This That And Most DEFINITELY the OTHER

UPDATE: There is fodder in the subscriber space.

First of all and before I forget — memory of two seconds — I’m going to put out a BOLO for the Free Range Oyster.  I really have no idea what happened.  Last week he said he’d send the list on Sunday, then he didn’t, and I realize there is nothing on his Facebook page since then.  I’m going to pray nothing disastrous has befallen them.  He could use a break.  (So could we all.)

If any of you is crazy enough to offer to assemble the links for the promo post till he returns, I’d be grateful.  Yes, I can do it, but it takes 2 or three hours and it’s a big mind-numbing.  Maybe I should ask Charlie if he can do a program for my site, like he did for PJM.

Second, I heard from Cyn.  She’s moving to Las Vegas and will be back online as she feels able.  I told her we’d keep her seat warm and dusted.

Third, it is all Dave Freer’s fault that I’m this late with the post.  You see, he sent me an ARC of his cozy.  I didn’t actually read it all the way to the end, because I’m running on lingering effects of whatever-that-virus-was and get very tired, but I read about half of it and stayed awake far too long.  All I can say is as much as I enjoy Dave’s fantasy, he might have been born to write cozy mystery.  Also, this better be the first of a series, and also, I get to read it first and you don’t nah nah nah nah nah.

I then fell asleep to the most easy to interpret dream I’ve ever had.  I dreamed the boys had both left though I wasn’t sure if for jobs or whatever, and I’d gone shopping.  Only at the store I realized I’d not brought either my money or my ID.  Weirdly, what hurt most was the lack of ID, as I was afraid police would stop me on my way home and arrest me for not having ID on me.

Which meant I could never go home again, because I’d lost my identity.

This was absolutely bizarre, since I don’t think I’ve ever identified myself as only (or even primarily) “mommy.”  While I was never unhappy raising the kids, I confess I like them BEST once you can discuss things with them.  And even while they were toddlers, my mind was focused on writing.

Does some piece of my mind feel I’ll lose who I am when the kids go?  How am I to know, precisely.  Other than the oddly symbolic dream?

I think I’d like a chance to try this empty nest syndrome thing.  Ah well.  Younger one is still in college and older one is applying to medschool.  If he doesn’t get in, he has… plans.  And in the meanwhile I shouldn’t worry.  I think I worry because their cousins (six and eleven years older than they) still live with their parents.  But Portugal is a different place and has always been.

At any rate, if I get antsy when they move out, you guys can remind me who I am, right?

And speaking of parenthood, Peter Grant has sent me a link to some people he knows in the gun blogger community, who have been having a very bad time of it. Note this is not an invitation to discuss abortion, not even in extreme circumstances.  I can’t even imagine being in their place, and my mind skitters away from the thought.  I’m blessed I never had to make such a decision.  Donate or not, as you wish, but no discussion of abortion in the comments.  I donated more than I should, mostly because husband got involved in the decision and decided the amount.  It’s okay.  We’ll be fine.  I just need to finish Through Fire and write a sequel to Witchfinder (yes, rogue Magic, but Haunted Air before that) fast.  I am owning up to the donation because apparently the anonimizer failed or I got confused and forgot to click it.  At any rate, it’s Dan’s fault.

Which brings us to donations.  I’m leaving the subscriber button up, but it’s having some issues.  I know it told some people I’d no longer accept their donations, and it told me they’d cancelled, which is a problem as neither of us had done anything.  This is not a big deal money wise (if I can get the books done) but it is a huge deal relationship wise, as some of these people were/are friends and think I’m mad at them.  The ones who contacted me I’ve reassured it’s paypal weirdness.  If it happened to you, no, I’m not mad at you.

The system has other flaws.  For instance, it messes up on telling me what level ya’ll gave at.  If you’re wondering why promised swag is so slow (some of them two years) it’s because I’m having a hell of a time compiling lists.  Dan promised me a program, but then work went feral.  So the only way to do it is go case by case on email, and that will take a couple of days and you know what my time is.

I’m instead of going to say if you’re at a certain swag level (even if you only subscribed for a year and it was last year) ping me on the subscription email and tell me what you want.

I’ve been very bad with the subscriber space, but I’m better (yes, there will be dragons by tonight.  Sorry.  I’ve been using the inhaler to breathe, and I get VERY tired around nine pm, which is usually when I play with it) and hopefully there will be three novels up there soon.  I’m not cancelling anyone’s access to the subscriber page, so hopefully it will be worthwhile.

I am intending to move to Patreon which I understand is easier to manage and not as buggy.  As I said, I’m not removing the subscriber button, but at some point, when I’ve transferred, I’ll give you a chance to transfer as well.

The… financial crisis isn’t exactly over, but it’s not as dire as it was in April, much less last year.  The publication of Witchfinder made a big difference.  It seems almost wrong: write what you want, throw it up there, get money.

Now I need everyone, all together, to say “Dan put your book up.”  His has been ready for … 3? months, including (if I say so myself) a great cover I made, but he’s not putting it up.  First time jitters, you know.  (And for those who were betas — he fixed the chopped-up first chapter.  It was something he did in revision, and it seemed good, until he read it out loud.)

Other news: I’m writing a YA with first son by birth.  It’s called Star Student and we’re hoping it’s reminiscent of Heinlein YA.  It’s been somewhat delayed since he got asked to submit secondary aps and also he thought it was a good time to read Heinlein juvies which he read for the first time at six or seven.  As ya’ll know this “I’m going to re-read my Heinlein” can take a long time.

With older son by adoption (late adoption.  We adopted him a year and a half ago for the grandkids.  Worked too!) Dave Pascoe, I’m writing what can only be described as mil fantasy with a touch of historical.  You’ll like it when we’re done. (And I hope Baen likes it too!)  We will post a sample when we have it finished.

And Not To Yield, a novella (around 30k words, if I recall precisely) set in the world of A Few Good Men, ten years later is in the process of being processed and it will come out in the next Wordfire Five by Five (an anthology of mil novellas.)  While it’s about ten years from Through Fire (which has Zen Sienna, not Nat and Luce.  Well, Luce appears once and it was quite interesting, because I have never thought of him as a son of a b*tch.  I guess we’re all different viewed from outside?) it’s part of the continuum.  It is in Luce’s head, and it sets up for what will be book six of the Earth Revolution.  It starts with Luce facing a court Martial.  So…  Sample here.

I’m still battling Through Fire.  The character is now talking to me, but I think the story itself scares me.

Scares you? You say.

Scares me.  Not in the sense that it is horror, though some parts of it are horrific, and that’s part of the problem, but in the sense that I keep getting terrified I’m botching it, or that the theme gets too intense for me.

This is manageable in a short story.  You find yourself suddenly in the kitchen making low carb brownies, and you force yourself back up the stairs to write.  For a novel it makes everything very slow.  I was looking for a BFTP on Friday and looked back at a post exactly a year ago.  It feels like I’ve been spinning my wheels for a year.  I’m hoping it’s just this book and that I’ve not BECOME a slow writer, because the ideas still come fast and I HAVE to get them out of my head.

As part of this I’m trying to limit myself to three real posts here a week.  We’ll see, right?

Speaking of, I think I figured out the SJWs.  They’re MISSIONAIRIES, seeking to enlighten us.  I’ve blogged about it at Book Plug Friday.

I will continue Rogue Magic and Elf Blood as soon as I shoot Through Fire through the head, which G-d willing will be soon, because I can’t force myself to not run away much longer.  Both Rogue Magic and Elf Blood need a thorough go-over so I can finish them, anyway.

And I think for now that’s all folks. Thank you for being patient with the rambling writer.




121 thoughts on “This That And Most DEFINITELY the OTHER

          1. I dunno. They’re so fixated on their Book of Revisionist Do-Gooderism as THE LAW, that they might be considered Lawful.
            Or Awful, YMMV.

            1. Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies, The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
              — C.S. Lewis

                1. These things are scary enough in the history books of foreign nations. They’re annoyingly unbelievable in most fiction. Happening here, in real life is beyond disturbing.

          1. But their enforcement of law is uneven and whimsical, favoring certain mascots and penalizing the disfavored. While it takes the name of law it is the opposite, stripping law of legitimacy.

  1. The dream is easy to translate and has nothing to do with your identity being mommy. It has a lot more to do with your fear of dealing with the world without your minders 🙂

  2. Never fear darlin girl. Should the boys set out to seek their fortunes there are many of us here who would excel at filling the gap as we’ve never forgotten how to act like teenagers. Let’s see now: badger, pester, whine, complain, get into mischief, what am I forgetting?

    1. Why do I have to redo my cover art? None of the other writers have to redo their cover art. Now I’ll be late, and they’ll laugh at me and it’s not fair and you hate meeeeEEEEeeeeeee!!!!!

    1. Well, I have read the whole thing, and it’s certainly a good solid piece of work.
      So, yes, Dan put the damn thing up.

  3. What type of programming did you need that Dan doesn’t have time for? Maybe someone here of a coder bent could figure something out.

    1. well, except I’d have to give you my passwords. I need something to extract from the email the subscribers and how much they’re in for.
      In defense of my poor husband, in addition to 9-5 and his own writing, he also does the accounting for the entire family’s publishing, plus for a couple of friends. And it gets maddening.

      1. Ah. Gotcha. A way around that would be having someone send Dan the code and have him test it and apply it. But then you get into the whole software life cycle and it would probably be harder to manage a small project than write the code. And I don’t imagine there is a way to add a simple form and some back end code to process it to WordPress.

        1. I see that masgramondou has offered services, but regarding the programming in general, I would point out that the easiest way to deal with password privacy is to read them from a config file (or some other external storage location. We use an internal database at work). That way, you could create an email account on the same host as the one where Sarah receives the emails, write your code to work with your own email account, then all that needs to be done is to replace the credentials in the config file in order to test it. Or you could even require them to be entered from the keyboard on first run and placed in an encrypted file.

      2. If you can give me a sample (e.g. my subscription) I expect I could write something that parses it. I’d need to know how you get the emails to write that part but I could definitely write the frameworks so that Dan could fill in the sensitive bits (or he could just export all the emails to a directory and I’d just parse the text).

        I might be able to do something similar for the book post too…

        You know how to contact me.

  4. It must be a sign of my… unique mental state: I find myself wondering why Sarah is going to send an AI-controlled supertank after Oyster.

  5. You have a good, adult level, relationship with your children. This is an excellent start to their living under a different roof.

    As for book plug . . . is it Sunday? Or Saturday? You can always just throw it open for “Put your Amazon or whatever link in the Comments section.” Or even “Give us a link to the book you’ve most enjoyed in the last month.” Really. We want your fiction too much to fuss about not having a post a day.

  6. Ragweed. That’s what the local internet entry for allergies says it is, and apparently everybody is allergic to ragweed. Everyone here is sneezing.

    1. Same here, for the past few weeks. Plus I’ve been cleaning/reorganizing/boxing stuff to donate, thus stirring up dust. I can be miserable and distracted from sinus headaches and congestion, or take enough meds to resolve those problems that I and spacey and distracted, instead. What a choice. At least I’ve got no other health, financial, personal issues to worry about – it seems like so many here and over on the Bar are having a heap of problems. I shall therefore consider myself somewhat lucky.

    2. Ragweed is stunningly beautiful for such an evil plant. Around here, it lines the road with huge, yellow plants. … Actually, according to Wiki’s images, what I have is a variety of goldenrod, Solidago gigantea Now I’m wondering what that other plant I thought was goldenrod actually is.

  7. I’ve emailed Sarah, but since my promo post email didn’t go through, I’ll put it here too. I am alive, more or less. I’ve been fighting a losing battle with the black dog for months, and we’ve had a couple of recent financial disasters on top of the sudden death of a family member. I’ve enlisted aid wth the depression, both personal and chemical, and I’m back to about 70% functional already. I’m hunting work as fast as I can (anyone need a code monkey?) in the hopes that we can save our house, but we’re also prepping it in case we have to sell. We have lots of family close by now, which is making things easier. So I haven’t had the energy to keep up with my Internet family, much less the piles of idiocy I encounter every time I touch Facebook. I hope to be back to participating here regularly soon, but I just don’t know. However, I will continue doing the promo post, so keep sending those books!

    1. There’s a code monkey position going at my workplace – code monkeys with brains preferred since there’s a hellaciously huge legacy product and a crapton of knowledge that’s mostly supposed to be intuited via telepathic means. If you’re up for semi-urban PA (job is on the outskirts of Allentown), email me at katepaulk at gmail dot com and I’ll get you more information.

      1. Oyster,
        PM me ( and I’ll put you in touch w/Hubby. He works for a ginormous computer co. (75K+ worldwide) and they’re open for referrals for recruiting. This will almost certainly involve travel.

    2. I also am plugged in to the code monkey jungle telegraph. Mostly in Seattle and Portland, but I get recruiters with the strangest ideas of “local placement” badgering me and they may as well make themselves useful for a change. Email me at firstname dot lastname at the gmail thingy and I’ll see what I can scare up for you.

    3. When the black dog growls at me I read Ecclesiastes. The cheery words inscribed there always buff my mood.

      It is good to read you are getting help, as the evidence is that the true source of happiness (John Stossell said so!) is helping others, so by giving others a way to find happiness you are helping them. With a little bit of luck things will pick right up.

  8. I came across an old college friend’s book yesterday. It was quite by accident, I hadn’t seen or heard from him in ages (turns out he changed his last name by chopping off two thirds of it). He’s an executive in High Technology, and spent a number of years dealing with start ups and venture capitalists and wrote a book about his experiences (it’s told as a first person story; ‘fiction’ based on real life). It’s very interesting and all my dreams last night were highly influenced by it and were about all about corporate backstabbing and their other stupid games.

  9. 1) Dan, publish the D–N book!
    2) In 1978, while waiting for the first major surgery on my right knee, I was watching the house of friends that had moved. I heard the radio announce the 3:00 P.M. news. My first thought was. “The kids will be coming through the door any minute.” Then, it hit me. They were about 150 miles East, in Dayton Ohio, where I had helped move them.
    *That* was when I understood, “empty nest syndrome.”

      1. *Insert obligatory porto, er portal “The Cake is a Lie:” reference…*

        Suddenly I picture a gigantic tank knocking on a door with its barrel, “Cake delivery!” Whether that delivery will be ballistic or just a ruse of the “Land Shark” variety, we shall never know…

          1. Because they’re easy, typically just being a pie tin filled with shaving cream, (or whipped cream if one needs to be eaten). Hence the expression “Easy as Pie.” Well, probably not.

  10. “It seems almost wrong: write what you want, throw it up there, get money.”

    Somehow seems perhaps the best line ever!!

    And yes please, put the book up. There is not enough Hoyt fiction to keep us well fed, so absolutely more!

  11. Completely and utterly off topic:

    I would like to sincerely recommend a series of books to the assemblage. This series is a well founded universe where commercial spaceflight is commonplace. Relationships, social dynamics and professional development are thoroughly explored in an entertaining way.
    This series is called The Trader’s Tales by Nathan Lowell. I believe he’s published by Ridan, but I may be wrong. It starts with Quarter Share and works up through Owner’s Share. If you prefer to listen, it’s available through

    Thanks for your attention

    1. Second.
      Absolutely enjoyable series. My daughter also very much enjoyed (moderate sex and violence but IMHO integral to the story). I also particularly enjoyed the well developed universe and exploration of same without having the elements of armed conflict … it is a area of story that is not as often explored and this series does that quite well.

      Initially released as pod casts, then in print through Ridan, but currently I believe Mr Lowell is self published.

  12. If they’re missionaries, they suck at it. I come from a long line of successful Missionaries, and these guys really need to learn that missionaries do not win converts by screaming at people. They win converts by going out and being useful… the real kind of compassion not the glue on glitter kind.

    1. They’re the bad missionaries we hear about going to Africa in the 19th century and demanding everyone wear pants. (Whether these missionaries ever existed is something else.)

      1. Indeed, I’d love to lock them in a room with both my grandmothers. The SJW movement would be dead very quickly. Alas, only the Almighty can arrange that now.

  13. OK. “Dan, put your book up”. or maybe, “DAN, PUT YOUR BOOK UP!!!”
    Seriously – sooner or later you have to let them grow up and go out into the world; sooner is usually better in the long run. ‘K?

          1. Maybe we need to try to mollify it by offering different cookies. Perhaps snicker-doodles?

            Great. Now that reminds me that I haven’t seen Eamon’s name around for a while. What the heck is going on?

            1. <.<;; I should probably give y'all the heads up that I'm stupid busy RL right now. Barely at home (Car hunting. Coz Rhys was told 'You have too many leave days in your book. Get out of here for a while.') As mentioned over in MGC, my deviantart journal has the link for the Nook book of Sparrowind.

              On the upside, I fit into a Subaru Forester, so it's on the list of 'possible purchases.'

        1. I’m here! Just sitting down to catch up with all the messages folks left for me here. You all are awesome.

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