A WEE Snip of Darkship Renegade

*Yeah, I know it’s a tease, and I do apologize. I’ll try to post in the evening, but today was a long day of writing, and tomorrow (Friday) will be another, so I need to go to bed.*

   Several things happened, almost instantly. One, the fresher door opened.
    It would have taken Cat speed for Kit to open the door to the fresher that quickly, let alone to turn the shower off – it wouldn’t let him open the shower door otherwise – and then open the fresher door and rush out.
    But Cat speed or not, he forgot he was hurt, and plunged forward towards me, at what would have been a run, except his left leg gave out under him, and his knee hit the floor with a sickening thud, as he bent over his leg keening in unreasoning pain.
The next thing was the woman’s voice, from the door to the cabin, sounding very cold, very clear, “Stay down. Do not go near her.”
    I turned around. Zen stood in the doorway, in the posture taught in every shooting class, feet slightly apart, arms braced, holding the burner pointed at… Kit.
“He didn’t do anything!” I said.
    “No?” she said, but didn’t stop pointing that burner

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