Blame It On The Robots

The kid’s team wasn’t really counting on winning regionals in Denver, so getting ready for world finals has been much like herding cats without the benefit of tuna.

This would be okay, except of course I’m trying to get the grossly overdue Royal Blood out the door.  This means I’m either at the office writing, or at some robotics-connected thing.

All this to say the next chapter of Witchfinder isn’t ready.  I’ll do it/them (I’m hoping to have at least two) by Sunday.

I’m awfully sorry.
— Running out the door to the office RIGHT after I post this.

22 responses to “Blame It On The Robots

  1. No problem. Best of fortune to the robot team. And keep on keeping your priorities straight woman…

  2. Go robots! Will this be on cable or anything?

  3. Dang it. Forgot to check the notification box.

  4. Oh sure, it’s always the robot’s fault! Never the kid’s fault for being ever so smart. Just pick on the poor dumb robot. Nobody loves a robot.

    😉 Just the title was worth a blog, Sarah.

  5. Melvyn Barker

    Don’t worry about – go and cheer him on.

  6. Herding cats without tuna is easy-peasy, once you’ve taught them to sing in four-part harmony. If you haven’t already established them as a barbershop quartet … er, um, … Have we ever discussed the vital importance of laying down a proper foundation?

  7. Off topic, so I hope you dont’ mind, Sarah. An offer: I’m going to be taking some photos this weekend, on the ruins of a medieval castle I live near to. I may even be able to sweettalk a person or two for some model work, something like ‘somebody in a cape standing next to an old wall and trying to look mysterious’ (or same while holding a sword, I do have one I can use for a prop). So if they work out and anybody needs cover photos of that type I could share.

    I also have the intention of doing that same some time this spring or early summer in a castle that is still standing. Only for that I need a permission (which costs a bit, but only about the same as the entrance fee is, so I’m not going to ask for donations :)), and until I ask I’m not completely sure whether it would be okay for them if I give the pictures I take to somebody, and whether that somebody else could then use them for commercial purposes (you can take photos in there all you want for the family album, but if the resulting photos are to be used for ‘commercial purposes’ you need to buy that permit), but if anybody is interested do ask, I’ll find out.

    The ruins dont’ have much left, it was the stronghold of the Catholic Bishops and after the country went for Lutheranism it was torn dowm, but if you want to see google for ‘Kuusisto castle’ or ‘Kuusisto castle ruins’. And ‘Turku castle’ for the other. Turku castle was damaged by bombs during the war and the restoration job done afterwards was a bit, er, well, it can be hard to take pictures which don’t have anything modern looking in them, but there are rooms where that can be done (especially if you are willing to play a bit with photoshop afterwards), and both of the courtyards look good. Those potential models: I know people in the local SCA, and some other mediaval or medievalish re-enactment groups, so I might be able to get person or two in viking, medieval or early 16th century era clothes, unfortunately I don’t think I know anybody who has musketeer style garb.

    • I NEED — desperately — male models in cavalier or Musketeer clothing. It’s to draw from, so I won’t use features, really — but if you can furnish those, I’d be so happy. Also, realize you can sell this stuff at

  8. Go robot! Go, team! GO SARAH!!! 🙂

  9. BobtheRegisterredFool

    Is the robot contest FIRST, Botball or what? Where are finals being held?

  10. Wing and a Whim

    Congrats to your son and his teammates! Supporting your family in their endeavors and through getting books out the door are more important than we are; we’ll be here whenever you get back.

    Sounds like you’ve gone from herding cats to herding ferrets – good luck!

  11. That’s right, blame it on the robots. Your pathetic organic intellects can’t even manage your own miserable lives, but that’s all right. Blame it on the robots. That’s what we’re for, isn’t it? To do all the demeaning, monotonous, disgusting tasks you can’t be bothered to do for yourselves. Life; don’t talk to me about life.

  12. Yay, Robots! (I mean, yes, I’d like to read stuff — but who can be mad at robots???)

  13. I, for one, welcome our new robotic overlords and think it is past time we ended antimechanical bigotry and realized mechanical emancipation. I am confident that under their enlightened leadership we will finally live up to our human potential as expressed in their programming book: To Serve Mankind.