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So, I have guest posts by Alma Boykin, Foxfier and three or four other people, but being the brilliant person I am (eh!) didn’t cue them before we left.  I thought I could access that email from here, but it turns out I can’t.  The only email I have is and Alma, at least, isn’t on FB.  Or not under a name I know.  Also, I can’t access FB from this computer, but only from the tablet (no way to transfer stuff.)

So… will those of you who sent me stuff either ping Charlie on FB or at Friday book plug address, and ask him for address, then re-send stuff?

And meanwhile, I woke up too early and I’m going to shower and have breakfast before I post something, which could end up being a snippet for all I know.  We’ll see when I’m awake.

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  1. OT: I’m trying to contact whoever is coordinating the gathering at Westercon/Fantasycon … is it Oyster? I emailed but have not received a reply … please advise … ??

    1. Sorry for the silence, we’ve been dealing with the impending arrival of a new minion, who is stalwartly resisting eviction from his current residence. I’ll get back to you this afternoon. Anyone else who might be coming next week, please let me know!

      1. Remember, you have to serve the 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit first, before you can actually file the Forcible Detainer action. Oh, wait, you didn’t get a written lease, did you?

        1. I don’t know about Yay. Several hours of pitocin failed to move things along yesterday, so they sent the Oyster Wife home. Thus the “resisting eviction” quip. They couldn’t use the other drug whose name I don’t remember for another week because he wasn’t late enough yet. *grumble* So we’re all tired and grumpy, the Oyster Wife is still very pregnant and uncomfortable, the Redoubtable Mother-In-Law has had to extend her trip for don’t-know-how-long, and we haven’t got a baby to hold for consolation. *sigh* It doesn’t help that every time I check in here the last week or so, there’s either a troll I haven’t got energy to chew on, or my friends are yelling and snapping at each other. (And Drow, if you apologize for any of that one more time I’m going to start poking you with week-old fish. Not your fault!) Mostly I’ve been hiding in my office and trying not to snap at people in meat- or cyberspace.
          I’m going to go find chocolate and hugs from minions and try to shake the funk – I’m no good to anyone that way, and I’m terrible company.
          Quick reminder before I go back to pining and sulking (poor, poor pitiful me!), anyone who has stuff to promote this week should send it to me in the next few hours. I’ll still be putting together the promo post, though I’m not certain that Sarah will be able to put it up. Oh, and give me a heads up if you see any guys with long tusks or hammers – I’m pretty close to Condition White right now.

          1. Be sure to warn the pipsqueak that he’s using up his allowed lateness — henceforth, you will demand punctuality.

                1. Oh wait, that’s the music instrument that’s pronounced that way. Pun fail, ten yard penalty, repeat first down.

  2. That’s why my Internet access is the phone on my hip… Can get anything I want any time, any where but the trackless deserts and the four square miles somewhere that Verizon doesn’t serve

    1. One thing I’ve discovered while traveling is that there are a lot of areas don’t serve, even in areas shown as covered on coverage maps. Service in the western states, away from interstates and towns, can be pretty spotty, though that is usually represented OK on the coverage maps. However, even when there’s a cell tower nearby, hills, mountains, steep canyons and ravines, etc. can block reception. I remember one steep-sided, deep, narrow gorge in Pennsylvania where not just cell service was blocked, but GPS signal as well.

      1. West By God Virginia is that way. Full signal or none … there is no weak signal there. My smart phone is a Net 10 and uses Only Sprint towers. I get horrid service off the interstates.

    2. I think it’s a bit more than four square miles. All my side of the road going I don’t know how far . . . My neighborhood will be among the last landline holdouts in the country, like as not: when the landlines go down we have to go stand in the middle of the road to use our cells. Must drive the tracking entities bats: “She’s off the network again!” “Oh, either she’s home or at the neighbors.” “Well, how are we supposed to keep track of what she’s up to now?” “She’s probably smuggling contraband chickens: we know they’re all over the place out there, just get a warrant and go see. You gotta show a warrant in that neighborhood or they’ll shoot first and call the sheriff after.”

  3. While I’d love to get more snippets, I think you should think of Libertycon as vacation time. [Smile]

    1. Working vacation at best. Gotta write off those travel expenses don’tchaknow.
      But a chance to rub elbows with other authors, cadge a free meal from Toni (hope it’s somewhere nice), and recruit ever more Huns.
      BTW, if you need a break and have an hour or two to spare get someone with a vehicle to take you for a ride through Reflection Riding, a drive through nature center. Quite restful, especially if someone else drives, and last time through they had a most impressive stand of large bamboo.
      Then just down the street from the Choo Choo is the Tennessee Aquarium, a four story edifice of all things fishy. Probably where the other publishers are hanging out, yah think?
      And right downtown there is a hands on children’s museum for those will younguns, and nearby the National Towing and Wrecker museum.

      1. Um, Uncle Lar, do you really want to turn on the news tomorrow to a headline that all the large fish are missing from the aquarium, followed by a breaking report in the evening about a mass carping at LibertyCon? Maybe the aquarium’s not such a great idea.

        1. I am after all a master enabler.
          Wait until y’all hear what I put my grandkids up to when they come to visit which by the way is the reason i’m not there carp smuggling and chucking with the rest of you. Wasn’t their fault naturally, but their parents’ planning so twill be they who suffer the consequences when I hand the little dears back all sugared and shaken to a fair thee well.

          1. I have fond dreams of some day loading my niece up on sugar, red dye #5, and sending her home with a hamster or a kitten. After teaching her to do all the things that drive Sib up a tree. I fully intend to be the eeeevil Aunt Alma.

  4. Perhaps we could open-thread a bit. Does anyone have any suggestions for inexpensive covers for the artistically challenged?

    See, for the main books I’m writing I’ve got a theme and I can pretty easily do a cover for those. But I’ve got a collection of old ’50’s style adventure pulp stories, and aside from something like the Pulp-O-Mizer (which I can’t use anyway, because copyright) I got nothin’ in the way of making such a thing.

    Here’s the kind of style I’m looking at.

    I’m willing to pay – third of an arm, maybe a quarter of a leg or so, but not the firt-born son. Even though he’s 16, I’m kinda fond of him.

    Thanks for any advice!

    1. Jerry,

      Is it the Pulp-O-Miser application you can’t make use of or just the background artwork? If the former, the same function could easily be accomplished with the layers feature in Photoshop. If the art itself, there’s a lot of copyright free stuff out there, you just have to sift through for something appropriate. You could also talk some friends into playing dress-up and have a do-it-yourself photo session.
      As I recall finding legal and suitable artwork was one of the things Sarah was struggling with not very long ago as she spiffed up some of her reclaimed books for reissue through indie.

      1. The Pulp-o-Mizer says that the creations are NOT for open use. Which is a shame – but I can at least use it to more or less figure out how I want the cover to look.

        I’ve tried layering features in Gimp. One of these days, I may need to either take a course in it or watch some Youtubes on how to do things right because I’m not picking it up too well otherwise.

        And it probably doesn’t help that I’m usually in a hurry when I finish up a book, then end up not using it again until next time I need it.

        The other ideas are promising, too – I’ve got a friend who went as a yellow Minion for Dragon-Con. I wonder…

        (Evil grin.) Thank you!

  5. Sarah:
    The email address that Charlie gave me to submit my guest post is an address. I’m not sure it’s the right one. Did you receive my post?

  6. The occasional Open thread isn’t such a bad thing (considering how much topic drift we get anyway).

    Does anyone drink when they write?

      1. Be careful with that Dihydrogen monoxide. Once you start drinking it, you have to keep drinking it or you’ll die.

      1. Typically I have a can of Coke in this wonderful stainless steel, vacuum-insulated can cozy. But when I did my Baen entry, I had a tumbler with a couple of fingers of Tullamore Dew in it, and it did serve the purpose of keeping me at the keyboard rather than seeking other distractions.

        And believe me, I am a distraction-seeking missile.

  7. Meanwhile, back in Colorado Springs. “Brrring, brrrring.”
    “Hello, Hecate, Clotho, and Gunhilda Cleaning and Remediation, how can I help you. Un huh. Un huh. Just a basic house fluffing prior to realtor show? Certainly. Which address, please? 1313666 Mountain View, the big Victorian with the black cat on the mailbox. Do we need to bribe it? No. And any special instructions? The key’s under the mat, ignore the bones in the back yard because the neighbor will dispose of those, and don’t touch the clock in the wall or the chemistry set that’s in the locked cabinet with the copy of the Necronomicon. Which edition, if you don’t mind my asking? Ah, I have the fourth edition. Anything to go into the garage? No, and mind the space gate tunnel if we do need to get in. Will do. No problem, Ma’am, and our usual rates apply. That’s fine. Thank you, we’ll get there bright and early tomorrow.”

      1. Judging by the size, unless something happened to a State Supreme Court justice that didn’t make the news, I think they were from the mastadon BBQ and got turned up when RES was supervising the construction of the ha-ha.

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