Back From Liberty Con

I was completely isolated from the net for the whole time I was there — our planes were cancelled there and back — rant on that later.

Loved seeing my friends and colleagues and friends who are almost family, but the traveling was sheer hell and we got there one day late and home one day late. (If I EVER book frontier again, you have permission to beat me over the head with a day old mackarel.)

My kindle wireless/3G started acting up as it had in Portugal — I need to call customer service. So I could check NOTHING. And I oculd not post.

We just got home and I can’t find my cell phone. I remember putting it in the briefcase, but it’s not there. Head>desk. Repeat. No, I didn’t check it once I had it in. It’s a pretty tight fit in the briefcase pocket. Perhaps I did something gifted with it on the plane or the club at Atlanta Airport. I don’t think I did, but who knows? Last I saw it for absolute sure was while recharging it in Atlanta in the hotel. Since I just came home, got my necklace from the briefcase (removed for traveling) and did something with it so I can’t find it on my own desk, who knows what I did with the phone while even more jelagged. It’s just that it’s a pay as you go and it’s fully charged, as well as being practically brand new. Worse yet, I LIKED it. :/ Honestly, I think the only way it could have left my briefcase is if someone in security reached in and SPECIFICALLY took it. As I said, the pocket is pretty tight around it. Could someone have done that? Well, I was the last one in the family to go through and when I did I couldn’t see my bags, because they were backed up. Also, there was someone pushing the bags in. It would be the work of a minute to feel it, decide it was one of those expensive iphones (it’s not) and take it out. Then later look at it, realize it’s cheap knock off and throw it away.

Paranoid? Probably, but honestly, I can’t see any other way for it to be missing — save, always “I was half asleep and got gifted” which is… possible. Not probable, though since I rarely think to get gifted with phones. It’s usually more… expensive stuff, like jewelry.

And yeah, security annoys the living day crap out of me, so I’m going to blame them if I can…

11 thoughts on “Back From Liberty Con

  1. “so I’m going to blame them if I can…”

    You and Laura Ingraham, whose baptismal cross disappeared while her luggage was in the custody of Continental or the TSA.

    If I had to bet, I’d bet on the organization whose members have official permission to sexually violate others, and who will soon be nigh-undismissable, once their union is in charge.

  2. I had a good GPS plus the mounting hardware disappear on my last trip. Last winter I had a firearm disappear from declared-locked luggage. I do not trust TSA or airline baggage handlers. *I* personally think that there are folks with the master keys to those TSA-approved locks.

    BTW – *SO* glad you are home safe – has Marshall stopped moping yet?

  3. TSA personell have been caught theiving. It’s not supposition….it’s fact.

    Back in the early seventies the wife and I bought a dodge cargo van. I then proceeded to transform the interior into a mini-apartment. Her and I driving tandem could do twelve to fifteen hundred miles in a twenty four hour period…we could keep it up for several days.

    No other way to travel as far as I’m concerned (other than my big truck)…a mini-motor home would be perfect (built on a van chasis)…you can park in regualr parking spots…get fairly good fuel economy…always have a place to sleep and clean up.

  4. Glad you made it. I hate it when the traveling messes are bad enough to impact the entire trip and enjoyment of same.

    1. I loved the con. I loved seeing everyone. I like Chattanooga enough if we didn’t have kids cats books and day job, I’d move there tomorrow. It’s planes I can’t stand.

    1. Tom,
      It was the weather. We were flying frontier. Their planes got damaged by hail. Now, four days later they’re still claiming that as “Weather” and that’s something else. There WILL be a blog.

  5. Once going through the Oakland airport I had put my phone along with keys, change and so on in the little plastic box to go through the xray. coming out, no phone. I stood there, demanding my phone for what felt like 10 minutes. Finally, they “found” it, under the counter, in someone’s lap. F@#$%ers. Haven’t flown since.

  6. We’re driving to Atlanta for Dragoncon for just that reason.

    We’ve reached our limit. Sherry needs her cane to walk, so she gets a wheelchair in the airport, and then it’s
    “Can you walk through the metal detector?”
    “Not without my cane…”
    “oh well then, we’ll have to do a pat down.”

    after the something-eth groping, (of a middle aged overweight handicapped woman) she said “We’re driving.”

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