Stardogs — something to chew on while you wait

I didn’t write my two posts last night, because Benadryl and right now I desperately need tea before I write BUT meanwhile two things:  First, if you didn’t read this when it was free on my website, Sweet Alice is now up for free on Amazon.  (It’s about Rafiel and set in the shifters series.)

Second, Dave Freer just launched his Stardogs as his first indie release.  Dave Freer is probably my “main writing buddy” and most of Stardogs was written in The Year of No Hope (2003) when we were each other’s main beta readers.  I wanted him to sell it so badly, but it was a very original novel and as such hard to sell.

So, now it’s available to buy, and my friend Cedar has written a review which she gave me permission to post below:

Dave Freer’s Stardogs

stardogsI know, it isn’t review day. But it is launch day, and I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for this day since I got to read the pre-release copy of Stardogs.

This one is good. Very, very good. I know I can always rely on Dave Freer for a solidly plotted, well-composed tale, with characters I can root for, a world that comes to life in my head, and best of all? Hope.

Which is all the characters in this story have to go on, in the beginning. Ever since humanity first encountered a stardogs, the alien, intelligent but not sentient being, they have been using them. With the stardogs providing vital transportation, humanity has conquered the stars and hundreds of worlds. But there is a nasty secret underlying all this activity, and it’s about to come out.

It all centers around an imperial princess, her (real!) dog, and an assasin. But it won’t turn out like you think it will. I started reading Stardogs one afternoon, and couldn’t put it down until I was done with it. Dave’s prose is easy to read, and a joy to discover little passages that had me reading them out loud to my First Reader. This isn’t something I do often, by the way. I had to, there were just some lovely bits of humor, wit, and wisdom buried in the story. He’s been reading it too, and enjoying it, which is rare these days, he’s picker than I am by far. Personally, I’m looking forward to re-reading it.

Stardogs is of course a space opera, with a dash of romance for seasoning, and a lot of adventure. I’d rave at length about it, but I don’t want to spoil any surprises for you, my friends. Priced at $3.99, this is a hefty novel for a very affordable price. Grab it, review it, and let’s all meet back here later to talk about it!

You know, I almost wish that would work. Book club for great new science fiction and fantasy…

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  1. OK: But the review has got to wait a day or two. I’m swamped.

  2. Cedar, Dave, Terry Pratchett used a race called Stardogs as transport in The Dark Side of the Sun, and they hatched by the eggs by de-orbiting and ablating their shells on atmospheric re-entry. Is this the same sort of critter?
    Are you going to tell me to buy the book and find out for myself?

    • No, that isn’t the way the eggs hatch… although… Yeah. You have to read the book 😉

    • Oh, and now I have to go find that book! LOL

      • Think “Anti-Dune” and you will have more fun.
        I checked out Dave’s website and I will have to wait until it comes out in Smashwords as I am Kindle impaired.

        • We’ll make sure links are posted when it goes elsewhere, probably not here, but my blog or Mad Genius Club.

          • Sigh. Beloved Spouse was reading to me from some Mad Genius Club discussion of Sam Delany … I don’t like letting it bleed over into here, but am compelled to observe that learning Delany probably found Baron Harkonnen’s … relationships …with pretty young boys a sympathizing character trait goes a long distance to vitiating any urge to defend Delany or even re-read any of his earlier works, no matter how entrancing I had previously found them.

            O am generally lenient about what other people do in the privacy of their homes but child rape is noe of those areas where I draw a redder line than our current Occupant of the Oval office. The thought he would have been trolling for … victims at cons even moves me slightly toward supporting the Scalzi-ites demanding Con Codes of Conduct, although I doubt such pederasts as Delany are what Scalzi & Co. are thinking about.

            • I will be blogging about this issue Saturday on MGC. I’m sorry, in advance… in some ways it’s like tearing scabs off. But for some reason I need to do this.

              • I … “look forward” to it. I am minded of something G. Gordon Liddy once said about his experience in prison and what to do when a child molestor sits down next to you and starts up on his “triumphs” under the impression you share his … “preference.”

                Sorry, some things are NOT “preferences” they are disgusting and if you don’t shut up I will thrash you. You can’t help what thoughts occur to you but you certainly CAN help how you ACT upon them. Keep it to yourself, keep it in your pants and keep away from me and mine.

              • I didn’t know Delany was like that. I wasn’t a big fan but thought Babel 17 was absolutely brilliant. I’ll go and check the MCC and read your blog on Saturday.

            • I know. Because of my history that made me almost need a trigger warning, (not really, since I don’t believe just words can “trigger” much of anything) BUT the point is, you can like a writer and not know of his errors. And if we start tarring someone because they read Bradley or Delaney, we’ll never be done!

  3. Dorothy Grant

    Cedar, you are much faster with reviews than me!

    Quick summary – was very fun. Rocked. Ended up reading when should have been sleeping.

    Better review later!

    • Dorothy, I was the recipient of a pre-release copy, I read it close to a week ago (in one long gulp!) and have been sitting on the review until the book went live. Yes, this is me looking at my privilege and preening a little 😀

  4. Just bought the book and it is on the TBR file. Pam Uphoff is being read right now. I love that I have so many good authors to read right here. :p

  5. Thanks for the update I’ve been waiting for this and now have it.

  6. Nook owners are people too. Just saying.

    • Yes, but B & N has issues with establishing accounts for people outside the US. (And a bunch of others) At least as publishers.
      I know Dave doesn’t DRM and there is conversion software. Sorry.