The Spirit Is Willing

I don’t seem to have a complete copy of Witchfinder ANYWHERE.  Would one of you (I know a few of you are keeping a file) email it to me at sahoyt at hotmail dot com?*

But the flesh is not only weak, it is extremely odd.  I know it will surprise all my readers to find that an author as infallible as I — coughs — could mess up like this, but I went to the party with laptop and WITHOUT the latest file of Witchfinder.  It’s having been three weeks, I could not immediately recall how I’d last left our heroes (sigh) and I’d (of course) a hard time getting back into it.  But beyond that I was suffering from what I call “sliding on sheet of glass atop story” which happens when I’m still “burned” by the last story.

It’s also possible that a con last weekend and two social engagements this week have thrown this hermit-like author off her (scant as is) balance.

So, I think I’ll do normal posts in the morning and a WF post in the evening, probably the next three days, and finish it.  But it won’t happen today.

Yes, yes, I’m dethpicable — however I’m going to bed.  I’ll catch you on the morrow.

25 responses to “The Spirit Is Willing

  1. Sleep well, and deeply, and rest, dear lady.

  2. How dare you not entertain us for free! Don’t you think we deserve it? 😀

  3. It’s the morrow, and I’m getting ready to jump, are you ready to catch? 🙂

  4. Went to the party without the latest file of Witchfinder? Might your subconscious be trying to tell you something? Perhaps… to take a break after grinding so hard on Noah’s Boy?

  5. Some inspiration for you (on the blogging front that is rather than the WF one)

  6. Wonder if there’s something in the air. Twice this past week my subconscious has burped (?) up magnificent story ideas . . . at 0230. On mornings when I have to get my full allocation of sleep, so I really should not be rolling out of bed and writing. Can I remember these wonderful ideas at 0530? Not the previous one, more of the second one.

    Actually, the sub-conscious has been beating me over the head a lot these past two, three weeks, which makes me wonder if it is not my sub-conscious but Someone else who has gotten tired of my ignoring more subtle hints.

  7. Just take it easy, and get some rest. And thanks for the warning, since I just started with WF now I know to take it slow for a few days. 🙂

    Well, have to, anyway, five paintings, trying to start writing a bit again and housecleaning going on too – as usual, the one acrylics which is mostly kind of filling the need not to waste paint, I want to use what is left after adding to the two more important ones before it dries, is coming out just fine and will presumably be finished in a day or two while the ones I care more about are slow going and I might end up scrapping one of them and starting again. Well, at least the oil I intend as a new cover to one of my already published stories looks good too. But it’s funny how, at least part of the time, I seem to be able to do better stuff when I just kind start dabbling and see what happens (and do it hell of a lot faster) than when I start with a detailed plan. I suppose it’s because with a plan I have an idea of what I want the end result to look like, and then perhaps stick too rigidly to that – which leads to redoing a lot – instead of accepting deviations, even if the deviations would lead to something that might look as good as the original plan, or maybe even better. I work better as a pantser when painting too? Sort of, anyway, the stumbling points with the much preplanned ones seem to be the details more than the whole – I have imagined a picture with some small bit just so, and then get frustrated when I can’t get it just so.

  8. I’m with Robin. If you need the break, take it. The end result will be all the better. Just don’t take too long. 😉

  9. Absolutely, take a break! 🙂

  10. Dorothy Grant

    Enjoy the break!

  11. If you don’t get a complete copy via email, a search like: may be useful to you.

    • Also, your pingback list at seems to be fairly comprehensive.

      I’ve been waiting for it to be finished before reading it (Can’t suffer waiting for the next book in a series, let alone the next chapter in a book!), so haven’t been keeping track other than seeing the chapter posts.

      • I’m missing about ten chapters, I think…

        • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

          The “Pingback” is up to Chapter 68. Chapters 69-71 haven’t been added. Oh Sarah, if you posted past chapter 71, I didn’t see them.

          Sarah, I also emailed the “pingback” and chapters 69-71 to you.

        • There were several chapters missing, but I was able to locate them though my saved links. I have a total of 71 chapters. (Did you know that at round about 35 you said you were moving into the wrap up…ha!) If you still need them I now have 1-71 compiled.

          • if you have them compiled, DO send to sahoyt at hotmail dot com. Thank you. I realized with the change in computers two months ago, I don’t have ANYTHING. I mean I saved it to a drive, I just don’t know where the heck I put it. (Sigh.)

            Thank you.

            Did I really? And then the characters took over. This will be something like 160k words, when I put in all the foreshadowing etc. Sigh.

            • Wayne Blackburn

              Truly, though I know that when you talked before about changing computers before, that you let Dan handle it, a remote drive solution is very much a good idea.

              I use Dropbox*, but there are others out there. I have it installed on my laptop at home, my desktop and work, and the computer at my father’s house, and when I open a document, make changes, and save it, all on a local folder on my computer, it synchronizes with the web version, then it’s available in the updated form on whatever other device I load it up. It also keeps the older versions, so you can go back to them. There’s even a mobile version.

              * That link above is a referral link, and will grant me an extra 500 MB of storage space if anyone signs up after clicking it. If you don’t like that, but still want to check it out, just go to the main website address, .

            • Wayne Blackburn

              Oops, forgot to space out the second address in the above comment so it didn’t count as a link and send me to comment limbo. 🙂

              *Dances around like idiot, singing, “I got moderated, I got moderated!*

              Yeah, I think I’m getting sick. It makes me silly. -er

  12. I can’t say anything. I’m lucky this week to get two sentences written. Between a nagging, persistent cough and headaches from my cervical fusions, it’s been a VERY trying week. I haven’t started bashing my head into concrete walls yet, but I do remember putting it on the agenda. Take it easy, relax for a day or two, and rejuvenate.

    • This year started out rough and I hope it gets better– I have been having persistent headaches as well… I blame it on the inversions we have been having that have lasted weeks at a time. Plus there have been so many people in my circle who have either died, had family died, or almost died. It just seems to be a lot happening all at once– we usually have a breather between events.