My Commenters Do Stuff

Because they’re an active bunch of little bees.  Besides being amusing in the comments, I mean.

This is what I got this week.  If any of you had anything new come out in the last month (since I only started this a week ago) let me know in the comments, and I’ll put it up.  For some reason my email is being refractory, so if you sent me stuff and I didn’t answer, I probably didn’t get it.  But I’ll update the post.

Also because I get (mumblety) zillion emails a day if you send me something you want to appear here on Saturday morning, send it with the subject “Commenter book” (even if it’s an appearance.)  That way I can do a search.

There will be a post — after eliptical, breakfast and possibly shower.  Until then there’s this in the order it got to me.


Hi,Sarah – here are the discount codes for my books on Smashwords. The coupon code is good until August 25th!
Adelsverein: Book 1-The Gathering  25% Off Coupon Code FX65V
Adelsverein: Book 2-The Sowing  25% Off  Coupon Code RZ73G
Adelsverein: Book 3- The Harvesting – 25% Off Coupon Code RC56A
Daughter of Texas 20% Off Coupon Code AQ44Z
Deep in the Heart 20% Off  Coupon Code KF75U
To Truckee’s Trail  20% Off   Coupon Code MN89H


I got this from Mike Weatherford

I’ve been posting chapters of my new novel, “Greenfields”, on my website, similar to what you’re doing with “Witchfinder”, except the book’s already written.  So far, I’m not getting any comments.  I don’t have any “alpha” or “beta” readers, and I do know I need some help from time to time.  Can you help?  My website is “Old Patriot’s Pen” (, and there are some outright political things there from time to time.

And yesterday he updated: All of “Greenfields” is now posted to my weblog, “Old Patriot’s Pen” (

Steve Poling says his anthology is human wave and says:

I apologize for not thinking to ask you earlier for the honor of a
mention of /Finding Time/, available at Amazon here

(I’m not sure why he is apologizing.  The mind-blank writer should have offered to do this before.)

Celia Hayes left this in the comments last week (I never got the email.)  That means, if you need to be told, that the event is THIS weekend.

… this weekend, I am going up to Comfort, Texas, to participate in the 150th anniversary observations of the Nueces Fight, at the ‘True to the Union’ monument, where the dead were eventually buried, three years later. I’ll be working up discount coupons through Smashwords for all of my books, which will be good for about a week or so.

Ok, end of personal plug. Back to the usual… But for an explaination of the Nueces Fight – here is Part 1:
And part 2:
Not all the tragedies of our Civil War took place east of the Mississippi.
Sabrina Chase adds: The second book in my *totally* human wave SF trilogy, Raven’s Children, came out last month. And my very first print version of my fantasy The Last Mage Guardian just went live this week. Linkages:

Cyn Bagley:

AWK – On my blog I am putting up chapters of Perchance to Dream, which is the novel I am working on this year.

My 10,000 word story Billy the Kid is a paranormal romance which I put up on which I put up this month.

Oh yea, a review on Prime Target on my blog. ;-)

I love human wave…

[and because of that, we’ll forgive her misspelling “hawk” — runs.]

From Stryder Barlow

Ok, from Saturday the 11th of August until Monday the 13th, my short story is FREE on Kindle, if you don’t own a kindle, Amazon lets you download the Kindle software for your PC or Mac, to read Kindle books on too.

(This really nice lady named Sarah Hoyt put together my cover for me, she’s the best!)

Survival is about two little girls who grow up together, one dreams of reaching for the stars, the other of travelling among them. (This story, was inspired by hearing the lyrics ‘so you’re back, from outer space.’)

[Note from SH — and yes, I’ll help people with covers, provided you hit me when I have time or am trying to avoid writing.  Actually I HATE bad covers, even though mine aren’t the BEST, and I try to help people with them if I have a chance.]

49 thoughts on “My Commenters Do Stuff

  1. Active… pshaw. My bowels are active, but that’s about it. Oh, and occasionally my brain, too. It’s August in Texas, i.e. TOO DAMN HOT to be active. Getting into the pool does not cool one off — the water temp is about 80, which means one doesn’t get cool, merely wet. It’s only at times like this when I miss living in Chicago, although my spies up there tell me it’s been hot there too. I blame Al Gore.

    1. Thank you Celia for mentioning this. I will have to drop a hint to The Spouse that my collection of Civil War books might be expanded. 🙂

    2. Harumph. Y’all might’ve made it clear that this is the secopnd book in a trilogy. I don’ care if it’s a stand alone read, you’re selling to somebody who, in order to read Twelve Caesars started with Livy’s history of the founding of the Republic, and who started with Charles Martel in order to grasp the The Terror. There is no better start for a book than In the Beginning …

      1. Ok, then, RES it IS the middle book of a Trilogy – and they ARE all free-standing, you can start anywayere.

        But … in the beginning. There are actually two books that are a prelude to the Trilogy … which was supposed to be a single book, but I got carried away, because there was just so much excellent and dramatic history there, and so many fascinating characters, and here I had gotten up to the end of my heroine’s first marriage at 275, and I still had the romance with her second husband to go AND the various entrancing shenanigans (diplomatic, military, social etc) of the Republic of Texas years and I couldn’t possibly finish it all off in the next 40 pages/2 chapters or so.

        I just got back from the event – a ceremony, followed by a community picnic and a symposium with a handful of local scholars and historical enthusiasts … very interesting if you are fascinated by local history.

        One of them was a very blunt and pugnacious fellow who has spelunked into various aspects of the Nueces Fight/Massacre, down to the sub-atomic level. He is currently at work on a magnum opus to debunk many of the current beliefs about the early German settlements … but he really got up people’s noses, and one of the other historians got up and began quietly and scientifically taking apart some of his suppositions. I honestly throught we had another Civil War about to break out there.

        And I recognized the first historian – the blunt and pugnacious one. He was the one who paused at my table, and as soon as I explained that they were historical fiction, he walked on with an expression of disgust before I could say another word. Of course, my next words would have been an observation that likely more people had read and learned about the history of early Texas and the Mainzer Adelsverein from my books than would ever read his.

        If you want to get mine in order, I have them on Smashwords with a discount coupon – I’ll post the coupon numbers for each book tomorrow when I am not so tired.

        1. Celia — and everyone — if you have coupons or something or a book going free — this is something you tell me, also. Again sahoyt – at – hotmail – dot – com title Commenter Book so I can search it. I’ll put it up Saturdays.

          EVENTUALLY we’ll have a Human Wave page, with blogs set to be echoed (We’ll probably have to have approval, but — ) and with a “promo page.”

          1. OK – will send tomorrow. There are six different codes, six different books – the code is good until August 25 on Smashwords. I sent an email to you first thing this AM abut the Comfort event – did you get that?

              1. Just sent it to you through hotmail, but for RES, I’ll post the codes here: This is for, of course.
                Adelsverein: Book 1-The Gathering 25% Off Coupon Code FX65V
                Adelsverein: Book 2-The Sowing 25% Off Coupon Code RZ73G
                Adelsverein: Book 3- The Harvesting – 25% Off Coupon Code RC56A

                Daughter of Texas 20% Off Coupon Code AQ44Z
                Deep in the Heart 20% Off Coupon Code KF75U
                To Truckee’s Trail 20% Off Coupon Code MN89H

                1. Dang – I went and ordered the Adelsverein trilogy on dead tree already — but thanks for the thought. Once those three have been read (by me or Beloved Spouse, if not both to varying degree) we will consider the other three – I trust the coupons are valid for a reasonable period?

    1. No, no, no. Flashes on images of our fair digital mistress in fishnets and leather? This is just too early in the morning.

      1. Well, a while back she DID say she had a cattle prod, a whip and a chair… 😉

        1. AND I am very fond of fishnet stockings… In fact, if I ever lose the sixty pounds before I’m seventy, I’ll waste all my earnings on interesting stockings.

        2. This one made me snort. One of my friends when I was in the Navy had a bullwhip hung on the wall over her bed. Made for interesting conversation. She liked interesting stockings too. 😉

          1. When I worked in Charlotte there was this guy who used to roam the mall dressed head to toe in leather and with a bullwhip at his waist. There was this gay gentleman who worked with me who was… well… he was a very nice guy and smart enough AT WORK but I’d already gathered that in anything non-work related he was EXCESSIVELY blond. Even California blond. (And this is a blondness of the mind and not intended to offend any readers with blond hair.) So when he had a date with this guy I thought “oooooookay” And was only mildly shocked (though extremely amused) when he was all shaken the next day because the date had NOT gone well — to my friend’s UTTER SHOCK — this guy liked to USE whips in sex and and… HOW could my work friend have known? Really? (I still giggle insanely when I think of this, and this will have to appear in the refinishing mysteries, with one of Ben’s friends.)

            1. My friend thought the whip was “Just a conversation piece”. I really don’t want to giggle thinking of this — he could be such a dork re: real world.

              1. Oh that is funny – be wary of persons who wander around in leather and whips… etched in my mind now. (takes care of the blondeness). My friend was not into using bullwhips. It did keep the riffraff out though. lol

              2. Sadly, not everyone who runs around with a whip is A) someone who works with livestock, B) someone who’s a fan of whip-based martial arts, or C) a big fan of Zorro, Zorro’s Black Whip, and/or Indiana Jones.

                I really enjoyed the marksmanship TV show that had a whip champion. It’s an interesting tool and weapon.

                1. In Jensen, Utah when I was a kid, the boys were taught to make and use bull whips. It was a necessary skill because it was ranch country and sometimes the bulls were not ringed (ring through the nose). Bulls can get really testosterone loaded so knowing how to use a whip was a safety skill. 😉

                  I was very displeased when I found out that I (at ten years old) was a girl and not allowed to learn this craft. Dang it.

                  1. BTW when I see all these young men and women ringed, I think of all sorts of ways I could use their jewelry to keep them under control. Gasp. Almost snorted my coffee over that one. (something wrong when I laugh at my own half-wit)

                    1. You just paraphrased my dad’s comments he makes whenever he sees someone with a ring in their nose. Also he used to walk up to men he seen with earrings and cocking his head look at their earring, then tell them, “You know, my sister has earrings just like that.” 😉

                2. It’s an interesting tool and weapon.

                  I decided that I wanted to learn how to use a whip when I was a very little child and my father read me Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Farmer Boy.

  2. Ok, from Saturday the 11th of August until Monday the 13th, my short story is FREE on Kindle, if you don’t own a kindle, Amazon lets you download the Kindle software for your PC or Mac, to read Kindle books on too.

    (This really nice lady named Sarah Hoyt put together my cover for me, she’s the best!)

    Survival is about two little girls who grow up together, one dreams of reaching for the stars, the other of travelling among them. (This story, was inspired by hearing the lyric’s ‘so you’re back, from outer space.’)

  3. Thanks, Sarah, for the plug. I’ll leave “Greenfields” up until the end of August. For those who remember the comments about the “great Mammoth Feast” here on Sarah’s blog several weeks ago, I’m up to chapter 6 in the book based on that series. It won’t be a funny as that was — I’m not very good at writing humor.

    1. Humor is DIFFICULT as h*ll. I think I was in my tenth book before I ventured “amusing” — when people say “Oh, but Pratchett, he’s just humor” it makes me want to scream and kill bunnies. It’s a FINE line and difficult.

      1. Absolutely – I am not good at writing humor in my books. When I want humor, I consult the hubby. He lightens my writing up… TG for beloved spouses.

  4. You do know, Sarah, that this is all your fault, don’t you? You ENCOURAGE us. Now you have to put up with our inanity. You are a blessing to us all, and I personally thank you. Among everything else, the counter-play between you and your commenters is usually worth a laugh or two, and I need all the laughs I can get!

  5. A week ago last Friday, I finally put my first novel out:

    Lord Talon’s Revenge:
    A Comedy of Greed, War, Hatred, Betrayal, and Other Desirable Things

    (Sample chapter included at link.)

    It’s an epic fantasy (not a goat-gagger, Mrs. Hoyt) and a satire, though not necessarily a satire on epic fantasy. I’ve labelled it as ‘Don Quixote tilts at The Princess Bride’.

    Jonathan Moeller(whose own fantasy novels are well worth checking out) describes it as ‘a mix of P. G. Wodehouse, Lord Dunsany, and G. K. Chesterton’. If that sounds appealing to you, do please take a look.

  6. Alas, I write under a pseudonym, and use my real name here. Asking for a flogging would sort of undermine the purpose of the operation. (Plus, I understand floggers change very high rates. Oh wait. Wrong flogging. Sorry.) But I really appreciate your doing this and shall go and investigate the books you have posted.

    Here’s an example of why I write under a pseudonym: I was channeling one of my characters yesterday and had the following exchange. I swear to Bog, I am not making this up:

    Really, Really Annoying Salesperson, Blocking My Path as I Try to Navigate Crowded Mall: “Let me ask you one question!”

    Me: “Let me ask you one question. Are you fond of your spleen?”

    At that point he backed up and the exchange terminated.

  7. I’ve been a long time reader of your site and your stories. I’ve met you in person, although the odds of your remembering a single meeting a decade or more ago is remote.

    I’ve been writing what I think is human wave fiction from before there was a human wave. I too have had health problems and those delayed my going indie for a year and a half, but I have two books out now Kinsella and Rescue Branch and four or five more to follow. The Amazon links to them are: Kinsella: and Rescue Branch: I also have a website where I, and a number of authors, have been posting stories since 2005. I don’t know if you want to include the link; as some of the stories contain erotica and the site does require registration. It is Some of the stories are professional grade and several of us publish on Amazon.

    Gina Marie Wylie

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