The Subtle Self Promoting Writer Self Promotes — Sort Of.

ANNOUNCEMENT: At the main Baen Home Page, page down for a free Michael Z. Williamson short story “Soft Casualty.” Remember to say “thank you” to Baen books — even if mentally.

From the Oyster: We’ve got a nice bunch of books this week from some of our most prestigious members of the commentariat. I’m too braindead this week for witty banter, so I’m just going to drop this here for you all and go get some sleep before I face another greuling day of taking money hand over fist in exchange ofr other people’s books at the local Comic Con. My apologies. Spirit, flesh, some settling may occur. As always, future entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!
Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster
Schlock Hawker, Mercenary Wordsmith, and Menacer of Recalictrant Computers

Sabrina Chase

The Last Mage Guardian

The Last Mage Guardian
Miss Ardhuin Andrews has a secret.

Several secrets, in fact. She is not, as her traveling family believes, safely ensconced in the Metan Seminary for Young Ladies. She is also not properly chaperoned in her late great-uncle Oron’s chateau in the Bretagne countryside, but alone – and having a lovely time unencumbered by strict propriety and the dreaded dancing lessons.

Oh yes, and Miss Andrews is a magician, the most dangerous secret of all. In the world of Aerope women are believed to be incapable of magic, and all magicians must be certified and licensed by law.

Then her quiet idyll is shattered by a sudden massive magical attack – and a mysterious stranger arrives who is impervious to all her spells of illusion and misdirection. Is this the danger Oron warned her of, in his cryptic final words? Is this Dominic Kermarec a mere penniless, out-of-work tutor as he claims, or a spy?

Then she learns Oron bequeathed her more than his chateau–and she must travel to the ends of Aerope to stop a magical plot amid political intrigue, betrayal, and echoes of an old war that has not truly ended…

The Last Mage Guardian is set in a world where magic and science coexist, with a steampunk flavor.

Cedar Sanderson

Voyageur’s Cap

Voyageur's Cap
Duty brought Lia to the backwater planet. Honor bound her to fulfill the promise she made to Daz before his death to see his daughter, Serene, safely away and enrolled at the Academy. Neither expected their trip to be interrupted by distress signals, abandoned ships and space pirates.

Cyn Bagley

In the Shadow of Death: Reflections on a Chronic Illness

In the Shadow of Death
In January 2003 I spent two weeks in a German hospital before I was diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis. This collection contains my journey through a chronic illness. This ebook was written as remembrance for Vasculitis month (May) and to all of those people who have lived with and died from a chronic illness.

Alma Boykin

Revolution from Above: A Cat Among Dragons Novella

Revolution from Above
It takes a mammal to save a planet.

Caught away from her soldiers when mercenaries invade Drakon IV, Rada Ni Drako must find a way to reconquer the planet. Help comes from a strange quarter, but even that might not be enough when treason slithers into view. Lord Ni Drako needs all her wiles, luck, and dirty tricks just to survive.

When a mammal fights a mammal, even dragons duck for cover.

Sam Schall

Vengeance from Ashes (Honor and Duty)

First, they took away her command. Then they took away her freedom. But they couldn’t take away her duty and honor. Now they want her back.

Captain Ashlyn Shaw has survived two years in a brutal military prison. Now those who betrayed her are offering the chance for freedom. All she has to do is trust them not to betray her and her people again. If she can do that, and if she can survive the war that looms on the horizon, she can reclaim her life and get the vengeance she’s dreamed of for so long.

But only if she can forget the betrayal and do her duty.

Also available from Barnes and Noble.

Juliet Chase

Amy’s Amazing Adventures (Across Time and Space)

Amy's Amazing Adventures (Across Time and Space)
For millennia the rabbits reigned supreme… but no more. Now the forces of darkness threaten the very existence of time and space.

Meanwhile, Amy is a young Regency miss in need of some excitement and an escape from a forced marriage to a pig farmer. She finds both when she discovers a hidden portal to another dimension while fleeing from a highwayman. Traveling the space-time continuum and fending off attackers and assassins, she gathers the motley crew required of any proper fantasy quest. Only hers consists of the aforementioned highwayman, the Sheik of Araby, a stoic ex-Navy SEAL, and a feng shui wizard. Join Amy on her hilarious and irreverent journey to restore balance to the cosmos and claim her birthright, or find her way back home, whichever comes first.

From Sarah:

D’Artagnan is called home on his father’s death, and, of course, Athos, Porthos and Aramis go with him.  The attacks along the way make them doubt that the elder Monsieur D’Artagnan’s death was really the result of a duel.  Once they’re in Gascony, it becomes plain that D’Artagnan’s father was murdered by someone who intends to do the same to the son, should he get a chance.


And in case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know I have an indie novel out, here it is.  No, I have no intention of stopping working for Baen, but this was my free novel on Fridays for a year and a half, and it seemed odd to offer my publisher something that had been posted here for free.  Also, it’s a Regency Fantasy with dragons and unlikely lover pairings (though I’m told it has lots of action.  Not that type of action.  Bad Huns.  Go to your corner.  No biscuit.) and it didn’t seem to me to be Baen’s style, even if it DOES have an explosion.

There will be a chapter in its sequel here in a few hours after I have breakfast and a shower.  And then I’ll work on Through Fire.  (No, there’s nothing wrong with what’s going on with writing the book — but real life has thrown us half a dozen wobblers which means I’ve had only hours with the computer this week.  So I must work through the weekend.  Well, okay, not tomorrow.  I’m told it’s a holiday or something.)

38 responses to “The Subtle Self Promoting Writer Self Promotes — Sort Of.

  1. Okay, I’ll join in the self-pimping: my novel, Company Daughter, is in the quarter finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award:

    As they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated, so I’m happy to have reached this far, no matter what the next round of reviewers say. Really. I mean it. I’m happy and honored and … and ….(rummages through liquor cabinet) happy.

  2. Since it’s pimp day I will direct your attention over to the Baen home page where you can find a free short story by Mad Mike Williamson. “Soft Casualty” is perhaps the most disturbing tale of asymmetrical warfare I’ve ever encountered.
    Bon appetite!

  3. oops– the link for Alma Boykin seems to go to Wylie–

  4. Yea– things are pretty wobbly in our household as well. Good luck– and am waiting for the chapter.

    Thanks to both of you for putting my medical biography up this week. It is an updated version of what I had published in 2011.

  5. Sabrina– I bought that book last year. I need to re-read it again. I remember enjoying it and it started me Sabrina Chase quest.

  6. And having nothing to promote myself, I will instead link you to our Tom Simon’s books:

  7. Sam Schall? I’ve been waiting for that book to come out, but didn’t even know that was the book until I read the first paragraph and recognized it. Where the heck did that pen name come from?

    • Not sure if the author wants to out themselves, but I would recommend it, since I have been waiting for the book since I read a sample quite some time ago, and didn’t realize this was the book. By the way, the link doesn’t work for me, it sends me to a page to join Amazon Associates, I almost didn’t get the book because I couldn’t click through and check it out, and didn’t realize it was one that I knew I wanted.

      Oh, I finished it this afternoon and it was as good as I was expecting. 🙂

      • It’s an open pen name. It’s Amanda S. Green.

        • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

          Yep, her name is given inside the book itself.

          • Never noticed that, it wasn’t on the author page at Amazon, so I didn’t want to mention it if she decided she didn’t want it attached to her name (although she posted a sample online a year or two ago, so I’m sure several people recognized it when they started the book).

          • She just doesn’t want people to think it will have shifters…

            • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

              She made another comment about her reasons. Basically, some women authors (none present here) have convinced many readers of MilSF that women authors write VileProg garbage. That’s why she chose a male pen-name.

      • Thanks, bearcat. I’m glad you liked it.

        As Sarah said, I used the pen name so folks wouldn’t think it was another shifter book. Both names have a family significance, as does the Ellie Ferguson pen name. Now, as long as Sam doesn’t take on his own personality the way Ellie has (shudder).

        Get away from me with that white coat with the really long arms. I’m all right, I say. I’m just fine. It’s just that I’m a writer and have all these voices in my head. But they’re not real. I know it even if they don’t. 😉

  8. I think my Kindle app just burped.

  9. OK, well, it was suggested I come over here and share my first work.

    It’s a novelette, but that’s reflected in the price. So far, I’m getting some seriously awesome feedback on it, so enjoy 🙂

    • Well, actually, I was suggesting you get Jason’s email from the top of the post, but whichever works. 🙂

      • Yes, that’s what you should do, otherwise I’ll have to hunt it down and add it, and since I’ll be at con, it depends on the connection… (It might be the Tuesday promo post, this week…)

      • Said email is sent to said email address.

        FWIW, any illusions I had about the purpose of gatekeepers for short fiction have been completely and totally destroyed.

        Now, people who know how in the hell to market a self-published short story…well, that’s a different matter entirely. 🙂

    • I adored the story and its price. Please write more!!