Because I’m An Idiot

I meant to put up a Reader Promo post today, but I completely spaced it and didn’t bring the annotated list with me to the undisclosed location (where I still am, till early afternoon.)

So… if you guys put up the links in the comments I’ll do it when I get home.

Next — anyone have any suggestions for which of the Goldport Press stuff I should take free for the Human Wave Garage sale?  I was thinking of putting up Crawling Between Heaven And Earth and maybe Wings.

36 thoughts on “Because I’m An Idiot

  1. Ah good, the telepathic reminder machine worked 😉 I was just going to ping you. Also, a few lines on “What the Heck is Human Wave, Anyway” would be good–or you can outsource to your witty and erudite commentariat…

  2. This poetry chapbook contains twenty poems written in 2013 about a small apartment complex in Carson City, Nevada. The poems are an assortment of haikus, tanka, pantoum, and free verse.

    The first poem starts with “I see the rain tap on the window.”

    Also DRM free…

  3. “the Human Wave Garage sale”

    I am new here and don’t have time to read _every_ comment so maybe I have missed something, but what is this sale? Is this a physical or a virtual event? What.When.Where?

    1. Sabrina Chase is getting a promo opportunity and promoting the rest of us on our special sales/free books. August 1st. Do a search for Ms. Chase’s comments and you’ll find it a month or so back. She has an address to ping her at.

  4. I had links to two of my eBooks that I had put together from blog-posts about elements of Wild West and Texas History –

    Westering Wagons –

    and The Heart of Texas –

    Thanks, ever so – I’d like to finish out this month with a goodly number of sales for the two!

  5. The Sky Suspended is now available on Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and other e-readers. But, here’s the Kindle link:

    It’s bourgeois, legal science fiction, and DRM free.
    A generation has passed since asteroid scares led the United States to launch its first and only interstellar starship. The ship returns and announces the discovery of another Earth. People are star-struck, crowds form in Washington, DC, and a boy from Alaska and two lawyers grapple with issues surrounding the question of whether ordinary people will be able to emigrate to the stars.

    Thanks for doing this, Sarah!

    Laura Montgomery

  6. I have a book as well: Alien Frontier.

    In this story, a farm girl becomes draft-eligible when she gets a magic belt that lets her defeat any material armor, but she would rather not die on some distant battlefield — no matter what her village has to say about it.

  7. Drat. No big Amazon banner.

    Oh well. Sarah, feel free to delete the comment above this one.

  8. It is not fiction, but I hope you might add to the recent Instalanche by considering:

    A Different View: Travels to Al Qa’im and Beyond (Kindle) (trade paper)

    An exploration in image and word of day-to-day life of our troops, along with a reminder that beauty can be found in many places even in the most interesting of times.

    This book covers my time with the 1st Battalion of the 4th Marines at Al Qa’im, Iraq at the Syrian border; and, a bit about Landstuhl Hospital in Germany — and something very special that takes place there above and beyond the excellent care given.

    This is not a book about combat, rather it focuses on the everyday sights that reflect the majority of the time at war that is routine. It is an attempt to share that not seen on the news, and provide a glimpse into a world few have seen and of which even fewer understand.

    My hope is that the reader will pause to think even as I try to make them laugh and cry.

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