Being A Hobbit

Honestly, I thought I was taller than that…

I’m consoling myself today with the idea that by 50 Kit Marlowe had been dead for twenty one years and Shakespeare only had eight more years to live.  Then again, considering what those two accomplished, perhaps this is not a consolation.

On yet the third hand, I have yet to see convincing evidence either of them had cats, and you know how much trouble and work those cats take…

Anyway, I’m offsky (Pratchett reference) to spend the time with da Hoyt Boys (husband included.)

But because I lurv you guys and want you amused while I’m having fun, here are freebies, today only, (though I’ll be taking them free again in rotation, in the fullness of time, for another 4 days each… eventually.)

Yellow Tide Foam

An Answer From The North

Super Lamb Banana


and, of course, Sacrifice is still free.

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  1. Super.. Lamb… Banana? (VERY confused look)

    Well, I guess I’ll find out. Kindle Cloud Reader, here I come!

  2. Excellent! Thanks for the freebies Sarah! I shared them on Facebook and tweeted them, so all my friends will be able to get their hands on them.

  3. Oh and happy birthday too! “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” -Abraham Lincoln

  4. Birthday wishes, greeting and formal wishes for many more and much happier.

    Events of lesser interest on this date include:
    1307 – William Tell shoots an apple off his son’s head.
    1865 – Mark Twain’s short story The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County is published in the New York Saturday Press.
    1926 – George Bernard Shaw refuses to accept the money for his Nobel Prize, saying, “I can forgive Alfred Nobel for inventing dynamite, but only a fiend in human form could have invented the Nobel Prize”.
    1944 – The Popular Socialist Youth is founded in Cuba
    1963 – The first push-button telephone goes into service.

    Shared birthdays:
    1836 – Sir W. S. Gilbert, British dramatist (d. 1911)
    1901 – George Gallup, American statistician and pollster (d. 1984)
    1909 – Johnny Mercer, American lyricist (d. 1976)
    1946 – Alan Dean Foster, American writer
    1953 – Alan Moore, British comic book writer and novelist
    1961 – Steven Moffat, Scottish television writer and producer

  5. happy birthday, ma’am!

  6. Thanks for the freebies– and I read Sacrifice last night– it was very interesting–

  7. I told Sissy it was birthday for nice lady who brought annoying big boy Thursday and she said, “Miaouwwwww!” (And bit my index finger.)

  8. We get gifts on your birthday? Joy! Happy Birthday Sarah and thanks.

  9. Happy Birthday, Sarah.
    I missed most of yesterday in some kind of zombie sleep-a-thon, but I’m glad I’m awake enough to attend the birthday party!

  10. Thanks for the stories and happy birthday! Is this the big five-oh for you?

  11. Your birthday? Your fiftieth? Congratulations and welcome to the club. This is when you get your second wind in the race of life 😉 It’s surprisingly invigorating.

  12. This may seem a little odd, but I have instituted, almost without noticing it myself, a new policy: when a blogger I read promotes a free book, I automatically get it on the principle that at that point they are asking for my help in making the book popular in the ratings, and I definitely like the BLOGGER I follow (genre not even considered if they write well), so my $0 purchase is a thank you the the blog and blogger.

    The next point happens when I need something to read: I turn first to the freebies from my favorite bloggers.

    IF I don’t like the book, I am still glad to have helped the blogger with statistics on, say, Amazon. Fair return for interesting posts. I do NOT leave low ratings anywhere – twas free, wasn’t it, and with no obligation? – that wouldn’t be fair. If atrocious (once or twice I’ve considered this), I may stop reading the blogger, but I find, in general, that very intelligent people (most bloggers I read) have, in fact, very different tastes – but that I still enjoy hearing from them.

    IF I LIKE the book, especially an independent or self-published one, my system requires that I attach cash and a thank you, somehow, to the experience – after all, I want that author to write more. Often the easiest way is simply that, hitting the Donate button on their website, typing Thank you and the name(s) of the ebook(s) into the Paypal box, and contributing what the author would have gotten in royalties from a regular (Amazon) sale.

    IF I LOVE the book, I will become one of the True Fans: I will look for everything else the author ever wrote, and read as much of it as I can find. Even when some of it is not in the same category (define as you please): that author is on the ‘good guys list’ and will have to commit ax murder to get off.

    I’m just curious if anyone else does some version of this.

    • ABE– I am trying to help indie writers as much as possible. The ones I can’t read because I just don’t like it– I might buy a book once and then not again. Others that are not fabulous, but are readable and enjoyable– I will read again. My favorites of course are the ones I can’t put down. I try and figure out what it is about the books that pull me in–

    • Thank you. Actually the best payment if you like one or more of the stories, the best payment is to leave me a review on Amazon.

  13. Congratulations and felicitations on surviving yet another circuit on this terrestrial ball. May the next year bring peace, prosperity, and the discovery of a way to turn shed cat fur into gold (or gasoline).

  14. Many many happy returns, and thank you for the presents. I shall enjoy them.

  15. Another Old Navy Chief

    Happy b-day Sarah. Thanks for the free stuff.

  16. Happy birthday!I hope you enjoy the heck out of it, and the year to come!

  17. Happy Birthday! Thank you for the presents! I shall try to leave reviews after I’ve read them. (I say “try” only because of Amazon deleting reviews. I’m leery.)

    • Why do they delete reviews?

      • There is a new Amazon policy that authors are in competition with each other so they cannot make reviews for each other. It came out last week. Bunch of bullhookie– since we are all readers too

        • Oh. Well, since I have a press account and my account, I don’t think it will affect me.

        • I don’t s’pose Amazon has noticed that books often feature blurbs from other prominently on the cover/jacket and the first few pages?

          Think they — purely in the interest of consistency — ought excise offending pages and tape over cover/jacket blurbs?

          N.B. – this may be a corporate response to the recent revelations of writers posting sock puppet reviews, but if so it is an almighty stupid response (increasing the likelihood of it being a corporate decision.)

        • Anyone would like a blurb from me on their cover or inside the book, please let me know ;-)… plus if you’d like to do a blurb for the inside of my short stories and/or novels– just let me know–

  18. I found out that Amazon deletes reviews from authors to another author– So far they haven’t deleted my old reviews– but I am leery too.

  19. Happy Birthday, and thanks for the presents.

    • Tsk, where are my manners (RES haz manners??? Who Knew!) I’ve downloaded the short stories.

      Thanks for the presence.

  20. Many happy return of the day.

  21. I met you in a dream last night Sarah– you looked pretty much like your picture except for some white in your hair.

  22. While our hostess is recovering from her birthday, I’d like to put forth a minor bleg. I’ve finished the novel I was writing about the Mastodon party, and I need a cover for it. I know exactly what I want – a star field against a black backdrop. If anyone knows of one, or has one, I’d appreciate it. BTW, all the commenters on that post (ConSensual) will receive a free copy. Let me know what format you prefer.

  23. Happy belated birthday. Came for the politics (I started reading your post from the 9th(?), backtracked to the 5th, working forward again), stayed for everything else. Just finished ‘Ganymede’ (thank you!)– you have a new fan. 🙂