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*My loyal henchman, Free Range Oyster (always good to save on those range fees!) has come through with today’s promo post.  I shall do a chapter of Rogue Magic later today, though first we have the insurance inspector coming, to evaluate any damage from the hail.  (I know our paint got stripped.)  For now, consider this week’s offerings.*

I’m afraid I haven’t got anything witty to say this week. Go read books, leave reviews, support and sustain the authors among us. I’m going to go pound out code and clean things before the new minion arrives. Dang tardy minions… *grumble* As always, future entries for the promo post can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Verb Polisher, Computer Coaxer, and Bane of House Arthropoda

BJ Beck

The Fields Where Soldiers Play

Book One of The Mending Wars

The Fields Where Soldiers Play

Sir Jacien Blyne of Newelen was hoping to go home. As the leader of an army from the country of Newelen, rarely did he get a chance to enjoy the very comforts he was always leaving to protect. However, Newelen’s complacency, stemming from the people’s belief in their alliances with neighbors, has left them vulnerable to the ambition of conspirators. Greed has driven the country’s former friends to take action against them, their seeming goal the riches that Newelen’s port to the world has to offer. But, even the enemy has enemies, both unforeseen and manipulating events with an evil hand. As a simple soldier, Sir Jacien’s job is to protect Newelen from all its enemies. And so, he takes to the field once again, this time to beat back invaders at a snowy keep. At his side are other soldiers he recruited from his last war, including a member of the Daferin race and a female warrior from a reputable country. The enemy, however, has help of its own, in particular a sociopathic teen boy who can wield Reticulative Magic more powerfully than anyone in Newelen. As the enemy’s grip tightens, the noble classes in Newelen remain ignorant of events as they deal with concerns of their own. Will Sir Jacien be able to stop the encroaching horde at the gates? Or will their line in the ice break and serve just to slow the invaders down? How will Newelen’s nobility react when word reaches them, and are their troubles completely unrelated? One continent, several countries … “The Fields Where Soldiers Play” is just the beginning of the saga.

This book is also available direct from the publisher.

Doug Irvin

A Delicate Touch

Langarou River

A Delicate Touch

Anglea is a nobody, a no body with dreams. When the chance comes to do a mighty magician a favor, she takes it – not realizing just how much it would change her own life.

CJ Carella

Doomsday Duet

New Olympus Saga Book 2

Doomsday Duet

In the sequel to Armageddon Girl, Christine Dark and Face-Off must face their inner demons while they try to save Earth Alpha, a world where superheroes are real and danger is everywhere. Can a former gamer chick endowed with cosmic powers and a murderous vigilante deal with their differences – and their growing attraction for one another – and escape the shadowy forces hunting them?

Meanwhile, Ultimate the Invincible Man finds himself a wanted man, persecuted by his former colleagues; Condor and Kestrel fight for justice while indulging their twisted sexual desires; and Cassius Jones, the hero known as Janus, reveals the terrible things he discovered during his exodus in outer space.

Filled with action, adventure and romance, Doomsday Duet continues to explore a world filled with superhuman beings with all too human failings.

(NOTE: Contains violence, sexual content and adult language)

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