And the entire interview is up

As opposed to the teaser!

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  1. Did you really dream a horrible cover for Draw One In The Dark? How perfect.

    Started Darkship Thieves this morning – great opening. (It was that or Sword & Blood.)

    • I really did dream a horrible cover for DOITD.

      Yeah, hold off on Sword and Blood. I’m two days from finishing the second, and then it enters editing process (I’ve been two days since June when it got cancelled and I decided it would eventually come in indie. It’s probably a week now, as I need to read back up to it.) So, I’m hoping we can bring it out early next year, but that would make it easier. Part of me wants to wait and do the third, since it’s actually one VERY long book. Rights revert to me in 2014 and it might be best to publish it as an omnibus for 9.99 or something.

  2. I read Darkship Thieves to keep my mind off of being ill– and it was perfect escape. 😉 I told my hubby that he should read it. Now I need to get Darkship Renegades.

  3. Nice interview. 🙂

  4. “I want to see the movie for this, just to see the cigarette smoking squirrel.”
    Oh yes, indeed.

  5. Interestingly enough, Amazon delivered Darkship Thieves to me today. I started on a series last night, so I’ll likely finish those first, then read Angel in Flight (if I recall the title correctly) and then DT. By that time DR should have arrived too. Shouldn’t be more than a few days, seeing as I’m still weak from The Sickness. Last night I read two and a half books from the series I mentioned. So I might actually be finished with DT before DR arrives. ._.

  6. I just collected the December Baen bundle. As soon as I finish reading Mike Weatherford’s Kings’ Cross, I’ll be reading Darkship Thieves. 😀

  7. Robin Roberts

    The squirrel ought to be rolling his own cigarettes for the full image.

  8. If more of the world had access to bacon at 10 p.m, we’d have fewer problems.