The Very Late Post And Writer’s Report

First, I’ll try to have a chapter of Rogue Magic sometime this week.  Please forgive me, I’m still battling Through Fire and can’t get my head away.  Except there will another chapter of To The Dragons in subscribers area sometime this weekend, because the whole thing has downloaded itself in my head.  I think the plan now is after through fire take a couple of weeks and finish the d*mn thing, and see if Toni wants it, and if not bring out on my own.

Yeah, I should be writing The Haunted Air (sequel between WF and RM) and finishing my books for Baen.  Now you know why the muses used to be thought to drive people mad.  Getting the idiot in the Greek robes to get the needs of business is beyond me.  If someone has an idea, let me know.  For now, I’m keeping To The Dragons quiet by throwing bits of chapter at it, so it will let me work on what I’m supposed to.

Part of the reason almost nothing happened on Through Fire this week is that I got very sick.  The problem is between my being allergic to something in this neighborhood (reminds me of when we lived on the west side and the neighbor’s yard was full of ragweed.  Every time they mowed, Dan’s face swelled up.  Took us forever to figure the link.) I live in a baseline of “somewhat stopped up” and this illness was gradual, so I was just getting mad at myself for wanting to sleep all the time, and not getting anything done.  Until I realized a) I was feverish b) friends scattered throughout the state had the same symptoms.  I’ve been using the inhaler, for the first time in months, but I AM feeling better.

I’m now almost well, though this is why I slept 12 hours last night.  I’m now going to get more tea and actually sit down to work.

Because stuff must be written.

And yes, there’s other stuff going on, which I’ll report later, maybe.  It’s not bad and it’s a personal thing.  (And no, I’m not knocked up, though if any of you wants to pray for a miracle similar to oh, the parting of the sea, go for it.) We shall see.  We’re starting a new venture and there’s plans crackling about.  Depending on how it goes you’ll hear about it later.

Now, having saved the worst for last, Cyn Bagley’s husband passed away from cancer.  If you’re praying people, please keep her in your prayers, as her health is far from good, and she needs strength through this time.  She’ll be moving to be near family and away from the net for a few weeks.  I told her to let us know if she needs anything, and that we’ll be here when she comes back, because she’s family.

And all of you, go and hug your loved ones right now.


29 responses to “The Very Late Post And Writer’s Report

  1. That’s very saddening news from Cyn.

  2. Will keep her in our prayers

  3. If we can chip in, let us know how.

  4. Sorry to hear that about the Bagleys.
    On the allergies, “to hell with the lawn, let whatever grow there that wants to” has become a perfectly acceptable response to drought in the springs.

  5. I will add her to the prayer list.

  6. My condolences and prayers to Cyn and family.

    And the miracle I’ll pray for for you Sarah, is no more allergies!

  7. All the best to Cyn and her family. Added to the prayer list.

  8. Sorry to hear that about Cyn’s hubby.

  9. Hard to argue with the voices in your head – they can keep at it longer.
    My prayers for Cyn and her family during this time.

  10. My sympathies to Cyn and her family. They will be in my prayers.

  11. Cyn, praying for you. May you find all the strength and solace you need.

  12. Sarah, thanks for letting us know about Cyn. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for her.

  13. Cyn, May the Lord bless you, and keep you; may He make His Countenance shine upon you, and grant you His Peace.

  14. That is indeed lamentable news about Cyn and her husband. Suggestions for appropriate actions are awaited in lieu of flowers.

    As to the stuffing up, that is because you are an O2 addict being denied your customary fix.

  15. To Cyn: So sorry for your loss. My prayers are for your comfort, for mercy and grace to surround you, strength to meet the needs of the day and for good memories to overwhelm the bad.

    To Sarah: My prayers for better health, good sleep and smooth flow of eminently saleable writing.

  16. I hate to hear that about Cyn’s husband. I’ll keep her in my prayers.

  17. Fifty is not a good age to be pregnant…

    • For me, no age was ever good and now it’s plain unlikely.

      • Pity. From what I’ve seen and heard an evil little sister would be the perfect counterpoint to your boys. Of course you can always rent. I hear small ugly females are a buyer’s market down on the southern border these days.
        Very sorry to hear about Cyn’s husband. I know it was sort of expected, but that doesn’t lessen the sting of loss. Family helps get one through it, even, and perhaps especially, extended family such as the Huns.

  18. My sympathies to Cyn as well. I never know what to say. Nothing seems like enough.

  19. Added her and her husband to the parish’s prayer book; our nuns are very good about praying for those listed, and a couple of the church ladies noticed me writing so they “accidentally” read it and will be praying, too.

  20. Very sorry to hear of Cyn Bagley’s loss.

  21. Christopher M. Chupik

    Very sad to hear about Cynthia. It’s just been bad news all over lately.

  22. My deepest condolences to Cyn and her family on their loss.