair play, and believe with a religious fervor that whatever they do for the cause is justified.
    So, yes I agree that they are well on their way to an ultimate failure, crash burn and implode style, but it could very well get ugly in the doing.
    So, tread carefully, watch your six, and never assume that the bastiches are done until you’ve stuck a fork in their hearts yourself.

    • Oh, I expect nasty. I don’t know how bad it will get or what they’ll drag down with them, but they’re on the way out and they’re perfectly willing to take everything down with them rather than admit failure.

      • The ones I really feel sorry for is the inner city brown folk the Proggies have isolatedand brainwashed. They are the ones who are going to erupt (at the Proggies’ prompting) into thuggish racial violence. And it will go according to the Proggies dirty fantasies, right up to the moment the mobs hit the areas outside the core cities, where people of all colors keep contact with theor neighbors and own guns. The. It. Will. STOP.

        See, the inner city underclass exists, and is every bit as primitive as the most rabid KKK Grand Dragon might imagine, BUT IT IS ARTIFICIAL. And the Proggies, damn them to hell, created it.

        • Historically, most mobs have had this much to control the response to them: they are doing essential work, and eliminating them would have lead to complete disaster. This is not true any more.

        • Yes, exactly. They’ve done a wonderful job of creating a work-less plantation in the inner cities, but they never stopped to think about what would happen when the bread and circuses stop.

    • Professor Badness

      I believe you mean a stake. And don’t forget to cut off the head and burn the body.
      (Crap, I’m low on garlic.)

  20. CombatMissionary

    “…the only way to survive is to be able to pull up and leave and to hold absolutely no loyalty to your airframe or company.Sucks, but that is how it is.

    Government of, by and for the lawyers…and their minions the business majors.”

    Well said. Who was it that said, “The ship of state turns very slowly until it suddenly decides to become a submarine.”? Government of, by and for the lawyers et. al. has a shelf life. Best to be prepared when the bottom drops out.

    • Indeed. Historically speaking when stifling delusional regimes implode the normal successor is a strongman of some flavor. The only relatively recent occasions that have bucked the trend were subject to US military occupation at the time, and we won’t have that luxury, it being a tad difficult for the US to militarily occupy itself as a hostile conquering force (kind of by definition, that one).

    • Definitely interesting. Incidentally, I’m very much in favor of allowing bankruptcy to discharge student loan debt. Not necessarily immediately, because that would invite scamming, but if, say, five years after graduation someone still has no clear prospect of being able to pay the thing off then take it through bankruptcy court and let it be discharged.

      • I would be perfectly happy if the universities took part of the hit too.
        I say this as the holder of a pretty useless Spanish literature degree.
        If the university is selling pointless degrees to people who will never use them, there is a serious deformation of the market going on, and the university has no interest in resolving or correcting it, they are clearly profiting from it,.
        If they carry part of the hazard then they start minimizing their risk at turning out useless drones. Like me.

        • The universities are not signatory to the loan contract and can not be held responsible for it. Especially since there are students who take out loans for living expenses while on scholarship — the universities never see a red cent of the money.

          The problem with “pointless degrees” is that’s a call for some serious oversight of the students’ choices by a third party.

          • Something that used to be the job of the eeedjit’s making the loan, and still would be, absent the heavy thumb of the government on the scales…

            Stop and think: Why, precisely, did the Obama administration take over the student loan business almost as soon as they got into power? Hmmm?

            Of course, they just finished the job. There was already too much government involvement in the system.

          • If the university doesn’t clearly state the facts that make it a useless degree instead of covering that up as much as possible (see law-school rankings, gaming of for a handy example), then they are as liable as any other con artist once the mark realizes the con.

          • The problem with “pointless degrees” is that’s a call for some serious oversight of the students’ choices by a third party.

            How about “the guys funding it”?

            With, as Snelson points out, appropriate legal routes for proven willful misrepresentation of the reasonable expectations/historical performace of the product if used as intended.

          • Mary, the colleges financial aid depts push the loans pretty aggressively.

        • Force the univercity to underwrite 50% of any loan used to pay tuition.

  21. Point of order: I’m not against legalizing prostitution, I was just trying not to get sidetracked even further. Those folk are definitely better than politicians – they give an honest service in return for your money.

    • Most politicians couldn’t make it as honest prostitutes, I’m afraid.

      They’d be the ones rolling their customers and evading the health inspectors…

      Not to mention, who the hell would knowingly partake? Your typical politician is so slimy and sleazy that I’d walk right by them on the street corner without even taking a second glance.

      • Precisely! And catch a politician actually working? Not going to happen.

        • Your average politician is more pimp than prostitute. Easier by far to let the little people bring him the fruits of their labor. It wouldn’t do to dirty oneself with actual *work.*

          They’re about as trustworthy with what money you give ’em, too.

          • Less. The pimps at least trick out their prostitutes.

            • Ah, true. The politician calls you racist for pointing out the “Peaceful Protesters” are, in fact, setting fire to innocent businesses and beating random strangers with hammers. That’s awful thin makeup.

              *chuckle* Just imagining politicians as streetwalkers is hilarious. Though I think Muir played that angle at least once.

        • If we beat the politicians, I’d bet they’d have our money for us 😀

  22. You left out one three letter word in the second to last paragraph. Yet.

    • This is true, and it’s not for lack of desire on their part. I do hope they’ll crash and burn before they get that far, but we’ll see.

  23. Ack! Sarah Hoyt quoted me from my blog post. *faints*

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