Sometimes You’re The Windshield, Sometimes You’re the Bug

Unfortunately I’ve reached that point in the novel where sleeping is difficult, because you know what needs to be done next and you wake ten times in the middle of the night, dreaming you just wrote this scene that…

Okay, it might have to do with seriously too much coffee too. (Too much something, me?)

Making it extra fun, I woke up this morning with the teen puking his guts out. Stomach flu, I guess.

So, as you can tell, it’s going to be a fun day…

On the good side, reading over the novel so far, it’s much better than I antecipated. Much better as in “only cut out about five pages from the beginning, where I was trying to reinvent the wheel and the furthest I went in, the smoother it read.” Which is actually normal. For me.

I go have breakfast and walk now. I’m feeling vaguely queasy but I HOPE that’s just from the teen throwing up…

2 responses to “Sometimes You’re The Windshield, Sometimes You’re the Bug

  1. thomas monaghan

    But stomach flu is so much fun it usually lasts less then 12 hours for me.

  2. Q: What’s worse? Being sick or being the one who cleans up after the sick one?

    A: Starting with the later and adding the former. It never was an either/or option, in my experience.

    Glad to hear the book is looking good. Hide in your office, maybe the virii will miss you.