Later Today I’ll Post Some Extra Witchfinder

And possibly something relevant.  BUT right now, I’m short on sleep — curse Daylights Saving Time — and cranky and definitely under-caffeinated.

If you’re in the mood for some insanity, go over to Mad Genius Club where my writers workshop seems to have spawned a novel series about a vampire killing chef — with, you’ll be glad to know — recipes at the end of the book.  (GROANS.)

WHY does this stuff happen to me?  Why, why why why?  I don’t remember having that much fun that I should have to pay for it this way.

3 thoughts on “Later Today I’ll Post Some Extra Witchfinder

  1. Well, to be fair the publishing industry has been trying to force feed us Vampire au Gratin for years now, and while I can’t speak for others I, for one, have had my fill of cheesy vampires.

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