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For those who don’t know and under “Membership hath privileges,” those who regularly comment here get to promote their own stuff … should be once a week, but it’s actually once when I remember it, because now the days just blur between novels.

I haven’t read my readers’ books and I make no warranty of their quality, I’m just passing along what they tell me.

So, here is what they posted in comments:

From Leah Cutter: 

I just put out a collection of short stories, “The Shredded Veil Mysteries.”

December 21st, 2012 hadn’t been the end of the world, but the Great Unraveling.

The veils between the Seen and Unseen worlds had shredded.

The living had suddenly learned they weren’t alone.

Andy had seen it all, done it all, as a detective working Vice when he’d be alive. Now, as a ghost, he works as a private investigator.

Come explore the mysteries of Heaven and Hell, of cameras with souls, and thieves with hearts.

Includes the short stories “Hell By Any Other Name,” “To Hell And Back,” “Hell For The Holidays,” “High Stakes Hell,” and “Postcards From Hell.”

It’s available all the usual places, but I’ll just include the Amazon link.

From Cedar Sanderson:

I have a novella on Amazon. A SF story of first contact, but not your usual encounter with aliens. How human is a genetic replica? How much emotion should a planetary scout allow themselves towards the unknown and unknowable? I love to read first contact stories, and drew elements from a favorite Art Noveau illustration as well.

From Pam Uphoff:

A collection of three novellas.
Free through Monday!
Then I’m going to bump the price up, as per Dean Wesley Smith’s advice.

From Gina Marie Wylie:

My book “Hannah Sawyer” is available now on Amazon in Kindle format, hard copy will follow next week. It is the third book in the Kinsella Universe. No, I can’t write a book every month, I have a backlog of stuff I’ve posted online. Hannah Sawyer is a diffident young woman who is caught up in a unimaginable war, a war that requires the best efforts of everyone if humanity has any chance at all of surviving. She learns bitter lessons about what bravery is, what duty is, and above all, who she is.

From Mike Weatherford:

I’m still working on my novel about the Mastodon party. I have posted the Prologue and a few other things to my website, Old Patriot’s Pen, for all to get a taste.

From Jonah Hewitt:

The Sequel to my first novel, Limbo’s Child, is coming out around Christmas (with any luck) but the first one is available on Kindle now! It’s getting great reviews. There’s a sample chapter of the next book in the current one.

From Alistair Young:

t’s not quitean indie work in the publication sense yet, but I’m currently writing one-a-day or thereabouts nanofics set in my SF universe, the Associated Worlds. Some story, lots of metafiction and vignette-type work. And while I’m currently posting them to my blog:

…I do plan to collect them, the rest of this year’s. and some longer pieces into an actual e-book (and possible physical book) sometime around the start of next year. If that would qualify, I would surely appreciate a pointer!

From Stephanie Osborn:

Chromosphere Press just released my SF short story, “The More Things Change.” It’s available on Kindle and Nook.

November 6, Travis Taylor and I will have a nonfiction book coming out from Baen titled, “A New American Space Plan.”

November 15, Book 4 of my Displaced Detective series, “The Case of the Cosmological Killer: Endings and Beginnings” will be released.

Both the latter 2 works will be in print and ebook.

From Bill Swears:

My apocalyptic science fiction/urban fantasy/ horror story with hope, Zook Country, will be published by Twilight Times Books in trade paperback on December 15th. It’s already available as an e-book here and can be liked here:

From Mackey Chandler:

“Down to Earth” the sequel to “April” will be free to download for Amazon Kindle all day Monday the 8th. April is a young resident of an orbital habitat who eagerly got involved in a rebellion and war of independence. “Down to Earth” continues her adventures after the war trying to keep what they have won. The third book in the series, “The Middle of Nowhere” will be ready later this year.

My site is:

From Nas Hedron:

My SF novel “Luck and Death at the Edge of the World” and my novelette “The Virgin Birth of Sharks” both came out this year (May and July). All my books are available through my Amazon author page( and through Kobo and WHSmith through the links on my home page ( Both books have an extensive “Facts in the Fiction” section after the story itself that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the factual background to elements in the fiction. Finally, both books also have brand new companion web pages where prospective readers can find samples from the book and existing readers can find bonus content ( and Great blog by the way! Nas Hedron.

From Cyn Bagley:

My last collection of short stories is called Ghostly Glimmers II.
Amazon kindle

I am putting my novel Perchance to Dream on my blogspot – it is a character-driven supernatural horror story about two women and one man affected by a church run by demons.

Once I have finished Perchance to Dream, I will do an edit and then put it up in 2013 on Amazon and Smashwords. I am working on Hilda’s Inn for Retired Heroes. This one is a fantasy epic. Plus I will be putting together the second novel on EJ Hunter’s world.

In the background, I am writing another paranormal romance (my way–not harlequin’s way) between a woman and a motorcycle mechanic werewolf. Plus the hubby and I went to Goldfield for some material for a book I started writing and quit writing a decade ago. It’s a desert story about two different generations of Nevadans. It will end up having supernatural components. ;-)

So that is what I am doing– I hope I have enough time to finish it all. I have more in the works.

From Sandra Ulbrich Almazan:

I have a SF novella called “Lyon’s Legacy,” which is about a scientist’s attempts to sabotage the cloning of her ancestor, a TwenCen rock star. It’s available on Amazon B&N and Smashwords. You can find links to the paper and audio versions on my Amazon page

From Sabrina Chase:

The print versions of all three books of my SF Trilogy are now available on Amazon and directly through CreateSpace — The Long Way Home (book 1)  , Raven’s Children (book2) and Queen of Chaos (book 3)

From Kiti Lappi:

Five short stories on Amazon Kindle  Night Work, After the Night Descends, Dealing With Elves,  Raven’s Night, The Task

have used a couple of the free promo days, will use the rest but right now I’m undecided as to when. Three are vampire stories, one urban fantasy and one a more traditional one.

And maybe I should add this since some of you might find some use for it, at least anybody who might be looking either for something to use for cheap/free fantasy style cover pictures, or as references for drawing or painting: I’ve spend the last two days trying to figure out how to use the WordPress free blog option. I’m not going to start actual blogging, too lazy, but that seemed to be the easiest way for me to put up some pictures somewhere. So, mostly photographs for now, some I have played with a bit with the rather crappy editing programs I have. Most of them are of friends of mine running around the nearby castle ruins dressed in a cloak and/or tunic and waving a sword or a staff (I do have a couple of friends who are crazy enough that they actually seemed to enjoy doing that even if there were other sightseers there both times – just one person in every picture, both women, by the way, I went with one friend in the spring and with another last week :) ). I mainly plan to use them, myself, as reference photos, but since I didn’t have anything ready when I finally got the nerve to put up those shorts I ended up using a few for (temporary, hopefully) covers.

If you find anything you like feel free to use it.

One reason I wanted those pictures originally was that I couldn’t find that many good photos of how a full cloak acts in a wind. So, the cloak used is a full circle one, and both days were somewhat windy. :) But even if the original purpose was fulfilled I liked those photo sessions well enough that I will probably do this a few more times, whenever my models have the time.

Uh, how do you make links here? The address where you find the photos is There isn’t much now, but I will be putting up a lot in the next weeks and months.

And yes, I do have permission for this from the models.

From Edward Willet:

This week I republished myself two previously published humorous science fiction short stories. “Strange Harvest” originally appeared in Western People (supplement to an agricultural newspaper!), was reprinted in OnSpec, and had national airing on CBC as part of a series hosted by Nalo Hopkinson. It’s about a small-town reporter who’s trying to figure out where the rash of exploding tomatoes and incendiary radishes is coming from. “Waterlilies,” originally published in Space and Time, is a nanotech apocalypse comedy satirizing modern art…if you like that sort of thing. They’re on Kindle  and Smashwords (, My YA dystopian novel The Chosen and my YA ghost story The Haunted Horn have now also made it to Smashwords.from Kindle Select. The Chosen is at and The Haunted Horn at

From Jeffro:

I am an amateur writer that mostly focuses on vintage games. My best work that has gotten the least exposure is probably the interviews I’ve done. I have thought about doing these on some other topics– first hand accounts of men that have served in Afghanistan for instance– but the right opportunity has yet to turn up. (If I meet someone that has a story that needs to be told… I try to do what I can to get it out and edit it down into something accessible and readable.)

Here are my interviews:

Ramona Richards, professional writer:

George Dew, game designer:

Ken Schultz, witness of a significant moment in game design history:

From Eugene Woodbury:

The Gentleman and the Rake is an unconventional look at two landmark works of English literature. First, a lighthearted take on the critical events in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice from the perspective of Fitzwilliam Darcy. Then Mr. B, the redeemed rake of Samuel Richardson’s scandalous Pamela, is summoned to court to tell his version of the story.

And coming later this month, Fox & Wolf, a contemporary fantasy about a werewolf and a kitsune (Japanese werefox).

From D. Jason Fleming:

Sometimes the course of your life is set out clearly. Sometimes it’s altered by the music you chance to hear in the dead of night when you can’t sleep. And other times, it’s even less predictible than that.

What wouldn’t you do, “For the fragile Muses…“?

(It’s a short story I dashed off because I had to. Currently the only thing I’ve got out, but that’s going to change in the next month or two.)


Dance Shadow Dance and other stories

(If not available it’s in the middle of getting its cover changed.  Try again another day.  This was one of the early covers for the publisher, and we didn’t QUITE have the hang of it.)

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  1. Ma’am, this is awesome. You’ve certainly taken “Pay it forward” to heart. God bless you for that!

  2. Agg! Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude by not commenting. I noticed this a work, and chipped in my collection, a time-travel apocalypse piece, a fantasy set on the trails in Viet Nam, and a werewolf-espionage thriller included.

  3. Any good sites you might recommend on starting writing? I tell my kids a lot of stories and such and wouldn’t mind putting pen to paper for fun to see if others enjoy them (I doubt I could make money and have no desire to be a full time writer anyway) but don’t really have any idea where to start. If there is some good easy advice I’d love to read it.

    Basically my kids love adventure stories and movies and I got sick of kid books being about sharing and whatever. So it’s just a story about Brave Sir and Princess who save whomever is in peril that bedtime from whatever creature in my D&D Monster Manual they select as bad guy of the night. Extremely simple stuff but they seem to enjoy it and I’ve always wanted to try writing.

  4. Thanks, Sarah – I almost commented on that thread, but since I didn’t have anything in the works for the next month or so, I deleted it. But in November – hold onto your socks, because I should have the German translation of Adelsverein-The Gathering all ready to grab those Karl May fans! Hurrah for the international reach of indy-writers!

      1. Karl May – the German version of Zane Grey … still hugely popular in Germany. I dunno, I might clean up from some Karl Marx fans, too. You never know. 😉

        1. Ohhh, I’m going to have to note that down, my Dad is a huge Zane Grey fan, well of the writer and the books, I’ll have to ask him if he’s heard of this stuff.

          1. I knew I remembered this article, but didn’t realize how much time had passed: Cowboys und Indians
            Karl May’s Teutonic American West
            DEC 25, 2000, VOL. 6, NO. 15 • BY BEN NOVAK

            Interesting other things came up when I [SearchEngine]d Karl May, but I leave that as an exercise for you.

  5. I’ve been reading for years, but haven’t commented much. Given that I hope to have my own novel out in several months, perhaps I should step up the feedback so I qualify.

    Random feedback: love the childhood in Portugal stories, love the warnings against (more) socialism, love the tidbits from the world of writing (I especially liked the recent “where are they now?” topic).

    So, you see why I don’t comment that much – I don’t disagree with what I see here!

    Ah, here’s one bit you might find interesting: on Larry Correia’s recent book tour I ended up sitting next to him at dinner after the signing and I mentioned something in your blog to him, and he sang your praises for five minutes. So, you’ve got a loyal friend there!

    1. We’ve gone back through the names of our ancestry and we’re probably cousins many times removed. Besides, how many Portuguese families can carry the over-six-feet and built like a brick you know what gene?

  6. Two little things.

    First, and more importantly, poor Charles E. Quinn doesn’t get the same bold heading the rest of us do. 😦

    Second, in my name, the D. comes first, and there is but one M. 🙂

    1. Oh, pfui. Charles doesn’t get bold because I’ll have to link him again next time, because his book has to be fixed (And it’s on my schedule.) As for you. PFUI. Sinners in the hands of a dyslexic author.

      1. On a serious note, thanks for telling me. It was REALLY LATE for me when I did this — I’d had a touch of stomach flu (again) and was VERY tired — and I still had publishing work to do. Sorry things slipped.

        1. I meant no rebuke, simply called the needed corrections to your attention. Mistakes happen, no big deal.

          Not till it happens to me the third time, more than anybody else, that is. Then I might start taking it personal-like. 😉

  7. Hey Sarah,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your contributions on the Instapundit site and just recently started checking out your own blog. I’ll try to transition myself from a mere “reader” to a “contributor” in the hopes that my book will merit inclusion here.

    THE DIRTY SECRET is a pretty timely political thriller as the plot revolves around a conspiracy to change the results of the closest presidential election in American history where the Electoral College breakdown is 271-269, pending a recount in West Virginia. One reader described it as “mostly a political thriller with elements of romance and a slight comedic undertone.” Here’s a link to the book’s video trailer:

    And here is a link to the book’s Amazon page:

    Thanks for all your hard work and your consideration!

    Brent Wolfingbarger

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