UPDATE: all honor to Drak for bringing this to my attention — I have been advised by a fan (with Baen, as always, the individualists failed to organize!  It’s very relevant for this book, actually…) that A Few Good Men earc is out.  For those not familiar with Baen system this is an uncorrected advanced reading copy, for those who cannot wait.  (It’s basically the manuscript I turned in.)  A Few Good Men e-arc.

This is DETHPICABLE (imagine Sylvester the cat saying this) of me, but I’m taking today off.  Yes, I know.  I’m supposed to do chapters…  but it’s overcast outside, the guys are on vacation, and I have a warm husband reading in bed beside me.  I promised older son (low carb) waffles for lunch, which might seem odd to those who aren’t low carb and can have waffles when they wish, but really isn’t.

I’m not taking the day entirely off — as such — since later I’ll put up short stories, so hopefully I’ll have them free at one a week for the next two weeks.  And yes, I’m going to make some collections, and yes…  but later.  The thing with the blog is that I feel I must do it early morning or I failed, and today I failed because early morning didn’t happen.

Perhaps, though, judging from the positive effect of a few hours of rest last week, a day of mostly rest today will pay dividends.

And I’m not blowing off Witchfinder, I’m just er… gathering forces for the finale.

Okay.  Back to warm bed with pile of cats and husband.

31 responses to “Dethpicable

  1. Enjoy! Rest, regroup. 🙂

  2. A good day for love and family. And even authors need a day off…maybe not Riungo when his muse is using the spurs. Enjoy

  3. I retyped Ringo 3 times and still got it wrong! fingers not working today

  4. Oh, no! The free ice cream that you give us every other day won’t be available today! However shall we survive?

    If the daily routine helps you (I’m sure it does), great! But you don’t have to apologize to us for an occasional break. To yourself, maybe, but not to us.

  5. Heh. Your Thursday Dream post is over 300 comments and showing no sign of stopping. Obviously good for more than a single day’s Blogging Credit.

    And don’t forget the ploy of bringing back old posts, to see how people’s opinions have changed. To see how your own have changed. Or, of course, how prophetically right or wrong you were.

    • Wayne Blackburn

      Oh, now that’s a good idea, bringing back older posts. Only problem I foresee in that is that I’ll bet Sarah wouldn’t be able to repost them without rewriting them.

  6. Same here.

  7. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    I interrupt this discussion to say “A Few Good Men – eARC” is available!!!!!!

  8. I have a confession to make. I frequently go back to bed after delivering Timmy to his school, and don’t actually get up and start my day until sometime between 9 AM and 10:30 AM (I’m also guilty of taking an afternoon nap now and then). That extra bit of sleep (and the pain meds I take when I get up at 6:45 to get Timmy off to school) is frequently the difference between having a good day or a bad one. I can’t begrudge anyone else from wanting to take some time off! Enjoy yourself!

  9. My apologies for unsolicited horn blowing, but my story collection “A Cat Among Dragons” is now up on Amazon and Kobo.

    Sarah, feel free to delete this if it’s inappropriate and I’ll wait until you make an official call for new titles. I’m just having trouble containing my excitement. 🙂

  10. Congratulations, TXRed!

  11. I certainly can’t begrudge you spending time with your husband. I don’t get to see mine enough while working crazy hours – enjoy the day off!

  12. For some reason I have had a foggy brain the last three days. Today I felt better, but I also spent time with the hubby– So have fun and don’t mind us as we write graffiti on the walls. 😉

  13. Cats and hubbies and bed and later waffles… not seeing a bad idea there. xD And yay for eARC! As much as I love the other Darkship stories (and I really, really love them), I think AFGM is my favorite of them. But, hey, shades of Monte Cristo. I would.

  14. A day or two off can do wonders for a blogger, if only to avoid a bigger burn-out that makes you ditch the blog entirely. Take all the mornings off you need!