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I was supposed to do this yesterday, but in the excitement (shut up you) of cleaning the grease left all over the kitchen by the time the vent hood wasn’t working (no, it shouldn’t be that hard, but see, we don’t eat pre-prepared  (for one it’s expensive, when feeding an entire family) so cooking is a messy process and grease gets in every nook.  Yes, it’s almost done now, thank you) I completely forgot other considerations (also my name.)

So, I’ll do it now before the post for the day goes up.  Kim du Toit has asked me to announce the release of his book Prime Target.  Unlike his other books, this one is not an historical but set in the modern day and involves the US government illegally spying on its citizens.

The link to his website is here.

And yes, I’m perfectly agreeable to do this for the rest of you when you bring new stuff out, so long as you don’t require me to read it, because beyond my own reading schedule, research and mentoring — not to mention my own writing — I can never be sure I can read something in time.

I don’t know if it helps, but it costs me nothing, and it might.  If a lot of you indies start sending it to me, I might do these posts once a week as “ATH reader books.”  At any rate, I probably should announce mine too, so I can do it all at once.

7 thoughts on “Reader Book Announcement

  1. Thank you. And congratulations to Kim du Toit.

    No wonder you were distracted. In my experience there has been only one thing more difficult to clean up than cooking grease residue, and that is plaster dust residue. Hope that that task is all done soon, if only so you can get back to the truely important stuff, like writing.

    1. having done both, yes, both are a pain. BUT now that it’s almost done, I can put the folding window shutters on the windows again. It’s very hard to clean wooden shutters…

    2. Oh, come now — plaster-dust residue is *easy* to deal with.

      When I lived in Omaha, another guy and myself had to take the drywall out of a second-floor room. So we opened the windows, tied a box-type floor-fan to the frame of one window, switched the fan to High, and got to rippin’. (The big chunks went out the other window.)

      When we were finished, there wasn’t a speck of dust in that room.

      ‘Course, the backyard of the place looked like it had snowed in July….

  2. Congrats! It’s a little far-fetched, though, don’t you think? Our government spying on us? (lol)

    All the best luck and fortune for your endeavors, Kim.

  3. Thank you –
    I’ll let you know when Perchance to Dream is finished. I do have four novels out this year and several short story collections, which I have already released.

    Hope you have a good weekend – month.

    Congratulations KIM… I looks very interesting.

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