A Remarkable Lack of Words

Just today, and just for this blog.  There’s something else I must do which is of the utmost importance but which, being political, will not be published here.  There is also a manuscript to revise and Noah’s Boy to try to finish before the trip to Texas next week.

I doubt it will be finished mostly because this week has been a mess.  We’ve been under various deadlines, all of us, and there’s only so much energy in the Sarah to deal with everything.

So today I’m going to finish my tea, write what absolutely MUST be written and THEN go over fixing Noah’s Boy.

Later I will publish what you are all publishing, etc — if you haven’t told me about it yet, tell me in the comments to this.

There is also an announcement  Liberty Island has asked me to make and a few other such things.  However, that will be later.

And of course I’ll be back tomorrow morning, bright and early.

16 thoughts on “A Remarkable Lack of Words

  1. You’re making a trip to Texas? Hey, if you’re coming anywhere near to San Antonio, give me a call and I’ll give you a tour of the Alamo! (and certain other San Antonio sights.)

  2. Take a Sabbath if you need to. Your faithful blog readers/ popcorn tossers/ kvetchers will still be around.

    1. As someone who sticks at the pink bits, too (and a er… minor theological disagreement. Okay, major) I sometimes wonder if the Sabbath isn’t a good idea in general.

      1. A day of rest can be a wonderful thing. As much as I grit my teeth at imposed lack-of-labor (“but I need to/ ought to/ it’ll only take a little while”), having an occasional day when you don’t do anything but rest and think about the goodness of life is healthy for the mind, body, and spirit, no matter what one believes or does not believe.

  3. Having read your political piece, I’ll respond here since my response has more to do with literature and SF than politics.

    First, wow — I had no idea so many people were freaking out. Seems not enough people are reading and internalizing Kipling’s If these days…

    Second, the old “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters seem appropriate… though I prefer the Dr. Who version at http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e9f4/ myself. 🙂

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