Shameless Pimping Of Words

First self pimping — hey, it’s my blog — the Earc of Darkship Renegades is up.

Then, from Edward Willet: here are the two YA novels I’ve just released. If you think they’re worth a mention, great! And if not, that’s OK, too.

The Chosen is out in Kindle (and paperback through CreateSpace) at Here’s the blurb:

In a ruined future, two teenagers, one a girl from a religious cult determined to stop the rebuilding of a technological society whose destruction they believe was punishment from God, one a boy from a group just as determined to rebuild the old high-tech world, must overcome their differences to work together to stop the first war of the new age–a war that might destroy both their peoples.

The Haunted Horn is currently only in Kindle format, at The blurb:

Alex Mitchell doesn’t have the slightest interest in the auction his mother drags him to after a disastrous day at junior high. Antiques are her interest, not his—yet somehow, when they head home, he’s the one clutching a Civil War bugle. When Alex blows the horn, he sets in motion a train of events that will destroy his home town of Oak Bluff, Arkansas…unless he can figure out the secret of the haunted horn in time, and, with the help of his new friend Annie Parker, evade the gang of bullies out to get him, her, and the haunted horn.

Edward Willett
My latest adult novel: Magebane (written as Lee Arthur Chane, DAW Books); “Spectacular” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)
Shortlisted for the Regina Book Award, 2011 Saskatchewan Book Awards

From Travis Leteer:

Texarkana Ranger, Travis Letteer

He also promotes Sabrina Chase:  I’ll go ahead and throw in a plug here for Sabrina Chase’s work. For those of you who like Elizabeth Moon or David Weber’s Honor Harrington series; I highly recommend Sabrina’s Sequoyah books. (linked in the post above)

And Update from Ms. Chase herself:  For those wary of incomplete series I am happy to announce the final book of the Sequoyah trilogy is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

And from Deb Kinnard:

My next book, PEACEWEAVER, a romance set in 973 Wales (a setting that would never, never sell, according to my ex-agent) releases in print and e- on 9/21.

And from Pat Chiles, whose book he was so kind as to send me and which I will read and review just as soon as life stops hitting me with the  crisis stick:

Ooh! Ooh! My turn!
Sarah already knows this ‘un, but if anyone else has a hankering for a technothriller about spaceflight set in the very near future, check out PERIGEE:


And from Larry Atchley

stories published recently and upcoming I have the following:
“Ragnarok & Roll” in the shared world anthology Rogues in Hell, of the Heroes in Hell series created by Janet Morris was recently published in July this year. Available from Amazon for Kindle EBook and trade paperback:
To be published sometime around Halloween, October 2012 will be my story “The Shadow of a Doubt” in the horror anthology What Scares the Boogeyman, created by John Manning.
And to be published sometime in late Fall/Winter 2012 is my story “Time for a Change” in the shared world anthology Sha’Daa Pawns, created by Michael H. Hanson and edited by Ed McKeown. The website for the Sha’Daa series:
Also scheduled to publish in Winter 2012 my poem “The Shadow People” will be included in the poetry collection, A Book of Night, created and complied by Richard Groller. This collection will include poems written by both contemporary and classical poets and will feature original artwork by contemporary artisits within the book to accompany some of the verses.
I was recently inducted into the writers club The Fictioneers. Here is their website:
Pimp your own upcoming works on the comments to this post, and they shall go up next weekend, whenever I bestir myself out of the WIP.

12 thoughts on “Shameless Pimping Of Words

  1. Just a reminder to all: I’ll be removing all the “Greenfields” chapters sometime tomorrow, so if you want to read it, get it now! I should have it ready for Kindle and Nook by mid-month. I still need to find a cover, and do some more editing.

    Also, if there’s anyone interested in beta-reading the new book (the one triggered by the mammoth cookout), let me know.

    Thanks, Sarah! You’re the greatest. My daughter just bought two of your books for me for my birthday yesterday. I just have to wait until either FedUP or UUUPS delivers them.

    1. Well, I’ve promised Toni Through Fire, from Zen’s perspective, more properly a sequel to AFGM, in the next couple of months, so it can come out, hopefully, end of 13. After that it’s Darkship (probably Intrusion) and it will get done, I’m guessing, sometime early next year. If you can get my kids to pick up more of the house work and such, it might get done earlier.

  2. I want to thank you for letting me know about the eARC of Darkship Renegades. I also hate you (at least until _A Few Good Men_ comes out) due to lack of sleep before starting an extra long workday caused by the necessity of finishing said eARC.
    I also have a speculation about the end of Darkship renegades, but don’t want to risk giving the ending away, so will come back when I can phrase the question without causing spoilers.

      1. Oh, good, I love guessing right, and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for those who haven’t got there or haven’t guessed. Now I almost wish AFGM wasn’t next in line, I want to hear what Kit says about this new development. (Only almost)

        1. Well… there’s a bunch of juvenile mules piloting the Je Reviens. And I have clue zero WHY they came to Earth or what in heck is happening. They’re the “children” of the ones who got away, something is horribly wrong, only the kids are all teens and act like it, and Kit is NOT AMUSED. Neither is Thena,mind.

          Right now I have Zen in my head, at the start of Through Blood — and I don’t so much mind having her, I mind that she starts her narration with “I am a bitch.” :/

  3. Evil people!
    I can’t help myself — bought Darkship Renegades and Perigee right away and put others on my to-read list.
    Now, gotta generate reading time … Need. More. Heartbeats.

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